2006 Philadelphia Phillies season

The 2006 Philadelphia Phillies season was the 124th season in the history of the franchise. The Phillies finished in second place in the National League East, 12 games behind the New York Mets, and three games behind the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NL Wild-Card race. The Phillies, managed by Charlie Manuel, played their home games at Citizens Bank Park. Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard was the National League's Most Valuable Player for the 2006 season, and was the winner of the Century 21 Home Run Derby, held during the All-Star Break at Pittsburgh.

2006 Philadelphia Phillies
Major League affiliations
Record85–77 (.525)
Divisional place2nd
Other information
Owner(s)Bill Giles
General manager(s)Pat Gillick
Manager(s)Charlie Manuel
Local televisionWPSG/KYW-TV
CSN Philadelphia (Harry Kalas, Larry Andersen, Chris Wheeler, Scott Graham, Scott Franzke)
Local radioWIP/WPHT
(Harry Kalas, Larry Andersen, Chris Wheeler, Scott Graham, Scott Franzke)
(Bill Kulik, Danny Martinez)
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  • November 25, 2005: Jim Thome was traded by the Phillies with cash to the Chicago White Sox for a player to be named later, Aaron Rowand, and Daniel Haigwood (minors). The White Sox sent Gio González (minors) (December 8, 2005) to the Phillies to complete the trade.
  • March 1, 2006: Alex Gonzalez was signed as a free agent with the Phillies.[1]

Regular season

National League East

NL East W L Pct. GB Home Road
New York Mets 9765 0.599 50–31 47–34
Philadelphia Phillies 8577 0.525 12 41–40 44–37
Atlanta Braves 7983 0.488 18 40–41 39–42
Florida Marlins 7884 0.481 19 42–39 36–45
Washington Nationals 7191 0.438 26 41–40 30–51

Record vs. opponents

Colorado 7–123–34–21–53–34–24–152–41–53–43–310–910–82–78–011–4
Los Angeles 10–83–32–46–015–45–13–34–23–44–36–45–1313–60–74–25–10
New York6–111–73–34–35–111–84–24–33–311–85–45–23–34–212–66–9
San Diego10–92–77–04–29–103–33–313–53–42–54–25–17–124–25–17–8
San Francisco11–84–34–25–28–103–35–16–133–63–31–51–612–71–41–58–7
St. Louis3–42–48–116–97–25-17–97–09–72–43–39–62–44–14–35–10


  • May 21, 2006: Alex Gonzalez retired from the Phillies.[1]
  • July 28, 2006: David Bell was traded by the Phillies to the Milwaukee Brewers for Wilfrido Laureano (minors).[2]
  • July 30, 2006: Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle were traded by the Phillies to the New York Yankees for minor league prospects.[3]
  • September 1, 2006: Randall Simon was purchased by the Phillies from the Texas Rangers.[4]

Game log

  Phillies win
  Phillies loss
Bold = Phillies team member
2006[5] Game Log
April (10–14)
1April 3Cardinals5–13Chris Carpenter (1–0)Jon Lieber (0–1)None44,6140–1
2April 5Cardinals3–4Brad Thompson (1–0)Tom Gordon (0–1)Jason Isringhausen (1)20,5570–2
3April 6Cardinals2–4Jason Marquis (1–0)Cory Lidle (0–1)Jason Isringhausen (2)20,4130–3
4April 7Dodgers3–5Brett Tomko (1–0)Gavin Floyd (0–1)Danys Báez (2)25,5180–4
April 8DodgersPostponed (rain); Makeup: April 9 as a traditional double-header
5April 9 (1)Dodgers6–3Tom Gordon (1–1)Tim Hamulack (0–1)Nonesee 2nd game1–4
6April 9 (2)Dodgers2–6Brad Penny (2–0)Jon Lieber (0–2)None38,0561–5
7April 10@ Braves3–5Óscar Villarreal (3–0)Ryan Franklin (0–1)Chris Reitsma (3)47,3321–6
8April 12@ Braves7–5Cory Lidle (1–1)Jorge Sosa (0–2)Tom Gordon (1)37,1072–6
9April 13@ Braves7–6Gavin Floyd (1–1)Kyle Davies (0–1)Tom Gordon (2)22,9113–6
10April 14@ Rockies10–8Ryan Madson (1–0)Zach Day (1–1)Tom Gordon (3)25,3904–6
11April 15@ Rockies6–10Ray King (1–1)Jon Lieber (0–3)None23,2064–7
12April 16@ Rockies1–0Brett Myers (1–0)Aaron Cook (1–2)Tom Gordon (4)25,1445–7
13April 18Nationals3–10Tony Armas Jr. (1–2)Cory Lidle (1–2)None20,0725–8
14April 19Nationals7–6 (10)Ryan Franklin (1–1)Mike Stanton (0–2)None27,9136–8
15April 20Nationals4–10Billy Traber (1–0)Ryan Madson (1–1)None28,1776–9
16April 21Marlins3–4Scott Olsen (1–1)Jon Lieber (0–4)Joe Borowski (2)20,2276–10
April 22MarlinsPostponed (rain); Makeup: July 30 as a day-night double-header
17April 23Marlins4–2Brett Myers (2–0)Sergio Mitre (1–2)Tom Gordon (5)40,3837–10
18April 24Rockies6–5Cory Lidle (2–2)Josh Fogg (2–1)Tom Gordon (6)20,2448–10
19April 25Rockies6–7Ramón Ramírez (1–0)Gavin Floyd (1–2)Brian Fuentes (3)19,5128–11
20April 26Rockies9–5Ryan Madson (2–1)Jason Jennings (1–1)None (9)19,1829–11
21April 27Rockies3–6Aaron Cook (2–3)Ryan Franklin (1–2)Brian Fuentes (4)21,5069–12
22April 28@ Pirates1–3Ian Snell (1–2)Brett Myers (2–1)Michael Gonzalez (3)30,5689–13
23April 29@ Pirates2–3Paul Maholm (1–3)Cory Lidle (2–3)Roberto Hernández (2)33,9449–14
24April 30@ Pirates5–1Gavin Floyd (2–2)Óliver Pérez (1–4)None22,32010–14
May (17–11)
25May 1@ Marlins8–5Rhéal Cormier (1–0)Dontrelle Willis (1–2)Tom Gordon (7)6,01711–14
26May 2@ Marlins7–5Jon Lieber (1–4)Ricky Nolasco (1–1)Tom Gordon (8)6,65212–14
27May 3Braves5–4Rhéal Cormier (2–0)Mike Remlinger (1–2)Tom Gordon (9)26,44313–14
28May 4Braves6–3Cory Lidle (3–3)John Thomson (0–2)Arthur Rhodes (1)24,84214–14
29May 5Giants8–3Gavin Floyd (3–2)Matt Cain (1–4)None37,26915–14
30May 6Giants4–1Ryan Madson (3–1)Jamey Wright (2–3)Tom Gordon (10)44,04216–14
31May 7Giants9–5Jon Lieber (2–4)Matt Morris (2–3)None39,31517–14
32May 9Mets5–4Tom Gordon (2–1)Aaron Heilman (0–1)None33,78718–14
33May 10Mets4–13Tom Glavine (5–2)Cory Lidle (3–4)None30,26918–15
34May 11Mets2–0 (5, Rain)Gavin Floyd (4–2)Steve Trachsel (2–3)None (4)28,22419–15
35May 12@ Reds8–4Ryan Madson (4–1)Elizardo Ramírez (1–3)Tom Gordon (11)21,70520–15
36May 13@ Reds2–0Jon Lieber (3–4)Dave Williams (2–3)Tom Gordon (12)32,62421–15
37May 14@ Reds2–1 (12)Geoff Geary (1–0)Chris Hammond (0–1)Tom Gordon (13)19,67622–15
38May 16@ Brewers2–3Derrick Turnbow (1–1)Ryan Franklin (1–3)None14,59222–16
39May 17@ Brewers7–8José Capellán (1–0)Arthur Rhodes (0–1)None20,87422–17
40May 18@ Brewers4–5Justin Lehr (2–1)Ryan Madson (4–2)Derrick Turnbow (13)27,41922–18
41May 19Red Sox3–5Matt Clement (4–3)Jon Lieber (3–5)Jonathan Papelbon (15)44,29622–19
42May 20Red Sox4–8Josh Beckett (6–1)Brett Myers (2–2)None44,80922–20
43May 21Red Sox10–5Cory Lidle (4–4)Lenny DiNardo (1–2)None44,73823–20
44May 23@ Mets8–9 (16)Darren Oliver (2–0)Ryan Madson (4–3)None28,94823–21
45May 24@ Mets4–5Pedro Feliciano (1–0)Rhéal Cormier (2–1)Billy Wagner (10)32,09423–22
46May 25@ Mets5–3Brett Myers (3–2)Pedro Feliciano (1–1)Tom Gordon (14)51,36524–22
47May 26Brewers5–6 (10)Derrick Turnbow (2–1)Tom Gordon (2–2)Brian Shouse (1)43,85224–23
48May 27Brewers6–9Matt Wise (3–2)Ryan Franklin (1–4)Derrick Turnbow (15)32,08924–24
49May 28Brewers6–2Ryan Madson (5–3)Dana Eveland (0–2)None35,67425–24
50May 29Nationals11–2Clay Condrey (1–0)Michael O'Connor (2–3)None (10)33,68226–24
51May 30Nationals4–2Brett Myers (4–2)Tony Armas Jr. (5–3)Tom Gordon (15)23,80527–24
52May 31Nationals2–3Liván Hernández (4–5)Cory Lidle (4–5)Chad Cordero (8)30,38627–25
June (9–18)
53June 1@ Dodgers2–7Derek Lowe (4–3)Gavin Floyd (4–3)None38,64327–26
54June 2@ Dodgers8–6Geoff Geary (2–0)Danys Báez (3–3)Tom Gordon (16)55,14228–26
55June 3@ Dodgers2–8Brad Penny (6–1)Eude Brito (0–1)None46,56128–27
56June 4@ Dodgers6–4Geoff Geary (3–0)Joe Beimel (2–1)Tom Gordon (17)48,27029–27
57June 5@ Diamondbacks4–3Aaron Fultz (1–0)Brandon Lyon (1–1)Tom Gordon (18)20,64730–27
58June 6@ Diamondbacks10–1Cole Hamels (1–0)Russ Ortiz (0–4)None22,67731–27
59June 7@ Diamondbacks7–3Ryan Madson (6–3)Dustin Nippert (0–1)None21,05232–27
60June 8@ Nationals2–5Michael O'Connor (3–3)Eude Brito (0–2)Chad Cordero (12)24,66932–28
61June 9@ Nationals8–9 (12)Chad Cordero (2–1)Clay Condrey (1–1)None24,75132–29
62June 10@ Nationals6–2Geoff Geary (4–0)Liván Hernández (5–6)None32,08933–29
63June 11@ Nationals0–6Shawn Hill (1–1)Cole Hamels (1–1)None30,58333–30
64June 13Mets7–9Chad Bradford (3–2)Ryan Madson (6–4)Billy Wagner (13)37,96433–31
65June 14Mets3–9Darren Oliver (3–0)Brett Myers (4–3)None38,81133–32
66June 15Mets4–5Steve Trachsel (4–4)Cory Lidle (4–6)Billy Wagner (14)45,10233–33
67June 16Devil Rays4–10James Shields (3–0)Cole Hamels (1–2)None31,04233–34
68June 17Devil Rays2–7Scott Kazmir (8–4)Scott Mathieson (0–1)None35,93933–35
69June 18Devil Rays8–5Ryan Madson (7–4)Seth McClung (2–10)Tom Gordon (19)42,65834–35
70June 19Yankees4–2Brett Myers (5–3)Randy Johnson (8–6)Tom Gordon (20)44,74735–35
71June 20Yankees7–9T. J. Beam (1–0)Arthur Rhodes (0–2)Mariano Rivera (14)44,77535–36
72June 21Yankees0–5Jaret Wright (4–4)Cole Hamels (1–3)None45,11135–37
73June 23@ Red Sox2–10Josh Beckett (9–3)Ryan Madson (7–5)None35,94835–38
74June 24@ Red Sox3–5 (10)Jonathan Papelbon (2–1)Tom Gordon (2–3)None35,56435–39
June 25@ Red SoxPostponed (rain); Makeup: June 26
75June 26@ Red Sox7–8 (12)Craig Hansen (1–0)Clay Condrey (1–2)None36,45935–40
June 27@ OriolesPostponed (rain); Makeup: June 28 as a day-night double-header
76June 28 (1)@ Orioles4–7Érik Bédard (8–6)Cole Hamels (1–4)Chris Ray (20)20,63335–41
77June 28 (2)@ Orioles5–12Kris Benson (9–5)Scott Mathieson (0–2)None26,22835–42
78June 29@ Orioles4–0Ryan Madson (8–5)Rodrigo López (5–9)Tom Gordon (21)31,03836–42
79June 30@ Blue Jays1–8Casey Janssen (6–6)Adam Bernero (0–1)None17,31136–43
July (13–12)
80July 1@ Blue Jays2–5Scott Downs (2–0)Cory Lidle (4–7)B. J. Ryan (22)24,24836–44
81July 2@ Blue Jays11–6Geoff Geary (5–0)A. J. Burnett (1–2)None26,17737–44
82July 4Padres6–5Tom Gordon (3–3)Cla Meredith (1–1)None29,19238–44
83July 5Padres3–6Scott Linebrink (6–2)Arthur Rhodes (0–3)Trevor Hoffman (21)40,23038–45
84July 6Padres3–5Chan Ho Park (6–4)Ryan Madson (8–6)Trevor Hoffman (22)30,26138–46
85July 7Pirates2–3Ian Snell (8–6)Jon Lieber (3–6)Michael Gonzalez (13)45,02538–47
86July 8Pirates6–2Cory Lidle (5–7)Paul Maholm (3–8)None37,46239–47
87July 9Pirates8–3Cole Hamels (2–4)Zach Duke (5–8)None32,52740–47
July 112006 Major League Baseball All-Star Game at PNC Park in Pittsburgh
88July 14@ Giants3–5Matt Morris (8–7)Jon Lieber (3–7)Armando Benítez (11)38,00940–48
89July 15@ Giants14–6Cory Lidle (6–7)Noah Lowry (4–6)None41,40141–48
90July 16@ Giants6–2Brett Myers (6–3)Steve Kline (2–2)None38,24142–48
91July 17@ Padres6–8Alan Embree (3–2)Rhéal Cormier (2–2)Trevor Hoffman (25)25,93642–49
92July 18@ Padres6–10Clay Hensley (6–7)Ryan Madson (8–7)None33,32742–50
93July 19@ Padres5–4Geoff Geary (6–0)Trevor Hoffman (0–2)Tom Gordon (22)32,10143–50
94July 21Braves6–5Cory Lidle (7–7)Ken Ray (1–1)Tom Gordon (23)32,83344–50
July 22BravesPostponed (rain); Makeup: September 2 as a day-night double-header
95July 23Braves1–5Macay McBride (2–1)Brett Myers (6–4)None31,66444–51
96July 24Braves8–10Tim Hudson (8–8)Cole Hamels (2–5)Bob Wickman (16)28,86444–52
97July 25Diamondbacks5–6 (11)Tony Peña (1–0)Ryan Franklin (1–5)None24,49944–53
98July 26Diamondbacks6–4Jon Lieber (4–7)Brandon Webb (11–4)Tom Gordon (24)45,45945–53
99July 27Diamondbacks5–2Cory Lidle (8–7)Claudio Vargas (8–7)Tom Gordon (25)31,75246–53
100July 28Marlins1–4Ricky Nolasco (9–6)Brett Myers (6–5)None25,10546–54
101July 29Marlins12–3Cole Hamels (3–5)Dontrelle Willis (6–8)None31,07247–54
102July 30 (1)Marlins11–5Aaron Fultz (2–0)Aníbal Sánchez (4–1)None31,37548–54
103July 30 (2)Marlins9–2Ryan Madson (9–7)Brian Moehler (5–8)None23,60449–54
104July 31Marlins2–15Josh Johnson (9–5)Jon Lieber (4–8)None20,95649–55
August (18–11)
105August 1@ Cardinals5–3Scott Mathieson (1–2)Jeff Suppan (8–6)Tom Gordon (26)42,77350–55
106August 2@ Cardinals16–8Brett Myers (7–5)Jeff Weaver (4–12)None (33)42,59851–55
107August 3@ Cardinals8–1Cole Hamels (4–5)Jason Marquis (12–9)None (34)42,46152–55
108August 4@ Mets5–3Ryan Madson (10–7)Darren Oliver (4–1)Tom Gordon (27)43,20953–55
109August 5@ Mets3–4Tom Glavine (12–4)Jon Lieber (4–9)Billy Wagner (24)44,82953–56
110August 6@ Mets1–8John Maine (2–3)Scott Mathieson (1–3)None39,14453–57
111August 7@ Braves9–6Brett Myers (8–5)Horacio Ramírez (5–5)None26,17754–57
112August 8@ Braves1–3Tim Hudson (9–10)Cole Hamels (4–6)Bob Wickman (21)30,71454–58
113August 9@ Braves9–3Rick White (2–0)Tyler Yates (1–3)None27,22255–58
114August 11Reds6–5 (14)Aaron Fultz (3–0)Elizardo Ramírez (4–9)None41,46156–58
115August 12Reds7–9Chris Michalak (1–0)Tom Gordon (3–4)Eddie Guardado (13)39,55356–59
116August 13Reds5–7 (11)Bill Bray (3–2)Ryan Madson (10–8)None37,67756–60
117August 14Mets13–0Cole Hamels (5–6)Pedro Martínez (9–5)None36,88857–60
118August 15Mets11–4Randy Wolf (1–0)Orlando Hernández (8–9)None40,28358–60
119August 16Mets3–0Jon Lieber (5–9)Tom Glavine (12–6)None42,15659–60
120August 17Mets2–7John Maine (3–3)Scott Mathieson (1–4)None45,77559–61
121August 18Nationals4–6Tony Armas Jr. (8–8)Brett Myers (8–6)Chad Cordero (23)30,12359–62
122August 19Nationals11–2Cole Hamels (6–6)Ramón Ortiz (9–11)None34,88160–62
123August 20Nationals12–10Randy Wolf (2–0)Pedro Astacio (3–3)Arthur Rhodes (2)36,02361–62
124August 21@ Cubs6–5Jon Lieber (6–9)Rich Hill (3–6)Arthur Rhodes (3)38,95062–62
125August 22@ Cubs6–3Jamie Moyer (7–12)Ryan O'Malley (1–1)Ryan Madson (1)38,77063–62
126August 23@ Cubs2–1Brett Myers (9–6)Bob Howry (3–4)Geoff Geary (1)39,47064–62
127August 24@ Cubs2–11Carlos Zambrano (14–5)Cole Hamels (6–7)None39,46464–63
128August 25@ Mets4–3Randy Wolf (3–0)Brian Bannister (2–1)Ryan Madson (2)41,70765–63
129August 26@ Mets5–11Pedro Feliciano (6–2)Rick White (2–1)None47,01965–64
August 27@ MetsPostponed (rain); Makeup: August 28
130August 28@ Mets3–8John Maine (4–3)Jamie Moyer (7–13)None45,86865–65
131August 29@ Nationals10–6Brett Myers (10–6)Tony Armas Jr. (8–10)Arthur Rhodes (4)25,73566–65
132August 30@ Nationals5–1Cole Hamels (7–7)Ramón Ortiz (9–12)None24,43867–65
133August 31@ Nationals5–6 (10)Ryan Wagner (2–2)Aaron Fultz (3–1)None22,22167–66
September (18–10)
September 1BravesPostponed (rain); Makeup: September 3 as a traditional double-header
134September 2 (1)Braves3–4Tyler Yates (2–4)Arthur Rhodes (0–4)Bob Wickman (26)31,71767–67
135September 2 (2)Braves16–4Eude Brito (1–2)Kyle Davies (2–4)None ()28,60068–67
136September 3 (1)Braves8–7Geoff Geary (7–0)Bob Wickman (1–5)None ()see 2nd game69–67
137September 3 (2)Braves1–3 (11)Chad Paronto (2–2)Geoff Geary (7–1)Bob Wickman (27)37,04469–68
138September 4Astros3–2 (10)Rick White (3–1)Dave Borkowski (1–2)None44,67470–68
September 5AstrosPostponed (rain); Makeup: September 25
139September 6Astros3–5Dan Wheeler (2–5)Ryan Madson (10–9)Brad Lidge (30)33,52170–69
140September 7@ Marlins14–8Jon Lieber (7–9)Josh Johnson (12–7)None12,71271–69
141September 8@ Marlins3–2Jamie Moyer (8–13)Scott Olsen (12–8)Tom Gordon (28)21,43272–69
142September 9@ Marlins3–4 (10)Chris Resop (1–0)Arthur Rhodes (0–5)None27,44472–70
143September 10@ Marlins0–3Dontrelle Willis (10–11)Cole Hamels (7–8)None20,30872–71
September 12@ BravesPostponed (rain); Makeup: September 13 as a traditional double-header
144September 13 (1)@ Braves6–5Rick White (4–1)Chad Paronto (2–3)Tom Gordon (29)see 2nd game73–71
145September 13 (2)@ Braves7–2Jon Lieber (8–9)Tim Hudson (12–11)None22,23974–71
146September 14@ Braves1–4Chuck James (10–3)Jamie Moyer (8–14)Bob Wickman (29)19,34674–72
147September 15@ Astros4–3Brett Myers (11–6)Roger Clemens (6–5)Tom Gordon (30)41,43275–72
148September 16@ Astros7–2Cole Hamels (8–8)Jason Hirsh (3–4)None41,00276–72
149September 17@ Astros6–4Randy Wolf (4–0)Wandy Rodríguez (9–10)Tom Gordon (31)41,17077–72
150September 18Cubs6–11Michael Wuertz (3–1)Jon Lieber (8–10)None31,10177–73
151September 19Cubs4–1Jamie Moyer (9–14)Wade Miller (0–2)Tom Gordon (32)31,89278–73
152September 20Cubs6–2Brett Myers (12–6)Les Walrond (0–1)None35,26979–73
153September 22Marlins5–2Cole Hamels (9–8)Ricky Nolasco (11–10)Tom Gordon (33)44,73780–73
154September 23Marlins8–6Jon Lieber (9–10)Brian Moehler (7–10)None37,05581–73
155September 24Marlins10–7Jamie Moyer (10–14)Scott Olsen (12–9)None44,77282–73
156September 25Astros4–5Dave Borkowski (3–2)Matt Smith (0–1)Dan Wheeler (8)44,68882–74
157September 26@ Nationals3–4Ramón Ortiz (11–15)Brett Myers (12–7)Chad Cordero (29)18,96082–75
158September 27@ Nationals8–7 (14)Clay Condrey (2–2)Jason Bergmann (0–2)Fabio Castro (1)21,80983–75
159September 28@ Nationals1–3Billy Traber (4–3)Jon Lieber (9–11)Jon Rauch (2)18,32483–76
160September 29@ Marlins14–2Jamie Moyer (11–14)Brian Moehler (7–11)None23,41784–76
161September 30@ Marlins4–3Ryan Madson (11–9)Scott Olsen (12–10)Tom Gordon (34)20,99285–76
October (0–1)
162October 1@ Marlins2–3 (11)Matt Herges (2–3)Fabio Castro (0–1)None36,76885–77


A United States Navy Parachute Team member lands on the field at Citizens Bank Park during the 2006 season.
2006 Philadelphia Phillies
Pitchers Catchers



Other batters



  • 23 Marc Bombard (first base)
  • 16 Bill Dancy (third base)
  • 28 Rich Dubee (pitching)
  • 31 Ramon Henderson (bullpen)
  • 15 Milt Thompson (hitting)
  • 19 Gary Varsho (bench)


Ryan Howard won the Players Choice Awards MLB Player of the Year and NL Outstanding Player from his fellow players, the Sporting News Player of the Year Award, the NL Most Valuable Player Award, the NLBM Oscar Charleston Legacy Award (NL MVP), the Babe Ruth Home Run Award (in MLB), the NLBM Josh Gibson Legacy Award (NL home-run leader),[6] the John Wanamaker Athletic Award from the Philadelphia Sports Congress (in summer 2007; for the 2006 calendar year),[7][8][9] and the Pride of Philadelphia Award from the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame.

The NL Silver Slugger Award was won by Howard (first base) and Chase Utley (second base). The Philadelphia chapter of the Baseball Writers' Association of America (BBWAA) presented its annual franchise awards to Ryan Howard ("Mike Schmidt Most Valuable Player Award"), Tom Gordon ("Steve Carlton Most Valuable Pitcher Award"), Chris Coste ("Dallas Green Special Achievement Award"), and Mike Lieberthal ("Tug McGraw Good Guy Award"). Coste also received the Philadelphia Sports Writers Association's "Good Guy Award".

Player stats

Starters by position

Note: Pos = Position; G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Pos Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
CMike Lieberthal6720957.273936
1BRyan Howard159581182.31358149
2BChase Utley160658203.30932102
SSJimmy Rollins158689191.2772583
3BDavid Bell9232490.278634
LFPat Burrell144462119.2582995
CFAaron Rowand109405106.2621247
RFBobby Abreu9833994.277865

Other batters

Note: G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
Shane Victorino153415119.287646
Abraham Núñez12332268.211232
David Dellucci13226477.2921339
Chris Coste6519865.328732
Sal Fasano5014034.243410
Jeff Conine2810028.280117
Carlos Ruiz276918.261310
Chris Roberson57418.19501
Danny Sandoval28388.21104
Alex Gonzalez20364.11101
José Hernández18328.25017
Randall Simon23215.23802
Joe Thurston18184.22200
Michael Bourn1781.12500

Starting pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Brett Myers31198.01273.91189
Jon Lieber27168.09114.93100
Cole Hamels23132.1984.08145
Cory Lidle21125.1874.7498
Randy Wolf1256.2405.5644
Gavin Floyd1154.1437.2934
Jamie Moyer851.1524.0326
Scott Mathieson937.1147.4728
Adam Bernero12.00136.000

Other pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Ryan Madson50134.11195.6999
Eude Brito518.1127.369

Relief pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; SV = Saves; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G W L SV ERA SO
Tom Gordon5934343.3468
Geoff Geary817112.9660
Aaron Fultz663104.5462
Arthur Rhodes550545.3248
Ryan Franklin461504.5825
Rhéal Cormier432201.5913
Rick White383104.3423
Clay Condrey212203.1416
Brian Sanches180005.9122
Fabio Castro160111.5413
Matt Smith140102.0812
Julio Santana70007.564

Farm system

Level Team League Manager
AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre
Red Barons
International League John Russell
AA Reading Phillies Eastern League P. J. Forbes
A Clearwater Threshers Florida State League Greg Legg
A Lakewood BlueClaws South Atlantic League Dave Huppert
A-Short Season Batavia Muckdogs New York–Penn League Steve Roadcap
Rookie GCL Phillies Gulf Coast League Jim Morrison



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