Elisa Aaltola

Elisa Aaltola (born 1976) is a Finnish philosopher, specialised in animal philosophy, moral psychology and environmental philosophy.[1]

Elisa Aaltola
Aaltola in 2015
Born1976 (age 4647)
Petäjävesi, Finland


She was a visiting PhD student at the Institute for Ethics, Environment, and Public Policy at Lancaster University and submitted her doctoral thesis to the University of Turku on Animal Individuality: Moral and Cultural Categorisations. Her book Eläinten moraalinen arvo (Vastapaino 2004) is considered the first commercially published Finnish monograph dedicated solely to animal ethics.[2] She is also the author of Animal Suffering: Philosophy and Culture (Palgrave MacMillan, 2012) and Varieties of Empathy: Moral Psychology and Animal Ethics (Rowman & Littlefield Int. 2018) as well as around 40 peer-reviewed papers. Her edited volumes include "Animal Ethics and Philosophy: Questioning the Orthodoxy" (co-edited with John Hadley, Rowman & Littlefield Int. 2014). Aaltola is an adjunct professor at the University of Turku and a research fellow at the Turku Institute for Advanced Studies (University of Turku).[3]

Aaltola is a vegan.[4] Her brother is Mika Aaltola, the director of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs.[5]


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