Splendour (apple)

Splendour, Splendor or Starksplendor is a modern cultivar of domesticated apple which was developed in New Zealand, and is regarded there as a popular commercial dessert apple.[2] It has been said to be a cross between 'Red Dougherty' and 'Golden Delicious',[3] but genetic analysis has not definitely characterized either of the parent cultivars,[4] and records do not indicate known or suspected parents.[5]

'Splendour' apple
SpeciesM. domestica
Hybrid parentageunknown
Origin New Zealand, 1948[1]

The fruit is ribbed and conical shaped,[6] medium-large. The thin skin[7] has a light green background with a faint pink blush and green lenticels. Flesh is crisp and juicy; white with a green tinge. The flavour is very pleasant for eating,[6] sweet with little acidity.[8][7][1] The fruit keeps well in storage but bruises easily.[3][5] It is late ripening and hangs well on the tree.[8] The tree is a reliable heavy[7] tip and spur bearer.[8]

The Splendour apple is an ancestor for the Sciros apple and for the Aurora Golden Gala.[2]


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