Anna (apple)

Anna apple is a dual purpose cultivar of domesticated apple that is very early ripening and does well in warm climates.[1]

Malus domestica 'Anna'
Hybrid parentage'Golden Delicious'
Origin Israel, Ein Shemer, 1965


Anna was bred by Abba Stein at the Ein Shemer kibbutz in Israel, in order to achieve a Golden Delicious-like apple, that can be cultivated in nearly tropical areas. A regular apple needs between 500 - 1000 hours of chilling[2] (aka chill units[3]) in order to get in blossom, but Anna flourishes even with less than 300 hours, so it can be grown in warm climates.[1] It is recommended for USDA hardiness zones 5–9,[4] or rather 6–9.[5]

Anna was introduced to the United States in 1959,[1] and is the most popular apple cultivar in Florida.[6]


Anna's skin color is very much like its Golden Delicious parentage, red flushed (by fifty percent[6]) over green[1] or greenish-yellow.[5] It is excellent for fresh eating and keeps shape during cooking. It is self-sterile, and usually cultivated side by side with the Dorsett Golden cultivar[1] or by Ein Shemer,[5] all of which can be grown in warm climates and provide cross pollination for each other.[6]

Anna flowers and harvests at a very early season, gives a heavy crop, and keeps fresh 2–3 weeks.[1]

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