Malacca State Executive Council

The Malacca State Executive Council is the State Executive Council (or EXCO) as executive authority of the Government of Malacca, Malaysia. The Council comprises the Chief Minister, appointed by the Governor on the basis that he is able to command a majority in the Malacca State Legislative Assembly, a number of members made up of members of the Assembly, the State Secretary, the State Legal Adviser and the State Financial Officer.

Malacca State Executive Council
Date formed21 November 2021
People and organisations
Head of stateMohd Ali Rustam
Head of governmentSulaiman Md Ali
Total no. of members11
Member parties
Status in legislatureCoalition government
Opposition leaderMohd Yadzil Yaakub
Legislature term(s)14th Malaysian Parliament

This Council is similar in structure and role to the Cabinet of Malaysia, while being smaller in size. As federal and state responsibilities differ, there are a number of portfolios that differ between the federal and state governments.

Members of the Council are selected by the Chief Minister, appointed by the Governor. Unlike Sabah and Sarawak, the Council has no ministry, but instead a number of committees; each committee will take care of certain state affairs, activities and departments. Members of the Council are always the chair of a committee.


Full members

  BN (11)

Members of the Council, since 26 November 2021, are:

Name Portfolio Party Constituency Date of appointment
Sulaiman Md Ali (Chief Minister)
  • Economic Planning
  • Land Development
  • Finance
  • Government-Linked Companies Committee
  • Religious Affairs
BN (UMNO) Lendu 21 November 2021
Ab Rauf Yusoh
  • Industry
  • Investment
  • Entrepreneurial Development
Tanjung Bidara 26 November 2021
Muhammad Jailani Khamis
  • Tourism
  • Heritage and Culture
Rahmad Mariman
  • Public Works
  • Transport
  • Public Facilities
  • Infrastructure
  • Flood Management
Ayer Molek
Zaidi Attan
  • Housing and Local Government
  • Environment
Abdul Razak Abdul Rahman
  • Agriculture and Agro-based Industry
  • Entrepreneurial Development
  • Regional and Rural Development
Telok Mas
Shanmugam Ptcyhay
  • NGO
  • Youth
  • Sports
BN (MIC) Gadek
Kalsom Noordin
  • Women Affairs
  • Family Development
  • Welfare Affairs
BN (UMNO) Pengkalan Batu
Rais Yasin
  • Education
  • Science, Technology and Innovation
Paya Rumput
Muhammad Akmal Saleh
  • Health
  • Anti-drugs
Ngwe Hee Sem
  • Unity
  • Human Resources
  • Community Relations
  • Consumer Affairs
BN (MCA) Machap Jaya

Ex officio members

Position Office bearer
State Secretary Datuk Zaidi Bin Johari
State Legal Advisor Datuk Abd Aziz bin Engan
State Financial Officer Datuk Salhah Binti Salleh

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