Silver Slugger Award

The Silver Slugger Award has been awarded annually since 1980 to the best offensive player at each position in both the American League and the National League, as determined by the coaches and managers of Major League Baseball.

Silver Slugger Award
Washington Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo holds Ryan Zimmerman's Silver Slugger Award.
LeagueMajor League Baseball
Awarded forBest offensive player at each position in the American League and National League
Presented byHillerich & Bradsby
First award1980

These voters consider several offensive statistics, including batting average, slugging percentage, and on-base percentage, as well as their "general impressions of a player's overall offensive value".[1] They are not permitted to vote for players on their team.[1]

The award is a bat-shaped trophy, 3 feet (91 cm) tall, engraved with the names of each of the winners from the league[1] and plated with sterling silver.[2] It is given by Hillerich & Bradsby, the manufacturer of Louisville Slugger bats.[3]

Ten Silver Slugger Awards are given each year per league. One each goes to a catcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, and shortstop. Three outfielders receive the award, irrespective of their specific position;[4][5] for instance, three left fielders could win the award in a given year. One award goes to a designated hitter (a player who bats in place of the pitcher) and one to a utility player (a player who can play multiple fielding positions).[6][7][8]

Pitchers in the National League received a Silver Slugger Award each year until 2019 and in 2021. In the COVID-shortened 2020 season, the MLB required National League teams to use a designated hitter, so an NL DH received a Silver Slugger Award for the first time.[9] In 2022, MLB began to require both leagues to use the DH. That year also saw the introduction of the utility player award.

Home run record-holder Barry Bonds[10] won 12 Silver Slugger Awards, the most of any player,[5][11] and won the award in five consecutive seasons twice: from 1990 to 1994, and again from 2000 to 2004. Mike Piazza and Alex Rodriguez are tied for second, with ten each.[4][5] Rodriguez won seven Silver Sluggers as a shortstop for the Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers, and three with the Yankees as a third baseman.[12] Wade Boggs leads third basemen with eight awards;[4][13] Barry Larkin leads shortstops with nine.[5][14] Other leaders include Ryne Sandberg (seven wins as a second baseman),[5][15] Mike Hampton (five wins as a pitcher),[5][16] and Paul Goldschmidt (five wins as a first baseman).[17] David Ortiz has won seven awards as a designated hitter, the most at that position.[18] In 2018, J. D. Martinez collected two Silver Slugger Awards: one as a designated hitter and the other as an outfielder, becoming the only player to win twice in one year. In 2021, Max Fried became the final pitcher to win a Silver Slugger Award.


Barry Bonds (in white uniform) has won the most Silver Slugger Awards of any player, 12.
Year Links to the corresponding Major League Baseball season
1B First baseman (list of winners)
2B Second baseman (list of winners)
3B Third baseman (list of winners)
SS Shortstop (list of winners)
OF Outfielder (list of winners)
C Catcher (list of winners)
P Pitcher (list of winners)
DH Designated hitter (list of winners)
UT Utility player
* Winner of the most Silver Slugger Awards at his position (* indicates tie)
Member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

American League winners

1980Cecil CooperWillie RandolphGeorge BrettRobin YountBen OglivieAl OliverWillie WilsonLance ParrishReggie JacksonN/A
1981Cecil CooperBobby GrichCarney LansfordRick BurlesonRickey HendersonDave WinfieldDwight EvansCarlton FiskAl OliverN/A
1982Cecil CooperDámaso GarcíaDoug DeCincesRobin YountReggie JacksonDave WinfieldWillie WilsonLance ParrishHal McRaeN/A
1983Eddie MurrayLou WhitakerWade BoggsCal Ripken Jr.Jim RiceDave WinfieldLloyd MosebyLance ParrishDon BaylorN/A
1984Eddie MurrayLou WhitakerBuddy BellCal Ripken Jr.Jim RiceDave WinfieldTony ArmasLance ParrishAndre ThorntonN/A
1985Don MattinglyLou WhitakerGeorge BrettCal Ripken Jr.Rickey HendersonDave WinfieldGeorge BellCarlton FiskDon BaylorN/A
1986Don MattinglyFrank WhiteWade BoggsCal Ripken Jr.Jesse BarfieldKirby PuckettGeorge BellLance ParrishDon BaylorN/A
1987Don MattinglyLou WhitakerWade BoggsAlan TrammellDwight EvansKirby PuckettGeorge BellMatt NokesPaul MolitorN/A
1988George BrettJulio FrancoWade BoggsAlan TrammellMike GreenwellKirby PuckettJose CansecoCarlton FiskPaul MolitorN/A
1989Fred McGriffJulio FrancoWade BoggsCal Ripken Jr.Rubén SierraKirby PuckettRobin YountMickey TettletonHarold BainesN/A
1990Cecil FielderJulio FrancoKelly GruberAlan TrammellRickey HendersonEllis BurksJose CansecoLance ParrishDave ParkerN/A
1991Cecil FielderJulio FrancoWade BoggsCal Ripken Jr.Joe CarterKen Griffey Jr.Jose CansecoMickey TettletonFrank ThomasN/A
1992Mark McGwireRoberto AlomarEdgar MartínezTravis FrymanJoe CarterKirby PuckettJuan GonzálezMickey TettletonDave WinfieldN/A
1993Frank ThomasCarlos BaergaWade BoggsCal Ripken Jr.Albert BelleKen Griffey Jr.Juan GonzálezMike StanleyPaul MolitorN/A
1994Frank ThomasCarlos BaergaWade BoggsCal Ripken Jr.Albert BelleKen Griffey Jr.Kirby PuckettIván RodríguezJulio FrancoN/A
1995Mo VaughnChuck KnoblauchGary GaettiJohn ValentinAlbert BelleTim SalmonManny RamirezIván RodríguezEdgar MartínezN/A
1996Mark McGwireRoberto AlomarJim ThomeAlex RodriguezAlbert BelleKen Griffey Jr.Juan GonzálezIván RodríguezPaul MolitorN/A
1997Tino MartinezChuck KnoblauchMatt WilliamsNomar GarciaparraDavid JusticeKen Griffey Jr.Juan GonzálezIván RodríguezEdgar MartínezN/A
1998Rafael PalmeiroDamion EasleyDean PalmerAlex RodriguezAlbert BelleKen Griffey Jr.Juan GonzálezIván RodríguezJose CansecoN/A
1999Carlos DelgadoRoberto AlomarDean PalmerAlex RodriguezShawn GreenKen Griffey Jr.Manny RamirezIván RodríguezRafael PalmeiroN/A
2000Carlos DelgadoRoberto AlomarTroy GlausAlex RodriguezDarin ErstadMagglio OrdóñezManny RamirezJorge PosadaFrank ThomasN/A
2001Jason GiambiBret BooneTroy GlausAlex RodriguezIchiro SuzukiJuan GonzálezManny RamirezJorge PosadaEdgar MartínezN/A
2002Jason GiambiAlfonso SorianoEric ChavezAlex RodriguezGarret AndersonMagglio OrdóñezBernie WilliamsJorge PosadaManny RamirezN/A
2003Carlos DelgadoBret BooneBill MuellerAlex RodriguezGarret AndersonVernon WellsManny RamirezJorge PosadaEdgar MartínezN/A
2004Mark TeixeiraAlfonso SorianoMelvin MoraMiguel TejadaGary SheffieldVladimir GuerreroManny RamirezVíctor Martínez &
Iván Rodríguez
David OrtizN/A
2005Mark TeixeiraAlfonso SorianoAlex RodriguezMiguel TejadaGary SheffieldVladimir GuerreroManny RamirezJason VaritekDavid OrtizN/A
2006Justin MorneauRobinson CanóJoe CredeDerek JeterJermaine DyeVladimir GuerreroManny RamirezJoe MauerDavid OrtizN/A
2007Carlos PeñaPlácido PolancoAlex RodriguezDerek JeterMagglio OrdóñezVladimir GuerreroIchiro SuzukiJorge PosadaDavid OrtizN/A
2008Justin MorneauDustin PedroiaAlex RodriguezDerek JeterJosh HamiltonCarlos QuentinGrady SizemoreJoe MauerAubrey HuffN/A
2009Mark TeixeiraAaron HillEvan LongoriaDerek JeterJason BayTorii HunterIchiro SuzukiJoe MauerAdam LindN/A
2010Miguel CabreraRobinson CanóAdrián BeltréAlexei RamírezJosh HamiltonCarl CrawfordJosé BautistaJoe MauerVladimir GuerreroN/A
2011Adrián GonzálezRobinson CanóAdrián BeltréAsdrúbal CabreraJacoby EllsburyCurtis GrandersonJosé BautistaAlex AvilaDavid OrtizN/A
2012Prince FielderRobinson CanóMiguel CabreraDerek JeterJosh HamiltonMike TroutJosh WillinghamA. J. PierzynskiBilly ButlerN/A
2013Chris DavisRobinson CanóMiguel CabreraJ. J. HardyTorii HunterMike TroutAdam JonesJoe MauerDavid OrtizN/A
2014José AbreuJosé AltuveAdrián BeltréAlexei RamírezJosé BautistaMike TroutMichael BrantleyYan GomesVíctor MartínezN/A
2015Miguel CabreraJosé AltuveJosh DonaldsonXander BogaertsNelson CruzMike TroutJ. D. MartinezBrian McCannKendrys MoralesN/A
2016Miguel CabreraJosé AltuveJosh DonaldsonXander BogaertsMookie BettsMike TroutMark TrumboSalvador PérezDavid OrtizN/A
2017Eric HosmerJosé AltuveJosé RamírezFrancisco LindorAaron JudgeJustin UptonGeorge SpringerGary SánchezNelson CruzN/A
2018José AbreuJosé AltuveJosé RamírezFrancisco LindorMookie BettsMike TroutJ. D. MartinezSalvador PérezJ. D. MartinezN/A
2019Carlos SantanaDJ LeMahieuAlex BregmanXander BogaertsMookie BettsMike TroutGeorge SpringerMitch GarverNelson CruzN/A
2020José AbreuDJ LeMahieuJosé RamírezTim AndersonEloy JiménezMike TroutTeoscar HernándezSalvador PérezNelson CruzN/A
2021Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Marcus SemienRafael DeversXander BogaertsTeoscar HernándezCedric MullinsAaron JudgeSalvador PérezShohei OhtaniN/A
2022Nathaniel LoweJosé AltuveJosé RamírezXander BogaertsAaron JudgeJulio RodríguezMike TroutAlejandro KirkYordan AlvarezLuis Arráez


National League winners

1980Keith HernandezManny TrilloMike SchmidtGarry TempletonDusty BakerAndre DawsonGeorge HendrickTed SimmonsBob ForschN/AN/A
1981Pete RoseManny TrilloMike SchmidtDave ConcepciónDusty BakerAndre DawsonGeorge FosterGary CarterFernando ValenzuelaN/AN/A
1982Al OliverJoe MorganMike SchmidtDave ConcepciónDale MurphyPedro GuerreroLeon DurhamGary CarterDon RobinsonN/AN/A
1983George HendrickJohnny RayMike SchmidtDickie ThonDale MurphyAndre DawsonJosé CruzTerry KennedyFernando ValenzuelaN/AN/A
1984Keith HernandezRyne SandbergMike SchmidtGarry TempletonDale MurphyTony GwynnJosé CruzGary CarterRick RhodenN/AN/A
1985Jack ClarkRyne SandbergTim WallachHubie BrooksDale MurphyWillie McGeeDave ParkerGary CarterRick RhodenN/AN/A
1986Glenn DavisSteve SaxMike SchmidtHubie BrooksTim RainesTony GwynnDave ParkerGary CarterRick RhodenN/AN/A
1987Jack ClarkJuan SamuelTim WallachOzzie SmithAndre DawsonTony GwynnEric DavisBenito SantiagoBob ForschN/AN/A
1988Andrés GalarragaRyne SandbergBobby BonillaBarry LarkinDarryl StrawberryKirk GibsonAndy Van SlykeBenito SantiagoTim LearyN/AN/A
1989Will ClarkRyne SandbergHoward JohnsonBarry LarkinKevin MitchellTony GwynnEric DavisCraig BiggioDon RobinsonN/AN/A
1990Eddie MurrayRyne SandbergMatt WilliamsBarry LarkinBarry BondsBobby BonillaDarryl StrawberryBenito SantiagoDon RobinsonN/AN/A
1991Will ClarkRyne SandbergHoward JohnsonBarry LarkinBarry BondsBobby BonillaRon GantBenito SantiagoTom GlavineN/AN/A
1992Fred McGriffRyne SandbergGary SheffieldBarry LarkinBarry BondsLarry WalkerAndy Van SlykeDarren DaultonDwight GoodenN/AN/A
1993Fred McGriffRobby ThompsonMatt WilliamsJay BellBarry BondsLenny DykstraDavid JusticeMike PiazzaOrel HershiserN/AN/A
1994Jeff BagwellCraig BiggioMatt WilliamsWil CorderoBarry BondsTony GwynnMoisés AlouMike PiazzaMark PortugalN/AN/A
1995Eric KarrosCraig BiggioVinny CastillaBarry LarkinSammy SosaTony GwynnDante BichetteMike PiazzaTom GlavineN/AN/A
1996Andrés GalarragaEric YoungKen CaminitiBarry LarkinBarry BondsGary SheffieldEllis BurksMike PiazzaTom GlavineN/AN/A
1997Jeff BagwellCraig BiggioVinny CastillaJeff BlauserBarry BondsTony GwynnLarry WalkerMike PiazzaJohn SmoltzN/AN/A
1998Mark McGwireCraig BiggioVinny CastillaBarry LarkinSammy SosaGreg VaughnMoisés AlouMike PiazzaTom GlavineN/AN/A
1999Jeff BagwellEdgardo AlfonzoChipper JonesBarry LarkinSammy SosaVladimir GuerreroLarry Walker Mike PiazzaMike HamptonN/AN/A
2000Todd HeltonJeff KentChipper JonesÉdgar RenteríaBarry BondsVladimir GuerreroSammy SosaMike PiazzaMike HamptonN/AN/A
2001Todd HeltonJeff KentAlbert PujolsRich AuriliaBarry BondsLuis GonzalezSammy SosaMike PiazzaMike HamptonN/AN/A
2002Todd HeltonJeff KentScott RolenÉdgar RenteríaBarry BondsVladimir GuerreroSammy SosaMike PiazzaMike HamptonN/AN/A
2003Todd HeltonJosé VidroMike LowellÉdgar RenteríaBarry BondsGary SheffieldAlbert PujolsJavy LópezMike HamptonN/AN/A
2004Albert PujolsMark LorettaAdrián BeltréJack WilsonBarry BondsJim EdmondsBobby AbreuJohnny EstradaLiván HernándezN/AN/A
2005Derrek LeeJeff KentMorgan EnsbergFelipe LópezAndruw JonesMiguel CabreraCarlos LeeMichael BarrettJason MarquisN/AN/A
2006Ryan HowardChase UtleyMiguel CabreraJosé ReyesCarlos BeltránMatt HollidayAlfonso SorianoBrian McCannCarlos ZambranoN/AN/A
2007Prince FielderChase UtleyDavid WrightJimmy RollinsCarlos BeltránMatt HollidayCarlos LeeRussell MartinMicah OwingsN/AN/A
2008Albert PujolsChase UtleyDavid WrightHanley RamírezRyan LudwickMatt HollidayRyan BraunBrian McCannCarlos ZambranoN/AN/A
2009Albert PujolsChase UtleyRyan ZimmermanHanley RamírezMatt KempAndre EthierRyan BraunBrian McCannCarlos ZambranoN/AN/A
2010Albert PujolsDan UgglaRyan ZimmermanTroy TulowitzkiCarlos GonzálezMatt HollidayRyan BraunBrian McCannYovani GallardoN/AN/A
2011Prince FielderBrandon PhillipsAramis RamírezTroy TulowitzkiMatt KempJustin UptonRyan BraunBrian McCannDaniel HudsonN/AN/A
2012Adam LaRocheAaron HillChase HeadleyIan DesmondAndrew McCutchenJay BruceRyan BraunBuster PoseyStephen StrasburgN/AN/A
2013Paul GoldschmidtMatt CarpenterPedro ÁlvarezIan DesmondAndrew McCutchenJay BruceMichael CuddyerYadier MolinaZack GreinkeN/AN/A
2014Adrián GonzálezNeil WalkerAnthony RendonIan DesmondAndrew McCutchenGiancarlo StantonJustin UptonBuster PoseyMadison BumgarnerN/AN/A
2015Paul GoldschmidtDee GordonNolan ArenadoBrandon CrawfordAndrew McCutchenBryce HarperCarlos GonzálezBuster PoseyMadison BumgarnerN/AN/A
2016Anthony RizzoDaniel MurphyNolan ArenadoCorey SeagerCharlie BlackmonYoenis CéspedesChristian YelichWilson RamosJake ArrietaN/AN/A
2017Paul GoldschmidtDaniel MurphyNolan ArenadoCorey SeagerCharlie BlackmonGiancarlo StantonMarcell OzunaBuster PoseyAdam WainwrightN/AN/A
2018Paul GoldschmidtJavier BáezNolan ArenadoTrevor StoryNick MarkakisDavid PeraltaChristian YelichJ. T. RealmutoGermán MárquezN/AN/A
2019Freddie FreemanOzzie AlbiesAnthony RendonTrevor StoryRonald Acuña Jr.Cody BellingerChristian YelichJ. T. RealmutoZack GreinkeN/AN/A
2020Freddie FreemanDonovan SolanoManny MachadoFernando Tatís Jr.Juan SotoRonald Acuña Jr.Mookie BettsTravis d'ArnaudN/AMarcell OzunaN/A
2021Freddie FreemanOzzie AlbiesAustin RileyFernando Tatís Jr.Juan SotoBryce HarperNick CastellanosBuster PoseyMax FriedN/AN/A
2022Paul GoldschmidtJeff McNeilNolan ArenadoTrea TurnerKyle SchwarberMookie BettsJuan SotoJ.T. RealmutoN/AJosh BellBrandon Drury


(^) = A universal designated hitter rule was implemented temporarily during the 2020 MLB season and was fully implemented starting in 2022; the National League awarded its first Silver Slugger for DH in 2020. No award for pitchers was given.

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