2001 Arizona Diamondbacks season

The 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks, in their fourth year of existence, looked to improve on their 2000 season. They had to contend in what was a strong National League West Division.

2001 Arizona Diamondbacks
World Series Champion
National League Champion
National League West Division Champion
Major League affiliations
Record92–70 (.568)
Divisional place1st
Other information
Owner(s)Jerry Colangelo
General manager(s)Joe Garagiola Jr.
Manager(s)Bob Brenly
Local televisionFox Sports Net Arizona
(Thom Brennaman, Rod Allen, Greg Schulte, Jim Traber, Joe Garagiola)
Local radioKTAR (620 AM)
(Thom Brennaman, Rod Allen, Greg Schulte, Jim Traber, Jeff Munn)
KSUN (Spanish)
(Richard Saenz, Oscar Soria, Miguel Quintana)
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Arizona had the best one-two pitching combination in the majors: Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson, who combined for 43 victories. Outfielder Luis Gonzalez slugged 57 home runs. They finished the regular season with a record of 92-70, which was good enough for the division title.

In the playoffs, they won their NLDS matchup vs. St. Louis on a walk-off hit by Tony Womack. They defeated the Braves in five games in the NLCS. In the World Series, they won a dramatic seven-game series against the New York Yankees on a walk-off hit by Gonzalez, against Yankees closer Mariano Rivera. The Arizona Diamondbacks became the fastest expansion franchise in Major League history to win a World Series title in just their fourth season. The championship remains the only one won by an Arizona based sports team.


  • November 2, 2000: Ken Huckaby was signed as a free agent with the Arizona Diamondbacks.[1]
  • December 8, 2000: Mark Grace signed as a free agent with the Arizona Diamondbacks.[2]
  • December 15, 2000: Midre Cummings was signed as a free agent with the Arizona Diamondbacks.[3]
  • March 8, 2001: Mike Mohler was signed as a free agent with the Arizona Diamondbacks.[4]

Spring training

The 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks held their 4th spring training at Tucson Electric Park in Tucson, Arizona.

Regular season

  • Randy Johnson recorded 20 strikeouts in nine innings against the Cincinnati Reds on May 8, 2001.[5] Johnson shares the record with Roger Clemens, Kerry Wood, and most recently Max Scherzer.
  • On July 19, 2001, Johnson set another record when the previous night's game against the San Diego Padres was delayed by two electrical explosions that knocked out a light tower in Qualcomm Stadium. When the game resumed the following day, Johnson replaced original starter Curt Schilling in the top of the third inning. He pitched the next seven innings, and struck out 16 Padres.[5] Johnson set a new record for strikeouts in a relief appearance, a record that was set 88 years previously by Walter Johnson, who struck out 15 batters in 1113 innings on July 25, 1913.[5]
  • Johnson went on to win 20 games for the second time in his career while striking out over 300 hitters for the fourth consecutive year. On October 2, 2001, Randy Johnson earned his 200th career win.[5]

Opening Day starters

Season standings

NL West W L Pct. GB Home Road
Arizona Diamondbacks 9270 0.568 48–33 44–37
San Francisco Giants 9072 0.556 2 49–32 41–40
Los Angeles Dodgers 8676 0.531 6 44–37 42–39
San Diego Padres 7983 0.488 13 35–46 44–37
Colorado Rockies 7389 0.451 19 41–40 32–49

Record vs. opponents

Arizona 5–26–35–113–64–22–410–93–33–33–33–44–212–710–92–47–8
Atlanta 2–54–24–24–29–103–32–53–313–610–910–95–13–34–23–39–9
Chicago 3–62–413–43–33–38–94–28–93–34–24–210–62–43–39–89–6
Cincinnati 1–52–44–133–64–26–114–26–104–24–22–49–82–44–27–104–11
Colorado 6–132–43–36–34–22–48–115–13–44–32–42–49–109–106–32–10
Florida 2–410–93–32–42–43–32–54–212–77–125–144–23–42–43–312–6
Houston 4–23–39–811–64–23–32–412–56–03–33–39–83–63–39–79–6
Los Angeles 9–105–22–42–411–85–24–25–12–42–43–37–29–1011–83–36–9
Milwaukee 3–33–39–810–61–52–45–121–54–23–33–36–111–55–47–105–10
Montreal 3–36–133–32–44–37–120–64–22–48–119–105–13–32–52–48–10
New York 3–39–102–42–43–412–73–34–23–311–811–84–21–53–41–510–8
Philadelphia 4–39–102–44–24–214–53–33–33–310–98–115–15–23–32–47–11
Pittsburgh 2–41–56–108–94–22–48–92–711–61–52–41–52–41–53–148–7
San Diego 7–123–34–24–210–94–36–310–95–13–35–12–54–25–141–56–9
San Francisco 9–102–43–32–410–94–23–38–114–55–24–33–35–114–54–210–5
St. Louis 4–23–38–910–73–63–37–93–310–74–25–14–214–35–12–48–7

Notable transactions

  • June 5, 2001: Dan Uggla was drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 11th round of the 2001 amateur draft. Player signed June 6, 2001.[7]
  • June 5, 2001: Ian Kinsler was drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 26th round of the 2001 amateur draft, but did not sign.[8]


2001 Arizona Diamondbacks
Pitchers Catchers



Other batters

  • 61 Lyle Overbay
  •  8 Rob Ryan


Game log

Diamondbacks Win Diamondbacks Loss Game Postponed
2001 Regular Season Game Log (92–70) (Home: 48–33; Road: 44–37)
April (13–12) (Home: 8–8; Road: 5–4)
1April 3@ Dodgers3–2Johnson (1–0)Nunez (0–1)Mantei (1)Dodger Stadium22,9271–0W1
2April 4@ Dodgers7–2Schilling (1–0)Dreifort (0–1)Dodger Stadium34,3012–0W2
3April 5@ Dodgers5–7Ashby (1–0)Anderson (0–1)Shaw (2)Dodger Stadium20,5422–1L1
4April 6Cardinals9–12Hermanson (1–0)Reynoso (0–1)Bank One Ballpark46,0792–2L2
5April 7Cardinals4–8Kile (1–1)Witt (0–1)Bank One Ballpark34,4042–3L3
6April 8Cardinals4–9Ankiel (1–0)Johnson (1–1)Timlin (1)Bank One Ballpark36,7142–4L4
7April 10Dodgers2–0Schilling (2–0)Brown (0–1)Bank One Ballpark29,1913–4W1
8April 11Dodgers5–11Dreifort (1–1)Anderson (0–2)Bank One Ballpark25,9743–5L1
9April 12Dodgers4–5Ashby (2–0)Reynoso (0–2)Shaw (3)Bank One Ballpark29,4653–6L2
10April 13@ Rockies7–3Johnson (2–1)Bohanon (0–2)Coors Field38,5644–6W1
11April 14@ Rockies8–9Myers (1–1)Kim (0–1)Jimenez (3)Coors Field42,3194–7L1
12April 15@ Rockies7–10 (10)Estrada (1–1)Brohawn (0–1)Coors Field36,8414–8L2
13April 16@ Cardinals2–1Ellis (1–0)Morris (1–2)Mantei (2)Busch Memorial Stadium25,6255–8W1
14April 17@ Cardinals17–4Reynoso (1–2)Hermanson (1–1)Busch Memorial Stadium28,5176–8W2
15April 18@ Cardinals1–3Kile (2–2)Johnson (2–2)Kline (2)Busch Memorial Stadium29,1446–9L1
16April 20Rockies3–2Kim (1–1)White (0–2)Bank One Ballpark32,0117–9W1
17April 21Rockies10–5Ellis (2–0)Villone (0–1)Bank One Ballpark31,7248–9W2
18April 22Rockies1–2Astacio (3–1)Reynoso (1–3)Jimenez (5)Bank One Ballpark31,0768–10L1
19April 23Marlins9–0Johnson (3–2)Dempster (2–2)Bank One Ballpark23,3289–10W1
20April 24Marlins9–8Prinz (1–0)Almanza (0–1)Springer (1)Bank One Ballpark24,13510–10W2
21April 25Marlins10–7Schilling (3–0)Grilli (2–2)Prinz (1)Bank One Ballpark23,09711–10W3
22April 26Braves13–6Ellis (3–0)Maddux (2–2)Bank One Ballpark27,36212–10W4
23April 27Braves0–9Burkett (1–3)Reynoso (1–4)Bank One Ballpark32,66312–11L1
24April 28Braves1–3Glavine (4–1)Johnson (3–3)Rocker (6)Bank One Ballpark45,26412–12L2
25April 29Braves7–5Sabel (1–0)Perez (1–4)Brohawn (1)Bank One Ballpark34,35613–12W1
May (18–10) (Home: 5–4; Road: 13–6)
26May 1@ Expos8–3Schilling (4–0)Reames (2–2)Olympic Stadium4,34014–12W2
27May 2@ Expos3–4Armas (1–4)Anderson (0–3)Lloyd (1)Olympic Stadium4,35214–13L1
28May 3@ Expos2–1Kim (2–1)Lloyd (2–1)Prinz (2)Olympic Stadium4,78815–13W1
29May 4@ Mets2–4Reed (4–1)Batista (0–1)Franco (1)Shea Stadium36,94515–14L1
30May 5@ Mets1–8Rusch (2–1)Ellis (3–1)Shea Stadium35,63015–15L2
31May 6@ Mets8–2Schilling (5–0)Trachsel (1–5)Shea Stadium37,67316–15W1
32May 7Reds4–5 (10)Graves (1–0)Swindell (0–1)Bank One Ballpark25,63616–16L1
33May 8Reds4–3 (11)Brohawn (1–1)Graves (1–1)Bank One Ballpark29,81717–16W1
34May 9Reds5–2Batista (1–1)Mercado (1–2)Prinz (3)Bank One Ballpark26,15018–16W2
35May 11Phillies1–5Wolf (3–4)Schilling (5–1)Bank One Ballpark30,29118–17L1
36May 12Phillies5–6 (10)Bottalico (2–2)Batista (1–2)Mesa (10)Bank One Ballpark33,51518–18L2
37May 13Phillies6–1Johnson (4–3)Person (3–4)Bank One Ballpark32,22319–18W1
38May 15@ Reds5–1Sabel (2–0)Wohlers (1–1)Kim (1)Cinergy Field19,20120–18W2
39May 16@ Reds2–1Schilling (6–1)Reith (0–1)Kim (2)Cinergy Field21,84321–18W3
40May 17@ Reds7–2Anderson (1–3)Brower (2–2)Cinergy Field23,72322–18W4
41May 18@ Cubs4–0Johnson (5–3)Lieber (3–3)Wrigley Field37,83023–18W5
42May 19@ Cubs2–6Wood (2–4)Batista (1–3)Wrigley Field40,15323–19L1
43May 20@ Cubs5–6Tapani (6–1)Ellis (3–2)Fassero (10)Wrigley Field39,35023–20L2
44May 21Giants4–2Schilling (7–1)Rueter (4–5)Bank One Ballpark28,62824–20W1
45May 22Giants12–8Anderson (2–3)Ortiz (6–3)Bank One Ballpark33,32325–20W2
46May 23Giants1–5Gardner (1–3)Johnson (5–4)Bank One Ballpark34,92225–21L1
47May 24@ Padres1–3Serrano (2–1)Brohawn (1–2)Hoffman (10)Qualcomm Stadium19,45025–22L2
48May 25@ Padres7–1Sabel (3–0)Jones (2–6)Qualcomm Stadium29,96526–22W1
49May 26@ Padres3–1Schilling (8–1)Eaton (6–3)Qualcomm Stadium49,30027–22W2
50May 27@ Padres6–4Swindell (1–1)Hoffman (2–2)Prinz (4)Qualcomm Stadium34,05328–22W3
51May 28@ Giants2–1 (12)Batista (2–3)Worrell (1–1)Pacific Bell Park41,34129–22W4
52May 29@ Giants1–0 (18)Batista (3–3)Vogelsong (0–1)Swindell (1)Pacific Bell Park39,70930–22W5
53May 30@ Giants4–3Ellis (4–2)Hernandez (3–8)Prinz (5)Pacific Bell Park40,31331–22W6
June (18–9) (Home: 12–6; Road: 6–3)
54June 1Padres4–2Schilling (9–1)Williams (5–4)Kim (3)Bank One Ballpark32,23432–22W7
55June 2Padres2–1Prinz (2–0)Davey (0–1)Bank One Ballpark34,32533–22W8
56June 3Padres8–4Johnson (6–4)Jarvis (3–5)Bank One Ballpark37,50034–22W9
57June 4Dodgers4–8Park (7–4)Reynoso (1–5)Bank One Ballpark26,48534–23L1
58June 5Dodgers5–6Herges (3–4)Kim (2–2)Shaw (18)Bank One Ballpark32,69934–24L2
59June 6Dodgers4–1Schilling (10–1)Prokopec (6–2)Bank One Ballpark31,04635–24W1
60June 7Dodgers13–9Batista (4–3)Dreifort (3–5)Bank One Ballpark32,65836–24W2
61June 8@ Royals11–4Johnson (7–4)Byrd (0–2)Kauffman Stadium20,34937–24W3
62June 9@ Royals2–3Stein (3–4)Reynoso (1–6)Hernandez (9)Kauffman Stadium26,87937–25L1
63June 10@ Royals12–5Ellis (5–2)Reichert (5–6)Kauffman Stadium16,57338–25W1
64June 12Cubs2–6Wood (6–4)Schilling (10–2)Bank One Ballpark40,19138–26L1
65June 13Cubs13–3Bierbrodt (1–0)Tapani (8–2)Bank One Ballpark33,67039–26W1
66June 14Cubs3–2Johnson (8–4)Bere (4–3)Swindell (2)Bank One Ballpark40,09340–26W2
67June 15Tigers2–5Holt (5–5)Brohawn (1–3)Anderson (5)Bank One Ballpark31,68340–27L1
68June 16Tigers3–1Ellis (6–2)Blair (0–1)Prinz (6)Bank One Ballpark35,02841–27W1
69June 17Tigers8–3Schilling (11–2)Mlicki (4–8)Bank One Ballpark39,76042–27W2
70June 19@ Dodgers9–2Johnson (9–4)Dreifort (4–6)Dodger Stadium31,16043–27W3
71June 20@ Dodgers3–4Shaw (3–2)Sabel (3–1)Dodger Stadium35,56143–28L1
72June 21@ Rockies14–5Bierbrodt (2–0)Hampton (9–3)Coors Field40,03644–28W1
73June 22@ Rockies5–4 (10)Swindell (2–1)Jimenez (3–1)Prinz (7)Coors Field44,65545–28W2
74June 23@ Rockies9–5Kim (3–2)White (1–4)Coors Field41,61246–28W3
75June 24@ Rockies6–7Neagle (6–2)Johnson (9–5)Jimenez (12)Coors Field41,68246–29L1
76June 25Astros0–6Miller (9–3)Batista (4–4)Bank One Ballpark27,23046–30L2
77June 26Astros7–10Dotel (5–4)Bierbrodt (2–1)Wagner (16)Bank One Ballpark30,56646–31L3
78June 27Astros7–5Schilling (12–2)Elarton (4–8)Bank One Ballpark28,80247–31W1
79June 29Rockies5–3Johnson (10–5)Astacio (5–9)Kim (4)Bank One Ballpark34,29148–31W2
80June 30Rockies6–5Brohawn (2–3)Davis (0–2)Prinz (8)Bank One Ballpark36,16549–31W3
July (11–15) (Home: 4–8; Road: 7–7)
81July 1Rockies5–4 (13)Prinz (3–0)White (1–6)Bank One Ballpark31,99950–31W4
82July 3@ Astros5–6Mlicki (5–8)Schilling (12–3)Wagner (18)Enron Field40,98250–32L1
83July 4@ Astros3–2Johnson (10–5)Reynolds (8–7)Kim (5)Enron Field41,21651–32W1
84July 5@ Astros1–5Oswalt (7–1)Ellis (6–3)Enron Field35,11251–33L1
85July 6Athletics0–3Mulder (9–6)Anderson (2–4)Bank One Ballpark34,00851–34L2
86July 7Athletics1–5Hudson (9–5)Batista (4–5)Bank One Ballpark36,97851–35L3
87July 8Athletics1–2Zito (6–6)Schilling (12–4)Isringhausen (17)Bank One Ballpark31,92751–36L4
July 1072nd All-Star GameAL defeats NL 4–1 at Safeco Field
88July 12@ Angels1–4Schoeneweis (7–8)Anderson (2–5)Percival (22)Edison International Field of Anaheim18,72451–37L5
89July 13@ Angels6–2Schilling (13–4)Valdez (5–5)Edison International Field of Anaheim32,77752–37W1
90July 14@ Angels7–5Prinz (4–0)Percival (3–2)Kim (6)Edison International Field of Anaheim30,04453–37W2
91July 15@ Mariners0–8Sele (11–1)Ellis (6–4)Safeco Field45,85553–38L1
92July 16@ Mariners5–3Batista (5–5)Halama (6–6)Kim (7)Safeco Field45,77054–38W1
93July 17@ Mariners1–6Abbott (8–2)Anderson (2–6)Safeco Field45,89454–39L1
July 18@ PadresSuspended (power failure, continuation July 19)
94July 19@ Padres3–0Johnson (12–5)Williams (6–8)Qualcomm Stadium22,18455–39W1
95July 19@ Padres4–8Jarvis (7–7)Ellis (6–5)Hoffman (21)Qualcomm Stadium22,58355–40L1
96July 20@ Giants0–1Hernandez (8–11)Batista (5–6)Nen (29)Pacific Bell Park41,28755–41L2
97July 21@ Giants9–2Schilling (14–4)Jensen (0–2)Pacific Bell Park41,66956–41W1
98July 22@ Giants12–4Anderson (3–6)Rueter (9–7)Pacific Bell Park41,90157–41W2
99July 23Padres2–4Williams (7–8)Bierbrodt (2–2)Hoffman (23)Bank One Ballpark28,68757–42L1
100July 24Padres11–0Johnson (13–5)Jarvis (7–8)Bank One Ballpark36,94058–42W1
101July 25Padres9–6Batista (6–6)Hitchcock (2–1)Kim (8)Bank One Ballpark28,37659–42W2
102July 26Giants3–11Hernandez (9–11)Schilling (14–5)Bank One Ballpark33,66659–43L1
103July 27Giants5–9Rueter (10–7)Anderson (3–7)Bank One Ballpark35,85359–44L2
104July 28Giants4–11Ortiz (12–3)Lopez (5–13)Bank One Ballpark47,57059–45L3
105July 29Giants3–4Estes (8–5)Kim (3–3)Nen (30)Bank One Ballpark38,09359–46L4
106July 31Expos3–1Schilling (15–5)Munoz (0–1)Bank One Ballpark27,72660–46W1
August (18–11) (Home: 10–4; Road: 8–7)
107August 1Expos5–8Thurman (6–7)Anderson (3–8)Stewart (1)Bank One Ballpark25,66860–47L1
108August 2Expos0–1Vazquez (10–10)Lopez (5–14)Stewart (2)Bank One Ballpark28,68860–48L2
109August 3Mets7–0Johnson (14–5)Leiter (6–9)Bank One Ballpark43,80661–48W1
110August 4Mets2–4Appier (6–10)Batista (6–7)Benitez (25)Bank One Ballpark36,75061–49L1
111August 5Mets2–1Schilling (16–5)White (3–2)Kim (9)Bank One Ballpark36,87062–49W1
112August 7@ Marlins4–10Clement (7–7)Lopez (5–15)Pro Player Stadium13,05062–50L1
113August 8@ Marlins7–1Johnson (15–5)Sanchez (2–1)Pro Player Stadium17,26163–50W1
114August 9@ Marlins1–3Darensbourg (1–0)Swindell (2–2)Alfonseca (23)Pro Player Stadium15,61563–51L1
115August 10@ Braves7–0Schilling (17–5)Millwood (2–5)Turner Field40,10164–51W1
116August 11@ Braves3–1Batista (7–7)Marquis (2–4)Kim (10)Turner Field48,36765–51W2
117August 12@ Braves9–1Lopez (6–15)Maddux (15–7)Turner Field34,70266–51W3
118August 13Pirates3–0Johnson (16–5)Anderson (6–13)Bank One Ballpark32,38667–51W4
119August 14Pirates4–3 (10)Batista (8–7)Marte (0–1)Bank One Ballpark31,00668–51W5
120August 15Pirates5–2Schilling (18–5)Williams (1–5)Bank One Ballpark28,70369–51W6
121August 17Cubs7–2Lopez (7–15)Tapani (8–10)Kim (11)Bank One Ballpark42,66770–51W7
122August 18Cubs5–3Johnson (17–5)Bere (8–7)Kim (12)Bank One Ballpark47,48971–51W8
123August 19Cubs13–6Witt (1–1)Ohman (0–1)Bank One Ballpark44,44972–51W9
124August 21@ Pirates2–4Olivares (6–7)Schilling (18–6)Fetters (4)PNC Park35,13172–52L1
125August 22@ Pirates6–0Lopez (8–15)Beimel (5–10)PNC Park26,53173–52W1
126August 23@ Pirates1–5McKnight (2–3)Johnson (17–6)Fetters (5)PNC Park30,79473–53L1
127August 24@ Phillies5–6Daal (12–4)Anderson (3–9)Mesa (33)Veterans Stadium35,17373–54L2
128August 25@ Phillies4–3Batista (9–7)Coggin (4–3)Kim (13)Veterans Stadium23,95374–54W1
129August 26@ Phillies4–3 (10)Kim (4–3)Politte (0–2)Veterans Stadium35,09375–54W2
130August 27@ Phillies1–2Person (12–6)Lopez (8–16)Mesa (34)Veterans Stadium18,30375–55L1
131August 28Giants4–1Johnson (18–6)Hernandez (11–13)Kim' (14)Bank One Ballpark41,50276–55W1
132August 29Giants2–0Witt (2–1)Rueter (12–10)Kim (15)Bank One Ballpark31,99077–55W2
133August 30Giants5–13Schmidt (10–7)Batista (9–8)Bank One Ballpark34,26977–56L1
134August 31 (1)@ Padres4–1Schilling (19–6)Jodie (0–2)Prinz (9)Qualcomm StadiumN/A78–56W1
135August 31 (2)@ Padres5–6Nunez (3–2)Prinz (4–1)Hoffman (34)Qualcomm Stadium24,37278–57L1
September (10–11) (Home: 6–3; Road: 4–8)
136September 1@ Padres5–7Lee (1–0)Kim (4–4)Hoffman (35)Qualcomm Stadium34,25278–58L2
137September 2@ Padres0–1 (13)Serrano (3–2)Kim (4–5)Qualcomm Stadium23,47578–59L3
138September 4@ Giants2–5Schmidt (11–7)Swindell (2–3)Nen (39)Pacific Bell Park40,86978–60L4
139September 5@ Giants7–2Schilling (20–6)Ortiz (14–9)Pacific Bell Park40,97279–60W1
140September 6@ Giants5–9Fultz (3–1)Lopez (8–17)Pacific Bell Park41,15579–61L1
141September 7Padres3–4Fikac (2–0)Swindell (2–4)Hoffman (36)Bank One Ballpark32,18479–62L2
142September 8Padres8–6 (10)Kim (5–5)Serrano (3–3)Bank One Ballpark39,92980–62W1
143September 9Padres8–2Witt (3–1)Jones (8–18)Kim (16)Bank One Ballpark33,74181–62W2
September 11RockiesPostponed (9/11 attacks, makeup October 2)
September 12RockiesPostponed (9/11 attacks, makeup October 3)
September 13RockiesPostponed (9/11 attacks, makeup October 4)
September 14@ BrewersPostponed (9/11 attacks, makeup October 5)
September 15@ BrewersPostponed (9/11 attacks, makeup October 6)
September 16@ BrewersPostponed (9/11 attacks, makeup October 7)
144September 17@ Rockies7–3Johnson (19–6)Davis (1–4)Coors Field31,11182–62W3
145September 18@ Rockies9–10Myers (2–3)Kim (5–6)Coors Field30,55282–63L1
146September 19@ Rockies2–8Hampton (14–11)Lopez (8–18)Coors Field30,30182–64L2
147September 20@ Dodgers2–3 (13)Prokopec (8–6)Swindell (2–5)Dodger Stadium31,77682–65L3
148September 21@ Dodgers10–0Batista (10–8)Mulholland (1–1)Dodger Stadium44,32183–65W1
149September 22@ Dodgers5–6 (11)Gagne (5–7)Koplove (0–1)Dodger Stadium40,21583–66L1
150September 23@ Dodgers6–1Schilling (21–6)Adams (12–8)Dodger Stadium48,41084–66W1
151September 25Brewers4–9D'Amico (2–3)Lopez (8–19)Bank One Ballpark35,03284–67L1
152September 26Brewers15–9Witt (4–1)Buddie (0–1)Bank One Ballpark30,65885–67W1
153September 27Brewers13–11Johnson (20–6)Quevedo (4–5)Kim (17)Bank One Ballpark28,35986–67W2
154September 28Dodgers4–3 (11)Morgan (1–0)Trombley (3–8)Bank One Ballpark46,83887–67W3
155September 29Dodgers8–1Batista (11–8)Baldwin (9–11)Bank One Ballpark43,93688–67W4
156September 30Dodgers1–2Park (15–11)Swindell (2–6)Shaw (40)Bank One Ballpark43,13888–68L1
October (4–2) (Home: 3–0; Road: 1–2)
158October 2Rockies10–1Johnson (21–6)Hampton (14–13)Bank One Ballpark36,26389–68W1
159October 3Rockies4–3Schilling (22–6)Chacón (6–10)Kim (18)Bank One Ballpark32,52190–68W2
160October 4Rockies5–4Anderson (4–9)Neagle (9–8)Kim (19)Bank One Ballpark29,38291–68W3
161October 5@ Brewers5–0Lopez (9–19)Levrault (6–10)Miller Park24,70092–68W4
161October 6@ Brewers4–5Fox (5–2)Sabel (3–2)Miller Park40,03892–69L1
162October 7@ Brewers5–15Sheets (11–10)Knott (0–1)Miller Park31,76192–70L2

Player stats

= Indicates team leader


Note: Pos = Position; G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in; Avg. = Batting average

Pos. Player G AB H HR RBI Avg.
CDamian Miller1233801031347.271
1BMark Grace1454761421578.298
2BJay Bell1294281061346.248
3BMatt Williams1064081121665.275
SSTony Womack125481128330.266
LFLuis Gonzalez16260919857142.325
CFSteve Finley1404951361473.275
RFReggie Sanders1264411163390.263


Other batters

Note: G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in; Avg. = Batting average

Player G AB H HR RBI Avg.
Craig Counsell141458126438.275
Danny Bautista10022267526.302
David Dellucci115217601040.276
Erubiel Durazo92175471238.269
Junior Spivey7216342521.258
Rod Barajas511061739.160
Greg Colbrunn599728418.289
Chad Moeller25561312.232
Mike DiFelice1221101.048
Midre Cummings2020601.300
Alex Cintrón87200.286
Jason Conti54100.250
Ryan Christenson194101.250
Jack Cust32100.500
Lyle Overbay22100.500
Juan Sosa21000.000
Rob Ryan11000.000
Ken Huckaby11000.000

Starting pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Curt Schilling35256.22262.98293
Randy Johnson35249.22162.49372
Brian Anderson29133.1495.2055
Robert Ellis1992.0655.7741
Albie Lopez1381.0474.0069
Armando Reynoso946.2165.9815
Nick Bierbrodt523.0228.2217


Other pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Miguel Batista48139.11183.3690
Bobby Witt1443.1414.7831
Eric Knott34.2011.934
Relief pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; SV = Saves; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Byung-hyun Kim7898.056192.94113
Greg Swindell6453.22624.5342
Troy Brohawn5949.12314.9330
Bret Prinz4641.04192.6327
Erik Sabel4251.13204.3825
Mike Morgan3138.01004.2624
Russ Springer1817.20017.1312
Mike Mohler1313.20007.247
Mike Koplove910.00103.6014
Matt Mantei87.00022.5712
Geraldo Guzmán49.10002.894
Steve Finley11.00000.000

Post season


Arizona wins the series, 3-2

Game Home Score Visitor Score Date Series
1Arizona1St. Louis0October1-0 (AZ)
2Arizona1St. Louis4October 101-1
3St. Louis3Arizona5October 122-1 (AZ)
4St. Louis4Arizona1October 132-2
5Arizona2St. Louis1October 143-2 (AZ)


Game Date Visitor Score Home Score Record


1 October 16 Atlanta 0 Arizona 2 0-1 37,729
2 October 17 Atlanta 8 Arizona 1 1-1 49,334
3 October 19 Arizona 5 Atlanta 1 1-2 41,624
4 October 20 Arizona 11 Atlanta 4 1-3 42,291
5 October 21 Arizona 3 Atlanta 2 1-4 35,652
Arizona wins series 41 and advances to the World Series

World series

Game 1

October 27, 2001 at Bank One Ballpark in Phoenix, Arizona

New York100000000132
WP: Curt Schilling (1-0)   LP: Mike Mussina (0-1)
Home runs:
NYY: None
ARI: Craig Counsell (1), Luis Gonzalez (1)

Game 2

October 28, 2001 at Bank One Ballpark in Phoenix, Arizona

New York000000000030
WP: Randy Johnson (1-0)   LP: Andy Pettitte (0-1)
Home runs:
NYY: None
ARI: Matt Williams (1)

Game 3

October 30, 2001 at Yankee Stadium in New York

New York01000100x271
WP: Roger Clemens (1-0)   LP: Brian Anderson (0-1)   Sv: Mariano Rivera (1)
Home runs:
ARI: None
NYY: Jorge Posada (1)

Game 4

October 31, 2001 at Yankee Stadium in New York City

New York0010000021470
WP: Mariano Rivera (1-0)   LP: Byung-hyun Kim (0-1)
Home runs:
ARI: Mark Grace (1)
NYY: Shane Spencer (1), Tino Martinez (1), Derek Jeter (1)

Game 5

November 1, 2001 at Yankee Stadium in New York

New York000000002001391
WP: Sterling Hitchcock (1-0)   LP: Albie Lopez (0-1)
Home runs:
ARI: Steve Finley (1), Rod Barajas (1)
NYY: Scott Brosius (1)

Game 6

November 3, 2001 at Bank One Ballpark in Phoenix, Arizona

New York000002000271
WP: Randy Johnson (2-0)   LP: Andy Pettitte (0-2)

Game 7

November 4, 2001 at Bank One Ballpark in Phoenix, Arizona

New York000000110263
WP: Randy Johnson (3-0)   LP: Mariano Rivera (1-1)
Home runs:
NYY: Alfonso Soriano (1)
ARI: None

Game log

Diamondbacks Win Diamondbacks Loss Game Postponed
2001 Post Season Game Log
National League Division Series vs. St. Louis Arizona wins series 32
1October 9Cardinals10Schilling (10)Morris (01)Bank One Ballpark42,25110NLDS 1
2October 10Cardinals14Williams (10)Johnson (01)Kline (1)Bank One Ballpark41,79311NLDS 2
3October 12@ Cardinals53Batista (10)Matthews (01)Kim (1)Busch Memorial Stadium52,27321NLDS 3
4October 13@ Cardinals14Smith (10)Lopez (01)Kline (2)Busch Memorial Stadium52,19422NLDS 4
5October 14Cardinals21Schilling (20)Kline (01)Bank One Ballpark42,81032NLDS 5
National League Championship Series vs. Atlanta Arizona wins series 41
1October 16Braves20Johnson (10)Bank One Ballpark37,72910NLCS 1
2October 17Braves18Batista (01)Bank One Ballpark49,33411NLCS 2
3October 19@ Braves51Schilling (10)Turner Field41,62421NLCS 3
4October 20@ Braves114Anderson (10)Kim (1)Turner Field42,29131NLCS 4
5October 21@ Braves32Johnson (20)Kim (2)Turner Field35,65241NLCS 5
World Series vs. New York (AL) Arizona wins series 43
1October 27Yankees91Schilling (10)Mussina (01)Bank One Ballpark49,64610WS 1
2October 28Yankees40Johnson (10)Pettitte (01)Bank One Ballpark49,64620WS 2
3October 30@ Yankees12Clemens (10)Anderson (01)Rivera (1)Yankee Stadium55,82021WS 3
4October 31@ Yankees34 (10 inn.)Rivera (10)Kim (01)Yankee Stadium55,86322WS 4
5November 1@ Yankees23 (12 inn.)Hitchcock (10)Lopez (01)Yankee Stadium56,01823WS 5
6November 3Yankees152Johnson (20)Pettitte (02)Bank One Ballpark49,70733WS 6
7November 4Yankees32Johnson (30)Rivera (11)Bank One Ballpark49,58943WS 7


a All times in Mountain Standard Time.

Game times

# Date Opponent Time Network TV Local Radio Network Radio
1 NLDSOctober 9Cardinals5:15 PM MSTFox FamilyKTAR-AMESPN Radio
2 NLDSOctober 10Cardinals1:20 PM MSTFox FamilyKTAR-AMESPN Radio
3 NLDSOctober 12@ Cardinals5:15 PM MSTFox FamilyKTAR-AMESPN Radio
4 NLDSOctober 13@ Cardinals10:15 AM MSTFox FamilyKTAR-AMESPN Radio
5 NLDSOctober 14Cardinals4:50 PM MSTFoxKTAR-AMESPN Radio
1 NLCSOctober 16Braves5:20 PM MSTFoxKTAR-AMESPN Radio
2 NLCSOctober 17Braves5:20 PM MSTFoxKTAR-AMESPN Radio
3 NLCSOctober 19@ Braves5:20 PM MSTFoxKTAR-AMESPN Radio
4 NLCSOctober 20@ Braves4:50 PM MSTFoxKTAR-AMESPN Radio
5 NLCSOctober 21@ Braves4:50 PM MSTFoxKTAR-AMESPN Radio
1 WSOctober 27Yankees4:30 PM MSTFoxKTAR-AMESPN Radio
2 WSOctober 28Yankees5:30 PM MSTFoxKTAR-AMESPN Radio
3 WSOctober 30@ Yankees6:00 PM MSTFoxKTAR-AMESPN Radio
4 WSOctober 31@ Yankees6:00 PM MSTFoxKTAR-AMESPN Radio
5 WSNovember 1@ Yankees6:00 PM MSTFoxKTAR-AMESPN Radio
6 WSNovember 3Yankees5:30 PM MSTFoxKTAR-AMESPN Radio
7 WSNovember 4Yankees5:30 PM MSTFoxKTAR-AMESPN Radio
# Date Opponent Home Plate First Base Second Base Third Base Left Field Right Field
1 NLDSOctober 9St. LouisRandy MarshJohn HirschbeckLarry YoungTim TschidaDale ScottAlfonso Márquez
2 NLDSOctober 10St. LouisJohn HirschbeckLarry YoungTim TschidaDale ScottAlfonso MárquezRandy Marsh
3 NLDSOctober 12@ St. LouisMike WintersBrian GormanJim JoyceMike EverittBruce FroemmingChuck Meriwether
4 NLDSOctober 13@ St. LouisBrian GormanJim JoyceMike EverittBruce FroemmingChuck MeriwetherMike Winters
5 NLDSOctober 14St. LouisJim JoyceMike EverittBruce FroemmingChuck MeriwetherMike WintersBrian Gorman
1 NLCSOctober 16AtlantaJerry CrawfordJeff KelloggAngel HernandezMike ReillyGerry DavisTim McClelland
2 NLCSOctober 17AtlantaJeff KelloggAngel HernandezMike ReillyGerry DavisTim McClellandJerry Crawford
3 NLCSOctober 19@ AtlantaAngel HernandezMike ReillyGerry DavisTim McClellandJerry CrawfordJeff Kellogg
4 NLCSOctober 20@ AtlantaMike ReillyGerry DavisTim McClellandJerry CrawfordJeff KelloggAngel Hernandez
5 NLCSOctober 21@ AtlantaGerry DavisTim McClellandJerry CrawfordJeff KelloggAngel HernandezMike Reilly
1 WSOctober 27New York (AL)Steve RippleyMark HirschbeckDale ScottEd RapuanoJim JoyceDana DeMuth
2 WSOctober 28New York (AL)Mark HirschbeckDale ScottEd RapuanoJim JoyceDana DeMuthSteve Rippley
3 WSOctober 30@ New York (AL)Dale ScottEd RapuanoJim JoyceDana DeMuthSteve RippleyMark Hirschbeck
4 WSOctober 31@ New York (AL)Ed RapuanoJim JoyceDana DeMuthSteve RippleyMark HirschbeckDale Scott
5 WSNovember 1@ New York (AL)Jim JoyceDana DeMuthSteve RippleyMark HirschbeckDale ScottEd Rapuano
6 WSNovember 3New York (AL)Dana DeMuthSteve RippleyMark HirschbeckDale ScottEd RapuanoJim Joyce
7 WSNovember 4New York (AL)Steve RippleyMark HirschbeckDale ScottEd RapuanoJim JoyceDana DeMuth

Awards and honors

2001 Major League Baseball All-Star Game

League leaders

Luis Gonzalez

  • #3 in NL in home runs (57)
  • #3 in NL in RBI (142)
  • #3 in NL in slugging percentage (.688)
  • #4 in NL in runs scored (128)

Randy Johnson

  • Led MLB in ERA (2.49)
  • Led MLB in strikeouts (372)
  • #3 in NL in wins (21)

Curt Schilling

  • Led MLB in wins (22)
  • Led NL in complete games (6)
  • #2 in NL in ERA (2.98)
  • #2 in NL in strikeouts (293)


Local TV

Channel Play-by-play #1 Play-by-play #2 Color commentators
KTVK-TVThom Brennaman or Greg SchulteGreg Schulte or Joe GaragiolaRod Allen and Jim Traber

Local Cable TV

Cable Channel Play-by-play #1 Play-by-play #2 Color commentators
Fox Sports Net ArizonaThom Brennaman or Greg SchulteGreg Schulte or Joe GaragiolaRod Allen and Jim Traber

Local Radio

Flagship station Play-by-play #1 Play-by-play #2 Color commentators
KTAR-AMThom Brennaman or Greg SchulteGreg Schulte or Jeff MunnRod Allen and Jim Traber

Farm system

Level Team League Manager
AAA Tucson Sidewinders Pacific Coast League Tom Spencer
AA El Paso Diablos Texas League Al Pedrique
A Lancaster JetHawks California League Scott Coolbaugh
A South Bend Silver Hawks Midwest League Steve Scarsone
A-Short Season Yakima Bears Northwest League Greg Lonigro
Rookie Missoula Osprey Pioneer League Chip Hale



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