Hill Cove

Hill Cove is the third largest settlement on West Falkland, in the Falkland Islands, in the north-west. It is on the north coast, on the shore of Byron Sound, and overlooks Port Egmont on Saunders Island, the first British settlement in the islands. Behind the settlement is Mount Adam, which shelters it from southerly winds.

Hill Cove
Hill Cove in April 1962
Hill Cove
Hill Cove
Coordinates: 51°30′17″S 60°08′40″W
British Overseas Territory Falkland Islands
Time zoneUTC−3 (FKST[a])
Aerial view of Hill Cove settlement.

It was one of the earliest settlements on West Falkland in the 19th century, which was not permanently inhabited until the 1860s. There are several houses here, including a former "bunkhouse" for single male farm workers.[1]

It has the only "forest" in the islands, a wood which was planted in the 1880s and enlarged in 1925. There is a smaller stand of trees on Carcass Island.[1]

The population of Hill Cove is 16 as of the 2012 Falkland Islands Census.[2]


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