Dufflin (apple)

Dufflin is an old variety of cider apple from the County of Cornwall, England. It was included in orchard trials by Long Ashton Research Station in 1957.[1]

SpeciesMalus domestica
Origin Cornwall, late 1800s.


In the 19th century they were known to be growing in the area around Kea near Truro.[2]


This variety has a high sugar content, adding sweetness to the bittersharp flavour. Due to these equalities, it has been prized for making and blending cider.[3] The trees are vigorous croppers and is also resistant to apple scab.[4] It has a heavy, russeted skin and soft flesh.[5]

In literature

Dufflin cider mentioned in a story by the Cornish writer, Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch, in his book, "Ia, and other tales" , which was published by Bernhard Tauchnitz, Leipzig in 1896.[6] In the story the main character: Ia Rosemundy, spills Dufflin cider on Rev Paul Heathcote, a visiting preacher.[7]


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