2002 San Francisco Giants season

The 2002 San Francisco Giants season was the 120th in franchise history, the franchise's 45th season in San Francisco, and their third in Pacific Bell Park. The season ended with the Giants winning the National League pennant but losing to the Anaheim Angels in the 2002 World Series.

2002 San Francisco Giants
National League Champions
National League Wild Card
Major League affiliations
Record95–66 (.590)
Divisional place2nd
Other information
Owner(s)Peter Magowan
General manager(s)Brian Sabean
Manager(s)Dusty Baker
Local televisionKTVU
(Mike Krukow, Joe Angel, Jon Miller, Lon Simmons, Duane Kuiper, Tim McCarver)
FSN Bay Area
(Mike Krukow, Duane Kuiper)
Local radioKNBR
(Mike Krukow, Lon Simmons, Jon Miller, Joe Angel, Duane Kuiper)
(Erwin Higueros, Amaury Pi-Gonzalez)
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The Giants finished the regular season with a record of 95–66, 2+12 games behind the Arizona Diamondbacks in the National League West standings. By virtue of having the best record among second-place teams in the National League, they won the NL wild card to earn a postseason berth.

In the postseason, the Giants faced the Atlanta Braves in the National League Division Series. After being brought to the brink of elimination, the Giants won Games 4 and 5 to clinch the series, three games to two. They went on to defeat the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Championship Series, four games to one to win the franchise's 17th NL championship and its third in San Francisco. Then, in the World Series, they brought the Angels to the brink of elimination before the Angels came from behind to win Games 6 and 7.

2002 was manager Dusty Baker's tenth and final season managing the Giants. Following the season he departed to manage the Chicago Cubs.


  • November 28, 2001: Wayne Gomes was released by the San Francisco Giants.[1]
  • December 16, 2001: Tsuyoshi Shinjo was traded by the New York Mets with Desi Relaford to the San Francisco Giants for Shawn Estes.[2]
  • December 18, 2001: Jason Schmidt was signed as a free agent with the San Francisco Giants.[3]
  • January 25, 2002: David Bell was traded by the Seattle Mariners to the San Francisco Giants for Desi Relaford and cash.[4]

Regular season

Barry Bonds passes Harmon Killebrew for seventh on the all-time home run list on May 13, 2002.

Opening Day starters

  • SP- Jason Schmidt
  • C- Benito Santiago
  • 1B – J. T. Snow
  • 2B – Jeff Kent
  • SS – Rich Aurilia
  • 3B – Pedro Feliz
  • LF – Barry Bonds
  • CF – Tsuyoshi Shinjo
  • RF – Reggie Sanders [5]

National League West

NL West W L Pct. GB Home Road
Arizona Diamondbacks 9864 0.605 55–26 43–38
San Francisco Giants 9566 0.590 50–31 45–35
Los Angeles Dodgers 9270 0.568 6 46–35 46–35
Colorado Rockies 7389 0.451 25 47–34 26–55
San Diego Padres 6696 0.407 32 41–40 25–56

Record vs. opponents

Colorado 5–143–42–43–35–23–37–123–34–23–33–34–211–88–122–47–11
Los Angeles 10–94–24–22–412–73–33–35–15–24–24–34–210–98–112–412–6
New York2–57–125–14–23–311–82–42–45–18–119–101–43–40–63–310–8
San Diego7–123–34–21–58–111–52–49–101–54–34–34–24–25–141–58–10
San Francisco11–83–33–34–211–83–45–111–85–12–46–03–34–214–52–48–10
St. Louis4–21–512–611–84–22–413–64–210–73–33–32–411–65–14–28–4


  • June 4, 2002: Matt Cain was drafted by the San Francisco Giants in the 1st round (25th pick) of the 2002 amateur draft. Player signed June 26, 2002.[6]
  • July 28, 2002: Kenny Lofton was traded by the Chicago White Sox to the San Francisco Giants for Felix Diaz and Ryan Meaux (minors).
  • September 4, 2002: Bill Mueller was traded by the Chicago Cubs with cash to the San Francisco Giants for Jeff Verplancke (minors).[7]

Game log and schedule

 Giants win
 Giants loss
BoldGiants team member
2002 Game Log (95–66) (Home: 50–31; Road: 45–35)
April (15–11) (Home: 7–4; Road: 8–7)
1April 2@ Dodgers9–2Hernández (1–0)Brown (0-1)Dodger Stadium53,3561–0W1
2April 3@ Dodgers12–0Ortiz (1–0)Nomo (0–1)Dodger Stadium36,3742–0W2
3April 4@ Dodgers3–0Jensen (1–0)Perez (0–1)Nen (1)Dodger Stadium32,0643–0W3
4April 5Padres3–1 (10)Worrell (1–0)Reed (0-1)Pacific Bell Park41,7144–0W4
5April 6Padres4–1Fultz (1–0)Jarvis (0–2)Nen (2)Pacific Bell Park40,8945–0W5
6April 7Padres10–1Hernández (2–0)Tollberg (0–2)Pacific Bell Park40,8196–0W6
7April 9Dodgers0–3Nomo (1–1)Ortiz (1–1)Gagne (2)Pacific Bell Park40,7066–1L1
8April 10Dodgers2–1Nen (1–0)Quantrill (0–1)Pacific Bell Park40,7627–1W1
9April 11Dodgers3–4Daal (1–0)Rueter (0–1)Gagne (3)Pacific Bell Park40,9347–2L1
10April 12Brewers5–1Ainsworth (1–0)Sheets (1–2)Pacific Bell Park37,4838–2W1
11April 13Brewers3–2Hernández (3–0)Figueroa (0-1)Nen (3)Pacific Bell Park41,2069–2W2
12April 14Brewers3–4Vizcaino (1-1)Rodríguez (0–1)Pacific Bell Park40,9369–3L1
13April 15@ Padres3–4Embree (2-0)Christiansen (0–1)Qualcomm Stadium14,6759–4L2
14April 16@ Padres5–1Rueter (1–1)Tomko (0-1)Qualcomm Stadium20,93010–4W1
15April 17@ Padres3–5Jarvis (1-3)Ainsworth (1–1)Hoffman (6)Qualcomm Stadium22,43810–5L1
16April 19@ Astros3–2Hernández (4–0)Reynolds (2–2)Nen (4)Astros Field32,02811–5W1
17April 20@ Astros13–9Ortiz (2–1)Redding (0-1)Nen (5)Astros Field35,96912–5W2
18April 21@ Astros0–4Mlicki (2–2)Jensen (1–1)Astros Field32,30512–6L1
19April 23@ Cubs12–4Rueter (2–1)Bere (1–2)Wrigley Field30,64313–6W1
20April 24@ Cubs4–10Borowski (1-0)Fultz (1–1)Wrigley Field28,81713–7L1
21April 25@ Cubs1–2Lieber (3-0)Hernández (4–1)Alfonseca (4)Wrigley Field33,13813–8L2
22April 26@ Reds3–4Sullivan (3-0)Rodríguez (0–2)Graves (9)Cinergy Field28,34113–9L3
23April 27@ Reds4–8 (8)Rijo (2-0)Jensen (1–2)Cinergy Field22,61613–10L4
24April 28@ Reds5–4Rueter (3–1)Haynes (2-3)Nen (6)Cinergy Field23,42614–10W1
25April 29Phillies8–5Worrell (2–0)Cormier (1-3)Nen (7)Pacific Bell Park35,13615–10W2
26April 30Phillies2–8Padilla (3–2)Hernández (4–2)Pacific Bell Park34,91815–11L1
May (15–12) (Home: 10–6; Road: 5–6)
27May 1Phillies2–1Rodríguez (1–2)Bottalico (0–2)Nen (8)Pacific Bell Park36,30416–11W1
28May 3Reds6–1Rueter (4–1)Rijo (2–1)Pacific Bell Park39,84517–11W2
29May 4Reds3–0Jensen (2–2)Haynes (2–4)Nen (9)Pacific Bell Park40,95918–11W3
30May 5Reds6–5 (10)Nen (2–0)Pineda (0–3)Pacific Bell Park41,26319–11W4
31May 7@ Mets5–1Ortiz (3–1)Trachsel (2–4)Shea Stadium40,01620–11W5
32May 8@ Mets8–2Rueter (5–1)Estes (1–4)Shea Stadium29,26721–11W6
33May 9@ Mets4–3Jensen (3–2)Astacio (5–2)Nen (10)Shea Stadium28,75722–11W7
34May 10@ Expos3–6Vázquez (2–2)Hernández (4–3)Olympic Stadium7,23822–12L1
35May 11@ Expos3–2Fultz (2–1)Reames (0–1)Nen (11)Olympic Stadium29,77823–12W1
36May 12@ Expos2–4Armas Jr (5–3)Ortiz (3–2)Herges (6)Olympic Stadium5,52823–13L1
37May 13Braves7–6 (11)Worrell (3–0)Hammond (1–2)Pacific Bell Park36,33124–13W1
38May 14Braves2–0Jensen (4–2)Moss (1–1)Nen (12)Pacific Bell Park36,97225–13W2
39May 15Braves1–6Maddux (4–2)Hernández (4–4)Pacific Bell Park38,16425–14L1
40May 16Braves4–5Marquis (3–2)Schmidt (0–1)Pacific Bell Park40,23625–15L2
41May 17Marlins9–3Ortiz (4–2)Dempster (2–4)Nen (13)Pacific Bell Park37,97726–15W1
42May 18Marlins10–5Rueter (6–1)Penny (3–3)Nen (14)Pacific Bell Park40,92227–15W2
43May 19Marlins2–4Beckett (2–2)Jensen (4–3)Núñez (9)Pacific Bell Park40,80527–16L1
44May 21@ Diamondbacks4–9Johnson (8–1)Fultz (2–2)Bank One Ballpark47,60227–17L2
45May 22@ Diamondbacks12–5Zerbe (1–0)Morgan (1–1)Bank One Ballpark40,35128–17W1
46May 24@ Rockies5–8Stark (3–0)Ortiz (4–3)Jiménez (12)Coors Field37,62728–18L1
47May 25@ Rockies3–6Nichting (1–1)Rueter (6–2)Coors Field41,95728–19L2
48May 26@ Rockies6–10Jennings (5–2)Jensen (4–4)Coors Field48,07328–20L3
49May 27Diamondbacks7–3Hernández (5–4)Anderson (0–4)Pacific Bell Park42,00529–20W1
50May 28Diamondbacks1–0 (10)Nen (3–0)Myers (3–2)Pacific Bell Park38,39030–20W2
51May 29Diamondbacks3–7Schilling (10–1)Ortiz (4–4)Pacific Bell Park40,19830–21L1
52May 30Diamondbacks0–1Helling (5–5)Rueter (6–3)Kim (13)Pacific Bell Park41,15630–22L2
53May 31Rockies2–6Jennings (6–2)Jensen (4–5)Jones (1)Pacific Bell Park38,33730–23L3
June (15–12) (Home: 7–6; Road: 8–6)
54June 1Rockies4–5Hampton (3–6)Hernández (5–5)Jiménez (15)Pacific Bell Park40,89330–24L4
55June 2Rockies9–2Schmidt (1–1)Thomson (6–4)Pacific Bell Park40,65131–24W1
56June 3@ Padres11–3Ortiz (5–4)Middlebrook (1–2)Qualcomm Stadium16,53432–24W2
57June 4@ Padres3–1Rueter (7–3)Jones (3-4)Nen (15)Qualcomm Stadium23,56733–24W3
58June 5@ Padres12–2Jensen (5–5)Tankersley (1–2)Qualcomm Stadium21,49834–24W4
59June 7@ Yankees1–2Mussina (9–2)Hernández (5–6)Rivera (18)Yankee Stadium55,05334–25L1
60June 8@ Yankees4–3Schmidt (2–1)Rivera (1–3)Nen (16)Yankee Stadium55,19435–25W1
61June 9@ Yankees2–4Clemens (8–2)Rodríguez (1–3)Yankee Stadium55,33535–26L1
62June 10@ Blue Jays5–6Thurman (1–1)Rueter (7–4)Escobar (13)SkyDome18,08135–27L2
63June 11@ Blue Jays9–2Jensen (6–5)Lyon (1–4)SkyDome20,22836–27W1
64June 12@ Blue Jays6–3Hernández (6–6)Halladay (7–3)Nen (17)SkyDome21,10637–27W2
65June 14Athletics2–3Hudson (4–6)Schmidt (2–2)Koch (14)Pacific Bell Park41,45737–28L1
66June 15Athletics6–2Zerbe (2–0)Harang (2–2)Pacific Bell Park41,29838–28W1
67June 16Athletics1–2Zito (9–2)Rueter (7–5)Koch (15)Pacific Bell Park41,55038–29L1
68June 18Devil Rays3–8Kennedy (5–5)Hernández (6–7)Pacific Bell Park36,86938–30L2
69June 19Devil Rays8–0Schmidt (3–2)Rupe (5–9)Pacific Bell Park35,90939–30W1
70June 20Devil Rays10–2Ortiz (6–4)Sturtze (0–8)Pacific Bell Park39,10140–30W2
71June 21Orioles4–3Rodríguez (2–3)Bauer (3–3)Nen (18)Pacific Bell Park40,63441–30W3
72June 22Orioles2–4Driskill (5–0)Jensen (6–6)Julio (14)Pacific Bell Park41,26941–31L1
73June 23Orioles1–3Johnson (2–5)Hernández (6–8)Julio (15)Pacific Bell Park41,98041–32L2
74June 24@ Padres7–6Worrell (4–0)Hoffman (1-1)Nen (19)Qualcomm Stadium17,47542–32W1
75June 25@ Padres7–10Myers (1-0)Rodríguez (2–4)Hoffman (20)Qualcomm Stadium15,85642–33L1
76June 26Padres6–5 (12)Witasick (1–0)Myers (1-1)Pacific Bell Park40,03743–33W1
77June 27Padres11–6Jensen (7–6)Middlebrook (1-3)Nen (20)Pacific Bell Park39,51944–33W2
78June 28@ Athletics6–10Mulder (9–4)Hernández (6–9)Network Associates Coliseum46,34544–34L1
79June 29@ Athletics5–3Schmidt (4–2)Lidle (2–7)Nen (21)Network Associates Coliseum53,50145–34W1
80June 30@ Athletics0–7Hudson (6-7)Ortiz (6–5)Network Associates Coliseum54,12345–35L1
July (14–13) (Home: 6–7; Road: 8–6)
81July 1@ Rockies8–6Rodríguez (3–4)Jiménez (2–5)Nen (22)Coors Field31,11546–35W1
82July 2@ Rockies18–5Jensen (8–6)Neagle (4–6)Coors Field30,83847–35W2
83July 3@ Rockies4–14Jennings (9–4)Hernández (6–10)Coors Field48,50447–36L1
84July 4@ Diamondbacks3–6Anderson (4–7)Schmidt (4–3)Kim (22)Bank One Ballpark45,68647–37L2
85July 5@ Diamondbacks1–2Schilling (14–3)Ortiz (6–6)Bank One Ballpark45,21147–38L3
86July 6@ Diamondbacks3–2Worrell (5–0)Mantei (1–1)Nen (23)Bank One Ballpark47,68748–38W1
87July 7@ Diamondbacks5–2Jensen (9–6)Helling (7–7)Nen (24)Bank One Ballpark41,140049–38W2
88July 11Rockies3–2Worrell (6–0)Jiménez (2–6)Pacific Bell Park39,64450–38W3
89July 12Rockies9–0Hernández (7–10)Hampton (5–10)Pacific Bell Park40,96351–38W4
90July 13Rockies6–1Schmidt (5–3)Thomson (7–8)Pacific Bell Park41,43452–38W5
91July 14Rockies3–5Chacon (4–6)Rueter (7–6)Pacific Bell Park41,98052–39L1
92July 15Diamondbacks6–3Jensen (10–6)Helling (7–8)Pacific Bell Park41,64553–39W1
93July 16Diamondbacks3–5Johnson (13-3)Rodríguez (3–5)Kim (26)Pacific Bell Park41,93653–40L1
94July 17@ Cardinals5–4Worrell (7–0)Veres (3–5)Nen (25)Busch Stadium44,35554–40W1
95July 18@ Cardinals1–5Morris (11–6)Schmidt (5–4)Busch Stadium44,11854–41L1
96July 19@ Dodgers3–2 (12)Nen (4–0)Mota (1–1)Dodger Stadium53,03355–41W1
97July 20@ Dodgers2–4Quantrill (2–3)Rodríguez (3–6)Gagne (34)Dodger Stadium50,09355–42L1
98July 21@ Dodgers6–4Ortiz (7–6)Carrara (5-3)Nen (26)Dodger Stadium54,34456–42W1
99July 22Cardinals3–5Hackman (3–3)Worrell (7–1)Isringhausen (23)Pacific Bell Park40,60756–43L1
100July 23Cardinals0–4Morris (12–6)Schmidt (5–5)Pacific Bell Park40,45356–44L2
101July 24Cardinals6–4Rueter (8–6)Benes (0-3)Nen (27)Pacific Bell Park41,00557–44W1
102July 25Cardinals3–4Smith (4–1)Jensen (10–7)Isringhausen (24)Pacific Bell Park41,50357–45L1
103July 26Dodgers6–11Nomo (10–6)Ortiz (7–7)Pacific Bell Park41,67557–46L2
104July 27Dodgers1–5Daal (8–5)Hernández (7–11)Pacific Bell Park41,81457–47L3
105July 28Dodgers3–1Schmidt (6–5)Ashby (7-9)Nen (28)Pacific Bell Park41,64258–47W1
106July 30@ Phillies10–3Rueter (9–6)Myers (1–1)Veterans Stadium27,33059–47W2
107July 31@ Phillies6–8Timlin (2–3)Brohawn (0–1)Mesa (29)Veterans Stadium22,59559–48L1
August (18–10) (Home: 8–4; Road: 10–6)
108August 1@ Phillies1–2Wolf (7–7)Ortiz (7–8)Mesa (30)Veterans Stadium20,38059–49L2
109August 2@ Pirates5–6Boehringer (4–3)Nen (4–1)PNC Park28,20359–50L3
110August 3@ Pirates11–6Schmidt (7–5)Wells (10–9)PNC Park38,27560–50W1
111August 4@ Pirates10–5Rueter (10–6)Benson (4–6)PNC Park31,39861–50W2
112August 6Cubs11–10Worrell (8–1)Farnsworth (3–4)Nen (29)Pacific Bell Park41,99162–50W3
113August 7Cubs4–3 (10)Nen (5–1)Alfonseca (1–3)Pacific Bell Park41,40863–50W4
114August 8Cubs3–9Clement (9–8)Hernández (7–12)Pacific Bell Park41,61763–51L1
115August 9Pirates3–4Wells (11–9)Schmidt (7–6)Williams (34)Pacific Bell Park41,89763–52L2
116August 10Pirates8–3Aybar (1–0)Lincoln (0–3)Pacific Bell Park41,14664–52W1
117August 11Pirates5–4 (11)Nen (6–1)Williams (1–3)Pacific Bell Park41,47965–52W2
118August 13@ Braves7–2Ortiz (8–8)Maddux (11–4)Turner Field39,79466–52W3
119August 14@ Braves0–1Glavine (16–6)Hernández (7–13)Smoltz (42)Turner Field31,03966–53L1
August 15@ Braves3–3 (10)Turner Field35,34066–53T1
120August 16@ Marlins2–4Tejera (8–5)Rueter (10–7)Looper (6)Pro Player Stadium14,72466–54L1
121August 17@ Marlins3–7Beckett (5–6)Jensen (10–8)Pro Player Stadium20,92666–55L2
122August 18@ Marlins0–3Burnett (12–9)Ortiz (8–9)Pro Player Stadium11,15866–56L3
123August 19@ Marlins3–0Hernández (8–13)Tavarez (8–10)Pro Player Stadium7,10067–56W1
124August 20Mets1–0Schmidt (8–6)Leiter (10–10)Pacific Bell Park41,28368–56W2
125August 21Mets3–1Rueter (11–7)Thomson (7–11)Nen (30)Pacific Bell Park41,02169–56W3
126August 22Mets3–1Jensen (11–8)Bacsik (2–1)Nen (31)Pacific Bell Park41,20770–56W4
127August 23Expos2–7Ohka (11–6)Ortiz (8–10)Eischen (1)Pacific Bell Park40,87970–57L1
128August 24Expos2–7Colon (17–6)Hernández (8–14)Stewart (17)Pacific Bell Park41,16570–58L2
129August 25Expos8–4Schmidt (9–6)Vazquez (8–11)Pacific Bell Park41,40871–58W1
130August 26@ Rockies4–3Rodríguez (4–6)Jones (1–3)Nen (32)Coors Field26,87772–58W2
131August 27@ Rockies7–4Rodríguez (5–6)Jones (1–4)Nen (33)Coors Field26,59273–58W3
132August 28@ Rockies9–1Ortiz (9–10)Jennings (15-6)Coors Field27,08074–58W4
133August 29@ Rockies10–6Hernández (9–14)Hampton (7-14)Coors Field26,33075–58W5
134August 30@ Diamondbacks7–6Schmidt (10–6)Johnson (19-5)Nen (34)Bank One Ballpark47,36676–58W6
135August 31@ Diamondbacks5–0Rueter (12–7)Schilling (21-5)Bank One Ballpark41,91577–58W7
September (18–8) (Home: 12–4; Road: 6–4)
136September 1@ Diamondbacks6–7Kim (8–2)Nen (6–2)Bank One Ballpark41,70777–59L1
137September 3Rockies4–2Ortiz (10–10)Hampton (7–15)Nen (35)Pacific Bell Park33,48378–59W1
138September 4Rockies1–2Neagle (8–9)Hernández (9–15)Jiménez (36)Pacific Bell Park34,34278–60L1
139September 5Diamondbacks5–8Schilling (22–5)Schmidt (10–7)Pacific Bell Park37,99578–61L2
140September 6Diamondbacks1–0Rodríguez (6–6)Fetters (3–1)Pacific Bell Park40,78279–61W1
141September 7Diamondbacks4–3Rodríguez (7–6)Kim (8–3)Pacific Bell Park41,01680–61W2
142September 8Diamondbacks3–1Ortiz (11–10)Anderson (6–11)Nen (36)Pacific Bell Park41,10081–61W3
143September 9Dodgers6–5Hernández (10–15)Perez (13–9)Nen (37)Pacific Bell Park40,74082–61W4
144September 10Dodgers5–2Schmidt (11–7)Brown (3–4)Nen (38)Pacific Bell Park41,32583–61W5
145September 11Dodgers3–7Nomo (14–6)Rueter (12–8)Pacific Bell Park41,31083–62L1
146September 12@ Padres2–3 (10)Hoffman (2–4)Worrell (8–2)Qualcomm Stadium16,14383–63L2
147September 13@ Padres10–3Ortiz (12–10)Lawrence (12–11)Qualcomm Stadium25,85784–63W1
148September 14Padres12–4Hernández (11–15)Tomko (9–10)Pacific Bell Park41,50685–63W2
149September 15Padres1–4Peavy (6–7)Ainsworth (1–2)Hoffman (37)Pacific Bell Park41,11685–64L1
150September 16@ Dodgers6–7Nomo (15–6)Schmidt (11–8)Gagne (49)Dodger Stadium35,76785–65L2
151September 17@ Dodgers6–4Rueter (13–8)Daal (11–9)Nen (39)Dodger Stadium40,16186–65W1
152September 18@ Dodgers7–4Ortiz (13–10)Ellis (0–1)Dodger Stadium40,16487–65W2
153September 19@ Dodgers3–6Perez (15–9)Hernández (11–16)Dodger Stadium43,92187–66L1
154September 20@ Brewers5–1Jensen (12–8)Neugebauer (1–7)Miller Park29,27188–66W1
155September 21@ Brewers3–1Schmidt (12–8)Diggins (0–3)Nen (40)Miller Park28,11989–66W2
156September 22@ Brewers3–1Rodríguez (8–6)Vizcaino (5–2)Nen (41)Miller Park34,85690–66W3
157September 24Padres12–3Ortiz (14–10)Perez (3–5)Pacific Bell Park37,77291–66W4
158September 25Padres6–0Hernández (12–16)Condrey (1–2)Pacific Bell Park38,00192–66W5
159September 27Astros2–1Schmidt (13–8)Miller (15–4)Nen (42)Pacific Bell Park41,38593–66W6
160September 28Astros5–2Rueter (14–8)Robertson (0–2)Nen (43)Pacific Bell Park41,04594–66W7
161September 29Astros7–0Jensen (13–8)Oswalt (19–9)Pacific Bell Park40,94495–66W8


2002 Postseason Game Log
1 NLDSOctober 2@ Braves8–5Ortiz (1–0)Glavine (0–1)Nen (1)Turner Field41,9031–0W1
2 NLDSOctober 3@ Braves3–7Milwood (1–0)Rueter (0–1)Turner Field47,1671–1L1
3 NLDSOctober 5Braves2–10Maddux (1–0)Schmidt (0–1)Pacific Bell Park43,0431–2L2
4 NLDSOctober 6Braves8–3Hernández (1–0)Glavine (0–2)Pacific Bell Park43,0702–2W1
5 NLDSOctober 7@ Braves3–1Ortiz (2–0)Milwood (1–1)Nen (2)Turner Field45,2033–2W2
1 NLCSOctober 9@ Cardinals9–6Rueter (1–0)Morris (0–1)Nen (1)Busch Stadium52,1751–0W1
2 NLCSOctober 10@ Cardinals4–1Schmidt (1–0)Williams (0–1)Nen (2)Busch Stadium52,1952–0W1
3 NLCSOctober 12Cardinals4–5Finley (1–0)Witasick (0–1)Isringhausen (1)Pacific Bell Park42,1772–1L1
4 NLCSOctober 13Cardinals4–3Worrell (1–0)White (0–1)Nen (3)Pacific Bell Park42,6763–1W1
5 NLCSOctober 14Cardinals2–1Worrell (2–0)Morris (0–2)Pacific Bell Park42,6734–1W2
1 WSOctober 19@ Angels4–3Schmidt (1–0)Washburn (0–1)Nen (1)Edison International Field of Anaheim44,6031–0W1
2 WSOctober 20@ Angels10–11Rodríguez (1–0)Rodríguez (0–1)Percival (1)Edison International Field of Anaheim44,5841–1L1
3 WSOctober 22Angels4–10Ortiz (1–0)Hernández (0–1)Pacific Bell Park42,7071–2L2
4 WSOctober 23Angels4–3Worrell (1–0)Rodríguez (1–1)Nen (2)Pacific Bell Park42,7032–2W1
5 WSOctober 24Angels16–4Schmidt (2–0)Washburn (0–2)Pacific Bell Park42,7133–2W2
6 WSOctober 26@ Angels5–6Donnelly (1–0)Worrell (1–1)Percival (2)Edison International Field of Anaheim44,5063–3L1
7 WSOctober 27@ Angels1–4Lackey (1–0)Hernández (0–2)Percival (3)Edison International Field of Anaheim44,5983–4L2


2002 San Francisco Giants
Pitchers Catchers


Outfielders Manager


  • 20 Gene Clines (hitting)
  • 15 Sonny Jackson (third base)
  • 18 Joe Lefebvre (first base)
  • 59 Juan Lopez (bullpen)
  • 19 Dave Righetti (pitching)
  • 10 Ron Wotus (bench)

Player stats

Starters by position

Note: Pos = Position; G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Pos Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
CBenito Santiago126478133.2781674
1BJ.T. Snow143422104.246653
2BJeff Kent152623195.31337108
SSRich Aurilia133538138.2571561
3BDavid Bell154552144.2612073
LFBarry Bonds143403149.37046110
CFTsuyoshi Shinjo11836286.238937
RFReggie Sanders140505126.2502385

Other batters

Note: G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
Ramón Martínez7218149.271425
Kenny Lofton4618048.26739
Damon Minor8317341.2371024
Tom Goodwin7815440.260117
Shawon Dunston7214734.23119
Pedro Feliz6714637.253213
Yorvit Torrealba5313638.279214
Marvin Benard6512334.276113
Bill Mueller8132.15401
Calvin Murray11120.00000
Tony Torcato5113.27300
Cody Ransom732.66701
Trey Lunsford332.66701

Starting pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Liván Hernández33216.012164.38134
Russ Ortiz33214.114103.61137
Kirk Rueter33203.21483.2376
Jason Schmidt29185.11383.45196
Ryan Jensen32171.21384.51105

Other pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Kurt Ainsworth625.2122.1015

Relief pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; SV = Saves; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G W L SV ERA SO
Robb Nen6862432.2081
Tim Worrell808202.2555
Félix Rodríguez718604.1758
Chad Zerbe502003.0426
Jay Witasick441002.3754
Aaron Fultz432204.7931
Scott Eyre210001.597
Manny Aybar151002.5111
Troy Brohawn110106.353
Jason Christiansen60105.401
Joe Nathan40000.002

National League Divisional Playoffs

San Francisco Giants vs. Atlanta Braves

San Francisco wins the series, 3-2

Game Home Score Visitor Score Date Stadium Series
1Atlanta5San Francisco8October 2Turner Field1-0 (SFO)
2Atlanta7San Francisco3October 3Turner Field1-1
3San Francisco2Atlanta10October 5Pacific Bell Park2-1 (ATL)
4San Francisco8Atlanta3October 6Pacific Bell Park2-2
5Atlanta1San Francisco3October 7Turner Field3-2 (SFO)

National League Championship Series

Game 1

October 9: Busch Stadium, St. Louis, Missouri

San Francisco1410120009110
St. Louis0100220106110
WP: Kirk Rueter (1-0)   LP: Matt Morris (0-1)   Sv: Robb Nen (1)
Home runs:
SFG: Kenny Lofton (1), David Bell (1), Benito Santiago (1)
STL: Albert Pujols (1), Miguel Cairo (1), J. D. Drew (1)

Game 2

October 10: Busch Stadium, St. Louis, Missouri

San Francisco100020001470
St. Louis000000010160
WP: Jason Schmidt (1-0)   LP: Woody Williams (0-1)   Sv: Robb Nen (2)
Home runs:
SFG: Rich Aurilia 2 (2)
STL: Eduardo Pérez (1)

Game 3

October 12: Pac Bell Park, San Francisco

St. Louis002111000561
San Francisco0100300004100
WP: Chuck Finley (1-0)   LP: Jay Witasick (0-1)   Sv: Jason Isringhausen (1)
Home runs:
STL: Mike Matheny (1), Jim Edmonds (1), Eli Marrero (1)
SFG: Barry Bonds (1)

Game 4

October 13: Pac Bell Park, San Francisco

St. Louis2000000013120
San Francisco00000202X441
WP: Tim Worrell (1-0)   LP: Rick White (0-1)   Sv: Robb Nen (3)
Home runs:
STL: None
SFG: Benito Santiago (2)

Game 5

October 14: Pac Bell Park, San Francisco

St. Louis000001000190
San Francisco000000011270
WP: Tim Worrell (2-0)   LP: Matt Morris (0-2)

World Series

Game 1

October 19, 2002 at Edison International Field of Anaheim in Anaheim, California

San Francisco won 4-3 at Edison International Field of Anaheim (now Angel Stadium of Anaheim) to take a 1-0 lead. Barry Bonds hit a home run in his first career World Series at-bat. He was one of three Giants to homer in the game (the other two were Reggie Sanders and JT Snow). Troy Glaus hit two home runs for the Angels.

San Francisco020020000460
WP: Jason Schmidt (1-0)   LP: Jarrod Washburn (0-1)   Sv: Robb Nen (1)
Home runs:
SFG: Barry Bonds (1), Reggie Sanders (1), J. T. Snow (1)
ANA: Troy Glaus 2 (2)

Game 2

October 20, 2002 at Edison International Field of Anaheim in Anaheim, California

Anaheim won 11-10 at home in a game where the lead kept fluctuating between the two teams, tying up the series. Bonds again hit a mammoth homer with two outs in the 9th inning, off of Troy Percival. The biggest home run of the night, however, was hit by Tim Salmon, a longtime Angel, with two outs and one on in the bottom of the 8th. The dramatic blast broke a 9-9 tie and ultimately won the game for the Angels.

San Francisco04104000110121
WP: Francisco Rodríguez (1-0)   LP: Félix Rodríguez (0-1)   Sv: Troy Percival (1)
Home runs:
SFG: Reggie Sanders (2), David Bell (1), Jeff Kent (1), Barry Bonds (2)
ANA: Tim Salmon 2 (2)

Game 3

October 22, 2002 at Pacific Bell Park in San Francisco

Anaheim won 10-4 in the first game at Pacific Bell Park (now Oracle Park). The Angels batted around twice without a home run in either of their 4-run innings. Barry Bonds hit another home run, becoming the first man to homer in his first three World Series games.

San Francisco100030000462
WP: Ramón Ortiz (1-0)   LP: Liván Hernández (0-1)
Home runs:
ANA: None
SFG: Rich Aurilia (1), Barry Bonds (3)

Game 4

October 23, 2002 at Pacific Bell Park in San Francisco

San Francisco scored a 4-3 victory to tie the series. NLCS MVP Benito Santiago tied the game with a single in the 5th inning after the Angels walked Barry Bonds with a runner on second and two outs. David Bell put the Giants ahead with an RBI single in the bottom of the 8th. The run was unearned due to Anaheim catcher Bengie Molina's passed ball during the previous at-bat, allowing J. T. Snow to move to second.

San Francisco00003001X4121
WP: Tim Worrell (1-0)   LP: Francisco Rodríguez (1-1)   Sv: Robb Nen (2)
Home runs:
ANA: Troy Glaus (3)
SFG: None

Game 5

October 24, 2002 at Pacific Bell Park in San Francisco

San Francisco took a 16-4 blowout win in a game in which the Angels never led. The most well-known moment in this game occurred when Giants first baseman J. T. Snow scored off a Kenny Lofton triple. 3-year-old batboy Darren Baker, son of Giants manager Dusty Baker, ran to home plate to collect Lofton's bat before the play was completed and was quickly lifted by the jacket by Snow as he crossed the plate, with David Bell close on his heels. Had Snow not acted quickly, Darren could have been seriously injured.

San Francisco33000244X16160
WP: Jason Schmidt (2-0)   LP: Jarrod Washburn (0-2)
Home runs:
ANA: None
SFG: Jeff Kent 2 (3), Rich Aurilia (2)

Game 6

October 26, 2002 at Edison International Field of Anaheim in Anaheim, California

The turning point in the series came in Game 6. Leading 5-0 with one out in the bottom of the 7th inning, eight outs away from the Giants' first World Series title in San Francisco, Giants manager Dusty Baker pulled starting pitcher Russ Ortiz for setup man Félix Rodríguez after Ortiz gave up consecutive singles to third baseman Troy Glaus and designated hitter Brad Fullmer. In a widely publicized move, Baker gave Ortiz the game ball as he sent him back to the dugout. During the pitching change the Rally Monkey came on the JumboTron, sending 45,037 Angels fans into a frenzy. Angel first baseman Scott Spiezio came to the plate and fouled off pitch after pitch before finally hitting a three-run home run that barely cleared the wall in right field. The rally continued in the 8th inning, as Angel center fielder Darin Erstad hit a leadoff line-drive home run, followed by consecutive singles by Tim Salmon and Garret Anderson (Chone Figgins pinch ran for Salmon). When Bonds misplayed Anderson's shallow left field bloop single, Figgins and Anderson took third and second respectively. With no outs, two runners in scoring position and now only a 5-4 lead, Baker brought in closer Robb Nen to pitch to Glaus, hoping that Nen could induce a strikeout that might yet preserve the Giants' slim lead. However, Glaus slugged a double to the left-center field gap over Bonds' head to drive in the tying and winning runs. In the 9th inning, Angels closer Troy Percival struck out Rich Aurilia to preserve the 6-5 victory in front of the jubilant home crowd.

San Francisco000031100581
WP: Brendan Donnelly (1-0)   LP: Tim Worrell (1-1)   Sv: Troy Percival (2)
Home runs:
SFG: Shawon Dunston (1), Barry Bonds (4)
ANA: Scott Spiezio (1), Darin Erstad (1)

Game 7

October 27, 2002 at Edison International Field of Anaheim in Anaheim, California

Game 7 proved to be somewhat anticlimactic after the drama of Game 6. The Giants scored the first run on a sacrifice, but the Angels responded with a run-scoring double from catcher Bengie Molina and a three-run double to right field from left fielder Garret Anderson to open a 4-1 lead. Rookie starting pitcher John Lackey maintained that lead. In the 9th inning, closer Troy Percival provided some tense moments as he opened the inning by putting two Giants on base, with only one out. But Tsuyoshi Shinjo – the first Japanese player in a World Series game – struck out swinging, and Kenny Lofton, also representing the tying run, flied out to Darin Erstad in right-center field to end the Series. The Angels won Game 7, 4-1, to claim their franchise's first and so far only World Series Championship. John Lackey became the first rookie pitcher to win a World Series game 7 since 1909.[8]

San Francisco010000000160
WP: John Lackey (1-0)   LP: Liván Hernández (0-2)   Sv: Troy Percival (3)

Awards and honors

  • David Bell 3B, Willie Mac Award
  • Barry Bonds, National League Most Valuable Player
  • Barry Bonds, Major League record (since broken), highest on-base percentage in one season (.582)[9]
  • Benito Santiago, 2002 NLCS MVP

All-Star Game (played July 9, 2002)

Farm system

Level Team League Manager
AAA Fresno Grizzlies Pacific Coast League Lenn Sakata
AA Shreveport Swamp Dragons Texas League Mario Mendoza
A San Jose Giants California League Bill Hayes
A Hagerstown Suns South Atlantic League Mike Ramsey
A-Short Season Salem-Keizer Volcanoes Northwest League Fred Stanley
Rookie AZL Giants Arizona League Bert Hunter



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