List of islands of Singapore

This is a list of islands of Singapore. Massive land reclamation works over the past centuries has merged many of Singapore's former islands and islets and has created a few larger ones. At present, Singapore has about 63 islands, with 3 being inhabited, including the main constituent Singapore Island, with 7 of them – including those in the Western Water Catchment as they are in the SAFTI live firing area – belonging to the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).[1]

List of islands

For civilian use

IslandPlanning Area[2]RegionArea
Singapore Island710
Pulau Serangoon (Coney Island)PunggolNortheast Region1.33
SentosaSouthern IslandsCentral Region4.71
Pulau UbinNorth-Eastern IslandsNortheast Region10.19
Pulau KusuSouthern IslandsCentral Region0.085
Pedra BrancaChangi BayEast Region0.00856
Pulau Anak BukomWestern IslandsWest Region0.002
Pulau BerkasWestern IslandsWest Region0.26
Pulau Biola (Violin Island)Southern IslandsCentral Region0.004
Pulau BraniSouthern IslandsCentral Region1.22
Pulau BukomWestern IslandsWest Region1.45
Pulau Bukom KechilWestern IslandsWest Region
Pulau Buloh (Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve)Lim Chu KangNorth Region1.3
Pulau Damar LautJurong EastWest Region
Pulau DamienNorth-Eastern IslandsNortheast Region
Pulau HantuWestern IslandsWest Region0.126
Pulau KeppelWestern IslandsCentral Region0.053
Pulau KetamNorth-Eastern IslandsNortheast Region
Pulau Khatib BongsuSimpangNorth Region
Pulau Malang SiajarNorth-Eastern IslandsNortheast Region
Pulau PalawanSouthern IslandsCentral Region0.004
Pulau JongWestern IslandsWest Region0.006
Pulau Sakijang Bendera (Saint John's Island)Southern IslandsCentral Region0.405
Pulau Sakijang Pelepah (Lazarus Island)Southern IslandsCentral Region0.47
Pulau SaluWestern IslandsWest Region
Pulau SamulunWestern IslandsWest Region0.004
Pulau SatumuWestern IslandsWest Region0.013
Pulau Sebarok (Middle Island)Western IslandsWest Region0.468
Pulau SekuduNorth-Eastern IslandsNortheast Region
Pulau SeletarSimpangNorth Region0.385
Pulau SeringatSouthern IslandsCentral Region
Pulau Seringat KechilSouthern IslandsCentral Region
Pulau Subar Darat (Sisters' Island)Southern IslandsCentral Region0.056
Pulau TekukorSouthern IslandsCentral Region
Pulau UnumNorth-Eastern IslandsNortheast Region
Sultan ShoalTuasWest Region0.006

For military use

IslandPlanning AreaRegionArea
Pulau TekongNorth-Eastern IslandsNortheast Region24.43
Pulau SudongWestern IslandsWest Region2.09
Pulau PawaiWestern IslandsWest Region0.182
Pulau SenangWestern IslandsWest Region0.817
Pulau Bajau Western Water Catchment West Region
Pulau Pergam Western Water Catchment West Region
Pulau Sarimbun Western Water Catchment West Region 0.014

Artificial islands

IslandPlanning Area[2]RegionArea
Chinese GardenJurong EastWest Region
Coral IslandSouthern IslandsCentral Region0.017
Paradise IslandSouthern IslandsCentral Region
Pearl IslandSouthern IslandsCentral Region0.019
Pulau Punggol BaratSeletarNortheast Region1.92
Pulau Punggol TimorSeletarNortheast Region1.12
Pulau SemakauWestern IslandsWest Region3.5
Sandy IslandSouthern IslandsCentral Region0.0007
Jurong IslandWestern IslandsWest Region32
Treasure IslandSouthern IslandsCentral Region

Former islands

IslandPlanning Area[2]Remarks
Christmas IslandSovereignty transferred to Australia in 1957[3]
Cocos (Keeling) IslandsSovereignty transferred to Australia in 1955[4]
Pulau SaigonCentral AreaAdded to the southern bank of the Singapore River in the late 20th century
Terumbu Retan LautQueenstownMerged to form part of Pasir Panjang Container Terminal of the main island
Pulau SeluguSouthern IslandsMerged to form part of Sentosa
Pulau Renggis
Pulau BuayaWestern IslandsMerged to form part of Jurong Island
Pulau Sakra
Pulau Bakau
Pulau Ayer Chawan
Pulau Ayer Merbau
Pulau Merlimau
Pulau Pesek
Pulau Pesek Kechil
Pulau Seraya
Pulau Meskol
Pulau Mesemut Laut
Pulau Mesemut Darat
Anak Pulau
Pulau BusingMerged to form part of Pulau Bukom
Pulau Ular
Pulau SekingMerged to form part of Pulau Semakau


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