List of banks in Thailand

In Thailand, the banks are governed by the Bank of Thailand, which was established in 1942. Across Thailand, there are thirty licensed banks which are registered with a further six being state-owned. In total they have a combined assets of 26.268 trillion baht (~ US$835.25 Billion) as of June 2019.[1]

Kasikorn bank Rat Burana Office

Central bank

State-owned banks

  • Government Savings Bank
  • GH Bank[2]
  • Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Co-operatives (BAAC)
  • Export–Import Bank of Thailand
  • Islamic Bank of Thailand
  • SME Development Bank of Thailand[3]

Thai commercial and retail banks

Commercial banks

Retail banks

Rank Name Total Assets
1 Thai Credit Retail Bank[4] US$1.84 Billion

Foreign banks with Bangkok branch

Ranked by total assets as of 31 Dec 2006

Rank Name Total Assets
1 MUFG Bank (Japan) US$7.3 billion
2 Citibank (US) US$5.7 billion
3 SMBC (Japan) US$5.6 billion
4 Mizuho (Japan) US$4.4 billion
5 HSBC US$3.7 billion
6 Others US$3.8 billion
Total US$36.1 billion

Foreign banks (European)

Foreign banks (Asian)

Foreign banks (North American)

Representative offices in Thailand

Bank holidays

The Bank of Thailand (BOT) maintains the official list of banking holidays in Thailand.[12]


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