2001 New York Yankees season

The 2001 New York Yankees season was the 99th season for the Yankees. The team finished with a record of 95-65 finishing 13.5 games ahead of the Boston Red Sox. New York was managed by Joe Torre. The Yankees played at Yankee Stadium. Roger Clemens had sixteen straight wins, tying an American League mark shared by Walter Johnson, Lefty Grove, Schoolboy Rowe, and Smoky Joe Wood. Clemens would finish the season with the AL Cy Young Award and become the first pitcher to win six Cy Young Awards.[1]

2001 New York Yankees
AL Champions
AL East Champions
Yankees' fielders huddling on the
pitcher's mound during an August 2001 away game
Major League affiliations
Record95–65 (.594)
Divisional place1st
Other information
Owner(s)George Steinbrenner
General manager(s)Brian Cashman
Manager(s)Joe Torre
Local televisionWNYW
(Bobby Murcer, Tim McCarver)
(Ken Singleton, Jim Kaat, Al Trautwig, Suzyn Waldman)
Local radioWABC (AM)
(John Sterling, Michael Kay)
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Another chapter was written in the story of the Yankee-Red Sox rivalry. On September 2, 2001, Mike Mussina came within one strike of a perfect game before surrendering a bloop single to Carl Everett. This was Mussina's third time he has taken a perfect game to or beyond the 8th inning. Coincidentally, it would have been the 3rd perfect game in for the Yankees in a span of 4 seasons and could have been the 4th perfect game in franchise history.

In the emotional times of September 2001 in New York City, following the September 11 attack on New York's World Trade Center, the Yankees defeated the Oakland A's three games to two in the ALDS, and then the Seattle Mariners, who had won 116 games, four games to one in the ALCS. By winning the pennant for a fourth straight year, the 1998–2001 Yankees joined the 1921–1924 New York Giants, and the Yankee teams of 1936–1939, 1949–1953, 1955–1958 and 1960–1964 as the only dynasties to reach at least four straight pennants. The Yankees had now won eleven consecutive postseason series over a four-year period. However, the Yankees lost the World Series in a dramatic 7 game series to the Arizona Diamondbacks, when Yankees star closer Mariano Rivera uncharacteristically lost the lead – and the Series – in the bottom of the ninth inning of the final game. With the loss, this marked the second time in five years that a team lost the World Series after taking a lead into the bottom of the ninth inning of Game 7 (following the Cleveland Indians in 1997) and the first time since 1991 that the home team won the seventh game of a World Series.[2][3]

Despite the loss in the series, Derek Jeter provided one bright spot. Despite a very poor series overall, batting under .200, he got the nickname, "Mr. November", for his walk-off home run in Game 4, though it began October 31, as the game ended in the first minutes of November 1. In calling the home run, Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay said "See ya! See ya! See ya! A home run for Derek Jeter! He is Mr. November! Oh what a home run by Derek Jeter!" He said this after noticing a fan's sign that said "Mr. November".

Also, during the emotional times following the attacks, Yankee Stadium played host to a memorial service, just before the Yankees played their first home game following the attacks. The service was titled "Prayer for America".


  • November 21, 2000: Joe Oliver was signed as a free agent with the New York Yankees.[4]
  • November 30, 2000: Mike Mussina was signed as a free agent with the New York Yankees.[5]
  • December 7, 2000: Dwight Gooden signed as a free agent with the New York Yankees.[6]
  • December 7, 2000: Luis Sojo was signed as a free agent with the New York Yankees.[7]
  • December 11, 2000: Brandon Knight was drafted by the Minnesota Twins from the New York Yankees in the 2000 rule 5 draft.[8]
  • February 15, 2001: Henry Rodriguez was signed as a free agent with the New York Yankees.[9]
  • March 21, 2001: Drew Henson was traded by the Cincinnati Reds with Michael Coleman to the New York Yankees for Wily Mo Pena.[10]
  • March 28, 2001: Glenallen Hill was traded by the New York Yankees to the Anaheim Angels for Darren Blakely (minors).[11]
  • March 28, 2001: Brandon Knight was returned (earlier draft pick) by the Minnesota Twins to the New York Yankees.[8]
  • March 30, 2001: Brandon Knight was released by the New York Yankees.[8]

Notable transactions

  • April 1, 2001: Brandon Knight was signed as a free agent with the New York Yankees.[8]
  • June 5, 2001: John Ford Griffin was drafted by the New York Yankees in the 1st round (23rd pick) of the 2001 amateur draft. Player signed June 14, 2001.[12]
  • June 5, 2001: Bronson Sardinha was drafted by the New York Yankees in the 1st round (34th pick) of the 2001 amateur draft. Player signed June 13, 2001.[13]
  • June 19, 2001: Henry Rodríguez was released by the New York Yankees.[9]
  • June 20, 2001: Joe Oliver was released by the New York Yankees.[4]
  • July 4, 2001: Bobby Estalella was traded by the San Francisco Giants with Joe Smith (minors) to the New York Yankees for Brian Boehringer.[14]
  • July 30, 2001: Sterling Hitchcock was traded by the San Diego Padres to the New York Yankees for Brett Jodie and Darren Blakely (minors).[15]
  • August 31, 2001: Randy Velarde was traded by the Texas Rangers to the New York Yankees for players to be named later. The New York Yankees sent Randy Flores (October 12, 2001) and Rosman Garcia (October 11, 2001) to the Texas Rangers to complete the trade.[16]

Season standings

AL East W L Pct. GB Home Road
New York Yankees 9565 0.594 51–28 44–37
Boston Red Sox 8279 0.509 13½ 41–40 41–39
Toronto Blue Jays 8082 0.494 16 40–42 40–40
Baltimore Orioles 6398 0.391 32½ 30–50 33–48
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 62100 0.383 34 37–44 25–56

Season summary

The Yankees taking the field during a late August 2001 game at Edison Field.

Record vs. opponents

Anaheim 4–54–36–35–45–45–43–64–36–144–157–27–125–410–8
Baltimore 5–49–103–41–54–25–23–35–132–71–810–92–77–126–12
Boston 3–410–93–33–64–53–33–35–134–53–614–55–212–710–8
Chicago 3–64–33–310–913–614–55–141–51–82–75–27–23–312–6
Cleveland 4–55–16–39–1013–611–814–54–54–32–55–15–42–47–11
Detroit 4–52–45–46–136–138–114–154–51–62–54–28–12–410–8
Kansas City 4–52–53–35–148–1111–86–130–63–63–64–24–54–38–10
Minnesota 6–33–33–314–55–1415–413–64–25–41–81–64–52–59–9
New York 3–413–513–55–15–45–46–02–43–63–613–63–411–810–8
Oakland 14–67–25–48–13–46–16–34–56–39–107–29–106–312–6
Seattle 15–48–16–37–25–25–26–38–16–310–97–215–56–312–6
Tampa Bay 2–79–105–142–51–52–42–46–16–132–72–74–59–1010–8
Texas 12–77–22–52–74–51–85–45–44–310–95–155–43–68–10
Toronto 4–512–77–123–34–24–23–45–28–113–63–610–96–38–10

Detailed records


2001 New York Yankees
Pitchers Catchers



Other batters

  • 45 Henry Rodríguez
  • 48 Scott Seabol


Game log

Regular season

Yankees Win Yankees Loss Game Postponed
2001 Game Log (95–65) Home: 51–28 Away: 44–37
April (14–12) Home: 9–6 Away: 5–6
1April 2Royals7–3Clemens (1–0)Suppan (0–1)Yankee Stadium55,8141–0
2April 4Royals8–2Pettitte (1–0)Stein (0–1)Yankee Stadium26,4992–0
3April 5Royals1–0Mussina (1–0)Reichert (0–1)Rivera (1)Yankee Stadium26,6963–0
4April 6Blue Jays4–13Loaiza (2–0)Parker (0–1)Yankee Stadium29,6063–1
5April 7Blue Jays2–3Michalak (1–0)O. Hernandez (0–1)Koch (2)Yankee Stadium30,4873–2
6April 8Blue Jays16–5Clemens (2–0)Parris (0–2)Yankee Stadium31,9704–2
7April 9@ Royals13–4Pettitte (2–0)Stein (0–2)Kauffman Stadium24,4115–2
8April 10@ Royals9–5Mendoza (1–0)R. Hernandez (0–1)Kauffman Stadium16,3386–2
9April 11@ Royals8–5Williams (1–0)Meadows (0–2)Rivera (2)Kauffman Stadium19,1757–2
10April 13@ Red Sox2–3 (10)Lowe (1–2)Rivera (0–1)Fenway Park33,1247–3
11April 14@ Red Sox3–2Stanton (1–0)Schourek (0–1)Rivera (3)Fenway Park33,3968–3
12April 15@ Red Sox4–5Garces (1–0)Pettitte (2–1)Arrojo (2)Fenway Park32,1278–4
13April 16@ Red Sox1–4Castillo (1–1)Mussina (1–1)Beck (1)Fenway Park33,3738–5
14April 17@ Blue Jays5–6Loaiza (3–0)Keisler (0–1)Koch (4)SkyDome20,0198–6
15April 18@ Blue Jays2–7Michalak (3–0)O. Hernandez (0–2)SkyDome19,7708–7
16April 19@ Blue Jays6–5 (17)Choate (1–0)File (0–1)Mendoza (1)SkyDome24,6849–7
17April 20Red Sox6–1Pettitte (3–1)Nomo (2–1)Yankee Stadium54,36610–7
18April 21Red Sox3–8Castillo (2–1)Mussina (1–2)Yankee Stadium55,48310–8
19April 22Red Sox4–3 (10)Rivera (1–1)Lowe (1–3)Yankee Stadium55,27811–8
20April 24Mariners5–7Garcia (3–0)Stanton (1–1)Sasaki (10)Yankee Stadium29,52211–9
21April 25Mariners5–7Charlton (1–0)Pettitte (3–2)Sasaki (11)Yankee Stadium23,68411–10
22April 26Mariners3–7Moyer (4–0)Mussina (1–3)Rhodes (1)Yankee Stadium30,21811–11
23April 27Athletics3–2Choate (2–0)Mulder (2–2)Rivera (4)Yankee Stadium35,17012–11
24April 28Athletics7–6Lilly (1–0)Hudson (2–3)Rivera (5)Yankee Stadium38,42213–11
25April 29Athletics3–1Clemens (3–0)Zito (3–2)Rivera (6)Yankee Stadium50,57214–11
26April 30@ Twins1–2Radke (5–0)Pettitte (3–3)Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome24,62914–12
May (15–10) Home: 5–3 Away: 10–7
27May 1@ Twins4–0Mussina (2–3)Milton (3–2)Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome24,50515–12
28May 2@ Twins2–4Mays (4–1)O. Hernandez (0–3)Hawkins (9)Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome36,82515–13
29May 3@ Orioles7–5Mendoza (2–0)Paronto (1–1)Rivera (7)Oriole Park at Camden Yards40,21816–13
30May 4@ Orioles6–5Stanton (2–1)Paronto (1–2)Rivera (8)Oriole Park at Camden Yards43,13317–13
31May 5@ Orioles5–2Pettitte (4–3)Roberts (4–1)Boehringer (1)Oriole Park at Camden Yards47,72618–13
32May 6@ Orioles2–1Mussina (3–3)Trombley (1–1)Rivera (9)Oriole Park at Camden Yards47,74019–13
33May 8Twins0–2Milton (4–2)O. Hernandez (0–4)Yankee Stadium29,32619–14
34May 9Twins2–0Clemens (4–0)Mays (4–2)Rivera (10)Yankee Stadium23,28020–14
35May 10Twins4–5 (10)Guardado (2–0)Rivera (1–2)Hawkins (11)Yankee Stadium29,10020–15
36May 11Orioles14–5Mussina (4–3)Roberts (4–2)Mendoza (2)Yankee Stadium40,43321–15
37May 12Orioles8–5Stanton (3–1)Towers (1–1)Rivera (11)Yankee Stadium48,28822–15
38May 13Orioles5–10 (11)Ryan (2–0)Rivera (1–3)Yankee Stadium39,81922–16
39May 15@ Athletics2–3 (12)Guthrie (2–0)Mendoza (2–1)Network Associates Coliseum24,35122–17
40May 16@ Athletics3–4 (10)Guthrie (3–0)Boehringer (0–1)Network Associates Coliseum43,93222–18
41May 17@ Athletics3–8Bradford (2–1)Mussina (4–4)Network Associates Coliseum31,07322–19
42May 18@ Mariners14–10Mendoza (3–1)Halama (3–4)Safeco Field45,79423–19
43May 19@ Mariners2–1 (10)Stanton (4–1)Sasaki (0–2)Rivera (12)Safeco Field45,88024–19
44May 20@ Mariners2–6Sele (6–0)Clemens (4–1)Safeco Field45,95324–20
May 22Red SoxPostponed (rain) Rescheduled for June 4
45May 23Red Sox7–3Pettitte (5–3)Cone (0–1)Yankee Stadium44,10825–20
46May 24Red Sox2–1Mussina (5–4)Martinez (6–1)Rivera (13)Yankee Stadium55,59226–20
47May 25@ Indians4–6Rodriguez (2–1)O. Hernandez (0–5)Wickman (9)Jacobs Field42,45526–21
48May 26@ Indians12–5Clemens (5–1)Sabathia (5–2)Jacobs Field42,52827–21
49May 27@ Indians6–2Lilly (2–0)Colon (4–5)Rivera (14)Jacobs Field42,57028–21
50May 28@ Red Sox4–3Pettitte (6–3)Schourek (0–3)Rivera (15)Fenway Park33,12529–21
51May 30@ Red Sox0–3Martinez (7–1)Mussina (5–5)Lowe (5)Fenway Park33,71129–22
June (16–11) Home: 11–7 Away: 5–4
52June 1Indians4–7 (6)Sabathia (6–2)Lilly (2–1)Rincon (1)Yankee Stadium42,03229–23
53June 2Indians9–4Clemens (6–1)Colon (4–6)Rivera (16)Yankee Stadium46,61830–23
54June 3Indians3–4Nagy (1–0)Pettitte (6–4)Wickman (12)Yankee Stadium47,30030–24
55June 4Red Sox7–6Rivera (2–3)Beck (1–3)Yankee Stadium41,77131–24
56June 5Orioles3–10Johnson (5–3)Mussina (5–6)Yankee Stadium30,60531–25
57June 6Orioles7–4Stanton (5–1)Groom (1–1)Rivera (17)Yankee Stadium25,13732–25
58June 7Orioles4–0Clemens (7–1)Ponson (3–4)Yankee Stadium30,78633–25
59June 8Braves7–4Pettitte (7–4)Glavine (6–4)Rivera (18)Yankee Stadium50,09034–25
60June 9Braves6–10Cabrera (4–1)Choate (2–1)Rocker (17)Yankee Stadium55,10734–26
61June 10Braves1–4Maddux (6–5)Mussina (5–7)Rocker (18)Yankee Stadium41,39234–27
62June 12Expos1–2 (12)Strickland (1–3)Mendoza (3–2)Yankee Stadium30,03434–28
63June 13Expos9–3Clemens (8–1)Irabu (0–2)Yankee Stadium24,96035–28
64June 14Expos9–6Keisler (1–1)Yoshii (2–3)Rivera (19)Yankee Stadium33,30636–28
65June 15@ Mets5–4Mendoza (4–2)Leiter (3–5)Rivera (20)Shea Stadium54,11037–28
66June 16@ Mets2–1Mussina (6–7)Appier (4–6)Rivera (21)Shea Stadium54,19538–28
67June 17@ Mets7–8Wendell (2–2)Almanzar (0–1)Benitez (11)Shea Stadium54,39938–29
68June 18@ Tigers10–1Clemens (9–1)Weaver (6–7)Comerica Park29,36539–29
69June 19@ Tigers1–7Sparks (5–2)Keisler (1–2)Comerica Park24,17139–30
70June 20@ Tigers2–5Holt (6–5)A. Hernandez (0–1)Anderson (6)Comerica Park23,61839–31
June 21@ TigersPostponed (rain) Rescheduled for July 18
71June 22@ Devil Rays6–3Mussina (7–7)Lopez (3–10)Rivera (22)Tropicana Field24,71840–31
72June 23@ Devil Rays2–1Clemens (10–1)Wallace (0–1)Rivera (23)Tropicana Field27,81641–31
73June 24@ Devil Rays4–5Phelps (1–1)Stanton (5–2)Tropicana Field27,99941–32
74June 25Indians8–7Witasick (6–2)Rincon (1–1)Rivera (24)Yankee Stadium40,85242–32
75June 26Indians3–5Nagy (2–2)A. Hernandez (0–2)Rocker (21)Yankee Stadium40,34642–33
76June 27Indians15–5Mussina (8–7)Sabathia (7–3)Yankee Stadium45,53943–33
77June 29Devil Rays7–5Clemens (11–1)Rekar (1–9)Rivera (25)Yankee Stadium38,41644–33
78June 30Devil Rays5–4Stanton (6–2)Creek (2–2)Rivera (26)Yankee Stadium42,54445–33
July (19–9) Home: 9–4 Away: 10–5
79July 1Devil Rays6–1Pettitte (8–4)Sturtze (3–7)Yankee Stadium41,98346–33
80July 2Devil Rays7–1Mussina (9–7)Lopez (3–11)Yankee Stadium43,02947–33
81July 3@ Orioles10–6Mendoza (5–2)Mercedes (4–9)Oriole Park at Camden Yards47,70248–33
82July 4@ Orioles4–3Clemens (12–1)Maduro (0–2)Rivera (27)Oriole Park at Camden Yards47,35549–33
83July 5@ Orioles6–3Lilly (3–1)Towers (6–3)Rivera (28)Oriole Park at Camden Yards44,63550–33
84July 6Mets8–3Pettitte (9–4)Leiter (4–8)Mendoza (3)Yankee Stadium55,53451–33
85July 7Mets0–3 (10)Franco (4–1)Rivera (2–4)Benitez (18)Yankee Stadium55,58951–34
86July 8Mets4–1Mendoza (6–2)Wendell (3–3)Rivera (29)Yankee Stadium55,52852–34
72nd All-Star Game in Seattle, Washington
87July 12@ Marlins3–9Burnett (6–5)Mussina (9–8)Pro Player Stadium32,62952–35
88July 13@ Marlins1–11Smith (5–5)Lilly (3–2)Pro Player Stadium44,31352–36
89July 14@ Marlins5–4 (10)Rivera (3–4)Alfonseca (3–3)Mendoza (4)Pro Player Stadium39,58353–36
90July 15@ Phillies3–9Person (7–5)Pettitte (9–5)Veterans Stadium59,47053–37
91July 16@ Phillies6–3 (13)Stanton (7–2)Telemaco (5–5)Rivera (30)Veterans Stadium46,44654–37
92July 17@ Phillies4–1 (12)Choate (3–1)Gomes (4–3)Rivera (31)Veterans Stadium47,52955–37
93July 18 (1)@ Tigers8–5Clemens (13–1)Sparks (7–4)Rivera (32)Comerica Park14,80056–37
94July 18 (2)@ Tigers4–12Santos (2–2)Lilly (3–3)Comerica Park33,21656–38
95July 19@ Tigers2–11Lima (3–3)Pettitte (9–6)Comerica Park35,32056–39
96July 20Blue Jays4–10Loaiza (6–9)Jodie (0–1)Yankee Stadium46,63456–40
97July 21Blue Jays3–5Quantrill (8–2)Rivera (3–5)Koch (19)Yankee Stadium55,26456–41
98July 22Blue Jays7–3Mussina (10–8)Carpenter (7–7)Yankee Stadium51,13257–41
99July 23Blue Jays7–2Clemens (14–1)Parris (4–6)Yankee Stadium38,57358–41
100July 24Tigers6–5Pettitte (10–6)Sparks (7–5)Rivera (33)Yankee Stadium34,51959–41
101July 25Tigers4–2Witasick (7–2)Lima (3–4)Rivera (34)Yankee Stadium34,48060–41
102July 26Tigers14–8Mendoza (7–2)Holt (7–8)Yankee Stadium45,22161–41
103July 27@ Blue Jays9–1Mussina (11–8)Carpenter (7–8)SkyDome36,66662–41
104July 28@ Blue Jays12–1Clemens (15–1)Escobar (2–5)SkyDome44,10563–41
105July 29@ Blue Jays9–3Pettitte (11–6)Hamilton (5–8)SkyDome40,14964–41
106July 31Rangers2–6Oliver (9–6)Lilly (3–4)Zimmerman (21)Yankee Stadium45,97864–42
August (15–14) Home: 9–6 Away: 6–8
107August 1Rangers9–7Hitchcock (3–1)Bell (4–6)Rivera (35)Yankee Stadium41,71465–42
108August 2Rangers2–12Myette (1–1)Mussina (11–9)Yankee Stadium52,16965–43
109August 3Angels4–2Pettitte (12–6)Washburn (9–5)Rivera (36)Yankee Stadium40,49066–43
110August 4Angels5–4Rivera (4–5)Levine (5–6)Yankee Stadium46,41667–43
111August 5Angels3–4Ortiz (10–7)Mendoza (7–3)Percival (29)Yankee Stadium48,97867–44
112August 6Angels1–3Pote (2–0)Hitchock (3–2)Percival (30)Yankee Stadium40,23267–45
113August 7@ Devil Rays2–3Sturtze (7–9)Mussina (11–10)Yan (15)Tropicana Field22,42967–46
114August 8@ Devil Rays16–1Pettitte (13–6)Bierbrodt (2–4)Tropicana Field18,83068–46
115August 9@ Devil Rays4–3Mendoza (8–3)Yan (3–5)Rivera (37)Tropicana Field21,22369–46
116August 10@ Athletics1–8Lidle (7–5)Lilly (3–5)Network Associates Coliseum38,72869–47
117August 11@ Athletics6–8Magnante (1–1)Hitchock (3–3)Isringhausen (23)Network Associates Coliseum45,25369–48
118August 12@ Athletics2–4Mulder (15–6)Stanton (7–3)Network Associates Coliseum47,72569–49
119August 14Devil Rays5–3Pettitte (14–6)Kennedy (3–8)Rivera (38)Yankee Stadium34,52170–49
120August 15Devil Rays10–3Clemens (16–1)Wilson (5–8)Yankee Stadium32,10371–49
121August 16Devil Rays12–5Hitchock (4–3)Rupe (5–10)Yankee Stadium43,60072–49
122August 17Mariners4–0Mussina (12–10)Abbott (12–3)Mendoza (5)Yankee Stadium54,61673–49
123August 18Mariners6–7Rhodes (8–0)Lilly (3–6)Sasaki (38)Yankee Stadium55,29473–50
124August 19Mariners2–10Moyer (14–5)Pettitte (14–7)Yankee Stadium54,33973–51
125August 20@ Rangers9–5Stanton (8–3)Moreno (3–3)The Ballpark in Arlington35,12574–51
126August 21@ Rangers3–13Davis (7–8)O. Hernandez (0–6)The Ballpark in Arlington34,94074–52
127August 22@ Rangers1–8Oliver (10–8)Mussina (12–11)The Ballpark in Arlington33,44274–53
128August 23@ Rangers5–2Hitchock (5–3)Bell (4–8)Rivera (39)The Ballpark in Arlington36,15875–53
129August 24@ Angels2–6Hasegawa (4–4)Pettitte (14–8)Edison International Field of Anaheim43,48975–54
130August 25@ Angels7–5Clemens (17–1)Valdez (8–8)Rivera (40)Edison International Field of Anaheim43,39876–54
131August 26@ Angels6–7 (10)Percival (4–2)Stanton (8–4)Edison International Field of Anaheim41,66076–55
132August 28Blue Jays4–0Mussina (13–11)Loaiza (9–11)Rivera (41)Yankee Stadium37,45077–55
133August 29Blue Jays2–3Halladay (3–1)Hitchock (5–4)Koch (30)Yankee Stadium36,85577–56
134August 30Blue Jays5–4 (11)Witasick (8–2)Eyre (0–1)Yankee Stadium42,53778–56
135August 31@ Red Sox3–1Clemens (18–1)Lowe (4–10)Rivera (42)Yankee Stadium33,50179–56
September (12–6) Home: 5–2 Away: 7–4
136September 1@ Red Sox2–1O. Hernandez (1–6)Urbina (2–2)Rivera (43)Fenway Park33,08480–56
137September 2@ Red Sox1–0Mussina (14–11)Cone (8–4)Fenway Park33,73481–56
138September 3@ Blue Jays7–5Wohlers (4–1)Koch (2–5)Mendoza (6)SkyDome28,40482–56
139September 4@ Blue Jays0–14Carpenter (9–11)Pettitte (14–9)SkyDome20,03682–57
140September 5@ Blue Jays4–3Clemens (19–1)Escobar (6–6)Rivera (44)SkyDome29,23583–57
141September 7Red Sox3–2O. Hernandez (2–6)Martinez (7–3)Rivera (45)Yankee Stadium55,52484–57
142September 8Red Sox9–2Mussina (15–11)Cone (8–5)Yankee Stadium55,31685–57
143September 9Red Sox7–2Pettitte (15–9)Nomo (11–8)Yankee Stadium55,31886–57
September 10Red SoxCancelled (rain)
September 11White SoxPostponed (9/11 attacks) Rescheduled for October 1
September 12White SoxPostponed (9/11 attacks) Rescheduled for October 2
September 13White SoxPostponed (9/11 attacks) Rescheduled for October 3
September 14@ Devil RaysPostponed (9/11 attacks) Rescheduled for October 4
September 15@ Devil RaysPostponed (9/11 attacks) Rescheduled for October 5
September 16@ Devil RaysPostponed (9/11 attacks) Rescheduled for October 6
September 17@ Devil RaysPostponed (9/11 attacks) Rescheduled for October 7
144September 18@ White Sox11–3O. Hernandez (3–6)Buehrle (13–8)Comiskey Park22,78587–57
145September 19@ White Sox6–3Clemens (20–1)Glover (4–3)Rivera (46)Comiskey Park18,46588–57
146September 20@ White Sox5–7Lowe (8–4)Pettitte (15–10)Foulke (39)Comiskey Park22,28488–58
147September 21@ Orioles6–7Roberts (8–9)Rivera (4–6)Oriole Park at Camden Yards47.09988–59
148September 22@ Orioles2–11Douglass (1–1)Hitchock (5–5)Oriole Park at Camden Yards47.06888–60
149September 23@ Orioles5–4 (10)Stanton (9–4)Parrish (1–2)Rivera (47)Oriole Park at Camden Yards46.07189–60
150September 25Devil Rays0–4Sturtze (9–12)Clemens (20–2)Yankee Stadium33,77789–61
151September 26Devil Rays5–1Lilly (4–6)Wilson (7–9)Yankee Stadium23,35290–61
152September 28Orioles7–0Mussina (16–11)Johnson (10–12)Yankee Stadium42,06691–61
153September 29Orioles2–7Maduro (5–6)O. Hernandez (3–7)Yankee Stadium55,31091–62
154September 30Orioles1–1 (15)Game called (rain)
(game was not made up, tie does not count in record)
Yankee Stadium55,35191–62
October (4–3) Home: 3–0 Away: 1–3
155October 1White Sox8–1Hitchock (6–5)Wells (10–10)Yankee Stadium8,11292–62
156October 2White Sox6–4Lilly (5–6)Wright (5–3)Rivera (48)Yankee Stadium10,48093–62
157October 3White Sox2–1Mussina (17–11)Garland (6–7)Rivera (49)Yankee Stadium14,89594–62
158October 4@ Devil Rays1–4Bierbrodt (5–6)A. Hernandez (0–3)Yan (21)Tropicana Field15,26594–63
159October 5@ Devil Rays4–8Kennedy (7–8)Clemens (20–3)Zambrano (2)Tropicana Field22,02894–64
160October 6@ Devil Rays2–5Sturtze (11–12)Mendoza (8–4)Yan (22)Tropicana Field25,51194–65
161October 7@ Devil Rays1–0O. Hernandez (4–7)Colome (2–3)Rivera (50)Tropicana Field24,07595–65


Yankees Win Yankees Loss Game Postponed
2001 Postseason Game Log (10–7)
ALDS vs Athletics (3–2)
1October 10Athletics3–5Mulder (1–0)Clemens (0–1)Isringhausen (1)Yankee Stadium56,6970–1
2October 11Athletics0–2Hudson (1–0)Pettitte (0–1)Isringhausen (2)Yankee Stadium56,6840–2
3October 13@ Athletics1–0Mussina (1–0)Zito (0–1)Rivera (1)Network Associates Coliseum55,8611–2
4October 14@ Athletics9–2Hernandez (1–0)Lidle (0–1)Network Associates Coliseum43,6812–2
5October 15Athletics5–3Stanton (1–0)Mulder (1–1)Rivera (2)Yankee Stadium56,6423–2
ALCS vs Mariners (4–1)
1October 17@ Mariners4–2Pettitte (1–0)Sele (0–1)Rivera (1)Safeco Field47,6441–0
2October 18@ Mariners3–2Mussina (1–0)Garcia (0–1)Rivera (2)Safeco Field47,7912–0
3October 20Mariners3–14Moyer (1–0)Hernandez (0–1)Yankee Stadium56,5172–1
4October 21Mariners3–1Rivera (1–0)Sasaki (0–1)Yankee Stadium56,3753–1
5October 22Mariners12–3Pettitte (2–0)Sele (0–2)Yankee Stadium56,3704–1
WS vs Diamondbacks (3–4)
1October 27@ Diamondbacks1–9Schilling (1–0)Mussina (0–1)Bank One Ballpark49,6460–1
2October 28@ Diamondbacks0–4Johnson (1–0)Pettitte (0–1)Bank One Ballpark49,6460–2
3October 30Diamondbacks2–1Clemens (1–0)Anderson (0–1)Rivera (1)Yankee Stadium55,8201–2
4October 31Diamondbacks4–3 (10)Rivera (1–0)Kim (0–1)Yankee Stadium55,8632–2
5November 1Diamondbacks3–2 (12)Hitchcock (1–0)Lopez (0–1)Yankee Stadium56,0183–2
6November 3@ Diamondbacks2–15Johnson (2–0)Pettitte (0–2)Bank One Ballpark49,7073–3
7November 4@ Diamondbacks2–3Johnson (3–0)Rivera (1–1)Bank One Ballpark49,5893–4

Player stats

= Indicates team leader


Note: G = Games played; AB = At bats; R = Runs; H = Hits; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in; Avg. = Batting average; SB = Stolen bases

Pos. Player G AB R H HR RBI Avg. SB
CJorge Posada138484591342295.2772
1BTino Martinez1545898916534113.2801
2BAlfonso Soriano158574771541873.26843
3BScott Brosius120428571231349.2873
SSDerek Jeter1506141101912174.31127
LFChuck Knoblauch13752166130944.25038
CFBernie Williams1465401021662694.30711
RFPaul O'Neill137510771362170.26722
DHDavid Justice11138158921851.2411


Other batters

Note: G = Games played; AB = At bats; R = Runs; H = Hits; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in; Avg. = Batting average; SB = Stolen bases

Player G AB R H HR RBI Avg. SB
Erick Almonte840200.5002
Clay Bellinger51811213512.1601
Darren Bragg541100.2500
Michael Coleman12385817.2110
Bobby Estalella341000.0000
Todd Greene3596920111.2080
Nick Johnson236761328.1940
Donzell McDonald530100.3330
Joe Oliver12363912.2500
Robert Pérez6151400.2670
Juan Rivera340000.0000
Henry Rodríguez580000.0000
Scott Seabol110000.0000
Luis Sojo397951309.1651
Shane Spencer8028340731046.2584
Randy Velarde15464701.1522
Gerald Williams384712802.1703
Enrique Wilson48991024112.2420

Starting pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; CG = Complete games; SO = Strikeouts; BB = Walks allowed

Mike Mussina34228.217113.15421442
Roger Clemens33220.12033.51021372
Andy Pettitte31200.215103.99216441
Ted Lilly26120.2565.37011251
Orlando Hernández1794.2474.8507742
Randy Keisler1050.2126.2203634
Sterling Hitchcock1051.1446.4912818
Christian Parker13.00121.00011
Brett Jodie12.00127.00001


Other pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Adrián Hernández622.0033.6810
Relief pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; SV = Saves; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts; BB = Walks allowed

Mariano Rivera7180.246502.348312
Mike Stanton7680.19402.587829
Ramiro Mendoza56100.28463.757023
Randy Choate3748.13103.353527
Jay Witasick3240.13004.695318
Mark Wohlers3135.21004.543318
Brian Boehringer2234.20113.123312
Todd Williams1515.11004.70139
Carlos Almanzar1010.20103.3862
Brandon Knight410.200010.1373


Series Summary:

Yankees win series 3-2, becoming the first team in MLB history to win the ALDS after dropping the first two games at home.


1New York – 4, Seattle – 2October 17Safeco Field47,644
2New York – 3, Seattle – 2October 18Safeco Field47,791
3Seattle – 14, New York – 3October 20Yankee Stadium56,517
4Seattle – 1, New York – 3October 21Yankee Stadium56,375
5Seattle – 3, New York – 12October 22Yankee Stadium56,370

World series

President Bush tosses out the ceremonial first pitch before a 2-1 Yankee victory in Game 3 of the 2001 World Series.

Game 1

October 27, 2001 at Bank One Ballpark in Phoenix, Arizona

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
New York1000 00000132
Arizona1044 0000x9100
W: Curt Schilling (1-0)   L: Mike Mussina (0-1)  
HR: ARI Craig Counsell (1), Luis Gonzalez (1)

Game 2

October 28, 2001 at Bank One Ballpark in Phoenix, Arizona

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
New York0000 00000030
Arizona0100 0030x450
W: Randy Johnson (1-0)   L: Andy Pettitte (0-1)  
HR: ARI Matt Williams (1)

Game 3

October 30, 2001 at Yankee Stadium in New York City

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Arizona0001 00000133
New York0100 0100x271
W: Roger Clemens (1-0)   L: Brian Anderson (0-1)  S: Mariano Rivera (1)
HR: NYY Jorge Posada (1)

Game 4

October 31, 2001 at Yankee Stadium in New York City

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 R H E
Arizona0001 000200360
New York0010 000021470
W: Mariano Rivera (1-0)   L: Byung-hyun Kim (0-1)  
HR: ARI Mark Grace (1)    NYY Shane Spencer (1), Tino Martinez (1), Derek Jeter (1)

Game 5

November 1, 2001 at Yankee Stadium in New York City

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 R H E
Arizona0000 200000002 80
New York0000 000020013 91
W: Sterling Hitchcock (1-0)   L: Albie Lopez (0-1)  
HR: ARI Steve Finley (1), Rod Barajas (1)    NYY Scott Brosius (1)

Game 6

November 3, 2001 at Bank One Ballpark in Phoenix, Arizona

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
New York0000 02000271
Arizona1383 0000x15220
W: Randy Johnson (2-0)   L: Andy Pettitte (0-2)  

Game 7

November 4, 2001 at Bank One Ballpark in Phoenix, Arizona

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
New York0000 00110263
Arizona0000 010023110
W: Randy Johnson (3-0)   L: Mariano Rivera (1-1)  
HR: NYY Alfonso Soriano (1)

Awards and records

  • Roger Clemens became the first pitcher to reach his 20th win with only 1 loss.[18]
  • Roger Clemens, AL Cy Young Award

Farm system

Level Team League Manager
AAA Columbus Clippers International League Trey Hillman
AA Norwich Navigators Eastern League Stump Merrill
A Tampa Yankees Florida State League Brian Butterfield
A Greensboro Bats South Atlantic League Mitch Seoane
A-Short Season Staten Island Yankees New York–Penn League Joe Arnold
Rookie GCL Yankees Gulf Coast League Derek Shelton



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