Dougherty (apple)

'Dougherty' was an Australian cultivar of domesticated apple, which was grown mainly for export to the United Kingdom, from which a red colored mutation is marketed today as 'Red Dougherty'. 'Dougherty' produces medium-sized fruits at late season, skin background is greenish-yellow and flushed with some red. Flesh is yellowish with sweet flavour.[1]

'Red Dougherty' was discovered around 1930[2] in Twyford, New Zealand and soon got very popular because of its attractive colour.[3] It has a good resistance to many diseases and ripens at late season. Fruit is small to medium-sized, slightly ribbed, coloured dull red with some russeting. Flesh is firm and fine textured, greenish white, spicy and very sweet.[2]

'Red Doughtery' is an ancestor of the 'Splendour' apple.[2]


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