Malacca State Legislative Assembly

The Malacca State Legislative Assembly (Malay: Dewan Undangan Negeri Melaka) is the unicameral legislature of the Malaysian state of Malacca. It is composed of 28 members who are elected from single-member constituencies throughout the state. Elections are held no more than five years apart, along with elections to the federal parliament and other state assemblies (except Sarawak and Sabah).

Malacca State Legislative Assembly

Dewan Undangan Negeri Melaka
ديوان اوندڠن نڬري ملاك
15th Malacca Legislative Assembly
Yang di-Pertua Negeri
Mohd. Ali Rustam
since 4 June 2020
Ibrahim Durum, BN-UMNO
since 27 December 2021
Deputy Speaker
Khadirah Abu Zahar, BN-UMNO
since 27 December 2021
Chief Minister
Sulaiman Md Ali, BN-UMNO
since 9 March 2020
Opposition Leader
Mohd Yadzil Yaakub, PN-BERSATU
since 12 December 2022
Quorum: 9
Simple majority: 15
Two-thirds majority: 19
Political groups
(As of 12 December 2022)

Government (26)
  BN (21)

  PH (5)

Opposition (2)
  PN (2)


  BN (non-MLA)
  • Public Accounts Committee
  • Rules of Proceedings Committee
  • Right and Privileges Committee
  • Committee of Selection
Plurality: First-past-the-post (28 single-member constituencies)
Last election
20 November 2021
Next election
By 25 February 2027
Meeting place
Blok Laksamana, Seri Negeri complex, Hang Tuah Jaya, Ayer Keroh, Malacca
Former Malacca State Legislative Assembly building which is now the Democratic Government Museum.

The State Legislative Assembly convenes at the Malacca State Secretariat Building, also known as the Seri Negeri complex in Ayer Keroh.

Map of current constituencies (since 2018)

Current composition

Government Opposition
21 5 2
18 2 1 4 1 2
No. Parliamentary Constituency No. State Constituency Portrait Member Coalition (Party) Post
N/A N/A N/ANon-MLA Ibrahim Durum BN (UMNO) Speaker
P134 Masjid Tanah N1Kuala Linggi Rosli Abdullah BN (UMNO) N/A
N2Tanjung Bidara Ab Rauf Yusoh BN (UMNO) EXCO member
N3Ayer Limau Hameed Basheer BN (UMNO) N/A
N4Lendu Sulaiman Md Ali BN (UMNO) Chief Minister
N5Taboh Naning Zulkiflee Mohd Zin BN (UMNO) N/A
P135 Alor Gajah N6Rembia Muhammad Jailani Khamis BN (UMNO) EXCO member
N7Gadek Shanmugam Ptcyhay BN (MIC)
N8Machap Jaya Ngwe Hee Sem BN (MCA)
N9Durian Tunggal Zahari Kalil BN (UMNO) N/A
N10Asahan Fairul Nizam Roslan BN (UMNO)
P136 Tangga Batu N11Sungai Udang Mohd Aleef Yusof PN (BERSATU)
N12Pantai Kundor Tuminah Kadi @ Mohd Hashim BN (UMNO)
N13Paya Rumput Rais Yasin BN (UMNO) EXCO member
N14Kelebang Lim Ban Hong BN (MCA) N/A
P137 Hang Tuah Jaya N15Pengkalan Batu Kalsom Noordin BN (UMNO) EXCO member
N16Ayer Keroh Kerk Chee Yee PH (DAP) N/A
N17Bukit Katil Adly Zahari PH (AMANAH) MP for Alor Gajah / Deputy Minister
N18Ayer Molek Rahmad Mariman BN (UMNO) EXCO member
P138 Kota Melaka N19Kesidang Allex Seah Shoo Chin PH (DAP) N/A
N20Kota Laksamana Low Chee Leong PH (DAP)
N21Duyong Mohd Noor Helmy Abdul Halem BN (UMNO)
N22Bandar Hilir Leng Chau Yen PH (DAP)
N23Telok Mas Abdul Razak Abdul Rahman BN (UMNO) EXCO member
P139 Jasin N24Bemban Mohd Yadzil Yaakub PN (BERSATU) Opposition Leader
N25Rim Khaidirah Abu Zahar BN (UMNO) Deputy Speaker
N26Serkam Zaidi Attan BN (UMNO) EXCO member
N27Merlimau Muhamad Akmal Saleh BN (UMNO)
N28Sungai Rambai Siti Faizah Abdul Azis BN (UMNO) N/A

Seating arrangement

VacantN20 Kota LaksamanaN17 Bukit KatilN01 Kuala LinggiN09 Durian TunggalN28 Sungai RambaiN05 Taboh NaningN12 Pantai KundorVacant
VacantN16 Ayer KerohN27 Merlimau (EXCO Member)N15 Pengkalan Batu (EXCO Member)N07 Gadek (EXCO Member)N23 Telok Mas (EXCO Member)N26 Serkam (EXCO Member)N18 Ayer Molek (EXCO Member)N21 DuyongState Financial Officer
VacantN19 KesidangN13 Paya Rumput (EXCO Member)BAN06 Rembia (EXCO Member)N03 Ayer LimauState Legal Advisor
VacantN22 Bandar HilirN08 Machap Jaya (EXCO Member)Sergeant-at-ArmN02 Tanjung Bidara (EXCO Member)N10 AsahanState Secretary
N11 Sungai UdangVacantthe MaceN04 Lendu (Chief Minister)N14 Kelebang
N24 Bemban (Opposition Leader)SecretaryN25 Rim (Deputy Speaker)
Yang Di-Pertua Negeri


The Malacca State Legislative Assembly's main function is to enact laws that apply in the state. It is also the forum for members to voice their opinions on the state government's policies and implementation of those policies. Under the Privileges, Immunities and Powers Ordinance 1963, assemblymen are given the right to freely discuss current issues such as public complaints. On financial matters, the Assembly approves supply to the government and ensures that the funds are spent as approved and in the tax-payers' interest.[1]

The State Executive Council (EXCO) is appointed from members of the State Assembly. Led by the Chief Minister, it exercises executive power on behalf of the Governor and is responsible to the State Assembly.[2]


The Speaker also chairs the Malacca Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency (Melcat), a six-member panel consisting of state assemblymen which holds public hearings to investigate state issues. Melcat was formed when Pakatan Harapan came to power after the 2018 election.[3]

Speakers of the Assembly

The following are the Speakers of the Malacca State Legislative Assembly since 1959:[4]

No.SpeakerTerm startTerm endPartyConstituency
1Goh Kay Seng23 May 195929 February 1964Alliance (MCA)Kota Barat
2Talib Karim21 May 19645 October 1967Alliance (UMNO)Alor Gajah
3Mohd Abd. Rahman20 November 196719 March 1969Alliance (UMNO)Batu Berendam
4Ahmad Manap7 April 197111 June 1978Alliance (UMNO)Tanjong Kling
BN (UMNO)Sungei Udang
5Abdul Aziz Tapa15 September 197828 March 1982BN (UMNO)Nyalas
6Abdul Razak Alias31 May 198219 July 1986BN (UMNO)Taboh Naning
7Abu Zahar Ithnin4 August 198619 October 1994BN (UMNO)Sungai Rambai
8Jaafar Lajis25 October 19945 April 1995BN (UMNO)Rim
9Nasir Manap8 June 1995December 1999BN (UMNO)Alai
10Amid NordinDecember 1999March 2004BN (UMNO)Alai
11Mo'min Abd AzizMarch 2004April 2008BN (UMNO)Non-MLA
12Othman MuhamadApril 2008April 2018BN (UMNO)Non-MLA
13Omar Jaafar19 July 201811 May 2020PH (PKR)Non-MLA
14Ab Rauf Yusoh 11 May 20204 October 2021BN (UMNO)Non-MLA
15Ibrahim Durum27 December 2021IncumbentBN (UMNO)Non-MLA

Election pendulum

The 2021 Malacca state election witnessed 21 governmental seats and 7 non-governmental seats filled the Malacca State Legislative Assembly. The government side has 3 safe seats and 1 fairly safe seat, while the non-government side has 3 safe seats and 1 fairly safe seat.

2021 Malacca state election
Pengkalan BatuKalsom NordinUMNO35.77
KelebangLim Ban HongMCA38.29
DuyongMohd Norhelmy Abdul HalemUMNO38.55
GadekShanmugam PtcyhayMIC39.26
Paya RumputRais YasinUMNO39.68
Pantai KundorTuminah Mohd HashimUMNO40.03
RembiaMuhammad Jailani KhamisUMNO41.61
Telok MasAbdul Razak Abdul RahmanUMNO43.01
SerkamZaidi AttanUMNO43.32
RimKhaidirah Abu ZaharUMNO45.31
Machap JayaNgwe Hee SemMCA46.67
Sungai RambaiSiti Faizah Abdul AzizUMNO48.08
Tanjung BidaraAbd Rauf YusohUMNO49.14
Kuala LinggiRusli AbdullahUMNO51.07
Ayer LimauHameed Mytheen Kunju BahseerUMNO51.94
Fairly safe
Taboh NaningZulkiflee Mohd ZinUMNO57.23
MerlimauAkmal SallehUMNO58.43
Ayer MolekRahmad MarimanUMNO65.24
AsahanFairul Niszam RoslanUMNO65.77
LenduSulaiman Md AliUMNO76.17
BembanMohd Yadzil YaakubBERSATU34.60
Bukit KatilAdly ZahariAMANAH41.55
Sungai UdangMohammad Aleef YusufBERSATU43.65
Fairly safe
Ayer KerohKerk Chee YeeDAP59.97
KesidangAlex Seah Shoo ChinDAP65.86
Kota LaksamanaLow Chee LeongDAP80.83
Bandar HilirLeng Chau YenDAP81.19

List of Assemblies

Assembly Term


Members Election Committee Majority party/coalition
1st 1959 Abdul Ghafar I Alliance
2nd 1964 Abdul Ghafar II (1964-1967)

Talib I (1967-1969)

3rd 1969 Talib II (1969-1972)

Abdul Ghani I (1972-1974)

Alliance (1969-1973)

Barisan Nasional (1973-1974)

4th 1974 Abdul Ghani II Barisan Nasional
5th 1978 Mohd Adib Barisan Nasional
6th 1982 Abdul Rahim I Barisan Nasional
7th 1986 Abdul Rahim II Barisan Nasional
8th 1990 Abdul Rahim III (1990-1994)

Mohd Zin I (1994-1995)

Barisan Nasional
9th 1995 Mohd Zin II (1995-1997)

Abu Zahar I (1997-1999)

Barisan Nasional
10th 1999 Mohd Ali I Barisan Nasional
11th 2004 Mohd Ali II Barisan Nasional
12th 2008 Mohd Ali III Barisan Nasional
13th 2013 Idris Barisan Nasional
14th 2018 Adly (2018-2020)

Sulaiman I (2020-2021)

Pakatan Harapan (2018-2020)

BN-PN (2020-2021)

15th 2021 Sulaiman II (2021-) Barisan Nasional (2021-2022)

BN-PH (2022-)

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