Alkmene (apple)

'Alkmene' is a German cultivar of domesticated apple, also called 'Early Windsor'.[1]

Malus pumila 'Alkmene'
'Alkmene' whole and sectioned
SpeciesMalus pumila
Hybrid parentage'Cox's Orange Pippin' x 'Duchess of Oldenburg'
Origin Germany, Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, 1900 - 1949
Cultivar group members'Red Windsor'

Two natural mutations (sports) of this cultivar that have red-skinned fruit have been selected: one called 'Red Alkmene' was trademarked under the name of Red Windsor; the other is 'Ceeval'.[2]

It was developed between the years 1900 and 1949, by the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute[3] in Müncheberg, Germany,[1] by crossing the two cultivars 'Cox's Orange Pippin' and 'Duchess of Oldenburg'. The result is an early harvest apple (early mid season), which is very attractive,[3] with a honeyed[1] flavor similar to Cox's but slightly sharper.[3] Its main use is for fresh eating.[1]

'Alkmene' flowers early mid season, with self-fertile blossoms, hence no cross pollination is needed. Fruit size is medium and variable, flesh color is yellowish or extremely yellow for an apple,[3] skin has greenish-yellow background with orange-reddish flush and strong red strips. The 'Red Windsor' cultivar has a larger portion of red.[1] It is resistant to apple scab and susceptible to blossom frost.[3]

'Alkmene' was awarded the Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society in 1998.[3]


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