Sembrong is a federal constituency in Kluang District, Johor, Malaysia, that has been represented in the Dewan Rakyat since 2004.

Sembrong (P153)
Johor constituency
Federal constituency
LegislatureDewan Rakyat
Constituency created2003
First contested2004
Last contested2022
Electors (2022)[1]54,982
Area (km²)[2]1,865

The federal constituency was created from parts of the Kluang constituency in the 2003 redistribution and is mandated to return a single member to the Dewan Rakyat under the first past the post voting system.


Ethnic breakdown of Sembrong's electorate as of 2022[3]

  Malay (62.3%)
  Chinese (28%)
  Indian (8.5%)
  Other ethnicities (1.1%)


Polling districts

According to the gazette issued on 31 October 2022, the Sembrong constituency has a total of 29 polling districts.[4]

State constituency Polling districts Code Location
Paloh(N30) Klebang 153/30/01 Dewan Orang Ramai Ladang Kempas Klebang
Kampong Melayu Paloh 153/30/02 SK Bukit Paloh
Ladang Paloh 153/30/03 Balai Raya Ladang Paloh
Paloh 153/30/04 SMK Paloh
Bandar Paloh Utara 153/30/05 SJK (C) Paloh
Bandar Paloh Selatan 153/30/06 SK Bandar Paloh
Kampong Muhibbah 153/30/07 SA Bandar Paloh
Kali Malaya 153/30/08 SJK (C) Yu Ming
Bukit Paloh 153/30/09 Dewan Orang Ramai Ladang Bukit Paloh
Ladang Landak 153/30/10 Balai Raya Ladang Landak
Ladang Kekayaan 153/30/11 Balai Raya Ladang Kekayaan
Chamek 152/30/12 Dewan Seberguna Chamek
Consolidated Eastern Planations 153/30/13 SJK (C) Lit Terk
Tereh Selatan 153/30/14 SK Ladang Tereh
Pengkalan Tereh 150/30/15 SK Pengkalan Tereh
Ladang Pamol 150/30/16 SK Ladang Pamol
Pekan Kampong Gajah 153/30/17 SJK (C) Kampung Gajah
Kampong Gajah 150/30/18 SJK (C) Kampong Gajah
FELDA Kahang Barat 150/38/19 SK (FELDA) Kahang Barat
Kahang(N31) Kangkar Kahang Timor 153/31/01 SJK (C) Kahang
Kangkar Kahang Barat 153/30/02 SA Kampung Contoh
Kahang 153/31/03
  • SK Kahang
  • SK Seri Sedohok
FELDA Kahang Timor 153/31/04 SK (FELDA) Kahang Timur
FELDA Ulu Dengar 153/31/05 SK LKTP Ulu Dengar
Sri Lambak 153/31/06 SA Taman Sri Lambak
Sungai Sayong 154/31/07 SJK (C) Sayong
FELDA Bukit Tongkat 153/31/08 SMK LKTP Belitong
FELDA Ulu Belitong 153/31/09 SK LKTP Belitong
FELDA Ulu Pengeli 153/31/10 SK (FELDA) Ulu Pengeli

Representation history

Members of Parliament for Sembrong
Constituency created from Kluang
11th2004–2008Hishammuddin Hussein (هشام الدين حسين‎)BN (UMNO)

State constituency

Parliamentary constituency State constituency
1954–59* 1959–1974 1974–1986 1986–1995 1995–2004 2004–2018 2018–present
Sembrong Kahang

Current state assembly members

No. State Constituency Member Coalition (Party)
N30 Paloh Lee Ting Han BN (MCA)
N31 Kahang Vidyananthan Ramanadhan BN (MIC)

Local governments

No. State Constituency Local Government
N30 Paloh Kluang Municipal Council
N31 Kahang
  • Kluang Municipal Council
  • Simpang Renggam District Council

Election results

Malaysian general election, 2022: Sembrong
Party Candidate Votes %∆%
BNHishamuddin Hussein22,57255.15-4.09
PHHasni Abas11,69228.57-12.19
PNAziz Ismail6,66616.29+16.29
Total valid votes 40,930 100.00
Total rejected ballots 390
Unreturned ballots 129
Turnout 41,44974.44
Registered electors 54,982
Majority 10,880
BN hold Swing
Malaysian general election, 2018: Sembrong
Party Candidate Votes %∆%
BNHishammuddin Hussein21,35359.24- 5.93
PHOnn Abu Bakar14,69140.76+40.76
Total valid votes 36,044 100.00
Total rejected ballots 598
Unreturned ballots 126
Turnout 36,76883.30
Registered electors 44,137
Majority 6,66218.48
BN hold Swing

"His Majesty's Government Gazette - Notice of Contested Election, Parliament for the State of Johore [P.U. (B) 244/2018]" (PDF). Attorney General's Chambers of Malaysia. 3 May 2018. Retrieved 2018-08-01.

"Federal Government Gazette - Results of Contested Election and Statements of the Poll after the Official Addition of Votes, Parliamentary Constituencies for the State of Johore [P.U. (B) 318/2018]" (PDF). Attorney General's Chambers of Malaysia. 28 May 2018. Retrieved 2018-08-01.
Malaysian general election, 2013: Sembrong
Party Candidate Votes %∆%
BNHishammuddin Hussein22,84165.17- 8.53
PKROnn Abu Bakar12,21034.83+ 8.53
Total valid votes 35,051 100.00
Total rejected ballots 809
Unreturned ballots 50
Turnout 35,91086.35
Registered electors 41,588
Majority 10,63130.34
BN hold Swing
Malaysian general election, 2008: Sembrong
Party Candidate Votes %∆%
BNHishammuddin Hussein17,98873.70- 14.59
PKRLee Sang6,41826.30+ 14.59
Total valid votes 24,406 100.00
Total rejected ballots 739
Unreturned ballots 66
Turnout 25,21175.98
Registered electors 33,181
Majority 11,57047.40
BN hold Swing
Malaysian general election, 2004: Sembrong
Party Candidate Votes %∆%
BNHishammuddin Hussein19,57588.29
Pan-Malaysian Islamic PartyOnn Jaafar2,59711.71
Total valid votes 22,172 100.00
Total rejected ballots 760
Unreturned ballots 24
Turnout 22,95674.61
Registered electors 30,767
Majority 16,97876.58
This was a new constituency created out of Kluang which went to BN in the previous election.


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