Court of Appeal of Sri Lanka

Court of Appeal of Sri Lanka, commonly known as the Appeal Court, is the second most senior court in the Sri Lankan legal system, with only the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka above it. Established in 1971, under the Court of Appeal Act No. 44 of 1971 the Appeal Court has jurisdiction to hear appeals from the High Court or any lower court, while its own decisions may be additionally appealed to the Supreme Court. The Appeal Court his headed by the President of the Court of Appeal.[1]

Court of Appeal of Sri Lanka
Authorized byGovernment of Sri Lanka
Appeals toSupreme Court of Sri Lanka
Number of positions20
President of the Court of Appeal
CurrentlyHon. Justice K. Priyantha Fernando


The court consists of the President of the Court of Appeal and not fewer than six and not more than nineteen other Judges, appointed by the President, upon the President's recommendation for such appointment to the palimantry Council is approved by the Council.

Judges who hold office during good behaviour can serve until the retirement age for the judges fixed at 63 years, as per the Constitution.


Appeal Court judges wear dark purple gowns when attending court. On special ceremonial occasions (such as ceremonial sittings of the Appeal Court) they would wear dark purple gown, barrister's bands and mantle and a long wig.

Judges of the Court

  • Hon. Justice K. Priyantha Fernando - President of the Court of Appeal
  • Hon. Justice Nishshanka Bandula Karunarathna
  • Hon. Justice Dr. Ruwan Fernando
  • Hon. Justice Devika Abeyratne
  • Hon. Justice Sobhitha Rajakaruna
  • Hon. Justice Menaka Wijesundera
  • Hon. Justice D.N. Samarakoon
  • Hon. Justice M. Prasanna Silva
  • Hon. Justice M.J.M. Lafar
  • Hon. Justice C.P. Keerthisinha
  • Hon. Justice Sampath Abeykoon
  • Hon. Justice Sampath Wijeratne
  • Hon. Justice S.U.B. Karalliyadde
  • Hon. Justice R. Gurusinha
  • Hon. Justice Dhammika Ganepola
  • Hon. Justice K.K.A.V. Swarnadhipathi
  • Hon. Justice Mayadunne Corea
  • Hon. Justice P. Kumararatnam
  • Hon. Justice W.M.N.P. Iddawala
  • Hon. Justice T. Sashi Mahendran


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