2004 New York Yankees season

The 2004 New York Yankees season was the 102nd season for the team. The Yankees opened the season by playing two games against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in Japan on March 30, 2004. The team finished with a record of 101-61, finishing 3 games ahead of the Boston Red Sox in the AL East. The 2004 season was the Yankees third straight season of 100+ wins, the first such instance in franchise history. New York was managed by Joe Torre. In the playoffs, the Yankees defeated the Minnesota Twins, 3 games to 1, in the ALDS, before losing to the wild card Boston Red Sox, 4 games to 3, in the ALCS. The 2004 Yankees are notable as the only team in MLB history to lose a 7-game playoff series after taking a 3 games to none lead. This was the fourth straight year in which the Yankees lost to the eventual World Series champions in the postseason. Only the Los Angeles Dodgers (2016–19) have duplicated the same feat.

2004 New York Yankees
2004 American League East Champions
Major League affiliations
Record101–61 (.623)
Divisional place1st
Other information
Owner(s)George Steinbrenner
General manager(s)Brian Cashman
Manager(s)Joe Torre
Local televisionWCBS-TV
YES Network
(Michael Kay, Jim Kaat, Ken Singleton, Bobby Murcer, Paul O'Neill, Joe Girardi)
Local radioWCBS (AM)
(John Sterling, Charley Steiner)
(Armando Tallavara)
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Alex Rodriguez was acquired in a trade with the Texas Rangers in exchange for Alfonso Soriano and Joaquín Árias.
  • October 27, 2003: Luis Sojo was released by the New York Yankees.[1]
  • December 16, 2003: Nick Johnson was traded by the New York Yankees with Randy Choate and Juan Rivera to the Montreal Expos for Javier Vázquez.[2]
  • December 23, 2003: Buddy Carlyle was signed as a free agent with the New York Yankees.[3]
  • January 6, 2004: Kenny Lofton signed as a free agent with the New York Yankees.
  • February 5, 2004: Mike Lamb was traded by the Texas Rangers to the New York Yankees for Jose Garcia (minors).[4]
  • February 16, 2004: The New York Yankees sent Alfonso Soriano and a player to be named later were sent to the Texas Rangers in exchange for Alex Rodriguez. The New York Yankees sent Joaquin Arias (April 23, 2004) to the Texas Rangers to complete the trade.[5]
  • March 25, 2004: Mike Lamb was traded by the New York Yankees to the Houston Astros for Juan DeLeon (minors).[4]

Regular season


Derek Jeter dives into stands chasing and catching a pop up in the 12th inning of a 3 to 3 game against the Boston Red Sox, the play was later named the dive.


On August 31 the Yankees had their worst loss in history by run differential, losing 22–0 to the Cleveland Indians.


On September 30 the Yankees clinched their division.[6]

Season standings

AL East W L Pct. GB Home Road
New York Yankees 10161 0.623 57–24 44–37
Boston Red Sox 9864 0.605 3 55–26 43–38
Baltimore Orioles 7884 0.481 23 38–43 40–41
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 7091 0.435 30½ 41–39 29–52
Toronto Blue Jays 6794 0.416 33½ 40–41 27–53

Record vs. opponents

Anaheim 6–34–55–44–57–27–05–45–410–913–76–19–104–57–11
Baltimore 3–610–92–43–36–06–34–55–140–77–211–85–211–85–13
Boston 5–49–104–23–46–14–22–411–88–15–414–54–514–59–9
Chicago 4–54–22–410–98–1113–69–103–42–77–24–26–33–48–10
Cleveland 5–43–34–39–109–1011–87–122–46–35–43–31–85–210–8
Detroit 2–70–61–611–810–98–117–124–34–55–43–34–54–29–9
Kansas City 0–73–62–46–138–1111–87–121–52–72–53–64–53–36–12
Minnesota 4–55–44–210–912–712–712–72–42–55–44–55–24–211–7
New York 4–514–58–114–34–23–45–14–27–26–315–45–412–710–8
Oakland 9–107–01–87–23–65–47–25–22–711–87–211–96–310–8
Seattle 7–132–74–52–74–54–55–24–53–68–112–57–122–79–9
Tampa Bay 1–68–115–142–43–33–36–35–44–152–75–22–79–915–3
Texas 10–92–55–43–68–15–45–42–54–59–1112–77–27–210–8
Toronto 5–48–115–144–32–52–43–32–47–123–67–29–92–78–10

Notable transactions

  • June 7, 2004: Phil Hughes was drafted by the New York Yankees in the 1st round (23rd pick) of the 2004 amateur draft. Player signed June 16, 2004.[7]
  • July 22, 2004: Donzell McDonald was signed as a free agent with the New York Yankees.[8]
  • July 31, 2004: Esteban Loaiza was traded by the Chicago White Sox to the New York Yankees for José Contreras and cash.[9]
  • August 3, 2004: John Olerud was signed as a free agent with the New York Yankees.[10]
  • August 17, 2004: Shane Spencer signed as a free agent with the New York Yankees.[11]


2004 New York Yankees
Pitchers Catchers


Outfielders Manager


Game log

Yankees Win Yankees Loss Game Postponed
2004 Game Log (101–61) Home: 57–24 Away: 44–37
March (1–1) Home: 0–0 Away: 1–1
1March 30@ Devil Rays3–8Zambrano (1–0)Mussina (0–1)Tokyo Dome55,0000–1
2March 31@ Devil Rays12–1Brown (1–0)González (0–1)Tokyo Dome55,0001–1
April (11–10) Home: 7–5 Away: 4–5
3April 6@ Devil Rays4–9Zambrano (2–0)Mussina (0–2)Tropicana Field41,7551–2
4April 7@ Devil Rays3–2Brown (2–0)Abbott (0–1)Rivera (1)Tropicana Field31,6692–2
5April 8White Sox3–1Vazquez (1–0)Schoeneweis (0–1)Rivera (2)Yankee Stadium55,2903–2
6April 9White Sox3–9Garland (1–0)Contreras (0–1)Yankee Stadium45,9653–3
7April 10White Sox3–7Buehrle (1–0)DePaula (0–1)Yankee Stadium47,9113–4
8April 11White Sox5–4Mussina (1–2)Wright (0–1)Rivera (3)Yankee Stadium37,4844–4
April 13Devil RaysPostponed (rain) Rescheduled for September 6
9April 14Devil Rays5–1Brown (3–0)Hendrickson (0–1)Yankee Stadium37,9145–4
10April 16@ Red Sox2–6Wakefield (1–0)Vazquez (1–1)Fenway Park35,1635–5
11April 17@ Red Sox2–5Schilling (2–0)Mussina (1–3)Fenway Park35,0235–6
12April 18@ Red Sox7–3Quantrill (1–0)Lowe (1–1)Fenway Park35,0116–6
13April 19@ Red Sox4–5Timlin (1–1)Gordon (0–1)Foulke (3)Fenway Park35,0276–7
14April 20@ White Sox11–8Quantrill (2–0)Buehrle (1–1)Rivera (4)U.S. Cellular Field32,0347–7
15April 21@ White Sox3–1Vazquez (2–1)Garland (1–1)Rivera (5)U.S. Cellular Field26,1548–7
16April 22@ White Sox3–4Schoeneweis (2–1)Mussina (1–4)Marte (2)U.S. Cellular Field34,0308–8
17April 23Red Sox2–11Lowe (2–1)Contreras (0–2)Yankee Stadium55,0018–9
18April 24Red Sox2–3 (12)Foulke (1–0)Quantrill (2–1)Timlin (1)Yankee Stadium55,1958–10
19April 25Red Sox0–2Martinez (3–1)Vazquez (2–2)Williamson (1)Yankee Stadium55,3388–11
20April 27Athletics10–8Osborne (1–0)Mecir (0–2)Rivera (6)Yankee Stadium33,1919–11
21April 28Athletics5–1Contreras (1–2)Mulder (2–2)Gordon (1)Yankee Stadium44,32510–11
22April 29Athletics7–5Brown (4–0)Zito (2–3)Rivera (7)Yankee Stadium35,65111–11
23April 30Royals5–2Vázques (3–2)Anderson (1–2)Rivera (8)Yankee Stadium43,23712–11
May (18–8) Home: 6–2 Away: 12–6
24May 1Royals12–4Lieber (1–0)Villacis (0–1)Yankee Stadium54,10313–11
25May 2Royals4–2Mussina (2–4)Affeldt (0–3)Rivera (9)Yankee Stadium49,20814–11
26May 4@ Athletics10–8Osborne (2–0)Bradford (1–1)Rivera (10)Network Associates Coliseum35,08115–11
27May 5@ Athletics4–3Quantrill (3–1)Rhodes (0–1)Rivera (11)Network Associates Coliseum43,22716–11
28May 6@ Athletics4–7Harden (1–2)Vazquez (3–3)Mecir (1)Network Associates Coliseum38,41716–12
29May 7@ Mariners2–6Franklin (2–2)Lieber (1–1)Safeco Field46,49116–13
30May 8@ Mariners6–0Mussina (3–4)Meche (1–3)Safeco Field46,45417–13
31May 9@ Mariners7–6Quantrill (4–1)Soriano (0–3)Rivera (12)Safeco Field46,58918–13
32May 11Angels8–7 (10)Gordon (1–1)Weber (0–1)Yankee Stadium36,70619–13
33May 12Angels2–11Sele (2–0)Vázquez (3–4)Yankee Stadium49,95419–14
34May 13Angels7–4Lieber (2–1)Lackey (3–4)Rivera (13)Yankee Stadium41,08920–14
35May 14Mariners9–5Mussina (4–4)Villone (3–2)Yankee Stadium49,65321–14
36May 15Mariners7–13 (13)Guardado (1–0)White (0–1)Yankee Stadium54,53121–15
37May 16Mariners2–1Brown (5–0)Piñeiro (1–5)Rivera (14)Yankee Stadium54,73222–15
38May 18@ Angels0–1 (11)Shields (3–0)Quantrill (4–2)Angel Stadium of Anaheim43,66022–16
39May 19@ Angels4–2Lieber (3–1)Lackey (3–5)Rivera (15)Angel Stadium of Anaheim43,74223–16
40May 20@ Angels6–2Mussina (5–4)Colon (4–3)Angel Stadium of Anaheim43,81024–16
41May 21@ Rangers7–9Benoit (2–1)Brown (5–1)Cordero (14)The Ballpark in Arlington49,19524–17
42May 22@ Rangers3–4Almanzar (4–0)Gordon (1–2)The Ballpark in Arlington49,45824–18
43May 23@ Rangers8–3Vazquez (4–4)Dickey (4–4)The Ballpark in Arlington50,24125–18
44May 25@ Orioles11–3Lieber (4–1)Bedard (1–2)Oriole Park at Camden Yards42,84626–18
45May 26@ Orioles12–9Sturtze (1–0)Ryan (1–2)Rivera (16)Oriole Park at Camden Yards37,61027–18
46May 27@ Orioles18–5Contreras (2–2)Ponson (3–5)Oriole Park at Camden Yards46,28228–18
47May 28@ Devil Rays7–5Vázquez (5–4)Waechter (2–5)Rivera (17)Tropicana Field20,62729–18
48May 29@ Devil Rays5–3Brown (6–1)Hendrickson (2–5)Rivera (18)Tropicana Field25,69230–18
49May 30@ Devil Rays6–7Zambrano (5–4)Lieber (4–2)Baez (8)Tropicana Field26,09830–19
June (19–7) Home: 14–3 Away: 5–4
50June 1Orioles8–7Mussina (6–4)Ponson (3–6)Rivera (19)Yankee Stadium38,01231–19
51June 2Orioles6–5Prinz (1–0)DuBose (4–4)Rivera (20)Yankee Stadium50,50232–19
52June 3Orioles5–2Vazquez (6–4)Parrish (3–2)Rivera (21)Yankee Stadium44,02033–19
53June 4Rangers7–6Brown (7–1)Powell (1–1)Rivera (22)Yankee Stadium49,37234–19
54June 5Rangers1–8Dominguez (1–1)Lieber (4–3)Yankee Stadium51,91034–20
55June 6Rangers2–1Mussina (7–4)Drese (2–3)Rivera (23)Yankee Stadium54,09235–20
56June 8Rockies2–1Vázquez (7–4)Fassero (0–6)Rivera (24)Yankee Stadium51,85236–20
57June 9Rockies7–5Quantrill (5–2)Kennedy (4–4)Rivera (25)Yankee Stadium38,01337–20
58June 10Rockies10–4Contreras (3–2)Jennings (5–6)Yankee Stadium41,58638–20
59June 11Padres2–10Eaton (3–6)Heredia (0–1)Otsuka (2)Yankee Stadium49,85538–21
60June 12Padres3–2Lieber (5–3)Tankersley (0–3)Rivera (26)Yankee Stadium54,28039–21
61June 13Padres6–5 (12)Heredia (1–1)Beck (0–1)Yankee Stadium52,75440–21
62June 15@ Diamondbacks4–2Contreras (4–2)Webb (3–6)Rivera (27)Bank One Ballpark48,06641–21
63June 16@ Diamondbacks9–4Sturtze (2–0)Fossum (1–5)Bank One Ballpark48,27442–21
64June 17@ Diamondbacks1–6Sparks (3–4)Lieber (5–4)Dessens (2)Bank One Ballpark48,25242–22
65June 18@ Dodgers3–6Weaver (5–7)Vazquez (7–5)Gagne (17)Dodger Stadium55,20742–23
66June 19@ Dodgers6–2Halsey (1–0)Nomo (3–8)Dodger Stadium54,87643–23
67June 20@ Dodgers4–5Lima (6–2)Contreras (4–3)Gagne (18)Dodger Stadium55,15743–24
68June 22@ Orioles10–4Mussina (8–4)Riley (1–3)Oriole Park at Camden Yards49,69644–24
69June 23@ Orioles2–13Bedard (2–2)Lieber (5–5)Oriole Park at Camden Yards41,67844–25
70June 24@ Orioles5–2Vazquez (8–5)Ponson (3–10)Rivera (28)Oriole Park at Camden Yards48,44245–25
Jume 25MetsPostponed (rain) Rescheduled for June 27
71Jume 26Mets3–9Leiter (3–2)Halsey (1–1)Yankee Stadium55,30345–26
72Jume 27 (1)Mets8–1Contreras (5–3)Trachsel (7–6)Gordon (2)Yankee Stadium37,30546–26
73Jume 27 (2)Mets11–6Mussina (9–4)Ginter (1–2)Yankee Stadium55,38747–26
74June 29Red Sox11–3Vazquez (9–5)Lowe (6–7)Yankee Stadium55,23148–26
75June 30Red Sox4–2Gordon (2–2)Timlin (4–3)Rivera (29)Yankee Stadium55,02349–26
July (16–12) Home: 10–3 Away: 6–9
76July 1Red Sox5–4 (13)Sturtze (3–0)Leskanic (0–4)Yankee Stadium55,26550–26
77July 2@ Mets2–11Trachsel (8–6)Mussina (9–5)Shea Stadium55,06850–27
78July 3@ Mets9–10Franco (2–4)Sturtze (3–1)Shea Stadium55,12050–28
79July 4@ Mets5–6Moreno (2–1)Gordon (2–3)Looper (16)Shea Stadium55,43750–29
80July 5Tigers10–3Lieber (6–5)Robertson (7–4)Yankee Stadium52,60851–29
81July 6Tigers1–9Johnson (6–7)Mussina (9–6)Yankee Stadium41,77251–30
82July 7Tigers8–10Bonderman (6–6)Halsey (1–2)Urbina (12)Yankee Stadium50,33851–31
83July 8Devil Rays7–1Contreras (6–3)Zambrano (9–5)Rivera (30)Yankee Stadium40,37852–31
84July 9Devil Rays5–4Vazquez (10–5)Colome (2–2)Rivera (31)Yankee Stadium47,70053–31
85July 10Devil Rays6–3Lieber (7–5)Brazelton (2–2)Rivera (32)Yankee Stadium54,68054–31
86July 11Devil Rays10–3Hernandez (1–0)Hendrickson (6–7)Yankee Stadium53,38355–31
75th All-Star Game in Houston, Texas
87July 15@ Tigers5–1Contreras (7–3)Bonderman (6–7)Comerica Park38,90256–31
88July 16@ Tigers0–8Maroth (6–7)Vazquez (10–6)Comerica Park40,91856–32
89July 17@ Tigers5–3Hernandez (2–0)Knotts (5–4)Rivera (33)Comerica Park41,85757–32
90July 18@ Tigers2–4Robertson (9–4)Lieber (7–6)Urbina (15)Comerica Park40,13257–33
91July 19@ Devil Rays7–9Carter (3–2)Sturtze (3–2)Baez (19)Tropicana Field41,75557–34
92July 20@ Devil Rays4–2Contreras (8–3)Zambrano (9–6)Rivera (34)Tropicana Field27,61358–34
93July 21Blue Jays10–3Vazquez (11–6)Hentgen (2–9)Yankee Stadium53,03159–34
94July 22Blue Jays1–0Rivera (1–0)Chulk (0–2)Yankee Stadium53,65760–34
95July 23@ Red Sox8–7Gordon (3–3)Foulke (2–3)Rivera (35)Fenway Park34,93361–34
96July 24@ Red Sox10–11Mendoza (1–0)Rivera (1–1)Fenway Park34,50161–35
97July 25@ Red Sox6–9Lowe (9–9)Contreras (8–4)Foulke (16)Fenway Park35,00661–36
98July 26@ Blue Jays6–5 (10)Rivera (2–1)Frasor (3–3)SkyDome30,04162–36
99July 27@ Blue Jays7–4Proctor (1–0)Lightenberg (1–3)Gordon (3)SkyDome30,08763–36
100July 28@ Blue Jays2–3 (10)Frasor (4–3)Proctor (1–1)SkyDome31,38563–37
101July 29Orioles1–9Ponson (6–12)Contreras (8–5)Yankee Stadium51,67763–38
102July 30Orioles2–1Brown (8–1)Cabrera (8–5)Rivera (36)Yankee Stadium51,55164–38
103July 31Orioles6–4Vazquez (12–6)Bedard (4–6)Rivera (37)Yankee Stadium51,84565–38
August (16–12) Home: 6–6 Away: 10–6
104August 1Orioles9–7Hernandez (3–0)Lopez (8–7)Rivera (38)Yankee Stadium51,63266–38
105August 3Athletics4–13Mulder (15–3)Lieber (7–7)Yankee Stadium50,62566–39
106August 4Athletics8–6 (11)Rivera (3–1)Duchscherer (4–3)Yankee Stadium47,88567–39
107August 5Athletics5–1Brown (9–1)Zito (7–8)Yankee Stadium52,33568–39
108August 6Blue Jays11–4Vazquez (13–6)Douglass (0–2)Yankee Stadium48,90069–39
109August 7Blue Jays6–0Hernandez (4–0)Lilly (8–8)Yankee Stadium54,02570–39
110August 8Blue Jays8–2Lieber (8–7)Batista (9–7)Yankee Stadium52,61671–39
111August 9Blue Jays4–5Towers (7–4)Loaiza (9–6)Frasor (15)Yankee Stadium49,85371–40
112August 10@ Rangers1–7Drese (9–6)Brown (9–2)The Ballpark in Arlington43,63371–41
113August 11@ Rangers4–2Sturtze (4–2)Regilio (0–4)Rivera (39)The Ballpark in Arlington43,72972–41
114August 12@ Rangers5–1Hernandez (5–0)Erickson (0–3)The Ballpark in Arlington48,92573–41
115August 13@ Mariners11–3Lieber (9–7)Villone (4–3)Safeco Field46,35974–41
116August 14@ Mariners6–4Quantrill (6–2)Hasegawa (4–5)Rivera (40)Safeco Field46,53075–41
117August 15@ Mariners3–7Meche (3–5)Nitkowski (1–1)Safeco Field46,33575–42
118August 17@ Twins2–8Radke (8–6)Vazquez (13–7)Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome38,76675–43
119August 18@ Twins2–7Santana (13–6)Mussina (9–7)Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome41,12575–44
120August 19@ Twins13–10Gordon (4–3)Nathan (1–1)Rivera (41)Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome37,95976–44
121August 20Angels0–5Ortiz (4–7)Lieber (9–8)Yankee Stadium53.53076–45
122August 21Angels1–6Shields (7–2)Loaiza (9–7)Yankee Stadium54,00876–46
123August 22Angels3–4Escobar (8–9)Brown (9–3)Percival (24)Yankee Stadium53,88576–47
124August 23@ Indians6–4Gordon (5–3)Wickman (0–1)Rivera (42)Jacobs Field33,17277–47
125August 24@ Indians5–4Gordon (6–3)Wickman (0–2)Rivera (43)Jacobs Field31,72978–47
126August 25@ Indians3–4Riske (7–2)Gordon (6–4)Betancourt (3)Jacobs Field30,60578–48
127August 26@ Blue Jays7–4Nitkowski (2–1)Frasor (4–4)Rivera (44)SkyDome35,68279–48
128August 27@ Blue Jays8–7Sturtze (5–2)Miller (2–3)Gordon (4)SkyDome35,43680–48
129August 28@ Blue Jays18–6Brown (10–3)Lilly (9–9)Rivera (45)SkyDome43,54181–48
130August 29@ Blue Jays4–6Batista (10–10)Mussina (9–8)Frasor (17)SkyDome44,07281–49
131August 31Indians0–22Westbrook (12–6)Vazquez (13–8)Yankee Stadium51,77781–50
September (19–9) Home: 14–5 Away: 5–4
132September 1Indians5–3Hernandez (6–0)Sabathia (10–9)Rivera (46)Yankee Stadium41,44882–50
133September 2Indians9–1Lieber (10–8)Lee (10–7)Yankee Stadium37,96383–50
134September 3Orioles1–3Lopez (11–8)Brown (10–4)Julio (20)Yankee Stadium44,14883–51
135September 4Orioles0–7Ponson (10–13)Mussina (9–9)Yankee Stadium48,96383–52
136September 5Orioles4–3Rivera (4–1)Julio (2–3)Yankee Stadium48,25284–52
137September 6 (1)Devil Rays7–4Hernandez (7–0)Waechter (3–7)Quantrill (1)Yankee Stadium44,42285–52
September 6 (2)Devil RaysPostponed Rescheduled for September 8
138September 7Devil Rays11–2Lieber (11–8)Sosa (3–4)Yankee Stadium33,51886–52
September 8 (1)Devil RaysPostponed (rain) Rescheduled for September 23
September 8 (2)Devil RaysPostponed (rain) Rescheduled for September 9
139September 9 (1)Devil Rays9–1Mussina (10–9)Brazelton (6–7)Yankee StadiumN/A87–52
140September 9 (2)Devil Rays10–5Sturtze (6–2)Bell (6–8)Yankee Stadium41,23088–52
141September 10@ Orioles8–14Lopez (12–8)Vazquez (13–9)Oriole Park at Camden Yards48,02688–53
142September 11@ Orioles5–2Hernandez (8–0)Ponson (10–14)Rivera (47)Oriole Park at Camden Yards47,85889–53
143September 12@ Orioles9–7Gordon (7–4)Julio (2–5)Rivera (48)Oriole Park at Camden Yards47,78090–53
144September 13@ Royals8–17Anderson (4–11)Halsey (1–3)Kauffman Stadium23,95190–54
145September 14@ Royals4–0Mussina (11–9)Greinke (8–10)Kauffman Stadium23,42691–54
146September 15@ Royals3–0Vazquez (14–9)May (9–18)Rivera (49)Kauffman Stadium22,41892–54
147September 17Red Sox2–3Timlin (5–4)Rivera (4–2)Foulke (30)Yankee Stadium55,12892–55
148September 18Red Sox14–4Lieber (12–8)Lowe (14–12)Yankee Stadium55,15393–55
149September 19Red Sox11–1Mussina (12–9)Martinez (16–7)Yankee Stadium55,14294–55
150September 20Blue Jays[lower-alpha 1]3–6Chacin (1–0)Vazquez (14–10)Batista (2)Yankee Stadium10,73294–56
151September 21Blue Jays5–3Loaiza (10–7)Halladay (7–8)Rivera (50)Yankee Stadium36,67595–56
152September 22Blue Jays4–5Lilly (12–10)Hernandez (8–1)Batista (3)Yankee Stadium49,56095–57
153September 23Devil Rays7–3Lieber (13–8)Ritchie (0–2)Yankee Stadium29,50196–57
154September 24@ Red Sox6–4Gordon (8–4)Martinez (16–8)Rivera (51)Fenway Park35,02297–57
155September 25@ Red Sox5–12Foulke (5–3)Quantrill (6–3)Fenway Park34,85697–58
156September 26@ Red Sox4–11Schilling (21–6)Brown (10–5)Fenway Park34,58297–59
September 28TwinsPostponed (rain) Rescheduled for September 29
157September 29 (1)Twins5–3Quantrill (7–3)Romero (7–4)Rivera (52)Yankee StadiumN/A98–59
158September 29 (2)Twins5–4Lieber (14–8)Lohse (8–12)Rivera (53)Yankee Stadium45,07299–59
159September 30Twins6–4Gordon (9–4)Fultz (3–3)Yankee Stadium48,454100–59
October (1–2) Home: 0–0 Away: 1–2
160October 1@ Blue Jays0–7Bush (5–4)Hernandez (8–2)SkyDome48,914100–60
161October 2@ Blue Jays2–4Halladay (8–8)Brown (10–6)Batista (5)SkyDome50,498100–61
162October 3@ Blue Jays3–2Proctor (2–1)Towers (9–9)Sturtze (1)SkyDome49,948101–61
  1. Blue Jays-Yankees was originally scheduled for September 23, but has been moved up to accommodate a makeup against Tampa Bay caused by Hurricane Frances.

Player stats


Note: G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
Jorge Posada, C 137 449 122 .272 21 81
Tony Clark, 1B 106 253 56 .221 16 49
Miguel Cairo, 2B 122 360 105 .292 6 42
Derek Jeter, SS 154 643 188 .292 23 78
Alex Rodriguez, 3B 155 601 172 .286 36 106
Hideki Matsui, LF 162 584 174 .298 31 108
Bernie Williams, CF 148 561 147 .262 22 70
Gary Sheffield, RF 154 573 166 .290 36 121
Rubén Sierra, DH 107 307 75 .244 17 65

Other batters

Note: G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
Kenny Lofton 83 276 76 .275 3 18
Jason Giambi 80 264 55 .208 12 40
Enrique Wilson 93 240 51 .213 6 31
John Olerud 49 164 46 .280 4 26
John Flaherty 47 127 32 .252 6 16
Bubba Crosby 55 53 8 .151 2 7
Travis Lee 7 19 2 .105 0 2
Félix Escalona 5 8 0 .000 0 0
Andy Phillips 5 8 2 .250 1 2
Homer Bush 9 7 0 .000 0 0
Dioner Navarro 5 7 3 .429 0 1

Starting pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Javier Vázquez 32 198.0 14 10 4.91 150
Jon Lieber 27 176.2 14 8 4.33 102
Mike Mussina 27 164.2 12 9 4.59 132
Kevin Brown 22 132.0 10 6 4.09 83
José Contreras 18 95.2 8 5 5.64 82
Orlando Hernández 15 84.2 8 2 3.30 84
Brad Halsey 8 32.0 1 3 6.47 25

Other pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Esteban Loaiza 10 42.1 1 2 8.50 34
Donovan Osborne 9 17.2 2 0 7.13 10
Jorge De Paula 3 9.0 0 1 5.00 2
Alex Graman 3 5.0 0 0 19.80 4

Relief pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; SV = Saves; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G W L SV ERA SO
Mariano Rivera 74 4 2 53 1.94 66
Paul Quantrill 86 7 3 1 4.72 37
Tom Gordon 80 9 4 4 2.21 96
Félix Heredia 47 1 1 0 6.28 25
Tanyon Sturtze 28 6 2 1 5.47 56
Bret Prinz 26 1 0 0 5.08 22
Scott Proctor 26 2 1 0 5.40 21
Gabe White 24 0 1 0 8.27 8
C.J. Nitkowski 19 1 1 0 7.62 10
Steve Karsay 7 0 0 0 2.70 4
Juan Padilla 6 0 0 0 3.97 5
Sam Marsonek 1 0 0 0 0.00 0


Game log

2004 Postseason Game Log (6–5)
ALDS vs Twins (3–1)
1October 5Twins0–2Santana (1–0)Mussina (0–1)Nathan (1)Yankee Stadium55,7490–1
2October 6Twins7–6 (12)Quantrill (1–0)Nathan (0–1)Yankee Stadium56,3541–1
3October 8@ Twins8–4Brown (1–0)Silva (0–1)Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome54,8032–1
4October 9@ Twins6–5 (11)Rivera (1–0)Lohse (0–1)Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome52,4983–1
ALCS vs Red Sox (3–4)
1October 12Red Sox10–7Mussina (1–0)Schilling (0–1)Rivera (1)Yankee Stadium56,1351–0
2October 13Red Sox3–1Lieber (1–0)Martinez (0–1)Rivera (2)Yankee Stadium56,1362–0
October 15@ Red SoxPostponed (rain) Rescheduled for October 16
3October 16@ Red Sox19–8Vazquez (1–0)Mendoza (0–1)Fenway Park35,1263–0
4October 17@ Red Sox4–6 (12)Leskanic (1–0)Quantrill (0–1)Fenway Park34,8263–1
5October 18@ Red Sox4–5 (14)Wakefield (1–0)Loaiza (0–1)Fenway Park35,1203–2
6October 19Red Sox2–4Schilling (1–1)Lieber (1–1)Foulke (1)Yankee Stadium56,1283–3
7October 20Red Sox3–10Lowe (1–0)Brown (0–1)Yankee Stadium56,1293–4

Awards and records

2004 MLB All-Star Game

  • Jason Giambi, first baseman, starter
  • Alex Rodriguez, third baseman, starter
  • Derek Jeter, shortstop, starter
  • Mariano Rivera, relief pitcher, reserve
  • Javier Vasquez, pitcher, reserve
  • Hideki Matsui, outfield, reserve
  • Gary Sheffield, outfield, reserve

Farm system

Level Team League Manager
AAA Columbus Clippers International League Bucky Dent
AA Trenton Thunder Eastern League Stump Merrill
A Tampa Yankees Florida State League Bill Masse
A Battle Creek Yankees Midwest League Mitch Seoane and Bill Mosiello
A-Short Season Staten Island Yankees New York–Penn League Tommy John
Rookie GCL Yankees Gulf Coast League Oscar Acosta



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