Apple Dot Matrix Printer

The Apple Dot Matrix Printer (often shortened to Apple DMP) is a printer manufactured by C. Itoh and sold under the Apple Computer, Inc. label in 1982 for the Apple II series, Lisa, and the Apple III. It was succeeded by the ImageWriter in 1984.

Apple Dot Matrix Printer
IntroducedOctober 1982 (1982-10)
Discontinued1984 (1984)
CostUS$699 (equivalent to $1,963 in 2021)
TypeDot matrix
Power consumption180 Watts
ColorBlack ink fabric ribbon
DPIHigh Resolution: 160 x 144 dpi Normal Resolution: 96 x 72 dpi
Speed70 lines per minute / 120 characters per second (in draft mode)
Weight18.7 lbs
Dimensions(H × W × D) 4.75 × 15.5 × 11 in

The Apple DMP is the last parallel port printer sold under the Apple label; all subsequent Apple printers (ImageWriter, ImageWriter II, Scribe, LaserWriter, etc.) were serial port printers.


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