Elections in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka elects on the national level a head of state – the president – and a legislature. Sri Lanka has a multi-party system, with two dominant political parties. All elections are administered by the Election Commission of Sri Lanka.


The president is directly elected for a five-year term, through a version of Instant-runoff voting in which electors rank up to three candidates, and limited to only two rounds in total. If no candidate wins a majority in the first round of voting, second and third preferences from ballots whose first preference candidate has been eliminated are used to determine the winner.[1] However, there has never been an instance where a "run-off" count has been needed since the introduction of directly elected president in the 1980s, as a candidate reached 50% in the first count in all elections.


The Parliament has 225 members, elected for a five-year term, 196 members elected in multi-seat constituencies through proportional representation system where each party is allocated a number of seats from the quota for each district according to the proportion of the total vote that party obtains in the district. The other 29 which is called the national list are appointed by each party secretary according to the island wide proportional vote the party obtains.

Local Government

The Local government bodies in Sri Lanka;

are elected through the mixed electoral system.

Latest elections

2019 presidential election

Gotabaya RajapaksaSri Lanka Podujana Peramuna6,924,25552.25
Sajith PremadasaNew Democratic Front5,564,23941.99
Anura Kumara DissanayakaNational Movement for People's Power418,5533.16
Mahesh SenanayakeNational People's Party49,6550.37
M. L. A. M. HizbullahIndependent38,8140.29
Ariyawansa DissanayakeDemocratic United National Front34,5370.26
Ajantha PereraSocialist Party of Sri Lanka27,5720.21
Rohan PallewatteNational Development Front25,1730.19
Siripala AmarasingheIndependent15,2850.12
Milroy FernandoIndependent13,6410.10
M. K. ShivajilingamIndependent12,2560.09
Battaramulle SeelarathanaJana Setha Peramuna11,8790.09
Ajantha de ZoysaRuhunu Janatha Peramuna11,7050.09
Anuruddha PolgampolaIndependent10,2190.08
Namal RajapaksaNational Unity Alliance9,4970.07
Jayantha KetagodaIndependent9,4670.07
Duminda NagamuwaFrontline Socialist Party8,2190.06
Aparekke PunnanandaIndependent7,6110.06
Subramanium GunaratnamOur National Front7,3330.06
A. S. P. LiyanageSri Lanka Labour Party6,4470.05
Piyasiri WijenayakeIndependent4,6360.03
Aruna de ZoysaDemocratic National Movement4,2180.03
Rajiva WijesinhaIndependent4,1460.03
Illiyas Idroos MohamedIndependent3,9870.03
Siritunga JayasuriyaUnited Socialist Party3,9440.03
Sarath KeerthirathnaIndependent3,5990.03
Sarath ManamendraNew Sinhala Heritage3,3800.03
Pani WijesiriwardeneSocialist Equality Party3,0140.02
Ashoka WadigamangawaIndependent2,9240.02
A. H. M. AlaviIndependent2,9030.02
Saman PereraOur Power of People Party2,3680.02
Priyantha EdirisingheOkkoma Wesiyo Okkoma Rajawaru Sanwidhanaya2,1390.02
Samaraweera WeerawanniIndependent2,0670.02
Bedde Gamage NandimithraNava Sama Samaja Party1,8410.01
Samansiri HerathIndependent9760.01
Valid votes13,252,49998.99
Invalid/blank votes135,4521.01
Total votes13,387,951100.00
Registered voters/turnout15,992,09683.72
Source: Election Commission

2020 Parliamentary election

Summary of the 2020 Sri Lankan parliamentary election[2][3][4]
Alliances and partiesVotes%Seats
National People's Power
Tamil National People's Front[lower-roman 9]
 Eelam People's Democratic Party61,4640.53%202
 United National Party (Ranil wing)249,4352.15%011
Our Power of People's Party
Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal67,6920.58%101
 Sri Lanka Freedom Party[lower-roman 5]66,5790.57%101
Muslim National Alliance55,9810.48%101
Tamil People's National Alliance
 All Ceylon Makkal Congress[lower-roman 6]43,3190.37%101
 National Congress[lower-roman 2]39,2720.34%101
 Sri Lanka Muslim Congress[lower-roman 7]34,4280.30%101
United Peace Alliance31,0540.27%000
All Lanka Tamil Mahasabha30,0310.26%000
National Development Front14,6860.13%000
 Frontline Socialist Party14,5220.13%000
Social Democratic Party of Tamils11,4640.10%000
 Tamil United Liberation Front9,8550.08%000
Socialist Party of Sri Lanka9,3680.08%000
People's Welfare Front7,3610.06%000
Sinhalese National Front5,0560.04%000
 New Democratic Front4,8830.04%000
United Left Front4,8790.04%000
Liberal Party of Sri Lanka4,3450.04%000
National People's Party3,8130.03%000
Democratic United National Front3,6110.03%000
National Democratic Front3,4880.03%000
Sri Lanka Labour Party3,1340.03%000
 Democratic Left Front2,9640.03%000
New Sinhala Heritage1,3970.01%000
 United Socialist Party1,1890.01%000
Motherland People's Party1,0870.01%000
 Eelavar Democratic Front1,0350.01%000
 Socialist Equality Party7800.01%000
 Lanka Sama Samaja Party[lower-roman 4]7370.01%000
All Are Citizens All Are Kings Organization6320.01%000
 Democratic Unity Alliance1450.00%000
Valid Votes11,598,929100.00%19629225
Rejected Votes744,3736.03%
Total Polled12,343,30275.89%
Registered Electors16,263,885
    1. The SLPFA contested under the name and symbol of SLPP.
    2. The NC contested separately in two districts (Ampara and Polonnaruwa) and with the SLPFA in other districts.
    3. The DLF contested separately in two districts (Jaffna and Vanni) and with the SLPFA in other districts.
    4. The LSSP contested separately in one district (Jaffna) and with the SLPFA in other districts.
    5. The SLFP contested separately in three districts (Jaffna, Kalutara and Nuwara Eliya) and with the SLPFA in other districts.
    6. The ACMC contested separately in one district (Ampara) and with the SJB in other districts.
    7. The SLMC contested separately in one district (Batticaloa) and with the SJB in other districts.
    8. The TNA contested under the name and symbol of ITAK.
    9. The TNPF contested under the name and symbol of ACTC.

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