1956 Philadelphia Phillies season

1956 Philadelphia Phillies
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Other information
Owner(s)R. R. M. Carpenter Jr.
General manager(s)Roy Hamey
Manager(s)Mayo Smith
Local televisionWRCV
Local radioWIP
(By Saam, Claude Haring, Gene Kelly)
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  • October 3, 1955: Peanuts Lowrey was released by the Phillies.[1]
  • November 7, 1955: Wally Westlake was signed as a free agent by the Phillies.[2]
  • December 9, 1955: Frank Baumholtz was purchased by the Phillies from the Chicago Cubs.[3]

Regular season

Season standings

National League W L Pct. GB Home Road
Brooklyn Dodgers 9361 0.604 52–25 41–36
Milwaukee Braves 9262 0.597 1 47–29 45–33
Cincinnati Redlegs 9163 0.591 2 51–26 40–37
St. Louis Cardinals 7678 0.494 17 43–34 33–44
Philadelphia Phillies 7183 0.461 22 40–37 31–46
New York Giants 6787 0.435 26 37–40 30–47
Pittsburgh Pirates 6688 0.429 27 35–43 31–45
Chicago Cubs 6094 0.390 33 39–38 21–56

Record vs. opponents

Brooklyn 16–611–1110–1214–813–913–916–6
Chicago 6–166–16–19–137–1513–910–12–19–13–1
Cincinnati 11–1116–6–19–1314–811–1117–513–9
Milwaukee 12–1013–913–917–510–1214–8–113–9
New York 8–1415–78–145–1711–1113–97–15
Philadelphia 9–139–1311–1112–1011–117–1512–10
Pittsburgh 9–1312–10–15–178–14–19–1315–78–14–1
St. Louis 6–1613–9–19–139–1315–710–1214–8–1

Notable transactions

  • May 14, 1956: Bobby Morgan was traded by the Phillies to the St. Louis Cardinals for Solly Hemus.[4]
  • May 18, 1956: Wally Westlake was released by the Phillies.[2]
  • June 29, 1956: Art Mahaffey was signed as an amateur free agent by the Phillies.[5]
  • July 19, 1956: Bob Lipski was signed as an amateur free agent by the Phillies.[6]

Game log

 Phillies win
 Phillies loss
BoldPhillies team member
1956 Game Log[7]
Overall Record: 71–83
April (5–6)
1April 17@ Dodgers8–6Robin Roberts (1–0)Don Newcombe (0–1)None24,2361–0
2April 19@ Dodgers4–5 (10)Clem Labine (1–0)Murry Dickson (0–1)None12,2141–1
3April 20Giants2–1 (10)Jack Meyer (1–0)Hoyt Wilhelm (0–1)None25,1942–1
4April 22 (1)Giants3–1Robin Roberts (2–0)Johnny Antonelli (1–1)Nonesee 2nd game3–1
5April 22 (2)Giants7–9Rubén Gómez (1–0)Curt Simmons (0–1)Marv Grissom (1)24,7713–2
6April 23Dodgers1–6Don Drysdale (1–0)Murry Dickson (0–2)None12,6903–3
April 24DodgersPostponed (cold);[8] Makeup: July 8 as a traditional double-header
7April 25Pirates5–6Vern Law (1–2)Jim Owens (0–1)Nellie King (1)5,3473–4
8April 27@ Giants3–5Al Worthington (1–1)Herm Wehmeier (0–1)None6,4653–5
9April 28@ Giants6–2Robin Roberts (3–0)Johnny Antonelli (1–2)None8,2974–5
10April 29 (1)@ Giants5–4 (10)Jack Meyer (2–0)Hoyt Wilhelm (0–2)Nonesee 2nd game5–5
11April 29 (2)@ Giants1–8Ramón Monzant (1–0)Curt Simmons (0–2)None18,6895–6
May (8–16)
12May 1@ Braves4–6Dave Jolly (1–0)Murry Dickson (0–3)None13,9505–7
13May 4@ Cubs1–2Bob Rush (1–1)Robin Roberts (3–1)None2,6475–8
May 5@ CubsPostponed (rain);[9] Makeup: July 18 as a traditional double-header
14May 6 (1)@ Redlegs2–10Brooks Lawrence (3–0)Jim Owens (0–2)Nonesee 2nd game5–9
15May 6 (2)@ Redlegs9–11Hersh Freeman (2–0)Saul Rogovin (0–1)None23,6395–10
16May 8@ Cardinals1–9Willard Schmidt (2–0)Robin Roberts (3–2)Larry Jackson (1)7,3795–11
17May 9@ Cardinals0–3Tom Poholsky (3–0)Herm Wehmeier (0–2)None8,7045–12
18May 11@ Pirates5–6Luis Arroyo (1–0)Jack Meyer (2–1)None17,6055–13
19May 12@ Pirates5–6Bob Friend (4–2)Robin Roberts (3–3)Nellie King (2)20,1155–14
20May 13 (1)@ Pirates9–11Roy Face (2–0)Jack Meyer (2–2)Vern Law (2)see 2nd game5–15
21May 13 (2)@ Pirates7–2[a]Saul Rogovin (1–1)Dick Hall (0–4)Robin Roberts (1)20,4356–15
22May 15Braves3–1Stu Miller (1–1)Lew Burdette (1–2)None13,1417–15
23May 16Braves2–1Robin Roberts (4–3)Bob Buhl (2–2)None11,5108–15
24May 17Cardinals4–5Ellis Kinder (1–0)Harvey Haddix (1–1)Jackie Collum (2)8,2498–16
25May 18Cardinals4–2Curt Simmons (1–2)Willard Schmidt (2–1)None16,0269–16
26May 19Cardinals5–11Lindy McDaniel (3–0)Saul Rogovin (1–2)None7,6059–17
27May 20 (1)Redlegs1–5Art Fowler (3–4)Robin Roberts (4–4)Nonesee 2nd game9–18
28May 20 (2)Redlegs6–4Bob Miller (1–0)Paul LaPalme (1–1)Harvey Haddix (1)21,67710–18
May 22CubsPostponed (rain);[10] Makeup: June 15 as a traditional double-header
29May 23Cubs4–5Vito Valentinetti (1–1)Harvey Haddix (1–2)None5,79510–19
30May 24Dodgers6–4Robin Roberts (5–4)Don Drysdale (1–2)None16,43211–19
31May 25Pirates5–8Nellie King (3–1)Curt Simmons (1–3)Red Munger (1)10,40711–20
32May 26Pirates2–6Vern Law (2–3)Stu Miller (1–2)None4,61411–21
May 27 (1)PiratesPostponed (rain);[11][12] Makeup: August 14 as a traditional double-header
May 27 (2)PiratesPostponed (rain);[11][12] Makeup: August 16
33May 28Giants5–2Harvey Haddix (2–2)Al Worthington (1–5)Robin Roberts (2)10,43012–21
34May 30 (1)Dodgers5–6Ed Roebuck (1–1)Robin Roberts (5–5)Clem Labine (4)see 2nd game12–22
35May 30 (2)Dodgers12–3Saul Rogovin (2–2)Don Drysdale (1–3)None35,94213–22
June (15–16)
36June 1@ Cardinals5–2Curt Simmons (2–3)Tom Poholsky (3–3)Bob Miller (1)8,86814–22
37June 2@ Cardinals6–4Stu Miller (2–2)Herm Wehmeier (1–5)Bob Miller (2)7,80615–22
38June 3 (1)@ Cardinals1–2Murry Dickson (3–4)Robin Roberts (5–6)Nonesee 2nd game15–23
39June 3 (2)@ Cardinals9–3Harvey Haddix (3–2)Lindy McDaniel (4–1)None18,36716–23
40June 4@ Redlegs2–8Art Fowler (4–6)Saul Rogovin (2–3)None6,88316–24
41June 5@ Redlegs4–9Joe Nuxhall (2–5)Curt Simmons (2–4)None9,63916–25
42June 6@ Redlegs3–7Brooks Lawrence (7–0)Stu Miller (2–3)Hersh Freeman (4)8,89616–26
43June 7@ Redlegs5–8Joe Nuxhall (3–5)Bob Miller (1–1)Hersh Freeman (5)4,65716–27
44June 8@ Cubs4–5Vito Valentinetti (2–1)Robin Roberts (5–7)None5,06516–28
45June 9@ Cubs6–4Saul Rogovin (3–3)Russ Meyer (1–4)Bob Miller (3)11,91017–28
46June 10 (1)@ Cubs1–2 (11)Vito Valentinetti (3–1)Curt Simmons (2–5)Nonesee 2nd game17–29
47June 10 (2)@ Cubs2–5Sam Jones (3–4)Jim Owens (0–3)Turk Lown (3)21,98917–30
48June 11@ Braves6–2Stu Miller (3–3)Gene Conley (1–3)None19,48818–30
49June 12@ Braves5–2Harvey Haddix (4–2)Bob Buhl (5–3)None27,48319–30
50June 13@ Braves6–8Ray Crone (5–3)Robin Roberts (5–8)Gene Conley (1)22,05119–31
51June 15 (1)Cubs6–5 (10)Jack Meyer (3–2)Turk Lown (1–3)Nonesee 2nd game20–31
52June 15 (2)Cubs5–8Vito Valentinetti (4–1)Bob Miller (1–2)Jim Davis (1)18,27220–32
June 16CubsPostponed (rain, wet grounds);[13][14] Makeup: July 30 as a traditional double-header
53June 17 (1)Cubs7–1Robin Roberts (6–8)Warren Hacker (1–6)Nonesee 2nd game21–32
54June 17 (2)Cubs4–7Sam Jones (4–4)Jim Owens (0–4)None11,42421–33
55June 18Redlegs4–7 (10)Brooks Lawrence (8–0)Harvey Haddix (4–3)None10,82021–34
56June 19Redlegs4–2Jack Meyer (4–2)Johnny Klippstein (6–4)None13,54922–34
57June 20Redlegs3–2Curt Simmons (3–5)Art Fowler (4–7)None12,27223–34
58June 22Cardinals2–1Robin Roberts (7–8)Tom Poholsky (4–5)None20,25824–34
59June 23Cardinals8–3Harvey Haddix (5–3)Don Liddle (1–3)None6,30725–34
60June 24 (1)Cardinals4–8Herm Wehmeier (3–6)Curt Simmons (3–6)Nonesee 2nd game25–35
61June 24 (2)Cardinals3–2Jack Meyer (5–2)Willard Schmidt (4–4)None19,24626–35
62June 25Braves5–8Bob Buhl (8–3)Stu Miller (3–4)Warren Spahn (1)14,46726–36
63June 26Braves4–2Robin Roberts (8–8)Ray Crone (7–4)None23,97527–36
64June 27Braves4–3 (11)Ron Negray (1–0)Ernie Johnson (1–2)None15,52128–36
65June 29@ Dodgers5–6Clem Labine (7–2)Jack Meyer (5–3)None12,22928–37
66June 30@ Dodgers7–10Carl Erskine (5–6)Robin Roberts (8–9)Clem Labine (10)8,52528–38
July (17–14)
67July 1 (1)@ Dodgers7–4Stu Miller (4–4)Clem Labine (7–3)Jack Meyer (1)see 2nd game29–38
68July 1 (2)@ Dodgers1–4Roger Craig (8–2)Saul Rogovin (3–4)None18,29929–39
69July 3@ Pirates5–6Johnny O'Brien (1–0)Jack Meyer (5–4)None5,80429–40
70July 4 (1)@ Pirates4–2Harvey Haddix (6–3)Ron Kline (6–9)Nonesee 2nd game30–40
71July 4 (2)@ Pirates4–8Roy Face (6–4)Stu Miller (4–5)None16,07630–41
72July 6Dodgers1–2Carl Erskine (6–6)Robin Roberts (8–10)None19,37230–42
73July 7Dodgers6–3Saul Rogovin (4–4)Roger Craig (8–3)Bob Miller (4)26,57531–42
74July 8 (1)Dodgers2–9Don Newcombe (11–5)Stu Miller (4–6)Nonesee 2nd game31–43
75July 8 (2)Dodgers3–2Jack Meyer (6–4)Sal Maglie (2–2)None26,41732–43
July 101956 Major League Baseball All-Star Game at Griffith Stadium in Washington
76July 12@ Redlegs7–4Harvey Haddix (7–3)Art Fowler (5–9)Ron Negray (1)12,33133–43
77July 13@ Redlegs6–4Curt Simmons (4–6)Tom Acker (1–1)None16,20534–43
78July 14@ Redlegs2–0Robin Roberts (9–10)Johnny Klippstein (7–5)None9,70235–43
79July 15 (1)@ Cardinals1–9Murry Dickson (7–7)Stu Miller (4–7)Larry Jackson (3)see 2nd game35–44
80July 15 (2)@ Cardinals7–5Saul Rogovin (5–4)Lindy McDaniel (4–3)Ron Negray (2)17,57736–44
81July 16@ Cardinals2–0Harvey Haddix (8–3)Willard Schmidt (4–5)None9,46237–44
82July 17@ Cubs2–3 (16)Turk Lown (5–3)Jack Meyer (6–5)None4,19237–45
83July 18 (1)@ Cubs6–4Robin Roberts (10–10)Jim Brosnan (2–4)Nonesee 2nd game38–45
84July 18 (2)@ Cubs6–1Curt Simmons (5–6)Jim Davis (3–4)None14,33139–45
85July 19@ Cubs3–4 (10)Turk Lown (6–3)Bob Miller (1–3)None4,34839–46
86July 20@ Braves0–10Bob Buhl (12–4)Stu Miller (4–8)None28,13439–47
87July 21@ Braves8–5 (15)Stu Miller (5–8)Lou Sleater (1–2)Jack Meyer (2)34,76440–47
88July 22 (1)@ Braves7–8Ray Crone (9–5)Robin Roberts (10–11)Dave Jolly (6)see 2nd game40–48
89July 22 (2)@ Braves5–16Lew Burdette (12–4)Ron Negray (1–1)Taylor Phillips (1)39,67940–49
90July 24Cardinals7–3Curt Simmons (6–6)Vinegar Bend Mizell (9–8)None16,77541–49
91July 25Cardinals7–8 (10)Larry Jackson (1–0)Ron Negray (1–2)None17,02441–50
92July 26Cardinals9–14Herm Wehmeier (5–8)Bob Miller (1–4)Jackie Collum (4)15,07841–51
93July 27Braves5–2Saul Rogovin (6–4)Lew Burdette (12–5)None20,10342–51
July 28BravesPostponed (rain);[15][16] Makeup: September 13 as a traditional double-header
94July 29Braves5–2Curt Simmons (7–6)Warren Spahn (10–8)None16,97243–51
95July 30 (1)Cubs5–4Robin Roberts (11–11)Vito Valentinetti (5–2)Nonesee 2nd game44–51
96July 30 (2)Cubs4–2Harvey Haddix (9–3)Warren Hacker (2–9)None20,53645–51
97July 31Cubs4–9Sam Jones (5–10)Stu Miller (5–9)Turk Lown (9)13,78845–52
August (14–13)
98August 1Cubs10–8Robin Roberts (12–11)Vito Valentinetti (5–3)None7,52046–52
99August 3Redlegs6–3Curt Simmons (8–6)Brooks Lawrence (15–3)None28,60747–52
100August 4Redlegs10–6Robin Roberts (13–11)Hersh Freeman (9–4)None11,32148–52
August 5 (1)RedlegsPostponed (rain);[17] Makeup: September 18 as a traditional double-header
August 5 (2)RedlegsPostponed (rain);[17] Makeup: September 19 as a traditional double-header
August 6@ GiantsPostponed (rain);[18] Makeup: August 7 as a traditional double-header
101August 7 (1)@ Giants4–3Harvey Haddix (10–3)Hoyt Wilhelm (2–7)Bob Miller (5)see 2nd game49–52
102August 7 (1)@ Giants3–1Curt Simmons (9–6)Johnny Antonelli (9–12)None7,64850–52
103August 8@ Giants8–3Robin Roberts (14–11)Jim Hearn (4–11)None3,48551–52
104August 9@ Giants2–5Joe Margoneri (4–2)Saul Rogovin (6–5)Marv Grissom (6)2,55251–53
105August 10@ Dodgers3–2Jack Meyer (7–5)Sal Maglie (5–4)Harvey Haddix (2)16,02552–53
106August 11@ Dodgers2–5Don Newcombe (18–5)Bob Miller (1–5)None12,65252–54
107August 12@ Dodgers3–7Roger Craig (11–7)Robin Roberts (14–12)Clem Labine (14)17,07652–55
108August 14 (1)Pirates3–0Harvey Haddix (11–3)Bob Friend (13–12)Nonesee 2nd game53–55
109August 14 (2)Pirates11–2Curt Simmons (10–6)Red Munger (3–3)None32,87354–55
110August 15Pirates1–5Ron Kline (10–13)Jack Meyer (7–6)None12,33754–56
111August 16Pirates1–4Vern Law (6–13)Robin Roberts (14–13)None7,07054–57
112August 17Dodgers3–2Ron Negray (2–2)Roger Craig (11–8)None25,00555–57
113August 18Dodgers2–9Sal Maglie (6–4)Harvey Haddix (11–4)None30,16855–58
114August 19Dodgers2–3Don Newcombe (19–6)Curt Simmons (10–7)Clem Labine (15)22,89155–59
115August 21@ Cubs4–6Sam Jones (7–11)Robin Roberts (14–14)Turk Lown (12)6,75055–60
116August 22@ Cubs3–8Bob Rush (12–6)Harvey Haddix (11–5)None5,78255–61
117August 23@ Braves5–11Ray Crone (10–8)Curt Simmons (10–8)Ernie Johnson (6)25,49355–62
118August 24@ Braves1–6Warren Spahn (15–9)Robin Roberts (14–15)None31,77455–63
119August 25@ Braves3–0Bob Miller (2–5)Lew Burdette (16–8)None29,82656–63
120August 26 (1)@ Redlegs5–10Art Fowler (9–10)Ron Negray (2–3)Nonesee 2nd game56–64
121August 26 (2)@ Redlegs11–4Harvey Haddix (12–5)Brooks Lawrence (16–8)None28,36157–64
122August 28@ Cardinals6–4Curt Simmons (11–8)Lindy McDaniel (4–5)None11,98758–64
123August 29@ Cardinals8–6Robin Roberts (15–15)Bob Blaylock (1–5)None7,82859–64
124August 31@ Pirates3–6Ron Kline (12–15)Granny Hamner (0–1)Howie Pollet (2)11,14759–65
September (12–18)
125September 1@ Pirates3–2Saul Rogovin (7–5)Dick Hall (0–7)None5,07160–65
126September 2 (1)@ Pirates6–10Vern Law (7–14)Curt Simmons (11–9)Nonesee 2nd game60–66
127September 2 (2)@ Pirates1–5Cholly Naranjo (1–1)Robin Roberts (15–16)None12,47060–67
128September 3 (1)Giants5–1Bob Miller (3–5)Joe Margoneri (5–5)Nonesee 2nd game61–67
129September 3 (2)Giants1–2Steve Ridzik (5–2)Jack Meyer (7–7)Hoyt Wilhelm (8)19,89861–68
130September 4Giants2–7Max Surkont (2–1)Harvey Haddix (12–6)None6,04961–69
131September 5Giants4–5 (10)Dick Littlefield (3–5)Jack Meyer (7–8)None6,53261–70
132September 7Pirates5–2Robin Roberts (16–16)Bob Friend (15–15)None7,83562–70
133September 8Pirates4–5Roy Face (11–9)Ben Flowers (1–2)Dick Hall (1)4,80662–71
134September 9 (1)Pirates1–4 (10)Ron Kline (13–16)Bob Miller (3–6)Roy Face (5)see 2nd game62–72
135September 9 (2)Pirates6–5 (10)Robin Roberts (17–16)Cholly Naranjo (1–2)None11,10463–72
136September 11Cardinals3–5Herm Wehmeier (11–9)Curt Simmons (11–10)Larry Jackson (9)7,60963–73
137September 13 (1)Braves2–3 (13)Taylor Phillips (5–2)Jack Meyer (7–9)Nonesee 2nd game63–74
138September 13 (2)Braves3–4 (12)Warren Spahn (17–10)Ben Flowers (1–3)None23,82663–75
139September 14Braves13–1[b]Harvey Haddix (13–6)Lew Burdette (18–10)None17,01664–75
140September 15Braves6–5Curt Simmons (12–10)Bob Trowbridge (3–2)Robin Roberts (3)9,23165–75
141September 16 (1)Cubs4–7Warren Hacker (3–12)Saul Rogovin (7–6)Turk Lown (13)see 2nd game65–76
142September 16 (2)Cubs4–1Jack Sanford (1–0)Sam Jones (9–14)Ron Negray (3)7,40866–76
143September 18 (1)Redlegs4–3Curt Simmons (13–10)Larry Jansen (2–2)Nonesee 2nd game67–76
144September 18 (2)Redlegs7–4Robin Roberts (18–16)Art Fowler (11–11)None21,22468–76
145September 19 (1)Redlegs3–6Johnny Klippstein (12–11)Jack Meyer (7–10)Hersh Freeman (14)see 2nd game68–77
146September 19 (2)Redlegs0–6Tom Acker (3–3)Harvey Haddix (13–7)None13,61468–78
147September 21@ Giants3–7Johnny Antonelli (18–13)Turk Farrell (0–1)None3,23168–79
148September 22@ Giants1–2Al Worthington (6–14)Robin Roberts (18–17)None2,49668–80
149September 23@ Giants6–2Curt Simmons (14–10)Rubén Gómez (7–17)None6,13469–80
150September 25@ Dodgers0–5Sal Maglie (12–5)Jack Meyer (7–11)None15,20469–81
151September 16@ Dodgers7–3Robin Roberts (19–17)Don Newcombe (26–7)None7,84770–81
September 28GiantsPostponed (rain);[19] Makeup: September 30 as a traditional double-header
152September 29Giants0–2Johnny Antonelli (20–13)Harvey Haddix (13–8)None4,86770–82
153September 30 (1)Giants3–8Al Worthington (7–14)Robin Roberts (19–18)Windy McCall (7)see 2nd game70–83
154September 30 (2)Giants5–2Curt Simmons (15–10)Roy Wright (0–1)None7,40671–83
^[a] The second game on May 13 was suspended (Sunday curfew[20][21]) in the top of the eighth inning with the score 6–2 and was completed July 3, 1956.[22][23]
^[b] The September 14, 1956, game was protested by the Braves in the bottom of the second inning.[24][25][26] The protest was later denied.[27][28]


1956 Philadelphia Phillies
  • 20 Murry Dickson
  • 44 Turk Farrell
  • 22 Ben Flowers
  • 20 Harvey Haddix
  • 45 Angelo LiPetri
  • 42 Jack Meyer
  • 19 Bob Miller
  • 25 Stu Miller
  • 38 Ron Negray
  • 39 Jim Owens
  • 33 Duane Pillette
  • 36 Robin Roberts
  • 26 Saul Rogovin
  • 30 Bob Ross
  • 48 Jack Sanford
  • 28 Curt Simmons
  • 22 Herm Wehmeier


  • 12 Marv Blaylock
  • 39 Ed Bouchee
  •  2 Granny Hamner
  •  4 Solly Hemus
  •  6 Willie Jones
  •  7 Ted Kazanski
  •  4 Bobby Morgan
  • 17 Roy Smalley Jr.

Other batters

  • 48,15 Wally Westlake


  • 11 Benny Bengough
  • 40 Maje McDonnell
  • 32 Wally Moses
  • 31 Whit Wyatt

Player stats

Starters by position

Note: Pos = Position; G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Pos Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
CStan Lopata146535143.2673295
1BMarv Blaylock136460117.2541050
2BTed Kazanski11737980.211434
SSGranny Hamner12240190.224442
3BWillie Jones149520144.2771778
LFDel Ennis153630164.2602695
CFRichie Ashburn154628190.303350
RFElmer Valo9829184.289537

Other batters

Note: G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
Jim Greengrass8621544.205525
Solly Hemus7818754.289524
Roy Smalley Jr.6516838.226016
Andy Seminick6016132.199723
Frank Baumholtz7810027.27009
Glen Gorbous15336.18201
Bobby Morgan8255.20001
Ed Bouchee9226.27301
Joe Lonnett16224.18200
Bob Bowman6163.18812
Wally Westlake540.00000
Mack Burk15111.00000

Starting pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Robin Roberts43297.119184.45157
Harvey Haddix31206.21283.48154
Curt Simmons33198.015103.3688
Saul Rogovin22106.2764.9848
Murry Dickson323.0035.091
Herm Wehmeier320.0024.058
Turk Farrell14.10112.460

Other pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Stu Miller24106.2584.4755
Jim Owens1029.2047.2822
Jack Sanford313.0101.386

Relief pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; SV = Saves; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G W L SV ERA SO
Bob Miller493653.2453
Jack Meyer4171124.4166
Ron Negray392334.1944
Ben Flowers320205.7122
Duane Pillette200006.5610
Angelo LiPetri60003.278
Granny Hamner30104.324
Bob Ross30008.104

Farm system

Level Team League Manager
AAA Miami Marlins International League Don Osborn
A Schenectady Blue Jays Eastern League Dick Carter
B Wilson Tobs Carolina League Charlie Gassaway
C Bakersfield Boosters California League Art Lilly and Dick Wilson
C Salt Lake City Bees Pioneer League Frank Lucchesi
D Tifton Phillies Georgia–Florida League Wes Griffin and Eddie Miller
D Mattoon Phillies Midwest League Benny Zientara
D Olean Oilers PONY League Paul Owens

LEAGUE CHAMPIONS: Schenectady[29]


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