1901 Pittsburgh Pirates season

The 1901 Pittsburgh[lower-alpha 1] Pirates finished in first place in the National League, 7½ games ahead of the second-place Philadelphia Phillies. It was the first year that the American League operated as a major league, but there would be no World Series between the leagues until 1903.

1901 Pittsburgh Pirates
1901 National League Champions
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Owner(s)Barney Dreyfuss
Manager(s)Fred Clarke
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The team was managed by Fred Clarke, who was also their starting left fielder. Clarke, in his fifth year as a manager at age 28, won his first pennant. The Pirates won the National League championship in the next two years as well.

Regular season

The Pirates were led offensively by Honus Wagner, who led the league in RBI and stolen bases. Although the "Flying Dutchman" had never played shortstop in the majors until 1901, he appeared 61 times at shortstop that year in addition to spending time at third base and the outfield.

In a league that batted .267 as a whole, the Pirates outfield was notable for its hitting. Ginger Beaumont hit .332, player-manager Fred Clarke hit .324, and Lefty Davis hit .313.

The pitching staff of the Pirates allowed the fewest runs in the league and was among the greatest ever. The four top starting pitchersDeacon Phillippe, Jack Chesbro, Jesse Tannehill, and Sam Leever – were the four top pitchers in the National League in terms of winning percentage. All of them were in the top ten in the league in ERA. Future Hall of Famer Rube Waddell had pitched well in 1900 for the Pirates, but was sold in May 1901 to the Chicago Orphans. With a record of 90-49, the Pirates had the best record in the league.

Season standings

National League W L Pct. GB Home Road
Pittsburgh Pirates 9049 0.647 45–24 45–25
Philadelphia Phillies 8357 0.593 46–23 37–34
Brooklyn Superbas 7957 0.581 43–25 36–32
St. Louis Cardinals 7664 0.543 14½ 40–31 36–33
Boston Beaneaters 6969 0.500 20½ 41–29 28–40
Chicago Orphans 5386 0.381 37 30–39 23–47
New York Giants 5285 0.380 37 30–38 22–47
Cincinnati Reds 5287 0.374 38 27–43 25–44

Record vs. opponents

Boston 10–1013–611–8–114–6–17–135–159–11
Brooklyn 10–1013–714–6–111–611–911–89–11
Chicago 6–137–1310–1011–9–13–176–1410–10
Cincinnati 8–11–16–14–110–108–124–167–139–11–1
New York 6–14–16–119–11–112–88–124–16–17–13–1
Philadelphia 13–79–1117–316–412–87–139–11
Pittsburgh 15–58–1114–613–716–4–113–711–9
St. Louis 11–911–910–1011–9–113–7–111–99–11

Game log

1901 Game Log: 90–49 (Home: 45–24; Away: 45–25)
April: 3–3 (Home: 1–2; Away: 2–1)
1April 20@ Reds4–21–0
2April 23@ Cardinals4–101–1
3April 24@ Cardinals5–42–1
4April 27Cardinals2–72–2
5April 29Cardinals14–123–2
6April 30Cardinals2–43–3
May: 13–11 (Home: 3–3; Away: 10–8)
7May 1Orphans3–83–4
8May 2Orphans3–24–4
9May 3Orphans10–65–4
10May 4Orphans2–45–5
11May 5@ Orphans4–26–5
12May 7@ Orphans8–07–5
13May 8@ Orphans8–78–5
14May 9@ Orphans8–19–5
15May 10Reds3–010–5
16May 12@ Reds1–610–6
17May 13Reds2–310–7
18May 14@ Phillies3–211–7
19May 15@ Phillies5–611–8
20May 16@ Phillies2–1211–9
21May 17@ Phillies6–412–9
22May 21@ Giants1–212–10
23May 22@ Giants1–212–11
24May 23@ Beaneaters3–712–12
25May 24@ Beaneaters6–413–12
26May 25@ Beaneaters11–114–12
27May 28@ Superbas7–814–13
28May 30@ Superbas4–32,30015–13
29May 30@ Superbas2–811,00015–14
30May 31@ Superbas5–216–14
June: 17–9 (Home: 10–4; Away: 7–5)
31June 1Reds3–416–15
32June 2@ Orphans6–117–15
33June 3Phillies11–118–15
34June 4Phillies4–319–15
35June 5Phillies5–220–15
36June 6Superbas1–420–16
37June 7Superbas5–421–16
38June 8Superbas3–721–17
39June 10Giants3–122–17
40June 11Giants4–023–17
41June 12Giants5–224–17
42June 13Beaneaters6–225–17
43June 14Beaneaters1–725–18
44June 15Beaneaters1–026–18
45June 16@ Reds2–027–18
46June 18Cardinals9–228–18
47June 19@ Giants5–528–18
48June 20@ Giants7–029–18
49June 21@ Giants2–329–19
50June 22@ Beaneaters2–429–20
51June 22@ Beaneaters6–230–20
52June 24@ Beaneaters8–231–20
53June 25@ Beaneaters4–931–21
54June 26@ Superbas3–1631–22
55June 27@ Superbas7–831–23
56June 28@ Superbas5–332–23
57June 29@ Phillies5–433–23
July: 16–9 (Home: 12–6; Away: 4–3)
58July 1@ Phillies0–133–24
59July 2@ Phillies5–334–24
60July 4Giants3–534–25
61July 4Giants12–035–25
62July 5Giants7–236–25
63July 6Giants6–237–25
64July 8Beaneaters5–038–25
65July 9Beaneaters9–439–25
66July 10Beaneaters1–040–25
67July 11Beaneaters5–041–25
68July 12Phillies2–441–26
69July 13Phillies5–342–26
70July 14@ Orphans3–143–26
71July 16Phillies3–643–27
72July 17Superbas3–743–28
73July 18Superbas3–443–29
74July 19Superbas4–543–30
75July 20Superbas15–244–30
76July 23Reds9–245–30
77July 24Reds11–246–30
78July 25Reds9–547–30
79July 26@ Cardinals7–1247–31
80July 27@ Cardinals7–448–31
81July 28@ Cardinals3–548–32
82July 29@ Cardinals8–049–32
August: 13–9 (Home: 7–7; Away: 6–2)
83August 3Reds4–749–33
84August 4@ Reds6–350–33
85August 5Cardinals6–2050–34
86August 6Cardinals8–151–34
87August 7Cardinals9–352–34
88August 8Orphans7–653–34
89August 9Orphans1–453–35
90August 11@ Orphans5–154–35
91August 17Reds5–055–35
92August 18@ Reds4–555–36
93August 19@ Cardinals9–556–36
94August 20@ Cardinals14–257–36
95August 21@ Cardinals3–457–37
96August 22@ Cardinals4–358–37
97August 25@ Reds6–359–37
98August 26Cardinals2–559–38
99August 27Cardinals7–160–38
100August 28Cardinals7–960–39
101August 29Orphans1–460–40
102August 29Orphans2–161–40
103August 31Orphans1–561–41
104August 31Orphans5–262–41
September: 25–7 (Home: 10–2; Away: 15–5)
105September 2@ Beaneaters5–363–41
106September 2@ Beaneaters3–064–41
107September 3@ Beaneaters5–265–41
108September 4@ Giants12–666–41
109September 4@ Giants10–367–41
110September 5@ Giants15–168–41
111September 5@ Giants15–769–41
112September 6@ Giants15–270–41
113September 6@ Giants13–471–41
114September 7@ Phillies1–471–42
115September 9@ Phillies11–572–42
116September 10@ Phillies8–573–42
117September 11@ Superbas5–474–42
118September 13@ Superbas3–574–43
119September 13@ Superbas2–474–44
120September 14Reds5–375–44
121September 14Reds8–476–44
122September 15@ Reds3–077–44
123September 17@ Reds7–278–44
124September 18Phillies5–179–44
125September 20Phillies10–180–44
126September 20Phillies7–281–44
127September 21Phillies2–481–45
128September 22@ Orphans15–982–45
129September 23Giants5–483–45
130September 24Giants14–984–45
131September 25Giants10–585–45
132September 26Superbas4–386–45
133September 27Superbas5–487–45
134September 29@ Reds1–287–46
135September 29@ Reds1–287–47
136September 30Beaneaters1–587–48
October: 3–1 (Home: 2–0; Away: 1–1)
137October 1Beaneaters9–088–48
138October 2Beaneaters8–489–48
139October 5@ Orphans1–289–49
140October 6@ Orphans9–590–49
Legend:        = Win        = Loss        = Tie
Bold = Pittsburgh Pirates team member

Detailed records

Opening Day lineup


1901 Pittsburgh Pirates
Pitchers Catchers


Outfielders Manager

Awards and honors

Ginger Beaumont

  • #3 in NL in runs scored (120)

Deacon Phillippe

  • #2 in NL in ERA (2.22)
  • #3 in NL in wins (22)

Jesse Tannehill

  • NL leader in ERA (2.18)

Honus Wagner

  • NL leader in RBI (126)
  • NL leader in stolen bases (49)
  • #4 in NL in batting average (.353)
  • #4 in NL in on-base percentage (.417)


Starters by position

Note: Pos = Position; G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Pos Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
CChief Zimmer6923652.220021
1BKitty Bransfield139566167.295091
2BClaude Ritchey140540160.296174
SSHonus Wagner140549194.3536126
3BTommy Leach98374114.305244
OFFred Clarke129527171.324660
OFLefty Davis87335105.313233
OFGinger Beaumont133558185.332872

Other batters

Note: G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
Bones Ely6524050.208028
Jack O'Connor6120239.193022
George Yeager269124.264010
Ed Poole267816.20514
Jimmy Burke145110.19604
Lew Carr9287.25004
Jud Smith6213.14300
Truck Eagan4121.08302
Terry Turner773.42901
Mike Smith440.00000
Jiggs Donahue200----00

Starting pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Deacon Phillippe37296.022122.22103
Jack Chesbro36287.221102.38129
Jesse Tannehill35252.118102.18118
Sam Leever21176.01452.8682
Ed Poole1280.0543.6026
Ed Doheny1176.2622.0028
George Merritt324.0304.885
Rube Waddell27.2029.394

Other pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Snake Wiltse744.1144.2610


  • June 27, 1901: Snake Wiltse was released by the Pirates.[1]


  1. In the early 20th century and earlier, the name of Pittsburgh was spelled both with and without the 'h'.


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