List of apple dishes

This is a list of apple dishes, that use apple as a primary ingredient. Apple beverages are also included on this list.

Apple Dishes

  • Æbleflæsk – Danish pork dish fried with apples, thyme and sugar
  • Apple butter – Concentrated form of apple sauce
  • Apple Charlotte
  • Apple cheese – Traditional Lithuanian dessert
  • Apple chips – Food
  • Apple cider – Non-alcoholic apple beverage
  • Apple cider cookie – cookie made with apple cider
  • Apple cobbler – Baked dish resembling a pie
  • Apple crisp – Apple-based dessert with streusel topping
  • Apple crumble – Dish of British origin
  • Apple dumpling – Pastry-wrapped apple
  • Apple fritter – Fried pastry usually consisting of a portion of batter with a filling
  • Applejack – Alcoholic drink produced from apples
  • Apple juice – Juice produced from apples
  • Apple pie – Dessert pie made with apples
  • Apple sauce – Sauce or puree made from apples
  • Applesauce cake – Dessert cake
  • Apple soda – Sweetened non-alcoholic drink, often carbonated
  • Apple strudel – Traditional Austrian pastry
  • Apple turnover – Pastry with a filling on a single piece of dough which has been folded over and sealed
  • Baked apple – Culinary dish
  • Brown Betty – dessert typically made with apples
  • Calvados – French apple brandy
  • Calvados Roger Groult
  • Candy apple – Whole apples covered in a hard toffee or sugar candy coating
  • Caramel apple – Apple covered with caramel and sometimes nuts
  • Cider – Fermented alcoholic beverage from apple juice
  • Cider doughnut
  • Cobbler – Baked dish resembling a pie
  • Eve's pudding – Traditional British pudding
  • German baked apples – German baked apples dessert
  • Ice Cider – fermented beverage made from the juice of frozen apples
  • Jewish apple cake – Cake made with apples traditional to Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine
  • Međimurska gibanica
  • Nièr beurre – Preserve of apples that is part of the cuisine and culture of Jersey.
  • Sirop de Liège – Belgian jam or jelly-like spread
  • Tarte Tatin – Caramelised fruit tart
  • Tufahije – Bosnian poached apple dessert

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