1950 Philadelphia Phillies season

The 1950 Philadelphia Phillies won the National League pennant by two games over the Brooklyn Dodgers. Nicknamed the "Whiz Kids" because of the youth of their roster, they went on to lose the World Series to the New York Yankees in four straight games.

1950 Philadelphia Phillies
1950 National League Champion
Granny Hamner, Del Ennis, and Richie Ashburn of the 1950 Phillies "Whiz Kids" in a promotional photo.
Major League affiliations
Other information
Owner(s)R. R. M. Carpenter, Jr.
General manager(s)R. R. M. Carpenter, Jr.
Manager(s)Eddie Sawyer
Local televisionWPTZ
(Bill Campbell)
Local radioWPEN
(Bill Brundige, Gene Kelly)
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Previous off-season

  • October 3, 1949: Schoolboy Rowe was released by the Phillies.[1]
  • November 17, 1949: Milo Candini was drafted by the Phillies from the Oakland Oaks in the 1949 rule 5 draft.[2]
  • Prior to 1950 season: Bob Bowman was signed as an amateur free agent by the Phillies.[3]

On January 10, 1950, owner Bob Carpenter announced that the club had officially abandoned the nickname "Blue Jays" and would be the "Phillies". The club had adopted the nickname in 1944 but it never caught on among fans.[4]

City Series

The pre-season 1950 City Series was planned for three games prior to Opening Day. Snow flurries and cold weather in Philadelphia caused the cancellation of the first game. The Athletics beat the Phillies 7–4 and the Phillies won the following game 11–2.[5]

Regular season

Season standings

National League W L Pct. GB Home Road
Philadelphia Phillies 9163 0.591 48–29 43–34
Brooklyn Dodgers 8965 0.578 2 48–30 41–35
New York Giants 8668 0.558 5 44–32 42–36
Boston Braves 8371 0.539 8 46–31 37–40
St. Louis Cardinals 7875 0.510 12½ 48–28 30–47
Cincinnati Reds 6687 0.431 24½ 38–38 28–49
Chicago Cubs 6489 0.418 26½ 35–42 29–47
Pittsburgh Pirates 5796 0.373 33½ 33–44 24–52

Record vs. opponents

Boston 9–139–1317–513–99–13–115–7–111–11
Brooklyn 13–910–1212–1012–1011–11–119–312–10
Chicago 13–912–104–175–179–13–111–1110–12
Cincinnati 5–1710–1217–411–114–1812–107–15
New York 9–1310–1217–511–1112–1016–611–11
Philadelphia 13–9–111–11–113–9–118–410–1214–812–10
Pittsburgh 7–15–13–1911–1110–126–168–1412–9
St. Louis 11–1110–1212–1015–711–1110–129–12

Game log

 Phillies win
 Phillies loss
 Phillies tie
BoldPhillies team member
1950 Game Log[6]
Overall Record: 91–63–3
April (6–6–1)
1April 18Dodgers9–1Robin Roberts (1–0)Don Newcombe (0–1)None29,0741–0
2April 19Dodgers5–7Bud Podbielan (1–0)Russ Meyer (0–1)None8,4501–1
April 20DodgersPostponed (rain);[7] Makeup: September 8
3April 21@ Braves2–2 (7)[a]NoneNoneNone7,3081–1–1
4April 22@ Braves2–3Warren Spahn (2–0)Curt Simmons (0–1)None7,6071–2–1
5April 23 (1)@ Braves3–4Johnny Sain (2–0)Blix Donnelly (0–1)Nonesee 2nd game1–3–1
6April 23 (2)@ Braves6–5Jim Konstanty (1–0)Bobby Hogue (0–1)None10,3022–3–1
April 24@ GiantsPostponed (rain and cold);[8] Makeup: August 20
7April 25@ Giants4–8Larry Jansen (1–1)Russ Meyer (0–2)None4,9402–4–1
8April 26@ Dodgers4–5 (10)[b]Willie Ramsdell (1–0)Blix Donnelly (0–2)None21,5562–5–1
9April 27@ Dodgers9–2Robin Roberts (2–0)Preacher Roe (1–1)None5,4883–5–1
10April 28Braves6–1Curt Simmons (1–1)Johnny Sain (2–1)None22,2314–5–1
11April 29Braves2–1Bob Miller (1–0)Vern Bickford (0–2)None5,0645–5–1
12April 30 (1)Braves1–4Normie Roy (1–0)Russ Meyer (0–3)Nonesee 2nd game5–6–1
13April 30 (2)Braves9–3Robin Roberts (3–0)Dick Donovan (0–2)None14,2016–6–1
May (17–9)
14May 2@ Cubs8–10Bob Rush (2–0)Ken Heintzelman (0–1)Dutch Leonard (2)6,2796–7–1
15May 3@ Cubs5–2Ken Johnson (1–0)Johnny Klippstein (0–1)Jim Konstanty (1)4,0717–7–1
16May 4@ Cardinals9–6Curt Simmons (2–1)Gerry Staley (1–2)Jim Konstanty (2)9,8718–7–1
17May 5@ Cardinals2–3Harry Brecheen (2–1)Robin Roberts (3–1)None12,3028–8–1
18May 6@ Cardinals11–7Bob Miller (2–0)Max Lanier (1–1)Jim Konstanty (3)9,7309–8–1
19May 7 (1)@ Reds6–0Ken Heintzelman (1–1)Howie Fox (1–2)Nonesee 2nd game10–8–1
20May 7 (2)@ Reds6–4Curt Simmons (3–1)Ewell Blackwell (1–1)None13,31311–8–1
21May 8@ Reds6–5Ken Johnson (2–0)Herm Wehmeier (1–3)Bob Miller (1)5,14112–8–1
May 10@ PiratesPostponed (rain);[9] Makeup: July 24[10]
22May 11@ Pirates3–2Robin Roberts (4–1)Murry Dickson (2–3)None28,45213–8–1
23May 13Giants7–1Curt Simmons (4–1)Dave Koslo (1–3)None12,59614–8–1
24May 14 (1)Giants3–4Larry Jansen (2–3)Ken Heintzelman (1–2)Nonesee 2nd game14–9–1
25May 14 (2)Giants9–7[c]Jim Konstanty (2–0)Sheldon Jones (1–4)Robin Roberts (1)25,76915–9–1
26May 16Reds1–0Robin Roberts (5–1)Ewell Blackwell (2–2)None16,04116–9–1
27May 17Reds5–4Ken Johnson (3–0)Herm Wehmeier (1–4)None12,65517–9–1
May 18RedsPostponed (rain and wet grounds);[11][12] Makeup: August 1 as a traditional double-header
May 19CubsPostponed (rain);[13] Makeup: July 25 as a traditional double-header
28May 20Cubs2–7Bob Rush (5–0)Curt Simmons (4–2)None4,02017–10–1
29May 21 (1)Cardinals5–6Gerry Staley (3–3)Robin Roberts (5–2)Howie Pollet (1)see 2nd game17–11–1
30May 21 (2)Cardinals4–2Curt Simmons (5–2)Cloyd Boyer (1–1)None32,98618–11–1
31May 23Pirates0–6Bill Macdonald (1–0)Russ Meyer (0–4)None12,42818–12–1
32May 24Pirates6–3Jim Konstanty (3–0)Bill Werle (3–2)None18,99319–12–1
33May 25Pirates3–0Bob Miller (3–0)Cliff Chambers (5–4)None5,26520–12–1
34May 26@ Giants3–2Robin Roberts (6–2)Jack Kramer (0–2)None17,78221–12–1
35May 27@ Giants8–5Curt Simmons (6–2)Sheldon Jones (2–6)Jim Konstanty (4)13,27322–12–1
36May 28 (1)@ Giants5–2 (11)Jim Konstanty (4–0)Andy Hansen (0–1)None23,95623–12–1
37May 28 (2)@ Giants1–3Dave Koslo (3–4)Ken Heintzelman (1–3)None23,98623–13–1
38May 30 (1)@ Dodgers6–7 (10)Preacher Roe (5–2)Jim Konstanty (4–1)None18,88423–14–1
39May 30 (2)@ Dodgers4–6Jack Banta (4–1)Russ Meyer (0–5)Ralph Branca (1)34,70023–15–1
June (14–11)
40June 1@ Cubs8–4Curt Simmons (7–2)Frank Hiller (3–1)Jim Konstanty (5)9,81224–15–1
June 2@ CubsPostponed (wet grounds);[14] Makeup: July 18 as a traditional double-header
41June 3@ Cubs6–2Bubba Church (1–0)Bob Rush (6–2)Jim Konstanty (6)not available25–15–1
42June 4@ Cardinals2–6Max Lanier (4–2)Ken Heintzelman (1–4)None30,95625–16–1
43June 5@ Cardinals6–5Robin Roberts (7–2)Red Munger (2–2)None15,60426–16–1
44June 6@ Cardinals4–5Howie Pollet (5–3)Curt Simmons (7–3)None16,32826–17–1
45June 7@ Reds4–0Bob Miller (4–0)Willie Ramsdell (2–6)None8,22027–17–1
46June 8@ Reds4–8Ken Raffensberger (5–5)Russ Meyer (0–6)None4,10227–18–1
June 9@ RedsPostponed (rain);[15] Makeup: July 22 as a traditional double-header
June 10@ PiratesPostponed (rain);[16] Makeup: July 19 as a traditional double-header
47June 11 (1)@ Pirates7–6Jim Konstanty (5–1)Vern Law (0–1)Nonesee 2nd game28–18–1
48June 11 (2)@ Pirates4–5 (12)Bill Werle (4–4)Blix Donnelly (0–3)None33,21728–19–1
49June 13Cardinals3–6Harry Brecheen (4–3)Curt Simmons (7–4)None28,58728–20–1
50June 14Cardinals2–4Max Lanier (6–2)Ken Heintzelman (1–5)None15,56328–21–1
June 15CardinalsPostponed (rain);[17] Makeup: August 7
June 16RedsPostponed (rain);[18] Makeup: August 3
51June 17Reds5–2Robin Roberts (8–2)Ewell Blackwell (4–7)None7,66929–21–1
52June 18 (1)Reds4–3Curt Simmons (8–4)Herm Wehmeier (3–8)Nonesee 2nd game30–21–1
53June 18 (2)Reds4–2Bob Miller (5–0)Howie Fox (1–5)None20,49531–21–1
54June 20Pirates7–3Russ Meyer (1–6)Vern Law (0–2)None13,59732–21–1
55June 21Pirates3–5Bill Macdonald (3–1)Robin Roberts (8–3)Bill Werle (6)18,63232–22–1
56June 22Pirates7–4Bob Miller (6–0)Hank Borowy (0–2)None5,32633–22–1
57June 23Cubs4–7Doyle Lade (3–1)Curt Simmons (8–5)Paul Minner (3)21,03033–23–1
58June 24Cubs5–4Russ Meyer (2–6)Frank Hiller (4–2)Jim Konstanty (7)7,19534–23–1
59June 25 (1)Cubs8–11Johnny Schmitz (8–3)Jim Konstanty (5–2)Doyle Lade (2)see 2nd game34–24–1
60June 25 (2)Cubs2–1Robin Roberts (9–3)Bob Rush (8–6)None18,48435–24–1
61June 27@ Braves3–2Curt Simmons (9–5)Warren Spahn (9–8)Jim Konstanty (8)13,36136–24–1
62June 28@ Braves1–3Johnny Sain (10–5)Russ Meyer (2–7)None18,72436–25–1
63June 29@ Braves2–3Vern Bickford (7–6)Ken Heintzelman (1–6)None13,98036–26–1
64June 30Dodgers8–5Jim Konstanty (6–2)Don Newcombe (7–3)Bubba Church (1)31,55537–26–1
July (21–13–1)
65July 1Dodgers6–4Bob Miller (7–0)Bud Podbielan (5–4)Jim Konstanty (9)18,76138–26–1
66July 2 (1)Dodgers6–4Russ Meyer (3–7)Ralph Branca (2–4)Jim Konstanty (10)see 2nd game39–26–1
67July 2 (2)Dodgers8–8 (10)[d]NoneNoneNone35,11839–26–2
68July 3Braves1–3Vern Bickford (8–6)Ken Heintzelman (1–7)None11,16239–27–2
69July 4 (1)Braves14–5Robin Roberts (10–3)Normie Roy (3–3)Nonesee 2nd game40–27–2
70July 4 (2)Braves9–12Bobby Hogue (3–2)Jim Konstanty (6–3)Warren Spahn (1)21,19040–28–2
71July 5Giants10–3Russ Meyer (4–7)Clint Hartung (3–3)None17,77141–28–2
72July 6Giants9–6Bob Miller (8–0)Sheldon Jones (6–10)Jim Konstanty (11)8,70942–28–2
73July 7@ Dodgers7–2Curt Simmons (10–5)Ralph Branca (2–5)None28,58543–28–2
74July 8@ Dodgers4–1Jim Konstanty (7–3)Don Newcombe (7–5)None20,71444–28–2
75July 9@ Dodgers3–7Erv Palica (2–1)Russ Meyer (4–8)None20,89544–29–2
July 111950 Major League Baseball All-Star Game at Comiskey Park in Chicago
76July 13@ Cardinals3–2Curt Simmons (11–5)Howie Pollet (9–6)None24,47145–29–2
77July 14@ Cardinals2–4Gerry Staley (8–6)Robin Roberts (10–4)None25,52945–30–2
78July 15@ Cardinals6–8Fred Martin (3–1)Jim Konstanty (7–4)Al Brazle (5)20,21945–31–2
79July 16 (1)@ Cubs0–8Monk Dubiel (4–3)Russ Meyer (4–9)Nonesee 2nd game45–32–2
80July 16 (2)@ Cubs3–10Doyle Lade (5–3)Bob Miller (8–1)None35,71045–33–2
July 17@ CubsPostponed (rain);[19] Makeup: August 28 (which later became a traditional double-header)
81July 18 (1)@ Cubs2–5Paul Minner (4–5)Robin Roberts (10–5)Nonesee 2nd game45–34–2
82July 18 (2)@ Cubs8–3Bubba Church (2–0)Bob Rush (9–10)None28,86146–34–2
83July 19 (1)@ Pirates3–2 (11)Curt Simmons (12–5)Bill Werle (5–8)Jim Konstanty (12)see 2nd game47–34–2
84July 19 (2)@ Pirates2–4Bill Macdonald (4–3)Russ Meyer (4–10)None18,95347–35–2
85July 20@ Pirates8–10Murry Dickson (5–10)Blix Donnelly (0–4)None7,29147–36–2
86July 21@ Pirates4–1Bubba Church (3–0)Mel Queen (3–8)None34,01648–36–2
87July 22 (1)@ Reds2–0Robin Roberts (11–5)Willie Ramsdell (5–8)Nonesee 2nd game49–36–2
88July 22 (2)@ Reds1–6Howie Fox (5–6)Ken Heintzelman (1–8)None13,21549–37–2
89July 23 (1)@ Reds12–4Curt Simmons (13–5)Ken Raffensberger (9–11)Nonesee 2nd game50–37–2
90July 23 (2)@ Reds7–4Russ Meyer (5–10)Ewell Blackwell (8–10)Jim Konstanty (13)28,83151–37–2
91July 24@ Pirates1–2 (6)[20]Bill Macdonald (5–3)Bob Miller (8–2)None15,43151–38–2
92July 25 (1)Cubs7–0Bubba Church (4–0)Johnny Klippstein (1–3)Nonesee 2nd game52–38–2
93July 25 (2)Cubs1–0Robin Roberts (12–5)Bob Rush (9–11)None32,72653–38–2
94July 26Cubs6–4Milo Candini (1–0)Monk Dubiel (4–4)Jim Konstanty (14)11,69354–38–2
95July 27Cubs13–3Curt Simmons (14–5)Doyle Lade (5–5)None7,34355–38–2
96July 28Pirates4–1Bob Miller (9–2)Bill Macdonald (5–4)None7,34356–38–2
97July 29Pirates4–7Bill Werle (6–8)Bubba Church (4–1)None10,25256–39–2
98July 30 (1)Pirates10–0Robin Roberts (13–5)Mel Queen (4–9)Nonesee 2nd game57–39–2
99July 30 (2)Pirates4–2Jim Konstanty (8–4)Murry Dickson (5–11)Russ Meyer (1)21,41158–39–2
August (20–8–1)
100August 1 (1)Reds6–4Bob Miller (10–2)Frank Smith (1–4)Jim Konstanty (15)see 2nd game59–39–2
101August 1 (2)Reds1–4Ewell Blackwell (10–11)Curt Simmons (14–6)None34,72859–40–2
102August 2Reds2–0Bubba Church (5–1)Willie Ramsdell (5–9)None8,54060–40–2
August 3RedsPostponed (rain);[21] Makeup: September 15 as a traditional double-header
103August 4Cardinals4–2Robin Roberts (14–5)Howie Pollet (10–9)None27,69161–40–2
104August 5Cardinals2–1Russ Meyer (6–10)Gerry Staley (10–9)Jim Konstanty (16)21,86962–40–2
105August 6 (1)Cardinals1–7Cloyd Boyer (5–2)Bob Miller (10–3)Nonesee 2nd game62–41–2
106August 6 (2)Cardinals0–2Max Lanier (10–4)Bubba Church (5–2)None31,91462–42–2
107August 7Cardinals9–0Ken Johnson (4–0)Harry Brecheen (6–8)None25,25163–42–2
108August 8@ Dodgers6–5Robin Roberts (15–5)Don Newcombe (11–7)Jim Konstanty (17)32,88664–42–2
109August 9@ Dodgers5–4Russ Meyer (7–10)Erv Palica (4–4)Jim Konstanty (18)19,64465–42–2
110August 10Giants6–5 (10)Jim Konstanty (9–4)Dave Koslo (11–9)None33,03266–42–2
111August 11Giants1–3Sal Maglie (10–3)Curt Simmons (14–7)None15,89566–43–2
112August 12Giants5–4 (11)[e]Jim Konstanty (10–4)Dave Koslo (11–10)None14,95567–43–2
113August 13Giants0–2Jim Hearn (4–2)Ken Johnson (4–1)None19,64467–44–2
114August 15Braves9–1Curt Simmons (15–7)Johnny Sain (16–9)Jim Konstanty (19)32,21568–44–2
115August 16Braves5–1Robin Roberts (16–5)Vern Bickford (14–9)None23,84669–44–2
116August 18@ Giants4–7Jim Hearn (5–2)Russ Meyer (7–11)None26,08669–45–2
August 19@ GiantsPostponed (rain);[22] Makeup: September 27 as a traditional double-header
August 20 (1)@ GiantsPostponed (rain);[23][24] Makeup: August 21
August 20 (2)@ GiantsPostponed (rain);[23][24] Makeup: September 28 as a traditional double-header
117August 21@ Giants4–0Curt Simmons (16–7)Larry Jansen (13–9)None19,32070–45–2
118August 22@ Reds4–3Robin Roberts (17–5)Ken Raffensberger (12–14)None11,66071–45–2
119August 23@ Reds6–4Bob Miller (11–3)Willie Ramsdell (6–11)Jim Konstanty (20)5,96472–45–2
120August 24@ Pirates4–2Bubba Church (6–2)Vern Law (3–6)None9,09673–45–2
121August 25@ Pirates9–7 (15)Jim Konstanty (11–4)Cliff Chambers (10–14)None25,68674–45–2
122August 26@ Pirates4–14Murry Dickson (7–13)Robin Roberts (17–6)None12,15774–46–2
123August 27 (1)@ Cubs6–1Bubba Church (7–2)Paul Minner (7–9)Nonesee 2nd game75–46–2
124August 27 (2)@ Cubs4–4 (11)[f]NoneNoneNone38,94475–46–3
125August 28 (1)@ Cubs5–7Dutch Leonard (4–1)Curt Simmons (16–8)Johnny Vander Meer (1)see 2nd game75–47–3
126August 28 (2)@ Cubs9–5Jim Konstanty (12–4)Johnny Klippstein (1–8)None19,75676–47–3
127August 29@ Cardinals5–3Robin Roberts (18–6)Howie Pollet (12–11)Jim Konstanty (21)27,05877–47–3
128August 30@ Cardinals9–8Jim Konstanty (13–4)Gerry Staley (11–11)Curt Simmons (1)17,23278–47–3
September (12–16)
129September 1@ Braves7–3Bubba Church (8–2)Max Surkont (2–1)None14,90879–47–3
130September 2@ Braves2–0Curt Simmons (17–8)Johnny Sain (17–11)None17,23080–47–3
September 3@ BravesPostponed (rain);[25] Makeup: September 25 as a traditional double-header
131September 4 (1)Giants0–2Jim Hearn (8–2)Robin Roberts (18–7)Nonesee 2nd game80–48–3
132September 4 (2)Giants0–9Sal Maglie (14–3)Bob Miller (11–4)None33,98880–49–3
133September 6 (1)Dodgers0–2Don Newcombe (17–8)Bubba Church (8–3)Nonesee 2nd game80–50–3
134September 6 (2)Dodgers2–3Dan Bankhead (7–4)Jim Konstanty (13–5)None32,27980–51–3
135September 7Dodgers2–3Carl Erskine (3–4)Robin Roberts (18–8)Ralph Branca (6)24,62480–52–3
136September 8Dodgers4–3Russ Meyer (8–11)Erv Palica (8–7)None14,72781–52–3
137September 9Braves7–6Jim Konstanty (14–5)Dave Cole (0–1)None15,32982–52–3
138September 10Braves1–3 (5)[26]Johnny Sain (18–12)Bubba Church (8–4)None14,68482–53–3
139September 12Cardinals1–0Robin Roberts (19–8)Max Lanier (11–7)None20,86483–53–3
September 13CardinalsPostponed (rain);[27] Makeup: September 14
140September 14Cardinals3–2Jim Konstanty (15–5)Al Brazle (10–7)None17,14284–53–3
141September 15 (1)Reds2–1Ken Heintzelman (2–8)Willie Ramsdell (8–13)Nonesee 2nd game85–53–3
142September 15 (2)Reds8–7 (19)[28]Blix Donnelly (1–4)Eddie Erautt (3–2)None20,67386–53–3
143September 16Reds0–2Ewell Blackwell (15–15)Bob Miller (11–5)None12,05286–54–3
144September 17Pirates5–3Russ Meyer (9–11)Bill Werle (8–14)Jim Konstanty (22)20,03187–54–3
145September 19Cubs0–1Frank Hiller (11–5)Robin Roberts (19–9)None20,40487–55–3
146September 20Cubs9–6Jim Konstanty (16–5)Johnny Schmitz (10–15)None4,25988–55–3
147September 23Dodgers2–3Don Newcombe (19–10)Robin Roberts (19–10)None22,60288–56–3
148September 24Dodgers0–11Erv Palica (12–7)Bubba Church (8–5)None32,19088–57–3
149September 25 (1)@ Braves12–4Ken Heintzelman (3–8)Warren Spahn (21–16)Nonesee 2nd game89–57–3
150September 25 (2)@ Braves3–5Max Surkont (5–1)Jim Konstanty (16–6)None7,45189–58–3
151September 26@ Braves8–7Blix Donnelly (2–4)Bob Hall (0–2)None1,98790–58–3
152September 27 (1)@ Giants7–8 (10)Dave Koslo (13–15)Jim Konstanty (16–7)Nonesee 2nd game90–59–3
153September 27 (2)@ Giants0–5Jim Hearn (11–4)Bubba Church (8–6)None10,00490–60–3
154September 28 (1)@ Giants1–3Sal Maglie (18–4)Ken Heintzelman (3–9)Nonesee 2nd game90–61–3
155September 28 (2)@ Giants1–3Sheldon Jones (13–16)Robin Roberts (19–11)None7,98490–62–3
156September 30@ Dodgers3–7Erv Palica (13–8)Bob Miller (11–6)None23,87990–63–3
October (1–0)
157October 1@ Dodgers4–1 (10)Robin Roberts (20–11)Don Newcombe (19–11)None35,07391–63–3
^[a] The April 21, 1950, game ended after seven innings with the score tied 2–2,[29][30] and an additional game was played on June 29.
^[b] The April 26, 1950, game was protested by the Phillies in the bottom of the tenth inning.[31][32][33] The protest was later denied.[34]
^[c] The second game on May 14 was suspended (Sunday curfew[35][36]) after eight innings with the score 9–7 and was completed July 5, 1950, with new umpires.[37][38]
^[d] The second game on July 2, 1950, ended after ten innings (Sunday curfew) with the score tied 8–8,[39][40] and an additional game was played on September 6.
^[e] The August 12, 1950, game was protested by the Giants in the bottom of the fourth inning.[41][42] The protest was later denied.[43]
^[f] The second game on August 27, 1950, ended after eleven innings with the score tied 4–4,[44] and an additional game was played on August 28.[44][45]


1950 Philadelphia Phillies
Pitchers Catchers


Outfielders Manager
  • 24 Eddie Sawyer


  • 11 Benny Bengough
  • 32 Dusty Cooke
  • 38 George Earnshaw
  • 40 Maje McDonnell
  • 31 Cy Perkins

Player stats

Starters by position

Note: Pos = Position; G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Pos Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
CAndy Seminick130393113.2882468
1BEddie Waitkus154641182.284244
2BMike Goliat145483113.2341364
3BWillie Jones157610163.2672588
SSGranny Hamner157637172.2701182
OFDick Sisler141523155.2961383
OFDel Ennis153595185.31131128
OFRichie Ashburn151594180.303241

Other batters

Note: G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
Dick Whitman7513233.250012
Stan Lopata5812927.209111
Jimmy Bloodworth549622.229013
Bill Nicholson415813.224310
Jackie Mayo18368.22203
Putsy Caballero46244.16700
Ken Silvestri11205.25004
Stan Hollmig11123.25001
Johnny Blatnik441.25000

Starting pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Robin Roberts40304.120113.02146
Curt Simmons31214.21783.40146
Russ Meyer32159.29115.3074
Ken Heintzelman23125.1394.0939

Other pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Bob Miller35172.01163.5744
Bubba Church31142.0862.7350
Ken Johnson1460.2414.0132

Relief pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; SV = Saves; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G W L SV ERA SO
Jim Konstanty74167222.6656
Milo Candini181002.7010
Blix Donnelly142404.2910
Hank Borowy30005.683
Paul Stuffel30001.803
Jack Brittin30004.503
Jocko Thompson20000.002
Steve Ridzik10006.002

1950 World Series

AL New York Yankees (4) vs. NL Philadelphia Phillies (0)

1Yankees – 1, Phillies – 0October 4Shibe Park30,746
2Yankees – 2, Phillies – 1 (10 innings)October 5Shibe Park32,660
3Phillies – 2, Yankees – 3October 6Yankee Stadium64,505
4Phillies – 2, Yankees – 5October 7Yankee Stadium68,098

Awards and honors

  • Jim Konstanty, Associated Press Athlete of the Year, National League MVP
  • Eddie Sawyer, Associated Press Manager of the Year.[46]
  • Eddie Waitkus, Associated Press Comeback Player of the Year.[47]


  • Jim Konstanty, Major league single-season record (since broken), most wins by a relief pitcher (16)[48]

Farm system

Level Team League Manager
AAA Toronto Maple Leafs International League Jack Sanford
A Utica Blue Sox Eastern League Leon Riley
B Terre Haute Phillies Illinois–Indiana–Iowa League Dan Carnevale
B Wilmington Blue Rocks Interstate League Skeeter Newsome
C Schenectady Blue Jays Canadian–American League Dick Carter
C Vandergrift Pioneers Middle Atlantic League Don Hasenmayer
C Salina Blue Jays Western Association John Davenport
D Klamath Falls Gems Far West League Hub Kittle
D Americus Phillies Georgia–Florida League Eddie Murphy
D Carbondale Pioneers North Atlantic League Joe Glenn
D Lima Phillies Ohio–Indiana League Frank McCormick
D Bradford Phillies PONY League Barney Lutz

LEAGUE CHAMPIONS: Terre Haute, Wilmington

Vandergrift club folded, July 20, 1950[49]


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