1939 Philadelphia Phillies season

The 1939 Philadelphia Phillies season was a season in Major League Baseball. The Phillies finished eighth in the National League with a record of 45 wins and 106 losses.

1939 Philadelphia Phillies
Major League affiliations
Other information
Owner(s)Gerald Nugent
Manager(s)Doc Prothro
Local radioWCAU
(Bill Dyer)
(By Saam, Stoney McLinn)
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Regular season

Season standings

National League W L Pct. GB Home Road
Cincinnati Reds 9757 0.630 55–25 42–32
St. Louis Cardinals 9261 0.601 51–27 41–34
Brooklyn Dodgers 8469 0.549 12½ 51–27 33–42
Chicago Cubs 8470 0.545 13 44–34 40–36
New York Giants 7774 0.510 18½ 41–33 36–41
Pittsburgh Pirates 6885 0.444 28½ 35–42 33–43
Boston Bees 6388 0.417 32½ 37–35 26–53
Philadelphia Phillies 45106 0.298 50½ 29–44 16–62

Record vs. opponents

Boston 10–12–16–166–1610–1113–89–129–13
Brooklyn 12–10–111–11–210–1212–1017–4–113–99–13
Chicago 16–611–11–210–1211–1112–1014–810–12
Cincinnati 16–612–1012–1011–1119–316–611–11–2
New York 11–1010–1211–1111–1114–711–119–12
Philadelphia 8–134–17–110–123–197–148–145–17
Pittsburgh 12–99–138–146–1611–1114–88–14
St. Louis 13–913–912–1011–11–212–917–514–8

Notable transactions

  • April 8, 1939: Pete Sivess and cash was traded by the Phillies to the New York Yankees for Len Gabrielson.[2]

Game log

 Phillies win
 Phillies loss
 Phillies tie
BoldPhillies team member
1939 Game Log[3]
Overall Record: 45–106–1
April (4–5–1)
April 18@ BeesPostponed (rain);[4] Makeup: July 9 as a traditional double-header
1April 19 (1)@ Bees6–7 (12)Bill Posedel (1–0)Max Butcher (0–1)None1,5010–1
April 19 (2)@ BeesPostponed (rain);[5] Makeup: August 16 as a traditional double-header
2April 20@ Bees0–2Lou Fette (1–0)Syl Johnson (0–1)None3,1660–2
3April 21Dodgers2–2 (11)[a]NoneNoneNone2,5000–2–1
4April 22Dodgers5–4Elmer Burkart (1–0)Red Evans (0–2)None3,0001–2–1
5April 23Dodgers5–4 (12)Boom-Boom Beck (1–0)Hugh Casey (0–1)None8,0002–2–1
6April 24Giants6–5Max Butcher (1–1)Slick Castleman (0–1)Boom-Boom Beck (1)3,0003–2–1
7April 25Giants8–1Claude Passeau (1–0)Cliff Melton (0–2)Jim Henry (1)3,5004–2–1
April 26GiantsPostponed (rain);[6] Makeup: August 20 as a traditional double-header
8April 27Bees4–5Danny MacFayden (2–0)Al Hollingsworth (0–1)Tom Earley (1)8,0004–3–1
April 28BeesPostponed (rain);[7] Makeup: July 2 as a traditional double-header
9April 29@ Dodgers0–5Whit Wyatt (1–0)Hugh Mulcahy (0–1)None8,576[8]4–4–1
10April 30@ Dodgers1–3Luke Hamlin (3–0)Max Butcher (1–2)None20,5834–5–1
May (8–19)
11May 1@ Dodgers12–13Whit Wyatt (2–0)Jim Henry (0–1)None8,0634–6–1
12May 2Cubs6–1Syl Johnson (1–1)Ray Harrell (0–1)None1,5005–6–1
13May 3Cubs4–1Hugh Mulcahy (1–1)Earl Whitehill (1–1)None1,5006–6–1
14May 4Pirates4–6Russ Bauers (1–0)Max Butcher (1–3)None3,5006–7–1
15May 5Pirates7–10Rip Sewell (2–1)Al Hollingsworth (0–2)Mace Brown (2)2,0006–8–1
16May 6Pirates1–0Claude Passeau (2–0)Mace Brown (0–2)None7,0007–8–1
17May 7Reds4–13Paul Derringer (3–0)Hugh Mulcahy (1–2)None18,0467–9–1
18May 8Reds8–7Max Butcher (2–3)Johnny Vander Meer (0–1)Boom-Boom Beck (2)2,3138–9–1
19May 9Reds4–8Lee Grissom (1–1)Hugh Mulcahy (1–3)Peaches Davis (1)2,2398–10–1
20May 10Cardinals3–4Lon Warneke (3–1)Claude Passeau (2–1)Bob Bowman (1)7,0008–11–1
May 11CardinalsPostponed (rain);[9] Makeup: June 10 as a traditional double-header
21May 12@ Giants10–6Syl Johnson (2–1)Dick Coffman (1–1)Hugh Mulcahy (1)5,9959–11–1
May 13@ GiantsPostponed (rain);[10] Makeup: August 13 as a traditional double-header
22May 14@ Giants1–2 (10)Carl Hubbell (1–0)Max Butcher (2–4)None22,4859–12–1
23May 16@ Pirates5–8Joe Bowman (1–1)Claude Passeau (2–2)None1,8239–13–1
24May 17@ Pirates7–3Hugh Mulcahy (2–3)Bob Klinger (2–4)None2,07510–13–1
25May 18@ Pirates4–5 (10)Jim Tobin (3–2)Al Hollingsworth (0–3)None2,18310–14–1
26May 19@ Reds3–4 (12)Paul Derringer (4–1)Max Butcher (2–5)None3,16710–15–1
27May 20@ Reds2–7Whitey Moore (4–3)Claude Passeau (2–3)None5,60810–16–1
28May 21@ Cardinals2–5Bob Bowman (2–1)Hugh Mulcahy (2–4)None7,66310–17–1
29May 22@ Cardinals1–2Mort Cooper (1–1)Al Hollingsworth (0–4)Curt Davis (3)1,06510–18–1
30May 23@ Cardinals1–6Bill McGee (3–0)Max Butcher (2–6)None1,34710–19–1
31May 24@ Cubs2–3Larry French (3–2)Claude Passeau (2–4)None4,65810–20–1
32May 25@ Cubs8–7Hugh Mulcahy (3–4)Vance Page (2–2)Syl Johnson (1)5,01511–20–1
33May 27Giants1–10Hal Schumacher (3–3)Al Hollingsworth (0–5)None2,50011–21–1
34May 28Giants2–7Bill Lohrman (2–2)Max Butcher (2–7)None4,42511–22–1
35May 29Giants5–7Manny Salvo (2–2)Al Hollingsworth (0–6)None3,00011–23–1
36May 30 (1)Bees7–9 (10)Joe Sullivan (1–1)Boom-Boom Beck (1–1)Nonesee 2nd game11–24–1
37May 30 (2)Bees5–3Syl Johnson (3–1)Bill Posedel (3–3)None19,26312–24–1
June (7–14)
38June 1Pirates2–5Rip Sewell (6–3)Kirby Higbe (2–2)None8,000[11]12–25–1
39June 3Pirates7–10Mace Brown (1–2)Al Hollingsworth (0–7)Bill Swift (1)2,00012–26–1
40June 4 (1)Cubs4–9Jack Russell (1–0)Hugh Mulcahy (3–5)None4,00012–27–1
June 4 (2)CubsPostponed (rain[12][13][14] and Sunday curfew[b]); Makeup: August 27 as a traditional double-header
41June 5Cubs8–7Kirby Higbe (3–2)Larry French (4–3)Hugh Mulcahy (2)1,50013–27–1
42June 6Cubs9–8Boom-Boom Beck (2–1)Gene Lillard (2–4)None1,00014–27–1
43June 7Reds4–5Whitey Moore (7–4)Max Butcher (2–8)None3,30514–28–1
44June 8Reds2–3Paul Derringer (8–1)Hugh Mulcahy (3–6)None16,12314–29–1
45June 10 (1)Cardinals6–5Kirby Higbe (4–2)Clyde Shoun (0–1)Nonesee 2nd game15–29–1
46June 10 (2)Cardinals5–3Ray Harrell (1–2)Bob Weiland (3–5)Hugh Mulcahy (3)7,00016–29–1
47June 11 (1)Cardinals5–4 (11)Boom-Boom Beck (3–1)Bill McGee (5–1)Nonesee 2nd game17–29–1
48June 11 (2)Cardinals1–4Lon Warneke (7–2)Al Hollingsworth (0–8)Mort Cooper (3)17,04717–30–1
49June 14@ Reds7–10Gene Thompson (2–1)Gene Schott (0–1)Whitey Moore (3)5,17517–31–1
50June 15@ Reds1–4Bucky Walters (9–4)Hugh Mulcahy (3–7)None26,61617–32–1
51June 17@ Pirates11–2Syl Johnson (4–1)Rip Sewell (6–6)None3,74118–32–1
June 18 (1)[c]@ PiratesPostponed (rain);[15] Makeup: July 26 as a traditional double-header
June 18 (2)[c]@ PiratesPostponed (rain);[15] Makeup: September 17 as a traditional double-header
June 20@ CardinalsPostponed (rain);[16] Makeup: August 6 as a traditional double-header
52June 21@ Cardinals2–14Curt Davis (9–6)Hugh Mulcahy (3–8)None1,35918–33–1
53June 22@ Cardinals5–11Mort Cooper (2–3)Boom-Boom Beck (3–2)None1,02518–34–1
54June 23@ Cubs3–4Bill Lee (7–8)Max Butcher (2–9)None6,76218–35–1
55June 24@ Cubs1–0Hugh Mulcahy (4–8)Charlie Root (0–2)None8,57419–35–1
56June 25@ Cubs3–4Claude Passeau (5–7)Kirby Higbe (4–3)None14,38819–36–1
57June 27@ Giants5–13Hal Schumacher (6–5)Max Butcher (2–10)None6,13919–37–1
58June 28@ Giants1–7Bill Lohrman (6–3)Hugh Mulcahy (4–9)None6,55619–38–1
June 29@ DodgersPostponed (rain[17] and wet grounds[18]); Makeup: June 30
June 30@ DodgersPostponed (rain);[19] Makeup: September 6
July (7–23)
59July 1Bees0–6Bill Posedel (7–5)Max Butcher (2–11)None1,00019–39–1
60July 2 (1)Bees7–9Dick Errickson (2–5)Boom-Boom Beck (3–3)Milt Shoffner (1)see 2nd game19–40–1
61July 2 (2)Bees3–4Johnny Lanning (3–2)Syl Johnson (4–2)Fred Frankhouse (3)7,50219–41–1
62July 4 (1)@ Dodgers3–6Tot Pressnell (4–3)Al Hollingsworth (0–9)Nonesee 2nd game19–42–1
63July 4 (2)@ Dodgers6–8Hugh Casey (4–3)Ike Pearson (0–1)None21,29919–43–1
64July 5@ Dodgers1–7Freddie Fitzsimmons (2–5)Kirby Higbe (4–4)None3,53619–44–1
65July 7@ Bees3–7Bill Posedel (8–5)Boom-Boom Beck (3–4)None1,76819–45–1
66July 8@ Bees0–4Lou Fette (9–3)Syl Johnson (4–3)None1,30719–46–1
67July 9 (1)@ Bees3–1Kirby Higbe (5–4)Danny MacFayden (6–7)Nonesee 2nd game20–46–1
68July 9 (2)@ Bees7–6Al Hollingsworth (1–9)Johnny Lanning (3–3)Boom-Boom Beck (3)10,63421–46–1
July 111939 Major League Baseball All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium in New York
69July 13Cubs5–7Vance Page (4–2)Boom-Boom Beck (3–5)None10,71421–47–1
70July 15Cubs8–5Syl Johnson (5–3)Bill Lee (9–10)Boom-Boom Beck (4)3,00022–47–1
71July 16 (1)Pirates3–2Hugh Mulcahy (5–9)Mace Brown (4–4)Nonesee 2nd game23–47–1
72July 16 (2)Pirates3–7Bob Klinger (8–9)Max Butcher (2–12)Bill Swift (2)12,95823–48–1
73July 17Pirates4–7Joe Bowman (6–5)Ray Harrell (1–3)None2,50023–49–1
74July 18Pirates8–3Syl Johnson (6–3)Bill Swift (2–2)None6,00024–49–1
75July 19Cardinals2–4Tom Sunkel (1–1)Hugh Mulcahy (5–10)Bob Bowman (4)11,55424–50–1
76July 21 (1)[d]Cardinals16–2Kirby Higbe (6–4)Curt Davis (11–11)Nonesee 2nd game25–50–1
77July 21 (1)[d]Cardinals0–7Mort Cooper (6–3)Ike Pearson (0–2)None6,00025–51–1
78July 22Reds0–2Paul Derringer (13–4)Boom-Boom Beck (3–6)None5,00025–52–1
79July 23 (1)Reds2–5 (11)Gene Thompson (4–1)Hugh Mulcahy (5–11)Nonesee 2nd game25–53–1
80July 23 (2)Reds0–4Whitey Moore (9–6)Max Butcher (2–13)None23,84025–54–1
81July 25@ Pirates4–5 (10)Bob Klinger (10–10)Ike Pearson (0–3)None2,53925–55–1
82July 26 (1)[c]@ Pirates1–3Bill Swift (4–2)Kirby Higbe (6–5)Mace Brown (6)see 2nd game25–56–1
83July 26 (2)[c]@ Pirates3–5Joe Bowman (7–5)Boom-Boom Beck (3–7)None10,61125–57–1
84July 27@ Pirates9–8Ray Harrell (2–3)Rip Sewell (7–7)Kirby Higbe (1)2,61026–57–1
July 28@ RedsPostponed (rain);[20] Makeup: July 29 as a traditional double-header
85July 29 (1)@ Reds0–3Gene Thompson (5–1)Hugh Mulcahy (5–12)Nonesee 2nd game26–58–1
86July 29 (2)@ Reds2–9Whitey Moore (10–6)Ike Pearson (0–4)None10,22326–59–1
87July 30 (1)@ Reds2–9Bucky Walters (18–6)Kirby Higbe (6–6)Nonesee 2nd game26–60–1
88July 30 (2)@ Reds1–5Johnny Vander Meer (5–8)Boom-Boom Beck (3–8)None30,29826–61–1
August (13–17)
89August 1@ Cubs2–6Larry French (7–5)Kirby Higbe (6–7)None7,29026–62–1
August 2@ CubsPostponed (rain);[21] Makeup: September 14 as a traditional double-header
90August 3@ Cubs6–9Bill Lee (12–10)Hugh Mulcahy (5–13)Jack Russell (3)6,993[22]26–63–1
91August 4@ Cardinals8–9 (13)Bob Bowman (6–4)Hugh Mulcahy (5–14)None1,04126–64–1
92August 5@ Cardinals1–5Curt Davis (15–11)Ike Pearson (0–5)None2,31326–65–1
93August 6 (1)@ Cardinals0–11Bob Weiland (7–9)Kirby Higbe (6–8)Nonesee 2nd game26–66–1
94August 6 (2)@ Cardinals3–8Mort Cooper (8–4)Syl Johnson (6–4)None10,43026–67–1
95August 8Dodgers3–2Hugh Mulcahy (6–14)Red Evans (1–8)None8,25027–67–1
96August 10 (1)Dodgers0–3Luke Hamlin (13–9)Boom-Boom Beck (3–9)Nonesee 2nd game27–68–1
97August 10 (2)Dodgers8–3Ike Pearson (1–5)Freddie Fitzsimmons (4–8)None9,00028–68–1
98August 11@ Giants2–1Kirby Higbe (7–8)Hal Schumacher (7–8)None5,21229–68–1
99August 12@ Giants4–3Hugh Mulcahy (7–14)Manny Salvo (4–8)None6,99830–68–1
100August 13 (1)@ Giants2–11Bill Lohrman (10–8)Bill Kerksieck (0–1)Nonesee 2nd game30–69–1
101August 13 (2)@ Giants2–6Carl Hubbell (7–5)Ray Harrell (2–4)None10,85330–70–1
102August 15@ Bees4–3Boom-Boom Beck (4–9)Lou Fette (10–7)None1,49831–70–1
103August 16 (1)@ Bees2–9Bill Posedel (12–9)Syl Johnson (6–5)Nonesee 2nd game31–71–1
104August 16 (2)@ Bees3–2Hugh Mulcahy (8–14)Danny MacFayden (7–13)None4,32232–71–1
105August 18Giants5–2Kirby Higbe (8–8)Bill Lohrman (10–9)None5,00033–71–1
August 19GiantsPostponed (rain);[23] Makeup: September 28 as a traditional double-header
106August 20 (1)Giants4–8Hal Schumacher (8–8)Boom-Boom Beck (4–10)Nonesee 2nd game33–72–1
107August 20 (2)Giants3–2Hugh Mulcahy (9–14)Carl Hubbell (7–6)None12,04334–72–1
108August 21Reds0–7Johnny Niggeling (2–0)Ike Pearson (1–6)None1,00034–73–1
109August 22Reds4–0Kirby Higbe (9–8)Gene Thompson (8–3)None2,45035–73–1
110August 23Reds0–3Paul Derringer (16–7)Boom-Boom Beck (4–11)None3,86935–74–1
111August 24Cardinals6–5Syl Johnson (7–5)Bob Weiland (8–10)None15,00036–74–1
112August 26 (1)Cardinals0–5Curt Davis (18–12)Kirby Higbe (9–9)Nonesee 2nd game36–75–1
113August 26 (2)Cardinals4–11Bob Bowman (10–4)Ike Pearson (1–7)Clyde Shoun (7)12,00036–76–1
114August 27 (1)Cubs4–3Boom-Boom Beck (5–11)Bill Lee (16–11)Nonesee 2nd game37–76–1
115August 27 (2)Cubs3–2Ray Harrell (3–4)Claude Passeau (12–10)None10,02938–76–1
116August 28Cubs3–5Charlie Root (6–7)Syl Johnson (7–6)None1,50038–77–1
August 29CubsPostponed (rain);[24] Makeup: September 15 as a traditional double-header in Chicago
August 30PiratesPostponed (rain[25] and wet grounds[26]); Makeup: August 31 as a traditional double-header[26]
117August 31 (1)Pirates0–1Max Butcher (5–15)Kirby Higbe (9–10)Nonesee 2nd game38–78–1
118August 31 (2)Pirates11–6Boom-Boom Beck (6–11)Bob Klinger (11–15)None8,00039–78–1
September (6–27)
119September 1Bees0–6Bill Posedel (15–9)Ray Harrell (3–5)None8,67439–79–1
120September 2Bees3–2Ike Pearson (2–7)Hiker Moran (1–1)Kirby Higbe (2)1,50040–79–1
121September 3 (1)Bees3–4Johnny Lanning (5–4)Syl Johnson (7–7)Nonesee 2nd game40–80–1
122September 3 (2)Bees2–6Joe Sullivan (5–6)Hugh Mulcahy (9–15)None8,08140–81–1
123September 4 (1)@ Giants0–10Hal Schumacher (10–8)Kirby Higbe (9–11)Jumbo Brown (6)see 2nd game40–82–1
124September 4 (2)@ Giants6–7Jumbo Brown (4–0)Kirby Higbe (9–12)None13,03940–83–1
125September 5@ Giants0–6Cliff Melton (11–12)Ray Harrell (3–6)None1,86440–84–1
126September 6@ Dodgers1–2Luke Hamlin (17–11)Ike Pearson (2–8)None20,13340–85–1
127September 8 (1)[e]@ Dodgers2–11Bill Crouch (1–0)Kirby Higbe (9–13)Nonesee 2nd game40–86–1
128September 8 (2)[e]@ Dodgers1–3 (5)Vito Tamulis (8–6)Hugh Mulcahy (9–16)None9,80140–87–1
129September 9@ Bees2–1Boom-Boom Beck (7–11)Dick Errickson (4–7)None1,45441–87–1
September 10@ BeesCanceled (rain[27] and cold weather[28]); No makeup scheduled
130September 12@ Cardinals3–4Bob Bowman (12–5)Ike Pearson (2–9)None1,56441–88–1
131September 13@ Cardinals9–10Bill McGee (9–5)Ike Pearson (2–10)None1,42841–89–1
132September 14 (1)@ Cubs1–13Charlie Root (8–8)Boom-Boom Beck (7–12)Nonesee 2nd game41–90–1
133September 14 (2)@ Cubs2–5Larry French (13–7)Roy Bruner (0–1)None5,00441–91–1
134September 15 (1)@ Cubs9–6Kirby Higbe (10–13)Dizzy Dean (6–4)Syl Johnson (2)see 2nd game42–91–1
135September 15 (2)@ Cubs1–6Vance Page (7–7)Bill Kerksieck (0–2)Claude Passeau (3)4,48142–92–1
136September 16@ Cubs2–8Bill Lee (18–13)Ray Harrell (3–7)None4,41842–93–1
137September 17 (1)@ Pirates7–3Syl Johnson (8–7)Johnny Gee (0–1)Nonesee 2nd game43–93–1
138September 17 (2)@ Pirates1–10Bob Klinger (14–16)Ike Pearson (2–11)None8,00843–94–1
139September 18@ Pirates4–7Mace Brown (9–12)Roy Bruner (0–2)None68843–95–1
140September 19@ Reds13–1Kirby Higbe (11–13)Johnny Vander Meer (5–9)None3,04444–95–1
141September 20@ Reds2–3Bucky Walters (26–10)Boom-Boom Beck (7–13)None3,58144–96–1
142September 21@ Reds3–8Paul Derringer (23–7)Ike Pearson (2–12)None3,25144–97–1
143September 23 (1)Dodgers4–22Tot Pressnell (9–6)Kirby Higbe (11–14)Nonesee 2nd game44–98–1
144September 23 (2)Dodgers0–8Carl Doyle (1–0)Ray Harrell (3–8)None4,00044–99–1
145September 24 (1)Dodgers1–3Ira Hutchinson (5–2)Syl Johnson (8–8)Nonesee 2nd game44–100–1
146September 24 (2)Dodgers1–6Bill Crouch (3–0)Roy Bruner (0–3)None7,00044–101–1
147September 26Bees5–3Kirby Higbe (12–14)Jim Turner (4–11)None20045–101–1
September 27BeesPostponed (rain);[29] Makeup: September 3 as a traditional double-header
148September 28 (1)Giants3–4Harry Gumbert (17–11)Ike Pearson (2–13)Nonesee 2nd game45–102–1
149September 28 (2)Giants3–8 (8)Hal Schumacher (13–10)Ray Harrell (3–9)None3,00045–103–1
September 29GiantsCanceled (rain[30] and threatening weather[31]); No makeup scheduled
150September 30 (1)[f]@ Dodgers5–14Bill Crouch (4–0)Roy Bruner (0–4)Nonesee 2nd game45–104–1
151September 30 (2)[f]@ Dodgers1–5 (7)Luke Hamlin (20–13)Boom-Boom Beck (7–14)None9,43145–105–1
October (0–1)
152October 1 (1)[f]@ Dodgers2–3Hugh Casey (15–10)Kirby Higbe (12–15)Carl Doyle (1)17,15245–106–1
October 1 (2)[f]@ DodgersCanceled (rain);[32][33] No makeup scheduled
^[a] The April 21, 1993, game ended after eleven innings due to darkness with the score tied 2–2,[34][35][36] and an additional game was scheduled for September 25 which became October 1 in Brooklyn.
^[b] The second game on June 4, 1939, was called due to the Pennsylvania Sunday curfew at the end of the third inning[14][37][38][39][40] with the score 0–2.[41] Since the game was not yet official,[41] it was replayed from the beginning on August 27.
^[c] The original schedule indicated single games on June 18 and 19 and July 26 at Pittsburgh.[42] The game on June 19 was changed to a double-header on June 18[43] which was postponed due to rain[15][44] and became a double-headers on July 26 and September 17.
^[d] The original schedule indicated single games on June 12 and July 21 with St. Louis[42] which became a double-header on July 21.
^[e] The original schedule indicated single games on September 7 and 8 at Brooklyn[42] which became a double-header on September 8.
^[f] The original schedule indicated single games on September 25 with Brooklyn and September 30 and October 1 at Brooklyn.[42] September 25 became a double-header because of the April 21 tie which became a double-headers on September 30 and October 1 in Brooklyn.[45]


1939 Philadelphia Phillies
  • 15 Boom-Boom Beck
  • 33 Roy Bruner
  • 35 Elmer Burkart
  •  8 Max Butcher
  • 12 Ray Harrell
  • 12 Jim Henry
  • 14 Kirby Higbe
  • 28 Bill Hoffman
  •  7 Al Hollingsworth
  •  3 Syl Johnson
  • 11 Bill Kerksieck
  •  9 Hugh Mulcahy
  • 13 Claude Passeau
  •  5 Ike Pearson
  • 11 Jennings Poindexter
  • 34 Gene Schott
  • 14 Al Smith
  • 34,5 Bill Atwood
  • 10 Dave Coble
  •  4 Spud Davis
  •  7 Joe Kracher
  • 8,23 Wally Millies
  • 26 Bennie Warren


  • 22 Jack Bolling
  • -- Eddie Feinberg
  • 34 Len Gabrielson
  • 28,16 Roy Hughes
  • 10 Charlie Letchas
  • 19 Pinky May
  • 21 Heinie Mueller
  • 16 Les Powers
  • 18 George Scharein
  • 20 Jim Shilling
  •  6 Gus Suhr
  •  5 Johnny Watwood
  • 20 Pinky Whitney
  • 17 Del Young
Outfielders Manager
  •  1 Doc Prothro


  •  3 Syl Johnson
  •  2 Hans Lobert

Player stats

Starters by position

Note: Pos = Position; G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Pos Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
CSpud Davis8720262.307023
1BGus Suhr6019863.318324
2BRoy Hughes6523754.228116
SSGeorge Scharein11839995.238133
3BPinky May135464133.287262
OFJoe Marty9129976.254944
OFHersh Martin111393111.282122
OFMorrie Arnovich134491159.324567

Other batters

Note: G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
Heinie Mueller11534195.279943
Gibby Brack9127078.289641
LeGrant Scott7623265.280126
Del Young7721757.263320
Jack Bolling6921161.289313
Wally Millies8420548.234012
Pinky Whitney347514.18716
Bud Bates155815.25912
Bennie Warren185613.23217
Les Powers195218.34602
Bud Hafey18519.17603
Stan Benjamin12507.14002
Chuck Klein25479.19119
Charlie Letchas124410.22713
Jim Shilling113310.30304
Dave Coble15257.28000
Eddie Feinberg6184.22200
Len Gabrielson5184.22201
Bill Atwood460.00001
Johnny Watwood261.16700
Joe Kracher551.20000

Starting pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Hugh Mulcahy38225.29164.9959
Kirby Higbe34187.110144.8579
Max Butcher20105.22135.7927
Claude Passeau853.1244.2229
Roy Bruner427.0046.6711

Other pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Boom-Boom Beck34182.27144.7377
Ike Pearson26125.02135.7629
Syl Johnson22111.0883.8137
Ray Harrell2294.2375.4235
Al Hollingsworth1560.0195.8524
Jim Henry923.0015.097

Relief pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; SV = Saves; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G W L SV ERA SO
Bill Kerksieck230207.1813
Jennings Poindexter110004.1512
Al Smith50004.002
Elmer Burkart51004.322
Gene Schott40104.911
Bill Hoffman300013.501
Bud Hafey200033.751
Joe Marty10004.501

Farm system

Level Team League Manager
B Pensacola Fliers Southeastern League Wally Dashiell
D Mayodan Millers Bi-State League Harry Daughtry, Ramon Couto and Chink Outen
D Moultrie Packers Georgia–Florida League Joe Holden
D Johnstown Johnnies Pennsylvania State Association Dick Goldberg



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