List of islands of Kuwait

This is a list of islands of Kuwait. Kuwait has ten islands (including one former island). They are indicated on the NASA satellite image and listed in the table in order from north to south:

NASA Visible Color Satellite Image with islands of Kuwait
IslandArabicArea km²Coordinates
northern islands (Al Jahra Governorate)
Warbah Islandجَزِيرَة وَرْبَة37      29°59′38″N 48°04′00″E
Bubiyan Islandجَزِيرَة بُوبِيَان863      29°44′41″N 48°21′03″E
Failaka with satellite islands (Al Asimah Governorate)
Miskan Islandجَزِيرَة مِسْكَان0.75  29°29′05″N 48°15′05″E
Failaka Islandجَزِيرَة فَيْلَكَا20      29°26′26″N 48°20′05″E
Auhah Islandجَزِيرَة عَوْهَة0.35  29°22′40″N 48°26′21″E
islands of Kuwait Bay (Al Asimah Governorate)
Umm an Namil Islandجَزِيرَة أُمّ اَلنَّمْل0.569  29°22′54″N 47°52′01″E
Shuwaikh Island1)جَزِيرَة قُرَيْن0.01229°21′16″N 47°54′35″E
southern islands (Al Ahmadi Governorate)
Kubbar Islandجَزِيرَة كُبَّر0.11  29°04′20″N 48°29′36″E
Qaruh Islandجَزِيرَة قَارُوه0.03528°49′03″N 48°46′35″E
Umm al Maradim Islandجَزِيرَة أُمّ اَلْمَرَادِم0.165  28°40′42″N 48°39′10″E
Islands of Kuwait 922       
1) former island

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