AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor

The AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor is a 13" (12.8" viewable) Trinitron aperture grille CRT with a fixed resolution of 640x480 at 66.7Hz.[1] It was released with the Macintosh II computer and manufactured by Apple Inc. from March 1, 1987, until December 1, 1992. It used a DA-15 video connector commonly used on Macintosh II family and later Macintosh computers and video cards. Two revisions were released: Rev. A (M0401), and Rev. B (M1297). Their features were identical.

AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor
ManufacturerApple Computer
TypeAperture grille CRT
Release dateMarch 1987 (1987-03)
DiscontinuedDecember 1992 (1992-12)
Display640 × 480
Dimensions13", 12.8" viewable
Model NumberM0401, M1297


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