Perlis State Legislative Assembly

The Perlis State Legislative Assembly (Malay: Dewan Undangan Negeri Perlis) is the state legislature of the Malaysian state of Perlis. It is a unicameral institution, consisting of a total of 15 lawmakers representing single-member constituencies throughout the state.

Perlis State Legislative Assembly

Dewan Undangan Negeri Perlis
ديوان اوندڠن نڬري ڤرليس‬
15th Perlis State Legislative Assembly
Rus’sele Eizan, PNPAS
since 19 December 2022
Menteri Besar
Mohd Shukri Ramli, PNPAS
since 22 November 2022
Opposition Leader
Gan Ay Ling, PHPKR
since 19 December 2022
Mawar binti Awang [1]
since 2021
Quorum: 5
Simple majority: 8
Two-thirds majority: 10
Political groups
(As of 23 November 2022)

Government (14)

  PN (14)

Opposition (1)

  PH (1)

Speaker (1)

  • Committee of Selection
  • Public Accounts Committee
  • House Committee
  • Committee of Privileges
  • Standing Orders Committee
Plurality: First-past-the-post (15 single-member constituencies)
Last election
19 November 2022
Next election
By 17 February 2028
Meeting place
Perlis State Assembly Complex, Kangar, Perlis
Perlis State Legislative Assembly
Map of current constituencies (since 2018)

Members of the state legislature are called state assemblymen. The Assembly convenes at the Perlis State Assembly Complex in the state capital, Kangar.[2] It has 15 seats, making it the smallest state assembly in Malaysia.

Out of the 15 seats, 14 are held by the Perikatan Nasional (PN) ruling coalition after the 2022 State Election. Within the coalition, the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) holds 9 seats and the Malaysian United Indigenous Party (Bersatu) holds 5 seats. The PN coalition thus commands a supermajority in the legislature.

Meanwhile, the opposition is formed by the Pakatan Harapan (PH) from People's Justice Party (PKR) which only holds 1 seat.

Current composition

14 1
9 5 1
No. Parliamentary constituency No. State Constituency Portrait Member Coalition (Party) Post
- - # Non-MLA Rus’sele Eizan PN (PAS) Speaker
P01 Padang Besar N1 Titi Tinggi Izizam Ibrahim PN (BERSATU) EXCO member
N2 Beseri Haziq Asyraf Dun PN (PAS) N/A
N3 Chuping Saad Seman PN (PAS) N/A
N4 Mata Ayer Wan Badariyah Wan Saad PN (PAS) EXCO member
N5 Santan Azmir Azizan PN (PAS) EXCO member
P02 Kangar N6 Bintong Fakhrul Anwar Ismail PN (PAS) EXCO member
N7 Sena Marzita Mansor PN (BERSATU) N/A
N8 Indera Kayangan Gan Ay Ling PH (PKR) Leader of Opposition
N9 Kuala Perlis Abu Bakar Hamzah PN (BERSATU) N/A
N10 Kayang Asrul Aimran Abd Jalil PN (PAS) N/A
P03 Arau N11 Pauh Megat Hashirat Hassan PN (BERSATU) EXCO member
N12 Tambun Tulang Wan Zikri Afthar Ishak PN (BERSATU) N/A
N13 Guar Sanji Mohd. Ridzuan Hashim PN (PAS) N/A
N14 Simpang Empat Razali Saad PN (PAS) EXCO member
N15 Sanglang Mohd. Shukri Ramli PN (PAS) Menteri Besar

Seating arrangement

N10 KayangN08 Indera Kayangan
(Opposition Leader)
VacantN14 Simpang Empat
(EXCO Member)
N12 Tambun TulangCBN04 Mata Ayer
(EXCO Member)
N02 BeseriSergeant-at-ArmN11 Pauh
(EXCO Member)
Vacant N07 SenaDthe MaceAN01 Titi Tinggi
(EXCO Member)
State Financial Officer
Vacant N03 ChupingN06 Bintong
(EXCO Member)
State Legal Advisor
Vacant N09 Kuala PerlisN05 Santan
(EXCO Member)
State Secretary
N13 Guar SanjiSecretaryN15 Sanglang
(Menteri Besar)


As the state's legislative body, the Perlis State Legislative Assembly's main function is to enact laws that apply to Perlis, known as enactments. The Speaker presides over the Assembly's proceedings, and works to maintain order during debates.

The state government's executive branch (known as the State Executive Council (EXCO), or Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri), including the Menteri Besar, are drawn from the Assembly. The Menteri Besar is ceremonially appointed by the Raja of Perlis on the basis that he is able to command a majority in the Assembly. The Menteri Besar then appoints members of the State EXCO drawing from members of the Assembly.

Speakers Roll of Honour

The following is the Speaker of the Perlis State Legislative Assembly Roll of Honour, since 1959:

No.SpeakerTerm startTerm endPartyConstituency
1Mahmud Hashim19781982BN (UMNO)Paya
2Fadzil Mahmood9 September 19864 October 1990BN (UMNO)Utan Aji
3Azib Saad19992004Non-MLA
4Che Sulaiman Shapie20042008Non-MLA
5Yazid Mat28 April 200827 June 2013Non-MLA
6Hamdan Bahari28 June 201318 December 2022BN (UMNO)Non-MLA
7 Rus'sele Eizan 19 December 2022 Incumbent PN (PAS) Non-MLA

    Election pendulum

    The 15th General Election witnessed 14 governmental seats and a non-governmental seat filled the Perlis State Legislative Assembly. The government side has 3 safe and 5 fairly safe seat, while the non-government side has no fairly safe or safe seat.

    2022 Perlis state election
    Kuala PerlisAbu Bakar HamzahBERSATU30.06
    PauhMegat Hashirat HassanBERSATU44.18
    BeseriHaziq Asyraf DunPAS45.84
    SenaMarzita MansorBERSATU47.27
    Tambun TulangWan Zikri Afthar IshakBERSATU53.68
    ChupingSaad SemanPAS53.74
    Fairly Safe
    SantanAzmir AzizanPAS56.40
    BintongFakhrul Anwar IsmailPAS57.58
    Mata AyerWan Badariyah Wan SaadPAS58.06
    KayangAsrul Aimran Abd JalilPAS58.31
    Titi TinggiIzizam IbrahimBERSATU58.42
    SanglangMohd Shukri RamliPAS62.13
    Simpang EmpatRazali SaadPAS66.40
    Guar SanjiMohd. Ridzuan HashimPAS74.20
    Indera KayanganGan Ay LingPKR46.42

    List of Assemblies

    Assembly Term


    Members Election Committee Majority party/coalition
    1st 1959 Sheikh Ahmad I Alliance
    2nd 1964 Sheikh Ahmad II Alliance
    3rd 1969 Sheikh Ahmad III (1969-1971)

    Jaafar I (1972-1974)

    Alliance (1969-1973)

    Barisan Nasional (1973-1974)

    4th 1974 Jaafar II Barisan Nasional
    5th 1978 Jaafar III (1978-1981)

    Ali I (1981-1982)

    Barisan Nasional
    6th 1982 Ali II Barisan Nasional
    7th 1986 Abdul Hamid I Barisan Nasional
    8th 1990 Abdul Hamid II Barisan Nasional
    9th 1995 Shahidan I Barisan Nasional
    10th 1999 Shahidan II Barisan Nasional
    11th 2004 Shahidan III Barisan Nasional
    12th 2008 Md Isa Barisan Nasional
    13th 2013 Azlan I Barisan Nasional
    14th 2018 Azlan II Barisan Nasional
    15th 2022 Mohd Shukri Perikatan Nasional


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