2000 Philadelphia Phillies season

The 2000 Philadelphia Phillies season was the 118th season in the history of the franchise.

2000 Philadelphia Phillies
Major League affiliations
Record65–97 (.401)
Divisional place5th
Other information
Owner(s)Bill Giles
General manager(s)Ed Wade
Manager(s)Terry Francona
Local televisionWPSG
CSN Philadelphia
Local radioWPHT
(Harry Kalas, Larry Andersen, Andy Musser, Chris Wheeler, Scott Graham)
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  • November 8, 1999: Jalal Leach was signed as a free agent with the Philadelphia Phillies.[1]
  • November 18, 1999: Mark Brownson was selected off waivers by the Philadelphia Phillies from the Colorado Rockies.[2]
  • December 12, 1999: Bobby Estalella was traded by the Philadelphia Phillies to the San Francisco Giants for Chris Brock.[3]

Regular season

Season standings

NL East W L Pct. GB Home Road
Atlanta Braves 9567 0.586 51–30 44–37
New York Mets 9468 0.580 1 55–26 39–42
Florida Marlins 7982 0.491 15½ 43–38 36–44
Montreal Expos 6795 0.414 28 37–44 30–51
Philadelphia Phillies 6597 0.401 30 34–47 31–50

Record vs. opponents

Source: NL Standings Head-to-Head
Arizona 3–65–42–57–64–56–17–64–54–52–78–17–29–46–75–46–9
Atlanta 6–34–52–55–46–65–47–26–36–77–68–55–28–16–33–411–7
Chicago 4–55–44–84–51–65–73–66–74–52–56–33–93–54–53–108–7
Cincinnati 5–25–28–46–33–67–54–55–8–16–35–43–47–64–53–67–67–8
Colorado 6–74–55–43–64–55–44–94–57–23–66–37–27–66–75–36–6
Florida 5–46–66–16–35–43–52–73–47–66–69–45–42–73–63–68–9
Houston 1–64–57–55–74–55–33–67–64–52–55–410–32–71–86–66–9
Los Angeles 6–72–76–35–49–47–26–33–45–34–55–44–58–57–53–66–9
Milwaukee 5–43–67–68–5–15–44–36–74–34–52–72–57–52–73–65–76–9
Montreal 5–47–65–43–62–76–75–43–55–43–95–73–43–63–62–57–11
New York 7–26–75–24–56–36–65–25–47–29–36–77–23–63–56–39–9
Philadelphia 1–85–83–64–33–64–94–54–55–27–57–63–62–52–72–79–9
Pittsburgh 2–72–59–36–72–74–53–105–45–74–32–76–37–22–64–86–9
San Diego 4–91–85–35–46–77–27–25–87–26–36–35–22–75–70–95–10
San Francisco 7–63–65–46–37–66–38–15–76–36–35–37–26–27–55–48–7
St. Louis 4–54–310–36–73–56–36–66–37–55–23–67–28–49–04–57–8

Notable transactions

  • June 5, 2000: Chase Utley was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 1st round (15th pick) of the 2000 amateur draft. Player signed July 29, 2000.[4]
  • June 28, 2000: Jalal Leach was released by the Philadelphia Phillies.[1]
  • July 26, 2000: Rob Ducey was traded by the Philadelphia Phillies to the Toronto Blue Jays for a player to be named later.[5]
  • July 26, 2000: Curt Schilling was traded by the Philadelphia Phillies to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Omar Daal, Nelson Figueroa, Travis Lee, and Vicente Padilla.
  • July 29, 2000: Kent Bottenfield was traded by the Anaheim Angels to the Philadelphia Phillies for Ron Gant.[6]
  • August 3, 2000: Rico Brogna was selected off waivers by the Boston Red Sox from the Philadelphia Phillies.[7]

Major league debuts

  • Batters:
  • Pitchers:
    • Dave Coggin (June 23)
    • Tom Jacquez (September 9)
    • Doug Nickle (September 18) [8]

2000 Game Log

 Phillies win
 Phillies loss
BoldPhillies team member
2000 Game Log[9]
Overall Record: 65–97
April (7–17)
1April 4@ Diamondbacks4–6Randy Johnson (1–0)Andy Ashby (0–1)Darren Holmes (1)44,2980–1
2April 5@ Diamondbacks3–11Todd Stottlemyre (1–0)Paul Byrd (0–1)Mike Morgan (1)29,2910–2
3April 6@ Diamondbacks2–3 (11)Russ Springer (1–0)Steve Schrenk (0–1)None28,7740–3
4April 7@ Astros4–1Randy Wolf (1–0)Octavio Dotel (0–1)Wayne Gomes (1)41,5831–3
5April 8@ Astros5–8Mike Maddux (1–0)Chris Brock (0–1)Billy Wagner (2)39,0181–4
6April 9@ Astros3–2Steve Schrenk (1–1)Jay Powell (0–1)Wayne Gomes (2)38,7842–4
7April 10Mets9–7Amaury Telemaco (1–0)Rich Rodriguez (0–1)Wayne Gomes (3)47,1153–4
8April 12Mets8–5Robert Person (1–0)Mike Hampton (0–3)Wayne Gomes (4)15,2694–4
9April 13Mets1–2Dennis Cook (2–0)Scott Aldred (0–1)Armando Benítez (3)14,5524–5
10April 14Expos0–4Dustin Hermanson (1–1)Chris Brock (0–2)None12,3664–6
April 15ExposPostponed (rain); Makeup: April 17
11April 16Expos5–4Scott Aldred (1–1)Anthony Telford (2–1)None18,6485–6
April 17ExposPostponed (rain); Makeup: September 11 as a traditional double-header
12April 18@ Braves3–4 (12)Luis Rivera (1–0)Carlos Reyes (0–1)None34,9035–7
13April 19@ Braves1–10Tom Glavine (3–0)Randy Wolf (1–1)None29,9925–8
14April 20@ Braves4–6Kevin Millwood (1–0)Scott Aldred (1–2)John Rocker (1)31,4515–9
15April 21@ Marlins4–3Andy Ashby (1–1)Vladimir Núñez (0–2)None15,4786–9
16April 22@ Marlins2–4Jesús Sánchez (3–0)Paul Byrd (0–2)Antonio Alfonseca (6)22,7876–10
17April 23@ Marlins2–5Brad Penny (3–1)Robert Person (1–1)Antonio Alfonseca (7)11,4426–11
18April 24@ Marlins1–3Alex Fernandez (3–2)Randy Wolf (1–2)Antonio Alfonseca (8)9,3446–12
19April 25Diamondbacks2–10Randy Johnson (5–0)Chris Brock (0–3)None11,9266–13
20April 26Diamondbacks4–10Todd Stottlemyre (4–1)Andy Ashby (1–2)None12,2506–14
21April 27Diamondbacks5–4Wayne Gomes (1–0)Byung-hyun Kim (0–1)None13,5607–14
22April 28Cardinals4–7Garrett Stephenson (3–0)Carlos Reyes (0–2)Dave Veres (5)25,8777–15
23April 29Cardinals6–7 (10)Mike Mohler (1–1)Wayne Gomes (1–1)None23,0317–16
24April 30Cardinals3–4Darryl Kile (5–1)Curt Schilling (0–1)Mike James (1)34,0337–17
May (11–16)
25May 2Reds0–7Denny Neagle (3–0)Andy Ashby (1–3)Scott Sullivan (2)23,2347–18
26May 3Reds5–2Paul Byrd (1–2)Steve Parris (1–4)None23,2608–18
27May 4Reds14–1Robert Person (2–1)Pete Harnisch (0–4)None27,5649–18
28May 5@ Braves5–6Rudy Seánez (1–0)Wayne Gomes (1–2)None40,1749–19
29May 6@ Braves6–0Curt Schilling (1–1)Kevin Millwood (3–1)None48,61010–19
30May 7@ Braves7–4Andy Ashby (2–3)Terry Mulholland (3–3)Wayne Gomes (5)40,61311–19
31May 9@ Expos2–3Steve Kline (1–0)Wayne Gomes (1–3)None8,84511–20
32May 10@ Expos8–0Robert Person (3–1)Javier Vázquez (3–1)None9,41112–20
33May 11@ Expos6–4Randy Wolf (2–2)Carl Pavano (3–1)Wayne Gomes (6)8,31113–20
34May 12Braves7–8Kerry Ligtenberg (1–1)Wayne Gomes (1–4)John Rocker (8)21,92213–21
35May 13Braves2–3 (10)Rudy Seánez (2–1)Scott Aldred (1–3)John Rocker (9)20,51613–22
36May 14Braves2–11John Burkett (2–2)Paul Byrd (1–3)None22,25813–23
37May 16Cardinals2–8Andy Benes (3–2)Robert Person (3–2)None18,39913–24
38May 17Cardinals5–4Randy Wolf (3–2)Heathcliff Slocumb (1–3)Jeff Brantley (1)18,94114–24
39May 18Cardinals2–7Garrett Stephenson (6–0)Curt Schilling (1–2)None17,13714–25
40May 19Rockies2–10Pedro Astacio (5–2)Andy Ashby (2–4)None14,20214–26
41May 20Rockies3–4Julián Tavárez (3–2)Chris Brock (0–4)José Jiménez (6)19,19214–27
42May 21Rockies4–3Robert Person (4–2)Masato Yoshii (1–5)Jeff Brantley (2)20,61215–27
43May 23@ Astros2–10Chris Holt (2–6)Randy Wolf (3–3)None33,38115–28
44May 24@ Astros9–7Wayne Gomes (2–4)Billy Wagner (1–3)Jeff Brantley (3)32,66516–28
45May 25@ Astros6–10Scott Elarton (3–1)Andy Ashby (2–5)Joe Slusarski (1)34,73616–29
46May 26@ Dodgers4–11Kevin Brown (4–1)Paul Byrd (1–4)None37,04816–30
47May 27@ Dodgers7–6Robert Person (5–2)Darren Dreifort (3–2)Jeff Brantley (4)33,96717–30
48May 28@ Dodgers4–2Randy Wolf (4–3)Antonio Osuna (0–1)None28,60318–30
49May 29@ Giants2–7Shawn Estes (4–2)Curt Schilling (1–3)Alan Embree (1)40,93018–31
50May 30@ Giants3–7Liván Hernández (4–5)Andy Ashby (2–6)Robb Nen (8)40,93018–32
51May 31@ Giants4–10Mark Gardner (4–2)Paul Byrd (1–5)None40,93018–33
June (15–11)
52June 2Red Sox2–1 (11)Jeff Brantley (1–0)John Wasdin (0–2)None22,19419–33
53June 3Red Sox9–3Randy Wolf (5–3)Tim Wakefield (1–4)None31,13120–33
54June 4Red Sox6–5 (12)Steve Schrenk (2–1)Rhéal Cormier (2–1)None27,38221–33
55June 5Devil Rays3–5 (12)Mark Guthrie (3–3)Jason Boyd (0–1)Rick White (1)13,23721–34
56June 6Devil Rays3–5 (10)Roberto Hernández (2–2)Jeff Brantley (1–1)Rick White (2)13,41521–35
57June 7Devil Rays5–4Chris Brock (1–4)Mark Guthrie (3–4)Jeff Brantley (5)20,51422–35
58June 9@ Orioles9–5Randy Wolf (6–3)Pat Rapp (4–4)None47,21823–35
59June 10@ Orioles4–11Sidney Ponson (4–3)Curt Schilling (1–4)None48,44323–36
60June 11@ Orioles2–7Mike Mussina (4–6)Andy Ashby (2–7)None47,54023–37
61June 12Marlins2–5Vic Darensbourg (3–0)Cliff Politte (0–1)Antonio Alfonseca (19)11,92623–38
62June 13Marlins4–3Wayne Gomes (3–4)Joe Strong (0–1)Jeff Brantley (6)13,31624–38
63June 14Marlins1–8Ryan Dempster (7–4)Randy Wolf (6–4)None14,47224–39
64June 16@ Braves2–1Curt Schilling (2–4)Tom Glavine (7–3)Jeff Brantley (7)20,49525–39
65June 17@ Braves9–3Cliff Politte (1–1)Terry Mulholland (6–6)None37,29226–39
66June 18@ Braves3–5John Burkett (5–3)Steve Schrenk (2–2)John Rocker (11)25,35926–40
67June 19@ Braves5–2Chris Brock (2–4)Mike Remlinger (2–2)Jeff Brantley (8)22,26427–40
68June 20@ Mets3–2 (10)Chris Brock (3–4)Armando Benítez (1–3)Jeff Brantley (9)40,38628–40
69June 21@ Mets10–5Wayne Gomes (4–4)John Franco (2–3)None22,52429–40
70June 22@ Mets4–5Glendon Rusch (5–5)Cliff Politte (1–2)Dennis Cook (1)21,00529–41
71June 23@ Expos13–6David Coggin (1–0)Javier Vázquez (6–4)None8,19730–41
72June 24@ Expos8–1Randy Wolf (7–4)Carl Pavano (8–4)None8,37431–41
73June 25@ Expos1–3Mike Johnson (3–2)Paul Byrd (1–6)Steve Kline (8)13,16431–42
74June 27Brewers7–0Curt Schilling (3–4)Jimmy Haynes (7–7)None15,25632–42
75June 28Brewers9–7Chris Brock (4–4)Juan Acevedo (0–3)Jeff Brantley (10)13,52033–42
76June 29Brewers6–8Jason Bere (5–6)Steve Schrenk (2–3)Curtis Leskanic (1)21,59733–43
77June 30Pirates3–8Kris Benson (7–6)Randy Wolf (7–5)None38,22133–44
July (13–14)
78July 1Pirates4–3Paul Byrd (2–6)Bronson Arroyo (0–2)Jeff Brantley (11)48,40634–44
79July 2Pirates9–1Curt Schilling (4–4)Todd Ritchie (5–5)None20,29035–44
80July 3@ Brewers5–3Andy Ashby (3–7)John Snyder (3–3)Jeff Brantley (12)13,90336–44
81July 4@ Brewers7–4Chris Brock (5–4)Bob Wickman (2–2)Jeff Brantley (13)14,60237–44
82July 5@ Brewers5–2Randy Wolf (8–5)Jamey Wright (4–2)Wayne Gomes (7)10,67738–44
83July 6@ Brewers2–4Jeff D'Amico (4–4)Paul Byrd (2–7)Bob Wickman (12)12,57838–45
84July 7Orioles1–2Mike Mussina (6–7)Curt Schilling (4–5)Mike Timlin (8)21,88238–46
85July 8Orioles13–4Andy Ashby (4–7)José Mercedes (3–4)None28,38539–46
86July 9Orioles4–5Alan Mills (3–1)Jeff Brantley (1–2)Mike Timlin (9)28,10039–47
July 112000 Major League Baseball All-Star Game at Turner Field in Atlanta
87July 13@ Blue Jays8–5Curt Schilling (5–5)Chris Carpenter (7–8)Jeff Brantley (14)22,16340–47
88July 14@ Blue Jays2–3Billy Koch (5–1)Jeff Brantley (1–3)None21,38540–48
89July 15@ Blue Jays7–3Bruce Chen (5–0)David Wells (15–3)None24,82841–48
90July 16@ Yankees8–9 (10)Mariano Rivera (3–3)Jeff Brantley (1–4)None53,13141–49
91July 17@ Yankees10–8David Coggin (2–0)David Cone (1–8)Chris Brock (1)38,98742–49
92July 18@ Yankees1–3Denny Neagle (9–2)Curt Schilling (5–6)Mariano Rivera (22)40,01342–50
93July 19@ Cubs4–5Félix Heredia (4–3)Mark Holzemer (0–1)None39,39042–51
94July 20@ Cubs3–2Mark Brownson (1–0)Kevin Tapani (6–8)Jeff Brantley (15)38,84843–51
95July 21@ Pirates2–9Jimmy Anderson (3–5)Paul Byrd (2–8)None22,43843–52
96July 22@ Pirates1–2Bronson Arroyo (1–3)Robert Person (5–3)Mike Williams (14)28,48543–53
97July 23@ Pirates4–1Curt Schilling (6–6)Todd Ritchie (5–6)None23,84044–53
98July 25Cubs7–8Tim Worrell (3–3)Chris Brock (5–5)Rick Aguilera (22)22,06544–54
99July 26Cubs9–14Félix Heredia (6–3)Paul Byrd (2–9)None17,82544–55
100July 27Cubs1–4Steve Rain (2–0)Vicente Padilla (2–2)Rick Aguilera (23)30,72244–56
101July 28Dodgers0–2Darren Dreifort (7–7)Omar Daal (2–11)Jeff Shaw (16)20,11044–57
102July 29Dodgers3–0Cliff Politte (2–2)Kevin Brown (10–4)Jeff Brantley (16)35,18945–57
103July 30Dodgers3–2Randy Wolf (9–5)Chan Ho Park (11–8)Jeff Brantley (17)23,30146–57
104July 31@ Padres1–4Woody Williams (6–3)Bruce Chen (5–1)None43,20746–58
August (10–18)
105August 1@ Padres9–10 (10)Carlos Almanzar (2–3)Jeff Brantley (1–5)None18,27446–59
106August 2@ Padres2–5Matt Clement (10–10)Omar Daal (2–12)Trevor Hoffman (26)14,44746–60
107August 4@ Rockies1–8Julián Tavárez (7–2)Kent Bottenfield (7–9)None42,82746–61
108August 5@ Rockies6–7José Jiménez (5–0)Jeff Brantley (1–6)None40,97946–62
109August 6@ Rockies10–9Bruce Chen (6–1)Pedro Astacio (9–8)None38,27847–62
110August 7Padres4–6Matt Clement (11–10)Robert Person (5–4)Trevor Hoffman (30)13,35347–63
111August 8Padres10–4Omar Daal (3–12)Brian Tollberg (2–2)None14,18148–63
112August 9Padres3–2Chris Brock (6–5)Heathcliff Slocumb (2–4)None16,54149–63
113August 10Padres3–15Woody Williams (7–4)Randy Wolf (9–6)None15,68149–64
114August 11Astros2–7Marc Valdes (3–4)Vicente Padilla (2–3)None15,55149–65
115August 12Astros3–2Robert Person (6–4)Wade Miller (1–4)Jeff Brantley (18)21,18850–65
116August 13Astros7–14José Cabrera (1–2)Omar Daal (3–13)None20,12950–66
117August 14Diamondbacks3–4 (11)Dan Plesac (2–0)Jeff Brantley (1–7)Matt Mantei (10)14,08350–67
118August 15Diamondbacks6–11Byung-hyun Kim (3–5)Wayne Gomes (4–5)None16,94950–68
119August 16Diamondbacks1–5Armando Reynoso (10–7)Bruce Chen (6–2)None23,49850–69
120August 18@ Cardinals6–7Jason Christiansen (3–8)Chris Brock (6–6)None46,25350–70
121August 19@ Cardinals3–6Pat Hentgen (12–9)Omar Daal (3–14)None47,16350–71
122August 20@ Cardinals6–0Kent Bottenfield (8–9)Britt Reames (0–1)None43,00051–71
123August 21@ Reds4–7Pete Harnisch (5–6)Randy Wolf (9–7)Danny Graves (21)21,55851–72
124August 22@ Reds5–4Vicente Padilla (3–3)Larry Luebbers (0–2)Jeff Brantley (19)22,47052–72
125August 23@ Reds4–3Chris Brock (7–6)Danny Graves (10–4)Vicente Padilla (1)20,25553–72
126August 24@ Reds3–8Steve Parris (8–14)Omar Daal (3–15)None25,74553–73
127August 25@ Giants3–16Russ Ortiz (10–10)Kent Bottenfield (8–10)None18,38453–74
128August 26@ Giants5–2Randy Wolf (10–7)Kirk Rueter (8–9)Jeff Brantley (20)19,63654–74
129August 27@ Giants2–1 (10)Ed Vosberg (1–0)Aaron Fultz (3–2)None18,71755–74
130August 28Rockies3–2Robert Person (7–4)Masato Yoshii (5–14)Jeff Brantley (21)14,11856–74
131August 29Rockies1–2Brian Rose (5–7)Omar Daal (3–16)José Jiménez (17)14,86256–75
132August 30Rockies4–5 (11)Gabe White (9–1)Wayne Gomes (4–6)José Jiménez (18)14,15056–76
September (9–20)
133September 1@ Dodgers1–2Mike Fetters (6–2)Chris Brock (7–7)Jeff Shaw (23)28,38356–77
134September 2@ Dodgers0–1 (10)Matt Herges (9–3)Vicente Padilla (3–4)None37,24456–78
135September 3@ Dodgers1–6Chan Ho Park (15–8)Robert Person (7–5)Jeff Shaw (24)38,15056–79
136September 4@ Giants0–3Russ Ortiz (12–10)Omar Daal (3–17)Robb Nen (34)40,93056–80
137September 5@ Giants5–8John Johnstone (3–4)Ed Vosberg (1–1)Robb Nen (35)40,93056–81
138September 6@ Giants4–5Aaron Fultz (4–2)Vicente Padilla (3–5)Alan Embree (2)40,93056–82
139September 8@ Mets2–0Vicente Padilla (4–5)Mike Hampton (13–9)Jeff Brantley (22)38,80857–82
140September 9@ Mets6–3Robert Person (8–5)Turk Wendell (7–5)None42,32458–82
141September 10@ Mets0–3Al Leiter (15–7)Omar Daal (3–18)None53,77558–83
142September 11 (1)Expos5–2Cliff Politte (3–2)Dustin Hermanson (11–13)Jeff Brantley (23)see 2nd game59–83
143September 11 (2)Expos6–7Guillermo Mota (1–1)Vicente Padilla (4–6)Scott Strickland (5)11,31059–84
144September 12Expos0–1Tony Armas Jr. (5–8)Amaury Telemaco (1–1)Scott Strickland (6)12,13559–85
145September 13Expos15–5Bruce Chen (7–2)Felipe Lira (4–6)None12,31660–85
146September 15Marlins7–4Robert Person (9–5)A. J. Burnett (2–6)None13,06461–85
147September 16Marlins2–3Brad Penny (6–7)Omar Daal (3–19)Antonio Alfonseca (41)15,25561–86
148September 17Marlins6–5Randy Wolf (11–7)Chuck Smith (4–6)Thomas Jacquez (1)15,48662–86
149September 18Pirates5–6Rich Loiselle (1–3)Vicente Padilla (4–7)Mike Williams (20)11,47062–87
150September 19Pirates8–12Matt Skrmetta (2–2)Amaury Telemaco (1–2)Mike Williams (21)11,36262–88
151September 20Pirates6–7 (10)Rich Loiselle (2–3)Chris Brock (7–8)Mike Williams (22)12,76262–89
152September 21Mets6–5Jeff Brantley (2–7)Rick White (5–9)None17,76963–89
153September 22Mets6–9Bobby J. Jones (10–6)Randy Wolf (11–8)Armando Benítez (39)21,12863–90
154September 23Mets3–7Mike Hampton (14–10)Cliff Politte (3–3)None22,57063–91
155September 24Mets2–3Glendon Rusch (11–11)Bruce Chen (7–3)Armando Benítez (40)31,39163–92
156September 25@ Cubs3–4Rubén Quevedo (3–9)Robert Person (9–6)Tim Worrell (2)26,10463–93
157September 26@ Cubs10–4Omar Daal (4–19)Jon Lieber (12–11)None26,05564–93
158September 27@ Cubs0–1Kerry Wood (8–7)Randy Wolf (11–9)Tim Worrell (3)28,18064–94
159September 28@ Cubs4–2Cliff Politte (4–3)Joey Nation (0–2)Vicente Padilla (2)22,91665–94
160September 29@ Marlins1–7Chuck Smith (6–6)Bruce Chen (7–4)None15,81665–95
161September 30@ Marlins5–11Reid Cornelius (4–10)Robert Person (9–7)None23,88265–96
October (0–1)
162October 1@ Marlins5–7Ryan Dempster (14–10)Amaury Telemaco (1–3)Antonio Alfonseca (45)21,05565–97


2000 Philadelphia Phillies
Pitchers Catchers


Outfielders Manager


Player stats

Starters by position

Note: Pos = Position; G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Pos Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
CMike Lieberthal108389108.2781571
1BPat Burrell111408106.2601879
2BMickey Morandini9130276.252022
SSDesi Relaford8325356.221330
3BScott Rolen128483144.2982689
LFRon Gant8934387.2542038
CFDoug Glanville154637175.275852
RFBobby Abreu154576182.3162579

Other batters

Note: G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
Kevin Jordan10933774.220536
Travis Lee5618043.239114
Marlon Anderson4116237.228115
Alex Arias7015529.187215
Kevin Sefcik9915336.235010
Rob Ducey11215230.197625
Tomás Pérez4514031.221113
Brian Hunter8513829.210722
Rico Brogna3812932.248113
Tom Prince4612229.238216
Gary Bennett317418.24325
Jimmy Rollins145317.32105
David Newhan10173.17600
Chris Pritchett5111.09100
Reggie Taylor9111.09100
Clemente Álvarez251.20000

Starting pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Randy Wolf32206.11194.36160
Robert Person28173.1973.63164
Curt Schilling16112.2663.9196
Andy Ashby16101.1475.6851
Bruce Chen1594.1343.6380
Paul Byrd1783.0296.5153
Omar Daal1271.0294.6951
Kent Bottenfield844.0124.5031
Dave Coggin527.0205.3317

Other pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Cliff Politte1259.0433.6650
Amaury Telemaco1324.1136.6622

Relief pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; SV = Saves; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G W L SV ERA SO
Jeff Brantley5527235.8657
Wayne Gomes654674.4049
Chris Brock637814.3469
Ed Vosberg311104.1323
Jason Boyd300106.5532
Vicente Padilla282625.3421
Mark Holzemer250107.7119
Scott Aldred231305.7521
Steve Schrenk202307.3319
Bryan Ward200002.3311
Trever Miller140008.3610
Carlos Reyes100205.234
Tom Jacquez900111.056
Doug Nickle400013.500
Kirk Bullinger30005.404
Mark Brownson21007.203

Farm system

Level Team League Manager
AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre
Red Barons
International League Marc Bombard
AA Reading Phillies Eastern League Gary Varsho
A Clearwater Phillies Florida State League Ken Oberkfell
A Piedmont Boll Weevils South Atlantic League Greg Legg
A-Short Season Batavia Muckdogs New York–Penn League Frank Klebe
Rookie GCL Phillies Gulf Coast League Ramón Avilés



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