Clivia (apple)

'Clivia' is a German apple cultivar. It was created at the Institut für Acker- und Pflanzenbau of Müncheberg,[1] in Märkisch-Oderland in eastern Germany, which at that time was in the German Democratic Republic. It is a hybrid of 'Geheimrat Dr. Oldenburg' and 'Cox's Orange Pippin'. It was reported as a new variety in 1964[2] and 1965;[3] it was parent of a new cultivar, 'Pinova', in 1965.[4]

Malus pumila 'Clivia'
SpeciesMalus pumila
Hybrid parentageGeheimrat Dr. Oldenburg × Cox's Orange Pippin


Cultivars that descend from 'Clivia' include: 'Pilot' ('Clivia' × 'Undine'); 'Pinova' ('Clivia' × 'Golden Delicious'); 'Rubinstep' ('Clivia' × 'Rubin');[5]:539 and 'Reanda'.[5]:538


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