Falkland Islands official football team

The Falkland Islands official football team is a representative football team of the Falkland Islands, organised by the Falkland Islands Football League. The Falkland Islands Football League does not belong to the CONMEBOL, as its member countries support Argentina in the sovereignty conflict, and therefore neither can it be a member of FIFA.[1][2] Thus, the team is not eligible to play in official competitions such as the World Cup and the Copa América. The team has played in the Island Games in 2001, 2005, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017. In 2013 the team enjoyed a record win and a 3rd place medal.

Falkland Islands
Nickname(s)Stanley / The Warrahs
AssociationFalkland Islands Football League
Head coachJonny Wood
Most capsEdward Robert Lloyd
Andres Balladares (15)
Top scorerWayne Clement (4)
Home stadiumStanley Stadium
First colours
Second colours
First international
 Isle of Man 9–1 Falkland Islands 
(Douglas, Isle of Man; 8 July 2001)
Biggest win
 Falkland Islands 6–0 Frøya 
(Hamilton, Bermuda; 18 July 2013)
Biggest defeat
 Guernsey 12–0 Falkland Islands 
(Douglas, Isle of Man; 9 July 2001)

After two years with no League football it was decided that the Falkland Islands Football League (FIFL) would be completely revamped, a Constitution was drawn up and Committee members were put forward and accepted. After the Constitution was passed by interested players, a new league was organised with four teams, with players being picked by each of the team's captains. On 9 November the opening league fixtures were played.

At the same time, the Falkland Islands National team appointed manager Jimmy Curtis to lead the team at the 2009 Island Games in Åland. A squad of over 23 players was picked and training began in September 2008. The long distance needed to travel, the expensive cost to travel on RAF and LAN flights and the need to take between 16–18 players usually prevents the Football team from attending the Island Games more often than every four years. Due to the remoteness of the islands and the small population, the Stanley team can only play military teams or visiting warships.

The Falkland Islands football team most recently competed at the NatWest Island Games in 2017, held between 24 and 30 June in Gotland. This was the seventh time the Falkland Islands have competed in the Island Games. They were drawn in Group D with the Isle of Man, Ynys Môn and Hitra. After losing all 3 group matches they played Alderney in the 15th place play off, losing 3–0.

List of matches played

Date Venue Opponent Score
Nov 11, 2018 Falkland Islands FA England Representative Team[3]1–3
Jun 29, 2017Gotland Alderney0–3
Jun 27, 2017Gotland Hitra1–2
Jun 26, 2017Gotland Isle of Man2–5
Jun 25, 2017Gotland Ynys Môn0–3
Jul 2, 2015Jersey Western Isles1–2
Jun 30, 2015Jersey Shetland0–5
Jun 29, 2015Jersey Isle of Wight0–3
Jun 28, 2015Jersey Hitra1–2
Jul 18, 2013Bermuda Frøya6–0
Jul 17, 2013Bermuda Greenland0–9
Jul 15, 2013Bermuda Bermuda0–8
Jul 14, 2013Bermuda Frøya2–1
Jun 30, 2011Isle of Wight Alderney3–0
Jun 28, 2011Isle of Wight Gotland1–6
Jun 27, 2011Isle of Wight Isle of Man0–6
Jun 26, 2011Isle of Wight Guernsey0–5
Jul 2, 2009Åland Islands Frøya1–3
Jun 30, 2009Åland Islands Western Isles1–7
Jun 29, 2009Åland Islands Gotland0–2
Jun 28, 2009Åland Islands Isle of Man1–2
Jul 15, 2005Shetland Orkney0–2
Jul 14, 2005Shetland Åland1–2
Jul 13, 2005Shetland Isle of Man0–9
Jul 12, 2005Shetland Saare County2–1
Jul 10, 2005Shetland Shetland0–4
Jul 13, 2001Isle of Man Orkney4–1
Jul 12, 2001Isle of Man Greenland0–4
Jul 9, 2001Isle of Man Guernsey0–12
Jul 8, 2001Isle of Man Isle of Man1–9

Tournament records

Island Games

Island Games record
Year Round Position GP W D L GS GA
1989 Did not enter
2001Group stage11th4103526
2003Did not enter
2005Group stage10th5104318
2007Did not enter
2009Group stage16th4004314
2013Third place3rd4202818
2015Group stage12th4103311
2019[n 1]Did not enter
TotalThird place7/1629602332117
  1. Not held football tournament (Replaced by 2019 Inter Games Football Tournament in  Anglesey).

Current squad

The following players have been called up for the 2017 Island Games which took place in Gotland from 24 to 30 June 2017. Caps correct as of 18 July 2013.

No. Pos. Player Date of birth (age) Caps Goals Club
1 1GK Ben Hoyles 11 0 Falkland Islands Holidays FC
13 1GK Ross Peters 3 0 C&R Construction FC
2 2DF Luke Clark 10 0 C&R Construction FC
3 2DF Shupikaya Chipunza 7 1 C&R Construction FC
5 2DF Ron Mills jnr 13 0 Malvina House Hotel FC
12 2DF Jean Paul 0 0 Falkland Island Holidays FC
15 2DF Torin Harte 0 0 Crescent Valley Raiders
4 3MF Wayne Clement 15 4 C&R Construction FC
6 3MF Daniel Biggs 13 0 Unattached
7 3MF Joshee Peck 13 1 Malvina House Hotel FC
8 3MF Michael Betts 5 0 Malvina House Hotel FC
11 3MF Sam Toolan 3 0 Worthing United F.C.U18
17 3MF Jordan Betts 0 0 Malvina House Hotel FC
18 3MF Andres Balladares 15 0 Falkland Island Holidays FC
- 3MF Joshua Ennis 0 0 Sheffield United
9 4FW Rafael Sotomayor Morales (1979-05-30)30 May 1979 (aged 38) 12 3 Falkland Island Holidays FC
10 4FW Aiden Morris 4 0 Malvina House Hotel FC
14 4FW Declan Bonner 2 0 BGC F.C.
16 4FW Ethan Gilson-Clarke 0 0 Cheltenham Town F.C. Academy
19 4FW Martyn Gilson-Clarke 0 0 C&R Construction FC


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