Opal (apple)

opal® is the brand name for apple cultivar 'UEB 32642'. The variety originates from a natural crossing of 'Golden Delicious' with 'Topaz'.[1]

Hybrid parentage'Golden Delicious' x 'Topaz'
Cultivar'UEB 32642'
OriginCzech Republic

Developed by the Institute of Experimental Botany in Prague,[2] it is grown by FirstFruits Farms LLC in Washington and marketed by FirstFruits Marketing.[3][4]

It is also cultivated in Austria, Italy, Spain, Germany, Slovenja, France[5] and the United Kingdom. 'UEB 32642' is a variety registered at the Community Plant Variety Office of the European Union[6] under EU N°: 16749.

This variety of apple is naturally low in polyphenol oxidase and is often sold pre-sliced.


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