2018 Arizona Diamondbacks season

The 2018 Arizona Diamondbacks season was the franchise's 20th season in Major League Baseball and their 20th season at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona as members of the National League West Division. They were managed by Torey Lovullo in his second season with the Diamondbacks.

2018 Arizona Diamondbacks
Major League affiliations
Record82–80 (.506)
Divisional place3rd
Other information
Owner(s)Ken Kendrick
General manager(s)Mike Hazen
Manager(s)Torey Lovullo
Local televisionFox Sports Arizona
(Steve Berthiaume, Bob Brenly, Greg Schulte)
Local radioKMVP-FM (98.7)
(Greg Schulte, Tom Candiotti, Mike Ferrin)
KSUN (Spanish)
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The Diamondbacks began the regular season on March 29 against the Colorado Rockies and finished the season on September 30 against the San Diego Padres. The D-backs were in first place in the NL West on April 1, May 1, July 1, August 1 and September 1, but missed the playoffs after a September collapse.[1][2][3]

The Diamondbacks started the season with nine consecutive series wins, the first National League team to do so since the 1907 Cubs.[4] On July 7, the D-backs broke the franchise record for runs scored in a single game when they beat the Padres 20-5.



October 18, 2017 Announced chief baseball analyst Tony La Russa is leaving the organization.
October 26, 2017 Promoted Jerry Narron to bench coach and Ken Crenshaw to director of sports medicine, performance. Named Luis Urueta coach and did not renew the contract of Ariel Prieto as coach and interpreter.
November 6, 2017 Exercised the 2018 option on INF Daniel Descalso.
November 30, 2017 Traded RHP Curtis Taylor to Tampa Bay for RHP Brad Boxberger.
December 1, 2017 Failed to tender contract offer to RHP J.J. Hoover and LHP T.J. McFarland.
December 9, 2017 Claimed LHP Henry Owens off waivers from Boston.
February 21, 2018 Traded INF Brandon Drury to New York Yankees and LHP Anthony Banda and two PTBNL to Tampa Bay. Received RHP Taylor Widener from New York and OF Steven Souza Jr. from Tampa Bay


Regular season

In 2018, the Diamondbacks introduced a bullpen car, making them the first MLB team to use one since the Milwaukee Brewers in 1995.[7]

Game log

2018 Game Log 82–80 (Home: 40–41; Away: 42–39)
March/April: 20–8 (Home: 10–3; Away: 10–5)
1March 29Rockies8–2Corbin (1–0)Gray (0–1)48,7031–0W1
2March 30Rockies9–8Ray (1–0)Senzatela (0–1)Boxberger (1)23,9372–0W2
3March 31Rockies1–2Shaw (1–0)Salas (0–1)Davis (1)33,3462–1L1
4April 2Dodgers8–7 (15)Salas (1–1)Font (0–1)21,7353–1W1
5April 3Dodgers6–1Godley (1–0)Kershaw (0–2)27,5744–1W2
6April 4Dodgers3–0Corbin (2–0)Wood (0–1)Boxberger (2)25,7545–1W3
7April 5@ Cardinals3–1Ray (2–0)Wainwright (0–1)Boxberger (3)46,5126–1W4
8April 7@ Cardinals3–5Wacha (1–1)Greinke (0–1)Norris (1)41,1136–2L1
9April 8@ Cardinals4–1Hirano (1–0)Leone (0–2)Boxberger (4)40,4687–2W1
10April 9@ Giants2–1Godley (2–0)Holland (0–2)Bradley (1)36,9978–2W2
11April 10@ Giants4–5Strickland (1–0)de la Rosa (0–1)37,8698–3L1
12April 11@ Giants7–3Salas (2–1)Suarez (0–1)35,0419–3W1
13April 13@ Dodgers8–7Greinke (1–1)Maeda (1–1)Boxberger (5)43,79110–3W2
14April 14@ Dodgers9–1McFarland (1–0)Hill (1–1)44,30611–3W3
15April 15@ Dodgers2–7Kershaw (1–2)Godley (2–1)47,52711–4L1
16April 17Giants1–0Corbin (3–0)Watson (1–1)19,66912–4W1
17April 18Giants3–4 (10)Strickland (2–0)Boxberger (0–1)Gearrin (1)16,97612–5L1
18April 19Giants3–1Greinke (2–1)Blach (1–3)Boxberger (6)18,73613–5W1
19April 20Padres1–4Hand (1–2)Boxberger (0–2)24,90213–6L1
20April 21Padres6–2Godley (3–1)Richard (1–2)38,82014–6W1
21April 22Padres4–2Corbin (4–0)Lucchesi (2–1)Bradley (2)31,06115–6W2
22April 24@ Phillies8–4Salas (3–1)Velasquez (1–3)18,19516–6W3
23April 25@ Phillies3–5Arrieta (3–0)Greinke (2–2)Neris (5)21,34916–7L1
24April 26@ Phillies8–2Koch (1–0)Lively (0–2)20,33517–7W1
25April 27@ Nationals5–4Godley (4–1)Strasburg (2–3)Boxberger (7)26,51718–7W2
26April 28@ Nationals4–3 (10)Hirano (2–0)Solis (0–1)Boxberger (8)32,96319–7W3
27April 29@ Nationals1–3González (3–2)McFarland (1–1)Doolittle (5)30,28519–8L1
28April 30Dodgers8–5Greinke (3–2)Stripling (0–1)Boxberger (9)17,56220–8W1
May: 8–19 (Home: 6–10; Away: 2–9)
29May 1Dodgers4–3Bracho (1–0)Liberatore (1–1)Boxberger (10)18,94021–8W2
30May 2Dodgers1–2Hudson (1–0)Godley (4–2)Jansen (4)19,53121–9L1
31May 3Dodgers2–5Chargois (1–0)Salas (3–2)Jansen (5)21,40721–10L2
32May 4Astros0–8Cole (3–1)Medlen (0–1)29,46321–11L3
33May 5Astros4–3Boxberger (1–2)Devenski (1–1)39,15422–11W1
34May 6Astros3–1Koch (2–0)Verlander (4–1)Boxberger (11)35,63223–11W2
35May 8@ Dodgers8–5 (12)McFarland (2–1)García (0–1)45,89424–11W3
36May 9@ Dodgers3–6Báez (1–1)Salas (3–3)Jansen (6)45,60024–12L1
37May 10Nationals1–2 (11)Kintzler (1–2)Salas (3–4)Doolittle (7)17,39724–13L2
38May 11Nationals1–3Scherzer (7–1)Koch (2–1)Doolittle (8)22,90124–14L3
39May 12Nationals1–2Strasburg (5–3)Scribner (0–1)Madson (3)29,42824–15L4
40May 13Nationals4–6Madson (1–2)Bradley (0–1)Doolittle (9)31,90624–16L5
41May 14Brewers2–7Guerra (3–3)Corbin (4–1)17,39024–17L6
42May 15Brewers2–1Bradley (1–1)Williams (0–1)Boxberger (12)17,91425–17W1
43May 16Brewers2–8Woodruff (2–0)Koch (2–2)16,76225–18L1
44May 18@ Mets1–3deGrom (4–0)Godley (4–3)Familia (12)31,28525–19L2
45May 19@ Mets4–5Familia (2–1)Chafin (0–1)39,51525–20L3
46May 20@ Mets1–4Syndergaard (4–1)de la Rosa (0–2)Gsellman (1)34,89425–21L4
47May 21@ Brewers2–4Anderson (4–3)Greinke (3–3)Knebel (2)27,09425–22L5
48May 22@ Brewers0–1Albers (3–1)Koch (2–3)Knebel (3)27,06525–23L6
49May 23@ Brewers2–9Suter (4–3)Godley (4–4)29,23725–24L7
50May 25@ A's7–1Corbin (5–1)Manaea (5–5)22,69126–24W1
51May 26@ A's0–3Mengden (5–4)Buchholz (0–1)17,58026–25L1
52May 27@ A's1–2Montas (1–0)Greinke (3–4)Treinen (12)13,94726–26L2
53May 28Reds12–5Koch (3–3)Bailey (1–7)29,92427–26W1
54May 29Reds5–2Godley (5–4)Castillo (4–5)Boxberger (13)20,04628–26W2
55May 30Reds4–7Romano (3–6)Corbin (5–2)Iglesias (9)18,34028–27L1
June : 19–9 (Home: 7–5; Away: 12–4)
56June 1Marlins9–1Buchholz (1–1)Hernandez (0–3)25,86629–27W1
57June 2Marlins6–2Greinke (4–4)Smith (4–6)34,11730–27W2
58June 3Marlins6–1Koch (4–3)Straily (2–2)31,72731–27W3
59June 4@ Giants3–10Johnson (3–2)Godley (5–5)36,54231–28L1
60June 5@ Giants3–2Corbin (6–2)Bumgarner (0–1)Boxberger (14)36,92532–28W1
61June 6@ Giants4–5 (10)Strickland (3–2)Chafin (0–2)41,04232–29L1
62June 8@ Rockies9–4Greinke (5–4)Márquez (4–6)38,91733–29W1
63June 9@ Rockies12–7Bracho (2–0)Shaw (2–5)43,19734–29W2
64June 10@ Rockies8–3Godley (6–5)Freeland (6–6)36,43335–29W3
65June 11Pirates9–5Bradley (2–1)Crick (0–1)20,92736–29W4
66June 12Pirates13–8Salas (4–4)Williams (5–4)22,48837–29W5
67June 13Pirates4–5Taillon (4–5)Greinke (5–5)Vázquez (12)32,80337–30L1
68June 14Mets6–3Koch (5–3)Vargas (2–5)Boxberger (15)23,30038–30W1
69June 15Mets7–3Godley (7–5)Lugo (2–2)Boxberger (16)32,17039–30W2
70June 16Mets1–5Matz (3–4)Corbin (6–3)31,82439–31L1
71June 17Mets3–5Familia (3–3)Boxberger (1–3)Gsellman (3)47,90739–32L2
72June 18@ Angels7–4Greinke (6–5)Barria (5–3)Bradley (3)33,80940–32W1
73June 19@ Angels4–5Álvarez (3–2)Koch (5–4)Parker (8)33,08840–33L1
74June 21@ Pirates9–3Godley (8–5)Kuhl (5–5)20,55441–33W1
75June 22@ Pirates2–1 (13)Chafin (1–2)Glasnow (1–2)McFarland (1)24,84342–33W2
76June 23@ Pirates7–2Greinke (7–5)Musgrove (2–3)21,12143–33W3
77June 24@ Pirates3–0Buchholz (2–1)Williams (6–5)Boxberger (17)19,20744–33W4
78June 25@ Marlins5–9Straily (3–3)Miller (0–1)6,10544–34L1
79June 26@ Marlins5–3Godley (9–5)Hernández (0–5)Boxberger (18)6,15945–34W1
80June 27@ Marlins2–1Ray (3–0)Chen (2–5)Boxberger (19)6,38246–34W2
81June 28@ Marlins4–0Greinke (8–5)Richards (2–5)12,71547–34W3
82June 29Giants1–2Suarez (3–4)Chafin (1–3)Smith (1)30,98147–35L1
83June 30Giants0–7Rodríguez (3–1)Miller (0–2)38,11747–36L2
July: 13–13 (Home: 5–8; Away: 8–5)
84July 1Giants6–9Gearrin (1–1)Godley (9–6)Smith (2)29,72147–37L3
85July 2Cardinals3–6Martínez (5–4)Ray (3–1)Norris (16)20,33447–38L4
86July 3Cardinals4–2Greinke (9–5)Flaherty (3–4)Boxberger (20)25,84348–38W1
87July 4Cardinals4–8Mikolas (9–3)Hirano (2–1)44,07248–39L1
88July 5Padres3–6Lauer (4–5)Miller (0–3)Hand (24)17,98248–40L2
89July 6Padres3–1Godley (10–6)Lucchesi (4–4)Boxberger (21)25,12849–40W1
90July 7Padres20–5Delgado (1–0)Ross (5–7)27,09150–40W2
91July 8Padres3–4 (16)Hand (2–4)Mathis (0–1)24,86950–41L1
92July 10@ Rockies5–3Delgado (2–0)McGee (1–3)Boxberger (22)43,40551–41W1
93July 11@ Rockies2–19Márquez (8–8)Miller (0–4)33,91951–42L1
94July 12@ Rockies1–5Oberg (3–0)Ray (3–2)41,41051–43L2
95July 13@ Braves2–1Godley (11–6)Freeman (2–5)Boxberger (23)42,13052–43W1
96July 14@ Braves3–0Greinke (10–5)Newcomb (8–5)Boxberger (24)40,86253–43W2
97July 15@ Braves1–5Teherán (7–6)Corbin (6–4)27,32353–44L1
July 1789th All-Star Game in Washington, D.C.
98July 20Rockies10–11Oberg (5–0)Bradley (2–2)Ottavino (3)29,54653–45L2
99July 21Rockies5–6Oberg (6–0)Hirano (2–2)Davis (28)43,34053–46L3
100July 22Rockies6–1Greinke (11–5)Senzatela (3–3)32,98554–46W1
101July 23@ Cubs7–1Corbin (7–4)Farrell (3–4)40,85955–46W2
102July 24@ Cubs5–1Buchholz (3–1)Hendricks (6–9)40,86956–46W3
103July 25@ Cubs1–2Edwards Jr. (3–1)McFarland (2–2)Strop (4)35,54856–47L1
104July 26@ Cubs6–7Butler (1–1)Boxberger (1–4)38,97856–48L2
105July 27@ Padres6–2Greinke (12–5)Perdomo (1–6)34,72557–48W1
106July 28@ Padres9–4Bradley (3–2)Maton (0–1)37,14958–48W2
107July 29@ Padres5–4Buchholz (4–1)Lucchesi (5–6)Boxberger (25)32,52959–48W3
108July 30Rangers5–9Butler (2–1)Andriese (3–5)20,63959–49L1
109July 31Rangers6–0Godley (12–6)Colón (5–10)21,87760–49W1
August: 14–12 (Home: 7–5; Away: 7–7)
110August 2Giants1–8Bumgarner (4–4)Greinke (12–6)22,98060–50L1
111August 3Giants6–3Corbin (8–4)Stratton (8–7)Boxberger (26)27,58161–50W1
112August 4Giants9–3Buchholz (5–1)Suarez (4–7)38,09362–50W2
113August 5Giants2–3Black (1–0)Bradley (3–3)Smith (7)27,88462–51L1
114August 6Phillies3–2 (14)Hirano (3–2)Davis (1–2)21,13163–51W1
115August 7Phillies2–5Pivetta (7–9)Greinke (12–7)Neshek (2)22,38263–52L1
116August 8Phillies6–0Corbin (9–4)Velasquez (8–9)23,38464–52W1
117August 10@ Reds0–3DeSclafani (6–3)Buchholz (5–2)Iglesias (22)19,08964–53L1
118August 11@ Reds3–6Garrett (1–2)Bradley (3–4)Iglesias (23)29,34864–54L2
119August 12@ Reds9–2Godley (13–6)Castillo (6–10)17,90965–54W1
120August 13@ Rangers3–5Colón (7–10)Greinke (12–8)Leclerc (2)18,20465–55L1
121August 14@ Rangers6–4Corbin (10–4)Gallardo (7–2)Boxberger (27)19,35366–55W1
122August 16@ Padres5–1Buchholz (6–2)Nix (1–1)20,61767–55W2
123August 17@ Padres9–4Hirano (4–2)Lucchesi (6–7)20,01068–55W3
124August 18@ Padres6–7Stammen (6–2)Chafin (1–4)24,44068–56L1
125August 19@ Padres4–3Bradley (4–4)Yates (4–2)Boxberger (28)22,34669–56W1
126August 21Angels5–4Boxberger (2–4)Bedrosian (5–3)30,42070–56W2
127August 22Angels5–1Buchholz (7–2)Despaigne (2–2)23,58471–56W3
128August 24Mariners3–6Ramírez (1–2)Godley (13–7)Díaz (49)43,86771–57L1
129August 25Mariners3–6Colomé (5–5)Diekman (1–2)Díaz (50)34,96871–58L2
130August 26Mariners5–2Greinke (13–8)Leake (8–8)Boxberger (29)37,17572–58W1
131August 27@ Giants0–2Stratton (9–7)Corbin (10–5)Strickland (14)38,80872–59L1
132August 28@ Giants0–1Smith (2–2)Ziegler (1–6)37,27672–60L2
133August 29@ Giants3–1Godley (14–7)Rodríguez (6–2)Boxberger (30)35,62673–60W1
134August 30@ Dodgers3–1Ray (4–2)Hill (6–5)Boxberger (31)45,15074–60W2
135August 31@ Dodgers2–3Floro (5–3)Greinke (13–9)Jansen (33)48,96574–61L1
September: 8–19 (Home: 5–10; Away: 3–9)
136September 1@ Dodgers2–3Maeda (8–8)Bradley (4–5)Jansen (34)52,39474–62L2
137September 2@ Dodgers2–3Jansen (1–5)Boxberger (2–5)48,51774–63L3
138September 3Padres2–6Mitchell (1–3)Godley (14–8)22,51474–64L4
139September 4Padres6–0Ray (5–2)Lucchesi (7–8)18,55675–64W1
140September 6Braves6–7Biddle (5–1)Boxberger (2–6)Brach (12)21,90375–65L1
141September 7Braves5–3Corbin (11–5)Gausman (9–10)Boxberger (32)31,30876–65W1
142September 8Braves4–5Sobotka (1–0)Chafin (1–5)Minter (13)40,48276–66L1
143September 9Braves5–9Freeman (3–5)Boxberger (2–7)28,33976–67L2
144September 10@ Rockies2–13Márquez (12–9)Godley (14–9)25,11476–68L3
145September 11@ Rockies6–3Greinke (14–9)Senzatela (4–6)Hirano (1)26,51077–68W1
146September 12@ Rockies4–5Davis (3–6)Hirano (4–3)31,68777–69L1
147September 13@ Rockies3–10Freeland (15–7)Koch (5–5)31,78377–70L2
148September 14@ Astros4–2Ziegler (2–6)Rondón (2–4)Hirano (2)36,92478–70W1
149September 15@ Astros4–10Morton (15–3)Godley (14–10)38,34578–71L1
150September 16@ Astros4–5Verlander (16–9)Greinke (14–10)Osuna (18)37,88978–72L2
151September 17Cubs1–5Hendricks (12–11)Corbin (11–6)27,66278–73L3
152September 18Cubs1–9Montgomery (5–5)Andriese (3–6)26,09578–74L4
153September 19Cubs9–0Ray (6–2)Hamels (9–10)25,71579–74W1
154September 21Rockies2–6Marquez (13–10)Greinke (14–11)28,83379–75L1
155September 22Rockies1–5Senzatela (5–6)Corbin (11–7)35,09479–76L2
156September 23Rockies0–2Freeland (16–7)Godley (14–11)Davis (41)29,19179–77L3
157September 24Dodgers4–7Kershaw (9–5)Chafin (1–6)26,06779–78L4
158September 25Dodgers4–3Boxberger (3–7)Maeda (8–10)25,77480–78W1
159September 26Dodgers7–2Greinke (15–11)Stripling (8–6)31,14981–78W2
160September 28@ Padres2–3 (15)Brewer (1–0)Andriese (3–7)28,05581–79L1
161September 29@ Padres5–4Godley (15–11)Nix (2–5)Hirano (3)28,02482–79W1
162September 30@ Padres3–4Castillo (3–3)Barrett (0–1)31,24382–80L1
Legend:        = Win        = Loss        = Postponement
Bold = Diamondbacks team member

National League West

NL West W L Pct. GB Home Road
Los Angeles Dodgers 9271 0.564 45–37 47–34
Colorado Rockies 9172 0.558 1 47–34 44–38
Arizona Diamondbacks 8280 0.506 40–41 42–39
San Francisco Giants 7389 0.451 18½ 42–39 31–50
San Diego Padres 6696 0.407 25½ 31–50 35–46

National League Wild Card

Division Leaders W L Pct.
Milwaukee Brewers 9667 0.589
Los Angeles Dodgers 9271 0.564
Atlanta Braves 9072 0.556

Wild Card teams
(Top 2 teams qualify for postseason)
W L Pct. GB
Chicago Cubs 9568 0.583 +4
Colorado Rockies 9172 0.558
St. Louis Cardinals 8874 0.543
Pittsburgh Pirates 8279 0.509 8
Arizona Diamondbacks 8280 0.506
Washington Nationals 8280 0.506
Philadelphia Phillies 8082 0.494 10½
New York Mets 7785 0.475 13½
San Francisco Giants 7389 0.451 17½
Cincinnati Reds 6795 0.414 23½
San Diego Padres 6696 0.407 24½
Miami Marlins 6398 0.391 27

Record vs. opponents

Source: NL Standings Head-to-Head
Arizona 3–43–43–38–1111–86–11–52–54–26–112–78–113–32–510–10
Atlanta 4–33–33–42–52–514–53–413–612–75–14–33–34–210–98–12
Chicago 4–33–311–83–34–35–211–96–14–210–95–23–39–104–313–7
Cincinnati 3–34–38–112–46–12–56–133–33–45–143–44–27–121–610–10
Colorado 11–85–23–34–27–132–42–56–15–23–311–812–72–55–213–7
Los Angeles 8–115–23–41–613–72–44–34–23–45–114–510–93–45–112–8
Miami 1–65–142–55–24–24–22–57–128–111–42–54–33–36–139–11
Milwaukee 5–14–39–1113–65–23–45–24–33–37–124–26–111–84–213–7
New York 5–26–131–63–31–62–412–73–411–83–44–24–33–311–88–12
Philadelphia 2–47–122–44–32–54–311–83–38–116–13–34–34–38–1112–8
Pittsburgh 1–61–59–1014–53–31–54–112–74–31–63–44–38–112–515–5
San Diego 7–123–42–54–38–115–145–22–42–43–34–38–114–32–47–13
San Francisco 11–83–33–32–47–129–103–41–63–43–43–411–82–54–28–12
St. Louis 3–32–410–912–75–24–33–38–113–33–411–83–45–25–211–9
Washington 5–29–103–46–12–51–513–62–48–1111–85–24–22–42–59–11

The October 1 tiebreaker games were regular-season games that are included here.


2018 Arizona Diamondbacks
Pitchers Catchers


Outfielders Manager


  • 23 Mike Butcher (pitching)
  • 43 Mike Fetters (bullpen)
  •  7 Robby Hammock (quality control/catching)
  • 59 Tim Laker (assistant hitting)
  • 18 Dave Magadan (hitting)
  • 39 Dave McKay (first base)
  • 12 Jerry Narron (bench)
  •  8 Tony Perezchica (third base)
  • 84 Humberto Quintero (bullpen catcher)
  • 83 Mark Reed (bullpen catcher)
  • 60 Luis Urueta (coach)

Minor league affiliations

Level Team League Location
AAA Reno Aces Pacific Coast League Reno, Nevada
AA Jackson Generals Southern League Jackson, Tennessee
Advanced A Visalia Rawhide California League Visalia, California
A Kane County Cougars Midwest League Geneva, Illinois
Short Season A Hillsboro Hops Northwest League Hillsboro, Oregon
Rookie Missoula Osprey Pioneer League Missoula, Montana
AZL D-backs Arizona League Scottsdale, Arizona
DSL D-backs Dominican Summer League Boca Chica, Dominican Republic


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