Ministry of Health (Malaysia)

The Ministry of Health (Malay: Kementerian Kesihatan), abbreviated MOH, is a ministry of the Government of Malaysia that is responsible for health system: health behaviour, cancer, public health, health management, medical research, health systems research, respiratory medicine, health promotion, healthcare tourism, medical device,[1] blood collection, leprosy control, clinical research, health care, dental care, health institution, laboratory, pharmaceutical, patient safety.

Ministry of Health
Kementerian Kesihatan
Coat of arms of Malaysia

The headquarters of Ministry of Health Malaysia in Kompleks E, Putrajaya
Ministry overview
Formed1963 (1963)
Preceding Ministry
JurisdictionGovernment of Malaysia
HeadquartersBlock E1, E3, E6, E7 & E10, Complex E, Federal Government Administrative Centre, 62590 Putrajaya
MottoWe're Ready to Help (Kami Sedia Membantu)
Employees267,045 (2017)
Annual budgetMYR 24,800,986,200 (2017)
Minister responsible
  • Zaliha Mustafa, Minister of Health
Deputy Minister responsible
  • Lukanisman Awang Sauni, Deputy Minister of Health
Ministry executives
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The Minister of Health administers ministerial functions through the Ministry of Health and a range of other government agencies. The current Health Minister is vacant following the resignation of the cabinet on the 16th of August 2021.[2] The minister is assisted by the Deputy Minister of Health.

Its headquarters is located in Putrajaya.


  • Minister of Health
    • Deputy Minister
      • Secretary-General
        • Under the Authority of Secretary-General
          • Development Division
          • Policy and International Relations Division
          • Legal Advisor Office
          • Internal Audit
          • Corporate Communication Unit
          • Integrity Unit
          • Key Performance Indicator and Empowerment of Bumiputera Economy Unit
          • Policy Surveillance Unit
        • Director-General of Health
          • Under the Authority of Director-General of Health
            • Johor State Health Department
            • Kedah State Health Department
            • Kelantan State Health Department
            • Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya Federal Territory Health Department
            • Labuan Federal Territory Health Department
            • Malacca State Health Department
            • Negeri Sembilan State Health Department
            • Pahang State Health Department
            • Penang State Health Department
            • Perak State Health Department
            • Perlis State Health Department
            • Sabah State Health Department
            • Sarawak State Health Department
            • Selangor State Health Department
            • Terengganu State Health Department
          • Deputy Director-General (Public Health)
            • Family Health Development Division
            • Disease Control Division
            • Health Education Division
            • Nutrition Division
            • Public Health Development Division
          • Deputy Director-General (Medical)
            • Medical Development Division
            • Medical Practice Division
            • Allied Health Sciences Division
            • Traditional and Complementary Medicine Division
            • Nursing Division
          • Deputy Director-General (Research and Technical Support)
            • Planning Division
            • National Institute of Health (NIH)
              • Institute for Medical Research (IMR), or Institut Penyelidikan Perubatan. (Official site)
              • Institute for Public Health, or Institut Kesihatan Umum (IKU). (Official site)
              • Institute for Health Systems Research (IHSR), or Institut Penyelidikan Sistem Kesihatan. (Official site)
              • Clinical Research Centre (CRC), or Pusat Penyelidikan Klinikal. (Official site)
              • Institute for Health Management (IHM), or Institut Pengurusan Kesihatan. (Official site)
              • Institute of Health Behavioural Research, or Insititut Penyelidikan Tingkahlaku Kesihatan (IPTK). (Official site)
            • Engineering Services Division
            • Medical Radiation Surveillance Division
          • Principal Director (Oral Health)
            • Oral Health Policy and Strategic Planning Division
            • Oral Healthcare Division
            • Oral Health Practice and Development Division
            • Malaysian Dental Council
          • Principal Director (Pharmaceutical Services)
            • Pharmacy Enforcement Division
            • Pharmacy Practice and Development Division
            • Pharmacy Policy and Strategic Planning Division
            • Pharmacy Board Malaysia
            • National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency
          • Principal Director (Food Safety and Quality)
            • Planning, Policy Development and Codex Standard Division
            • Compliance and Industrial Development Division
            • Food Analyst Council
        • Deputy Secretary-General (Management)
          • Human Resources Division
          • Training Management Division
          • Competency Development Division
          • Information Management Division
          • Management Services Division
        • Deputy Secretary-General (Finance)
          • Finance Division
          • Procurement and Privatisation Division
          • Account Division

Federal agencies

  1. Children's Dental Centre and Dental Training College Malaysia, or Pusat Pergigian Kanak-Kanak dan Kolej Latihan Pergigian Malaysia (PPKKKLPM). (Official site)
  2. Malaysian Health Promotion Board, or Lembaga Promosi Kesihatan Malaysia (MySihat). (Official site)
  3. Medical Device Authority, or Pihak Berkuasa Peranti Perubatan (PBPP). (Official site)
  4. Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC), or Majlis Pengembaraan Penjagaan Kesihatan Malaysia. (Official site)

Key legislation

The Ministry of Health is responsible for administration of several key Acts:[3]

Policy Priorities of the Government of the Day

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