Apple Tape Backup 40SC

The Apple Tape Backup 40SC is an external, SCSI-interfaced, 14-inch (6.35 mm) QIC, mini-cartridge tape drive.[2] It was first introduced by Apple Inc. in 1987 and discontinued in 1994.[3] The drive came bundled with Retrospect backup software.[4][2][5] The drive is also compatible with the tape software included with A/UX.[6][7]

Apple Tape Backup 40SC
Introduced1987 (1987)
Discontinued1994 (1994)
CostUS$1,499 (equivalent to $3,575 in 2021)[1]
TypeTape drive
Ports2 SCSI ports
Power consumption15 – 60 watts
Weight7.3 lb (3.3 kg)
Dimensions246 mm (W) × 266 mm (D) × 78 mm (H)

Technical specifications

  • Recording media: Industry-standard, DC 2000 14-inch (6.35 mm) QIC mini-cartridge.[2]
  • Formatted capacity: 38.5 megabytes.[3]
  • Block size: 8,192 bytes.[3]
  • Transfer rate: 1.25 megabyte per second.[3]
  • Interface: SCSI. Connected directly to Macintosh Plus, Macintosh SE or Macintosh II via a 50-pin SCSI port or to a compatible hard disk drive.[2][3]
  • Volume backup time: Approximately 17–18 minutes per 20 megabytes.[3]

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