List of islands of Thailand

This is a list of islands of Thailand.

Ang Thong Marine Park
Islands of Phang Nga Bay

Thailand has hundreds of islands both in the Gulf of Thailand and in the Andaman Sea. The islands of the central Gulf of Thailand are mostly located near the coast. Formerly most of the islands in Thailand were uninhabited, but in recent times many have been developed for tourism.

Some of the island groups in Thailand come in clusters of numerous individual islands: Phang Nga Bay has 67, the Mu Ko Chang National Park has 52, Tarutao National Marine Park has 51, and Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park has 42.


  1. In Thai, the names of islands are usually preceded with the word ko (Thai เกาะ), the Thai word for island. This word is often alternately romanized as koh, go or goh. English language references to the names of the Thai islands should not have an additional "island" added to their names, or else the ko should be left off. For example, "Ko Phi Phi Island" would be redundant, since "Ko Phi Phi" already means "Phi Phi Island"
  2. Various maps commonly spell Thai names differently, using different transliterations. For example, Ko Mak may be seen as Koh Mak, Koh Maak or even Koh Mark. This list gives precedence to the Royal Thai General System of Transcription favored by the Government of Thailand, for the English-based Thai transcription is now becoming obsolete.

To help in using search engines, the list also contains alternative names (used on some maps) either in the "Alternate spellings" column, or in parentheses.

List of larger Thai islands

NameThai NameAlternative spellingsProvinceCoordinates
Ko Changเกาะช้างTrat12.06°N 102.33°E / 12.06; 102.33
Ko KutเกาะกูดKoodTrat11.66°N 102.57°E / 11.66; 102.57
Ko Lanta Yaiเกาะลันตาใหญ่Krabi7°35′N 99°03′E
Ko MakเกาะหมากKo Mark, Koh MarkTrat11.819°N 102.480°E / 11.819; 102.480
Ko Pha NganเกาะพะงันKo PhanganSurat Thani9°45′N 100°02′E
Ko Phi Phi LehเกาะพีพีเลPhi Phi LehKrabi7.68°N 98.768°E / 7.68; 98.768
Ko Phi Phi DonเกาะพีพีดอนKrabi7.741°N 98.780°E / 7.741; 98.780
Ko RangเกาะรังKo Rung, Koh RungTrat11.80°N 102.387°E / 11.80; 102.387
Ko Sametเกาะเสม็ดKo Samed, Koh SamedRayong12.565°N 101.45°E / 12.565; 101.45
Ko SamuiเกาะสมุยKoh Samui, Ka'Samui, KosamoeySurat Thani9.50°N 100.00°E / 9.50; 100.00
Ko Taoเกาะเต่าSurat Thani10.09°N 99.838°E / 10.09; 99.838
Ko TapuเกาะตะปูPhang Nga8°16′31.36″N 98°30′02.02″E
Ko TarutaoเกาะตะรุเตาSatun6°35′N 99°38′E
Ko Phuketเกาะภูเก็ตPhuket7°58′N 98°20′E
Similan IslandsเกาะสิมิลันPhang Nga8.65°N 97.65°E / 8.65; 97.65

Eastern seaboard islands

NameThai NameAlternative spellingsProvinceIsland Chain, Group, ArchipelagoCoordinates
Ko SichangเกาะสีชังChonburiMain island of Ko Sichang group 13.145°N 100.813°E / 13.145; 100.813
Ko Kham Yaiเกาะขามใหญ่ChonburiSichang group13.167°N 100.824°E / 13.167; 100.824
Ko Kham Noiเกาะขามน้อยChonburiSichang group13.1744°N 100.8301°E / 13.1744; 100.8301
Ko Ram Dok Maiเกาะร้ามดอกไม้Ko Lam DokmaiChonburiSichang group13.1528°N 100.8342°E / 13.1528; 100.8342
Ko Khang Khaoเกาะค้างคาวChonburiSichang group13.114°N 100.808°E / 13.114; 100.808
Ko ProngเกาะปรงChonburiSichang group13.1652°N 100.8330°E / 13.1652; 100.8330
Ko Yai ThaoChonburiSichang group13.1234°N 100.8093°E / 13.1234; 100.8093
Ko Thaai TamuenChonburiSichang group13.1088°N 100.8033°E / 13.1088; 100.8033
Ko NokเกาะนอกChonburiRocky islet off Pattaya Bay13.006°N 100.8033°E / 13.006; 100.8033
Ko Chunเกาะจุ่นChonburiRocky islet off Pattaya Bay12.930°N 100.81°E / 12.930; 100.81
Ko Lanเกาะล้านChonburi"Near Islands", off Pattaya12.92°N 100.78°E / 12.92; 100.78
Ko SakเกาะสากChonburi"Near Islands", off Pattaya12.9275°N 100.7920°E / 12.9275; 100.7920
Ko KrokเกาะครกKrokChonburi"Near Islands", off Pattaya12.9434°N 100.8057°E / 12.9434; 100.8057
Ko Luamเกาะเหลื่อมChonburi"Far Islands", off Pattaya12.9581°N 100.6506°E / 12.9581; 100.6506
Ko Luam Noiเกาะเหลื่อมน้อยKo Lueam NoiChonburi"Far Islands", off Pattaya12.9566°N 100.6573°E / 12.9566; 100.6573
Ko Phaiเกาะไผ่Koh PaiChonburi"Far Islands", off Pattaya12.934°N 100.675°E / 12.934; 100.675
Ko Hu Changเกาะหูช้างHoo ChangChonburi"Far Islands", off Pattaya12.9105°N 100.6775°E / 12.9105; 100.6775
Ko Klung BadanเกาะกรุงบาดาลKrung badanChonburi"Far Islands", off Pattaya12.9026°N 100.6796°E / 12.9026; 100.6796
Ko Man WichaiเกาะมารวิชัยMun WichaiChonburi"Far Islands", off Pattaya12.8763°N 100.6742°E / 12.8763; 100.6742
Ko RinเกาะรินChonburisouth of "Far Islands", off Pattaya
Ko Hin Khaoเกาะหินแก้วHin KhaoChonburisouth of "Far Islands", off Pattaya
Hin Ton MaiChonburiRocky islet south of "Far Islands", off Pattaya
Ko Klet Kaeoเกาะเกล็ดแก้วKlet KaeoChonburiKo Khram group12.761°N 100.845°E / 12.761; 100.845
Ko KhramเกาะครามKhramChonburiMain island of Ko Khram group12.70°N 100.79°E / 12.70; 100.79
Ko Khram Noiเกาะครามน้อยChonburiKo Khram group12.727°N 100.798°E / 12.727; 100.798
Ko I Raเกาะอีร้าI RaChonburiKo Khram group12.676°N 100.823°E / 12.676; 100.823
Ko Tao Moเกาะเตาหม้อChonburiSattahip Bay group12°38′17″N 100°52′13″E
Ko PhraเกาะพระChonburiSattahip Bay group12°38′37″N 100°53′17″E
Ko Phra Noiเกาะพระน้อยChonburiSattahip Bay group12°38′46″N 100°53′15″E
Ko I LaoเกาะอีเลาChonburiSattahip Bay group12°36′42″N 100°52′32″E
Ko YoเกาะยอChonburiSattahip Bay group12°36′59″N 100°52′52″E
Ko MuเกาะหมูChonburiSattahip Bay group12°37′26″N 100°54′3″E
Ko MaeoเกาะแมวChonburiSattahip Bay group12°36′40″N 100°53′21″E
Ko Nang RamเกาะนางรำChonburiSattahip Bay group12°36′59″N 100°56′3″E
Ko Chorakheเกาะจระเข้ChonburiSattahip Bay group12°36′12″N 100°55′0″E
Ko Samae SanเกาะแสมสารSamaesanChonburiMain island of Ko Samae San group12.573°N 100.95°E / 12.573; 100.95
Ko KhamเกาะขามChonburiKo Samae San group12.573°N 100.934°E / 12.573; 100.934
Ko RaetเกาะแรดRat, RadChonburiKo Samae San group12.585°N 100.964°E / 12.585; 100.964
Ko Chang KlueaChangklueaChonburiKo Samae San group12.550°N 100.971°E / 12.550; 100.971
Ko Chuangเกาะช่วงChonburiKo Samae San group12.520°N 100.96°E / 12.520; 100.96
Ko ChanเกาะจานChonburiKo Samae San group12.521°N 100.970°E / 12.521; 100.970
Ko Rong NangเกาะโรงหนังChonburiKo Samae San group12.53437°N 100.95870°E / 12.53437; 100.95870
Ko Rong KhonเกาะโรงโขนChonburiKo Samae San group12.53169°N 100.95972°E / 12.53169; 100.95972
Ko SaketRayongBy Rayong harbour12°38′54″N 101°10′14″E
Ko Sametเกาะเสม็ดKo SamedRayongMain island of Ko Samet group12.565°N 101.45°E / 12.565; 101.45
Ko PlatinRayongKo Samet group12.6019°N 101.5148°E / 12.6019; 101.5148
Ko KrauiRayongKo Samet group12.5932°N 101.5108°E / 12.5932; 101.5108
Ko KudiKudeeRayongKo Samet group, East12.5839°N 101.5101°E / 12.5839; 101.5101
Ko KhangkhaoRayongKo Samet group, East12.5796°N 101.5104°E / 12.5796; 101.5104
Ko KhamเกาะขามRayongKo Samet group, East12.5945°N 101.509°E / 12.5945; 101.509
Ko YangklaoYungklaoRayongKo Samet group12.5578°N 101.5691°E / 12.5578; 101.5691
Ko ThaluเกาะทะลุRayongKo Samet group, East12.5557°N 101.5695°E / 12.5557; 101.5695
Ko Khi Plaเกาะขี้ปลาRayongCoastal island12°38′15″N 101°37′52″E
Ko Man NaiเกาะมันในMan NaiRayongKo Man Nai group12.6114°N 101.688°E / 12.6114; 101.688
Ko Man KhlangเกาะมันกลางMan GlangRayongKo Man Nai group12.5975°N 101.692°E / 12.5975; 101.692
Ko Man NokเกาะมันนอกMun Nok, Mun NawkRayongKo Man Nai group12.5841°N 101.697°E / 12.5841; 101.697

Islands in Chanthaburi and Trat Provinces

NameThai NameAlternative spellingsProvinceIsland Chain, Group, ArchipelagoCoordinates
Ko Chong Sabaเกาะช่องสะบ้าChanthaburiCoastal island12°30′41″N 101°56′56″E
Ko Nom SaoเกาะนมสาวChanthaburiCoastal island12°27′46″N 102°1′20″E
Ko ChulaเกาะจุฬาChanthaburiCoastal island12°27′55″N 102°3′56″E
Ko NuเกาะหนูChanthaburiCoastal island12°27′26″N 102°5′30″E
Ko Nang RamเกาะนางรำChanthaburiCoastal island12°25′24″N 102°6′37″E
Ko KwangเกาะกวางChanthaburiCoastal island12°23′45″N 102°7′59″E
Ko Chik NokเกาะจิกนอกKo ChikChanthaburiCoastal island12°17′30″N 102°14′18″E
Ko Chik KlangเกาะจิกกลางChanthaburiCoastal island12°17′17″N 102°15′4″E
Ko Changเกาะช้างTratMain island of Ko Chang group12.06°N 102.33°E / 12.06; 102.33
    Ko Ngamเกาะง่ามTratKo Chang Marine National Park11.951°N 102.443°E / 11.951; 102.443
    Ko Phrao Naiเกาะพร้าวในTratKo Chang Marine National Park11.982°N 102.387°E / 11.982; 102.387
    Ko Phrao Nokเกาะพร้าวนอกTratKo Chang Marine National Park11.973°N 102.392°E / 11.973; 102.392
    Ko Chang Noiเกาะช้างน้อยTratKo Chang Marine National Park
Ko SuwanTratKo Chang Marine National Park
Ko RomTratKo Chang Marine National Park
Ko LimTratKo Chang Marine National Park
Ko SalakTratKo Chang Marine National Park
    Ko YuakเกาะหยวกTratKo Chang Marine National Park
    Ko Man NaiเกาะมันในTratKo Chang Marine National Park
    Ko Man NokเกาะมันนอกMun NokTratKo Chang Marine National Park12.013°N 102.268°E / 12.013; 102.268
    Ko Klumเกาะคลุ้มKloomTratKo Chang Marine National Park11.914°N 102.354°E / 11.914; 102.354
Mu Ko Lao Yaหมู่เกาะเหลายาMoo Koh Lao YaTratIsland pair in Ko Chang MNP11.942°N 102.407°E / 11.942; 102.407
    Ko Lao Ya NaiเกาะเหลายาในTratKo Chang Marine National Park11.942°N 102.407°E / 11.942; 102.407
    Ko Lao Ya NokเกาะเหลายานอกTratKo Chang Marine National Park11.931°N 102.411°E / 11.931; 102.411
Ko WaiเกาะหวายTratKo Chang Marine National Park11.900°N 102.405°E / 11.900; 102.405
Mu Ko Mai Siหมู่เกาะไม้ซี้Moo Koh Mai SeeTratIsland pair in Ko Chang MNP11.946°N 102.475°E / 11.946; 102.475
    Ko Mai Si Yaiเกาะไม้ซี้ใหญ่TratKo Chang MNP11.946°N 102.475°E / 11.946; 102.475
    Ko Mai Si Lekเกาะไม้ซี้เล็กTratKo Chang MNP11.955°N 102.497°E / 11.955; 102.497
Ko Bai DangเกาะไปแดงTratKo Chang Marine National Park11.898°N 102.451°E / 11.898; 102.451
Ko ChanเกาะจานTratKo Chang Marine National Park11.916°N 102.473°E / 11.916; 102.473
Ko KutเกาะกูดKo Kuut, Koh KootTratKo Chang Marine National Park11.66°N 102.57°E / 11.66; 102.57
Ko MakเกาะหมากKo MaakTratKo Chang Marine National Park11.819°N 102.480°E / 11.819; 102.480
Ko PhiเกาะผีTratKo Chang Marine National Park
Ko KhamเกาะขามTratKo Chang Marine National Park
Ko ThongTratKo Chang Marine National Park
Ko Rayang Nokเกาะระยั้งนอกTratKo Chang Marine National Park11.798°N 102.451°E / 11.798; 102.451
Ko Rayang Nokเกาะระยั้งในTratKo Chang Marine National Park
Ko KradatเกาะกระดาดTratKo Chang Marine National Park11.840°N 102.5275°E / 11.840; 102.5275
Mu Ko Rangหมู่เกาะรังMoo Ko RangTrat12-island group in Ko Chang MNP11.80°N 102.387°E / 11.80; 102.387
Ko RangเกาะรังTratKo Chang Marine National Park11.80°N 102.387°E / 11.80; 102.387
Ko TunเกาะตูนTratKo Chang Marine National Park11.774°N 102.393°E / 11.774; 102.393

West coast islands (Gulf of Thailand)

NameThai NameAlternative spellingsProvinceIsland Chain, Group, ArchipelagoCoordinates
Ko SaiเกาะทรายKo Singto (Lion Island)Prachuap Khiri KhanPran Rocks (off Hua Hin)12.483°N 100.000°E / 12.483; 100.000
Ko SadaoเกาะสะเดาKo TaoPrachuap Khiri KhanPran Rocks12.466°N 100.000°E / 12.466; 100.000
Ko Khi Nokเกาะขี้นกKo NokPrachuap Khiri KhanPran Rocks12.483°N 100.000°E / 12.483; 100.000
Ko Kho RamเกาะโครำKo KolamPrachuap Khiri KhanKhao Sam Roi Yot area12°14′33″N 100°0′32″E
Ko Nom SaoเกาะนมสาวPrachuap Khiri KhanKhao Sam Roi Yot area[1]12°13′52″N 100°0′17″E
Ko RawangเกาะระวางPrachuap Khiri KhanKhao Sam Roi Yot area12°13′34″N 100°0′36″E
Ko RawingเกาะระวิงPrachuap Khiri KhanKhao Sam Roi Yot area12°13′28″N 100°0′34″E
Ko SattakutเกาะสัตกูตPrachuap Khiri KhanKhao Sam Roi Yot area12.200°N 100.016°E / 12.200; 100.016
Ko LakเกาะหลักPrachuap Khiri KhanPrachuap Bay area11°47′50″N 99°48′55″E
Ko LaเกาะละPrachuap Khiri KhanPrachuap Bay area11°47′38″N 99°48′54″E
Ko Romเกาะร่มPrachuap Khiri KhanPrachuap Bay area11°47′27″N 99°48′58″E
Ko RaetเกาะแรดPrachuap Khiri KhanPrachuap Bay area11°47′38″N 99°49′24″E
Ko Lueamเกาะเหลื่อมPrachuap Khiri KhanAo Manao area11°45′34″N 99°49′54″E
Ko Aenเกาะแอ่นPrachuap Khiri KhanAo Manao area11°45′59″N 99°48′35″E
Ko PhingเกาะพิงPrachuap Khiri KhanSouth of Ao Manao area11°43′13″N 99°47′30″E
Ko PhangเกาะพังPrachuap Khiri KhanSouth of Ao Manao area11°42′32″N 99°47′18″E
Ko ChanเกาะจานPrachuap Khiri KhanOff Hat Wanakon area11°37′25″N 99°46′27″E
Ko Thai Chanเกาะท้ายจานPrachuap Khiri KhanOff Hat Wanakon area11°37′12″N 99°46′25″E
Ko Ram Raเกาะร่ำราPrachuap Khiri KhanKhao Huai Khrok area11°24′8″N 99°36′20″E
Ko Hua PinเกาะหัวพินPrachuap Khiri KhanKhao Mae Ram Phueng area11°13′0″N 99°34′47″E
Ko ThaluเกาะทะลุPrachuap Khiri KhanKhao Mae Ram Phueng area11°4′26″N 99°33′33″E
Ko Singเกาะสิงข์Prachuap Khiri KhanKhao Mae Ram Phueng area11°3′19″N 99°31′31″E
Ko Sangเกาะสังข์Prachuap Khiri KhanKhao Mae Ram Phueng area11°1′52″N 99°31′1″E

Southern islands (Gulf of Thailand)

NameThai NameAlternative spellingsProvinceIsland Chain, Group, ArchipelagoCoordinates
Ko WiangเกาะเวียงChumphonPathio District coast10°50′45″N 99°28′54″E
Ko PhraเกาะพระChumphonPathio District coast10°51′51″N 99°29′20″E
Ko YoเกาะยอChumphonPathio District coast10°51′40″N 99°29′10″E
Ko Khi Nokเกาะขี้นกChumphonPathio District coast10°50′57″N 99°28′25″E
Ko Si KongเกาะซีกงChumphonPathio District coast10°50′19″N 99°29′50″E
Ko RangเกาะรังChumphonPathio District coast10°49′17″N 99°29′31″E
Ko Khaiเกาะไข่ChumphonPathio District coast10°42′2″N 99°24′37″E
Ko Chorakheเกาะจรเข้ChumphonMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago North10°33′22″N 99°22′44″E
Ko Ngam Yaiเกาะงามใหญ่ChumphonMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago North10°29′36″N 99°25′13″E
Ko Ngam Noiเกาะงามน้อยNgam LekChumphonMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago North10°29′6″N 99°25′5″E
Ko KalokเกาะกะโหลกChumphonMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago North10°28′33″N 99°22′9″E
Ko Sametเกาะเสม็ดChumphonMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago10°26′20″N 99°17′45″E
Ko SakเกาะสากChumphonMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago10°25′28″N 99°18′56″E
Ko Maphraoเกาะมะพร้าวChumphonMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago10°23′25″N 99°18′56″E
Ko MatraเกาะมาตราKo MattraChumphonMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago10°23′46″N 99°17′38″E
Ko Lak RaetเกาะหลักแรดChumphonMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago10°22′49″N 99°19′40″E
Ko I RaetเกาะอีแรดChumphonMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago10°22′32″N 99°19′18″E
Ko LawaเกาะละวะChumphonMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago10°21′47″N 99°18′35″E
Ko KaเกาะกาChumphonMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago10°20′52″N 99°17′42″E
Ko Thong LangเกาะทองหลางChumphonMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago10°19′24″N 99°16′53″E
Ko Wang Ka ChioเกาะวังกะจิวChumphonMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago10°19′7″N 99°18′2″E
Ko KraเกาะกระChumphonMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago10.25°N 99.25°E / 10.25; 99.25
Ko Ran GaiChumphonMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago
Ko Ran BodChumphonMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago
Ko KulaChumphonMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago10.25°N 99.25°E / 10.25; 99.25
Ko KlaepChumphonMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago
Ko KhramChumphonMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago
Ko SamuiเกาะสมุยSurat ThaniMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago9.50°N 100.00°E / 9.50; 100.00
Ko Pha NganเกาะพะงันSurat ThaniMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago9°45′N 100°02′E
Ko Nang YuanเกาะนางยวนSurat ThaniMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago10.09°N 99.838°E / 10.09; 99.838
Ko NanSurat ThaniMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago
Ko Taoเกาะเต่าSurat ThaniMu Ko Chumphon Archipelago10.09°N 99.838°E / 10.09; 99.838
Ko PhaluaiSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (S.)
Ko TuSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (S.)
Ko KhluaiSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (S.)
Ko LakSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (S.)
Ko Mu DangKo Moo DangSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (S.)
Ko Tao PunSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (S.)
Ko Kang TakSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (S.)
Ko Pai LuekSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (E.)
Ko Wua TeSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (E.)
Ko ChaeSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (E.)
Ko Wua TalahSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (N.)
Ko PhiKoh PeeSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (N.)
Ko Mae KohSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (N.)
Ko Hin TakSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (N.)
Ko Sam Saoเกาะสามเส้าSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (N.)
Ko Ao RatKo Ao RadSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (N.)
Ko Pae YatSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (N.)
Ko PraSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (N.)
Ko Wua KantangSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (N.)
Ko Chang TromSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (N.)
Ko Sano BanSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (N.)
Ko LaeSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (N.)
Ko Wa NoiSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (N.)
Ko Wa YaiSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (N.)
Ko Hin DapSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (N.)
Ko Nai PutSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (N.)
Ko KaSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (N.)
Ko RodSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (N.)
Ko NgamSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (N.)
Ko Tai PlaoSurat ThaniAngthong Marine Park (N.)

Southern islands (Andaman Coast)

NameThai NameAlternative spellingsProvinceIsland Chain, Group, ArchipelagoCoordinates
Ko Chang (Ranong)RanongMu Ko Phayam
Ko Sin HaiRanongMu Ko Phayam
Ko DomRanongMu Ko Phayam
Ko PlaiRanongMu Ko Phayam
Ko Talu (Rayong)RanongMu Ko Phayam
Ko PhayamเกาะพยามPayamRanongMu Ko Phayam
Ko Kang Khaoเกาะค้างคาวRanong
Mu Ko Komหมู่เกาะกำMoo Ko KamRanong
    Ko KamเกาะกำKo KomRanongMu Ko Khom group
    Ko Kam TokเกาะกำตกKo Kom TokRanongMu Ko Khom group
    Ko Kam YaiKo Kom YaiRanongMu Ko Khom group
    Ko Kam NuiKo Kom NuiRanongMu Ko Khom group
Ko Surin NuaPhang NgaSurin Islands group
    Ko Surin TaiPhang NgaSurin Islands group
    Ko RiPhang NgaSurin Islands group
    Ko KaiPhang NgaSurin Islands group
    Ko KlangPhang NgaSurin Islands group
Ko SimilanเกาะสิมิลันPhang Nga8.65°N 97.65°E / 8.65; 97.65
Ko BanguPhang NgaSimilan Islands8.654°N 97.650°E / 8.654; 97.650
Ko PayuPhang NgaSimilan Islands8.590°N 97.638°E / 8.590; 97.638
Ko MiangPhang NgaSimilan Islands8.600°N 97.637°E / 8.600; 97.637
Ko PayangPhang NgaSimilan Islands8.498°N 97.646°E / 8.498; 97.646
Ko HuyangPhang NgaSimilan Islands8.479°N 97.650°E / 8.479; 97.650
Ko TachaiKo TasaiPhang NgaSimilan Islands
Ko BornKo BonPhang NgaSimilan Islands
Ko RaPhang NgaPhang Nga N Coast
Ko KadKo KhatPhang NgaPhang Nga N Coast
Ko Ko KhaoPhang NgaPhang Nga N Coast
Ko Phra ThongPhang NgaPhang Nga N Coast
Ko Thung Nang DamPhang NgaPhang Nga N Coast

Southern islands (Phang Nga Bay)

NameThai NameAlternative spellingsProvinceIsland Chain, Group, ArchipelagoCoordinates
Ko Nom SaoเกาะนมสาวKo Ok MeriPhang NgaPhang Nga Bay8°4′47″N 98°37′38″E
Ko KayaKo Ok KhumPhang NgaPhang Nga Bay
Ko Raya RingPhang NgaPhang Nga Bay
Ko Ping KanเกาะเขาพิงกันPhang NgaPhang Nga Bay
Ko MakPhang NgaPhang Nga Bay
Ko Na KhaePhang NgaPhang Nga Bay
Ko Tapuเกาะตะปู"James Bond Island"Phang Nga8°16′31.36″N 98°30′02.02″E
Ko Hongเกาะห้องPhang NgaPhang Nga Bay
Ko NakayaPhang NgaPhang Nga Bay
Ko NakaePhang NgaPhang Nga Bay
Ko YaiPhang NgaPhang Nga Bay
Ko BatangPhang NgaPhang Nga Bay
Ko RaiPhang NgaPhang Nga Bay
Ko Boi NoiPhang NgaPhang Nga Bay
Ko Boi YaiPhang NgaPhang Nga Bay
Ko DangPhang NgaPhang Nga Bay
Ko Kudu YaiPhang NgaPhang Nga Bay
Ko NuiPhang NgaPhang Nga Bay
Ko SupPhang NgaPhang Nga Bay
Ko PanyiเกาะปันหยีKo PanyeePhang NgaPhang Nga Bay
Ko PanakเกาะพนักKoh PanasPhang NgaPhang Nga Bay
Ko Yao Yaiเกาะยาวใหญ่Phang NgaPhang Nga Bay
Ko Yao Noiเกาะยาวน้อยPhang NgaPhang Nga Bay
Ko Rung NokPhang NgaPhang Nga Bay
Mu Ko Phi Phiหมู่เกาะพีพีKrabi6-island group "Phi Phi Islands"
    Ko Phi Phi DonเกาะพีพีดอนKrabiPhi Phi Islands
    Ko Phi Phi LehเกาะพีพีเลKrabiPhi Phi Islands
    Ko Bida NokเกาะปิดะนอกKrabiPhi Phi Islands
    Ko Bida NoiเกาะปิดะในKrabiPhi Phi Islands
Ko Mai Phaiเกาะไม้ไฟ่Ko Mai PaiKrabiNorth Krabi
Ko Phaiเกาะไฟ่Ko PaiKrabiNorth Krabi
Ko YoongเกาะยูงKrabiNorth Krabi
Ko Chong LatKrabiNorth Krabi
Ko Phudu YaiKrabiNorth Krabi
Ko Pak BiaKrabiNorth Krabi
Ko Hong (Krabi)KrabiNorth Krabi
Ko KapangKrabiNorth Krabi
Ko NgangKrabiNorth Krabi
Ko PuเกาะปูKoh Pu / Koh PooKrabiMid Krabi7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko SiboyaเกาะปูKoh Si BoyaKrabiMid Krabi7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko JumเกาะปูKoh JoomKrabiMid Krabi7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko Kai, Krabiเกาะไก่Koh Gai / Chicken IslandKrabiMid Krabi7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko Pliเกาะไก่KrabiMid Krabi7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko Lekเกาะไก่KrabiMid Krabi7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko Lapu Leเกาะไก่KrabiMid Krabi7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko A Dangเกาะไก่KrabiMid Krabi7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko PodaKrabiMid Krabi7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko Lanta Yaiเกาะลันตาใหญ่KrabiLanta Islands7°35′N 99°03′E
Ko Lanta Noiเกาะลันตาน้อยKrabiLanta Islands7°35′N 99°03′E
Ko Bu BuKrabiLanta Islands7°35′N 99°03′E
Ko PoKrabiLanta Islands7°35′N 99°03′E
Ko Klang (Krabi)KrabiLanta Islands7°35′N 99°03′E
Ko MaKrabiLanta Islands7°35′N 99°03′E
Ko HaKrabiLanta Islands7°35′N 99°03′E
Phuketภูเก็ตPhuket7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko LonเกาะโหลนPhuket7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko Mai Thonเกาะไม้ท่อนPhuket7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko Maphraoเกาะมะพร้าวCoconut IslandPhuket7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko Ngam (Phuket)เกาะงำPhuket7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko Naka Yaiเกาะนาคาใหญ่Phuket7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko Naka Noiเกาะนาคาน้อยPhuket7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko RaetเกาะแรดPhuket7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko Sirayเกาะสิเหร่Phuket7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko Rang Yaiเกาะรังใหญ่Phuket7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko Rang Noiเกาะรังน้อยPhuket7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko TapaoเกาะตะเภาPhuket7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko Kaeo Yaiเกาะแก้วใหญ่Phuket7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko Kaeoเกาะแก้วPhuket7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko BonเกาะบอนPhuket7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko HaeเกาะเฮCoral IslandPhuket7°58′N 98°20′E
Ko AeoเกาะแอวPhuket7°58′N 98°20′E

Far southern islands

NameThai NameAlternative spellingsProvinceIsland Chain, Group, ArchipelagoCoordinates
Ko Hin Muangเกาะหินม่วงKrabi
Ko Hin DaengเกาะหินแดงKrabi
Ko Rok NokเกาะรอกนอกKrabi
Ko Rok NaiเกาะรอกในKrabi
Ko NgaiเกาะไหงKrabi7.414811° 99.154858°
Ko KradanเกาะกระดานTrang7.308577° 99.255441°
Ko MukเกาะมุกKoh MookTrang7.373312° 99.295516°
Ko Racha Yaiเกาะราชาใหญ่Koh RachaPhuket7.598466° 98.366353°
Ko SukhonเกาะสุกรTrang
Ko LibongเกาะลิบงKo TalibongTrang
Ko Sarayเกาะสาหร่ายSatun
Ko Lao LiangTrang
Ko BulonSatun
Ko DonSatun
Ko TarutaoเกาะตะรุเตาSatunTarutao - Tarutao Archipelago
Ko Klang (Satun)เกาะกลางSatunTarutao - Tarutao Archipelago
Ko Lekเกาะเหล็กSatunTarutao - Tarutao Archipelago
Ko AdangเกาะอาดังSatunTarutao - Adang-Rawi Archipelago
Ko RawiเกาะราวีSatunTarutao - Adang-Rawi Archipelago
Ko Lipeเกาะหลีเป๊ะKo LipehSatunTarutao - Adang-Rawi Archipelago
Ko DongเกาะดงSatunTarutao - Adang-Rawi Archipelago

Islands in rivers and lakes

NameThai NameAlternative spellingsProvinceRiver, LakeCoordinates
Ko LamphuเกาะลำพูSurat Thani ProvinceTapi River09.135°N 99.301°E / 09.135; 99.301
Ko Lamphu RaiเกาะลำพูรายTratTrat River mouth12.2°N 102.583°E / 12.2; 102.583
Ko Kretเกาะเกร็ดNonthaburiChao Phraya River

Other Thai islands and island groups

  • Ko Kra
  • Ko Losin

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