Kanzi (apple)

The Kanzi is the trademark name[1] of the Nicoter[2] modern bred cultivar of domesticated apple which has been developed in Belgium by Better3Fruits and Greenstar Kanzi Europe (GKE)[3] from a natural cross between a Gala apple and a Braeburn apple.[4] Kanzi is Swahili for "hidden treasure".[3]

Kanzi® ('Nicoter') apple
SpeciesMalus domestica
Hybrid parentageBraeburn & Gala
Origin Belgium

The Kanzi apple has the same parentage as the Jazz from New Zealand and they are similar in taste and appearance. The texture of Jazz is harder.[3] Tasters have voted for the Kanzi in preference to the Jazz.[3] Kanzi is still also firm and fairly crisp, quite juicy, slightly sharp rather than sweet in taste, with a mild flavor.[3] It is mainly used for fresh consumption.[5]

Kanzi first reached the European markets in 2006[5] and is also grown in the United States.[6] A limited crop first reached the US markets in 2014.[7]


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