Melrose (apple)

Melrose is a modern cultivar of domesticated apple which was developed by Freeman S. Howlett at the Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station in Ohio, United States,[1] and is regarded as the official apple of that state.[2]

'Melrose' apple
SpeciesMalus domestica
Hybrid parentageJonathan x Red Delicious
Origin USA,  Ohio

This apple was released by the Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station in Wooster, Ohio[2] during World War II[3] and was obtained from a cross between the Jonathan and the Red Delicious apples. The result is flattened large fruit, which is streaked and flushed with dark red over a background of yellowish-green skin, with spots of russet. The flesh is creamy white, of firm and coarse texture, and juicy. The flavor is mildly acidic,[2] similar to Jonathan, but not as tart.[3]

It comes into season at the beginning of October.[3]


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