List of governors of the Falkland Islands

The following is a list of governors of the Falkland Islands. Historically, several countries have had leaders on the islands with varying titles and degrees of power.

List of governors

Administrator of the French Settlement of Fort St. Louis

From To Name
17641767Louis Antoine de Bougainville

Military Administrators of the British Settlement of Port Egmont

From To Name
17671768Capt. John MacBride, HMS Jason
17681769Capt. Rayner
17691770Capt. Anthony Hunt, HMS Tamar
17701770Capt. George Farmer, HMS Favourite
17711772Capt. John Burr, HMS Hound
17731776Lt. Samuel Wittewrong Clayton

Military Administrators of the Spanish Settlement of Puerto Soledad

From To Name
17671773Felipe Ruíz Puente
17731774Domingo Chauria
17741777Francisco Gil Lemos
17771779Ramón de Carassa
17791781Salvador de Medina
17811783Jacinto de Altolaguirre
17831784Fulgencio Montemayor
17841786Augustín Figueroa
17861787Pedro de Mesa y Casto
17871788Ramón Clairac
17881789Pedro de Mesa y Casto
17891790Ramón Clairac
17901791Juan José de Elizalde
17911792Pedro Pablo Sanguinetto
17921793Juan José de Elizalde
17931794Pedro Pablo Sanguinetto
17941795José Aldana Ortega
17951796Pedro Pablo Sanguinetto
17961797José Aldana Ortega
17971798Luis de Medina Torres
17981799Francisco Javier de Viana
17991800Luis de Medina Torres
18001801Francisco Javier de Viana
18011802Ramón Fernández Villegas
18021803Bernardo Bonavía
18031804Antonio Leal de Ibarra
18041805Bernardo Bonavía
18051806Antonio Leal de Ibarra
18061809Bernardo Bonavía
18091810Gerardo Bordas
18101811Pablo Guillén

Military and Civil Commander of Puerto Luis (Port Louis)

From To Name
18291831Luis Vernet
18321832Juan Esteban Mestivier

Military Administrators of the British Settlement of Fort Louis

From To Name
18331838Lt. Henry Smith
18381839Lt. Robert Lowcay
18391839Lt. Robinson
18391841Lt. John Tyssen

Lieutenant Governor of the Falkland Islands at Anson's Harbour

From To Name
18411843Lt. Richard Clement Moody

Governor of the Falkland Islands at Port Stanley

The flag of the Governor of the Falkland Islands from 1876–1925.
The flag of the Governor of the Falkland Islands from .1925–1948
The current flag of the Governor of the Falkland Islands, from 1948 to the present.
From To Name
18431848Lt. Richard Clement Moody
18481855Lt. George Rennie
18551862Capt. Thomas Edward Laws Moore
18621866Capt. James George Mackenzie
18661870Sir William Cleaver Francis Robinson GCMG
18701876Colonel George Abbas Kooli D'Arcy
18761880Jeremiah Thomas Fitzgerald Callaghan CMG
18801891Thomas Kerr CMG
18911897Sir Roger Tuckfield Goldsworthy KCMG
18971904Sir William Grey-Wilson KCMG
19041915Sir William Lamond Allardyce GCMG
19151920Sir William Douglas Young KBE CMG
19201927Sir John Middleton KBE CMG
19271931Sir Arnold Weinholt Hodson KCMG
19311934Sir James O'Grady KCMG
19351941Sir Herbert Henniker-Heaton KCMG
19411946Sir Allan Wolsey Cardinall KBE CMG
19461954Sir Geoffrey Miles Clifford KBE CMG ED
19541957Sir Oswald Raynor Arthur KCMG CVO
19571964Sir Edwin Porter Arrowsmith KCMG
19641970Sir Cosmo Dugal Patrick Thomas Haskard KCMG MBE
19711975Ernest Gordon Lewis CMG OBE
19751977Neville Arthur Irwin French CMG MVO
19771980James Roland Walter Parker CMG OBE
19802 April 1982Sir Rex Masterman Hunt CMG

Argentine Military Commanders during 1982 Occupation

From To Name
2 April 19823 April 1982General Oswaldo Jorge García (interim)
3 April 198214 June 1982Brigadier General Mario Benjamín Menéndez

British Military Commander at Port Stanley

From To Name
14 June 198225 June 1982Major General Sir Jeremy Moore KCB OBE MC*

Civil Commissioner of the Falkland Islands at Port Stanley

From To Name
25 June 198216 October 1985Sir Rex Masterman Hunt CMG

Governors of the Falkland Islands at Stanley (and Commissioner for South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands from 1985)

Then Governor Colin Roberts (centre) in his uniform as governor, Christ Church Cathedral, Remembrance Sunday 2016
From To Name
19851988Sir Gordon Wesley Jewkes KCMG
19881992William Hugh Fullerton CMG
19921996David Everard Tatham CMG
19961999Richard Peter Ralph CMG CVO
19992002Donald Alexander Lamont
20022006Howard John Stredder Pearce CMG
20062010Alan Edden Huckle
20102014Nigel Robert Haywood CVO
20142017Colin Roberts CVO
20172022Nigel James Phillips CBE
2022IncumbentAlison Mary Blake CMG
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