Florina (apple)

Florina which is also called Querina,[1] is a French cultivar of domesticated apple, that has combined traits of the Jonathan, Golden Delicious and Rome apples, and was developed in Angers, France, by the "Station de Recherches d'Arboriculture Fruitiere".[2] Although developed in France its ancestry is entirely American.[3]

Malus pumila 'Florina'
SpeciesMalus pumila
Hybrid parentage612-1 x Jonathan
Origin France, Angers

Florina bears medium to large fruit, skin very attractive, purple red covering almost completely the yellow background. Flesh is medium firm and aromatic,[2] a blend of sweet and tart,[4] uses mainly for fresh eating. Sugar 13.4% Acid 0.57%.[5] Fruits keeps well for approximately three months. As most apples it is self-incompatible and needs out-cross pollination, Florina is a good pollinator for other.[2]

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