Lists of islands

This is a list of the lists of islands in the world grouped by country, by continent, by body of water, and by other classifications. For rank-order lists, see the other lists of islands below.

An aerial view of islands in the Seychelles

Lists of islands by country





North America


South America

Lists of islands by continent

Lists of islands by body of water

By ocean:

By other bodies of water:

List of ancient islands

  • Afro-Eurasia (the World Island)
  • America (the New World)
  • Antarctica (the Frozen World)
  • Australia (the land Down Under)
  • Doggerland
  • Emperor Seamounts (?) (Pacific, extension of Hawaiian Islands)
  • Ile Du Sud- African Banks (in the Amirantes)
  • Insular Islands, Pacific
  • Intermontane Islands, Pacific
  • Majority of granitic Seychelles, which were remnants of India splitting from Africa to form Madagascar.
  • Majority of the Great Chagos Bank
  • Nazareth Bank
  • Owen Bank, Chagos Arch., submerged atoll
  • Owen Bank (Seychelles) (not to be confused with Chagos atoll)
  • Saya de Malha, Formerly largest Mascarene Island
  • Soudan, Mascarenes
  • The ancient volcanic island of Cargados Carajos, which sank to a coral atoll
  • The majority of the Alphonse Atoll, Seychelles
  • Thorpe Bank, Seychelles
  • Topaze Bank, Seychelles
  • Walters Shoals, just south of Madagascar, was once a large tropical island.
  • Zealandia (the Antipodes)

Other lists of islands

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