Melba (apple)

Melba is a Canadian cultivar of domesticated apple, which was developed by W. T. Macoun at the Central Experimental Farm, in Ottawa, Ontario[1] by crossing a McIntosh with a Liveland Raspberry apple. It has a yellow skin washed with crimson colour. Flesh is extremely white, firm and crisp. Flavor is sweet with hints of tart.[2] There is also a Red Melba mutation which is more red coloured, and is ripening later in season.[3]

'Melba apple'
SpeciesM. domestica
Hybrid parentageMcIntosh x Liveland Raspberry apple
Origin Ontario,  Canada

This tree is very productive and can bear fruit at a young age, but has a biennial tendency and early harvest. Need high skill gardening but highly rewarded.[4] It is mainly used for fresh eating.[5][6][7]


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