Hiyashi chūka

Hiyashi chūka (冷やし中華, literally "chilled Chinese") is Chinese-style Japanese dish consisting of chilled Chinese noodle with various toppings served in the summer. It is also called reimen (冷麺, literally "chilled noodle") in Kansai region and hiyashi rāmen (冷やしラーメン, literally "chilled ramen") in Hokkaido.[1] Toppings are usually colorful cold ingredients and a tare sauce.

Hiyashi chūka
Hiyashi chūka topped with ham, eggstrips, tomato and menma
Alternative namesReimen
TypeChinese noodle
Place of originJapan
Main ingredientsChilled ramen noodles
Hiyashi chūka Tsukemen

Popular toppings are some meat (ham, boiled chicken or barbecued pork (char siu)), strips of tamagoyaki (egg omelette), summer vegetables like cucumber and tomatoes, menma (fermented bamboo shoots), and beni shōga (pickled ginger) as condiment. Toppings are cut thin, to mix well with the noodles and the sauce. The tare sauce is usually made with a base of either soy sauce and rice vinegar, or sesame seeds and mayonnaise (ゴマだれ (gomadare)).

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