2002 Boston Red Sox season

The 2002 Boston Red Sox season was the 102nd season in the franchise's Major League Baseball history. The Red Sox finished second in the American League East with a record of 93 wins and 69 losses, 10+12 games behind the New York Yankees. The Red Sox did not qualify for the postseason, as the AL wild card went to the Anaheim Angels, who had finished second in the American League West with a record of 99–63.

2002 Boston Red Sox
Major League affiliations
Record93–69 (.574)
Divisional place2nd (10+12 GB)
Other information
Owner(s)John W. Henry (New England Sports Ventures)
PresidentLarry Lucchino
General manager(s)Mike Port
Manager(s)Grady Little
Local televisionWFXT
(Sean McDonough, Jerry Remy)
(Don Orsillo, Jerry Remy)
Local radioWEEI
(Jerry Trupiano, Joe Castiglione)
(J.P. Villaman, Juan Oscar Baez, Uri Berenguer, & Luis Tiant)
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  • October 9, 2001: Craig Grebeck was released by the Boston Red Sox.[1]
  • December 21, 2001: Johnny Damon signed a four-year, $31 million contract to join the Boston Red Sox
  • February 13, 2002: Rickey Henderson signed with the Boston Red Sox.

Regular season

  • In May 2002, former Red Sox clubhouse staffer Donald James Fitzpatrick pleaded guilty to charges that he sexually abused several young boys at the team's spring training facility in Winter Haven, Florida.[2]
  • Martínez pitched the first immaculate inning in franchise history, striking out all three Seattle Mariners batters on a total of nine pitches in the first inning on May 18.[3][4]
  • Seven Red Sox players were voted on to the American League roster for the 2002 MLB All-Star Game played in Milwaukee at Miller Park. Pitcher Derek Lowe, left fielder Manny Ramirez and third baseman Shea Hillenbrand started the game, while pitchers Pedro Martínez and Ugueth Urbina joined shortstop Nomar Garciaparra and outfielder Johnny Damon as reserves.
  • Pedro Martínez became the first major league player to win 20 games in one season but pitch less than 200 innings.[5]
Rickey Henderson with Boston in 2002

Season standings

AL East W L Pct. GB Home Road
New York Yankees 10358 0.640 52–28 51–30
Boston Red Sox 9369 0.574 10½ 42–39 51–30
Toronto Blue Jays 7884 0.481 25½ 42–39 36–45
Baltimore Orioles 6795 0.414 36½ 34–47 33–48
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 55106 0.342 48 30–51 25–55

American League Wild Card

Division leaders W L Pct.
New York Yankees 10358 0.640
Minnesota Twins 9467 0.584
Oakland Athletics 10359 0.636

Wild Card team
(Top team qualifies for postseason)
W L Pct. GB
Anaheim Angels 9963 0.611
Boston Red Sox 9369 0.574 6
Seattle Mariners 9369 0.574 6
Chicago White Sox 8181 0.500 18
Toronto Blue Jays 7884 0.481 21
Cleveland Indians 7488 0.457 25
Texas Rangers 7290 0.444 27
Baltimore Orioles 6795 0.414 32
Kansas City Royals 62100 0.383 37
Detroit Tigers 55106 0.342 43½
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 55106 0.342 43½

Record vs. opponents

Anaheim 7–23–46–36–38–16–34–53–49–119–108–112–77–211–7
Baltimore 2–76–133–41–52–47–05–16–134–55–410–93–64–159–9
Boston 4–313–62–45–45–44–23–39–106–34–516–34–313–65–13
Chicago 3–64–34–29–1012–711–88–112–42–75–44–35–44–28–10
Cleveland 3–65–14–510–910–99–108–113–62–53–44–24–53–36–12
Detroit 1–84–24–57–129–109–104–141–81–62–52–45–40–66–12
Kansas City 3–60–72–48–1110–910–95–141–51–83–64–27–23–45–13
Minnesota 5–41–53–311–811–814–414–50–63–65–45–26–36–110–8
New York 4–313–610–94–26–38–15–16–05–44–513–54–310–911–7
Oakland 11–95–43–67–25–26–18–16–34–58–118–113–63–616–2
Seattle 10–94–55–44–54–35–26–34–55–411–85–413–76–311–7
Tampa Bay 1–89–103–163–42–44–22–42–55–131–84–54–58–117–11
Texas 7–126–33–44–55–44–52–73–63–46–137–135–48–19–9
Toronto 2–715–46–132–43–36–04–31–69–106–33–611–81–89–9
Red Sox vs. National League
Team NL West 
Boston 0–3 2–1 0–3 2–1 1–5


  • April 27, 2002: Wayne Gomes was signed as a free agent with the Boston Red Sox.[6]
  • June 26, 2002: Alan Embree was traded by the San Diego Padres with Andy Shibilo (minors) to the Boston Red Sox for Dan Giese and Brad Baker (minors).[7]
  • July 30, 2002: Cliff Floyd was traded by the Montreal Expos to the Boston Red Sox for Sun-Woo Kim and Seung Song (minors).[8]

Opening Day lineup

18Johnny DamonCF
30José OffermanDH
  5Nomar Garciaparra    SS
24Manny RamírezLF
22Tony Clark1B
  7Trot NixonRF
29Shea Hillenbrand3B
33Jason VaritekC
13Rey Sánchez2B
45Pedro MartínezP


2002 Boston Red Sox





Designated hitters



Player stats


Note: Pos = Position; G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in; SB = Stolen bases

Starters by position

Pos Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI SB
CJason Varitek132467124.26610614
1BTony Clark9027557.2073290
2BRey Sánchez107357102.2861382
3BShea Hillenbrand156634186.29318834
SSNomar Garciaparra156635197.310241205
LFManny Ramírez120436152.349331070
CFJohnny Damon154623178.286146331
RFTrot Nixon152532136.25624944
DHCarlos Baerga7318252.2862196

Other batters

Note: G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in; SB = Stolen bases

Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI SB
Brian Daubach137444118.26620782
José Offerman7223755.2324278
Lou Merloni8419448.2474181
Rickey Henderson7217940.2235168
Cliff Floyd4717154.3167184
Doug Mirabelli5715134.2257250
Benny Agbayani133711.297080
Bry Nelson25349.265021
Freddy Sanchez12163.188020
Shane Andrews7131.077000
Juan Díaz472.286120
Kevin Brown210.000000

Starting pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; GS = Games started; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; SV = Saves; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Derek Lowe3232219.22182.58127
Pedro Martinez3030199.12042.26239
John Burkett2929173.01384.53124

Other pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; GS = Games started; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; SV = Saves; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Tim Wakefield4515163.111532.81134
Frank Castillo3623163.161515.07112
Casey Fossum4112106.25413.46101
Rolando Arrojo29881.14314.9851
Darren Oliver14958.04504.6632
Josh Hancock317.10103.686

Relief pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; GS = Games started; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; SV = Saves; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Ugueth Urbina61060.016403.0071
Willie Banks29039.02113.2326
Alan Embree32033.11222.9743
Chris Haney24030.00014.2015
Sun-woo Kim15229.02007.4518
Dustin Hermanson12122.01107.9713
Wayne Gomes20021.11214.6415
Rich Garcés26021.10106.5916
Bob Howry20018.01305.0014

Game log

Red Sox Win Red Sox Loss Game Postponed
2002 Boston Red Sox Season Game Log: 93–69 (Home: 42–39; Away: 51–30)
April: 16–7
1April 1Blue Jays11–12Escobar (1–0)Urbina (0–1)Fenway Park33,5200–1L1
April 3Blue JaysPostponed (rain). Makeup date July 2.
2April 5@ Orioles3–0Lowe (1–0)Towers (0–1)Urbina (1)Camden Yards31,2611–1W1
3April 6@ Orioles4–2Fossum (1–0)Erickson (1–1)Urbina (2)Camden Yards34,9782–1W2
4April 7@ Orioles4–1Martínez (1–0)Maduro (0–1)Urbina (3)Camden Yards33,7903–1W3
5April 9Royals8–4Wakefield (1–0)Reichert (0–2)Fenway Park31,1154–1W4
6April 10Royals2–6Byrd (2–0)Lowe (1–1)Bailey (1)Fenway Park33,3764–2L1
7April 11Royals5–8Grimsley (1–0)Urbina (0–2)Fenway Park32,9534–3L2
8April 12Yankees3–2Oliver (1–0)Hernández (1–1)Urbina (4)Fenway Park32,8125–3W1
9April 13Yankees7–6Arrojo (1–0)Rivera (0–1)Urbina (5)Fenway Park33,7566–3W2
10April 14Yankees2–6Mussina (3–0)Wakefield (1–1)Rivera (5)Fenway Park33,7426–4L1
11April 15Yankees4–3Lowe (2–1)Pettitte (1–1)Urbina (6)Fenway Park33,8647–4W1
12April 16@ Blue Jays14–3Castillo (1–0)Lyon (0–2)Arrojo (1)SkyDome16,0698–4W2
13April 17@ Blue Jays10–4Oliver (2–0)Eyre (1–2)SkyDome16,5729–4W3
14April 19@ Royals4–0Martínez (2–0)George (0–1)Kauffman Stadium24,45610–4W4
April 20@ RoyalsPostponed (rain). Makeup date April 21.
15April 21 (1)@ Royals12–2Burkett (1–0)Reichert (0–3)Wakefield (1)Kauffman Stadium11–4W5
16April 21 (2)@ Royals8–7Lowe (3–1)Rekar (0–1)Urbina (7)Kauffman Stadium17,28912–4W6
17April 23@ Orioles5–7Erickson (2–2)Castillo (1–1)Julio (2)Camden Yards26,30112–5L1
18April 24@ Orioles3–5López (2–0)Oliver (2–1)Julio (3)Camden Yards29,00412–6L2
19April 25@ Orioles7–0Martínez (3–0)Maduro (1–2)Camden Yards31,35313–6W1
20April 26Devil Rays4–2Burkett (2–0)Wilson (1–2)Urbina (8)Fenway Park32,29214–6W2
21April 27Devil Rays10–0Lowe (4–1)James (0–2)Fenway Park32,38715–6W3
April 28Devil RaysPostponed (rain). Makeup date July 23.
22April 29Orioles3–5López (3–0)Castillo (1–2)Julio (4)Fenway Park31,17715–7L1
23April 30Orioles4–0Oliver (3–1)Maduro (1–3)Fenway Park31,57116–7W1
May: 20–8
24May 1Orioles15–3Martínez (4–0)Douglass (0–1)Fenway Park33,27417–7W2
25May 3@ Devil Rays3–2Fossum (2–0)Colomé (1–3)Urbina (9)Tropicana Field12,58318–7W3
26May 4@ Devil Rays7–5Kim (1–0)Zambrano (1–2)Urbina (10)Tropicana Field17,97219–7W4
27May 5@ Devil Rays2–0Castillo (2–2)Rupe (3–3)Urbina (11)Tropicana Field15,92020–7W5
28May 6@ Devil Rays5–3Oliver (4–1)Sturtze (0–4)Wakefield (2)Tropicana Field11,56421–7W6
29May 7@ Athletics9–7Arrojo (2–0)Mecir (1–1)Urbina (12)Network Associates Coliseum19,71522–7W7
30May 8@ Athletics12–6Burkett (3–0)Hiljus (3–2)Network Associates Coliseum40,15523–7W8
31May 9@ Athletics5–1Lowe (5–1)Hudson (3–4)Network Associates Coliseum18,47724–7W9
32May 10@ Mariners2–7Piñeiro (3–0)Castillo (2–3)Soriano (1)Safeco Field45,83324–8L1
33May 11@ Mariners1–3Halama (2–0)Oliver (4–2)Sasaki (8)Safeco Field45,88724–9L2
34May 12@ Mariners10–4Martínez (5–0)Baldwin (3–3)Safeco Field45,86225–9W1
35May 14Athletics6–2Burkett (4–0)Hudson (3–5)Fenway Park31,40426–9W2
36May 15Athletics8–2Lowe (6–1)Hiljus (3–3)Fenway Park32,34627–9W3
37May 16Athletics0–5Zito (4–2)Castillo (2–4)Fenway Park33,05727–10L1
38May 17Mariners3–6Franklin (4–1)Arrojo (2–1)Sasaki (10)Fenway Park33,20527–11L2
39May 18Mariners4–1Martínez (6–0)Baldwin (3–4)Urbina (13)Fenway Park32,38528–11W1
40May 19Mariners3–2Burkett (5–0)García (4–4)Urbina (14)Fenway Park32,78329–11W2
41May 20White Sox9–0Lowe (7–1)Ritchie (3–5)Fenway Park32,46130–11W3
42May 21White Sox3–8Wright (5–4)Oliver (4–3)Fenway Park31,77230–12L1
43May 22White Sox0–2Garland (5–3)Castillo (2–5)Foulke (7)Fenway Park33,15730–13L2
44May 23Yankees3–1Martínez (7–0)Lilly (1–4)Urbina (15)Fenway Park33,88431–13W1
45May 24Yankees9–8 (11)Arrojo (3–1)Karsay (1–2)Fenway Park34,17532–13W2
46May 25Yankees2–3Mendoza (2–2)Lowe (7–2)Rivera (15)Fenway Park33,74332–14L1
47May 26Yankees5–14Mussina (7–2)Oliver (4–4)Fenway Park34,09632–15L2
48May 27@ Blue Jays8–6Castillo (3–5)Halladay (5–2)Urbina (16)SkyDome14,10833–15W1
49May 28@ Blue Jays6–4Wakefield (2–1)Escobar (1–2)Urbina (17)SkyDome13,07534–15W2
50May 29@ Blue Jays7–4Burkett (6–0)Cassidy (0–1)Fossum (1)SkyDome17,87535–15W3
51May 31@ Yankees5–2Lowe (8–2)Wells (6–2)Yankee Stadium52,94136–15W4
June: 10–16
52June 1@ Yankees2–10Mussina (8–2)Oliver (4–5)Yankee Stadium55,69936–16L1
53June 2@ Yankees7–1Castillo (4–5)Lilly (2–5)Yankee Stadium55,60237–16W1
54June 3@ Tigers6–7 (10)Acevedo (1–1)Wakefield (2–2) Comerica Park12,91837–17L1
55June 4@ Tigers10–5Burkett (7–0)Lima (1–4)Comerica Park14,25438–17W1
56June 5@ Tigers11–0Lowe (9–2)Bernero (1–2)Haney (1)Comerica Park15,53739–17W2
57June 6@ Tigers4–3Arrojo (4–1)Redman (2–6)Urbina (18)Comerica Park21,99240–17W3
58June 7Diamondbacks5–7Batista (3–3)Castillo (4–6)Kim (15)Fenway Park32,85340–18L1
59June 8Diamondbacks2–3Schilling (12–1)Martínez (7–1)Kim (16)Fenway Park33,27540–19L2
60June 9Diamondbacks3–7Helling (6–5)Burkett (7–1)Fenway Park32,20940–20L3
61June 10Rockies7–3Lowe (10–2)Neagle (4–3)Wakefield (3)Fenway Park33,50841–20W1
62June 11Rockies1–3Jennings (8–2)Fossum (2–1)Jiménez (17)Fenway Park32,34041–21L1
63June 12Rockies7–5Castillo (5–6)Hampton (3–8)Urbina (19)Fenway Park31,58342–21W1
64June 14@ Braves1–2Hammond (5–2)Martínez (7–2)Smoltz (20)Turner Field48,92242–22L1
65June 15@ Braves2–4Maddux (7–2)Burkett (7–2)Smoltz (21)Turner Field50,76442–23L2
66June 16@ Braves6–1Lowe (11–2)Glavine (11–3)Turner Field45,66643–23W1
67June 18@ Padres4–2Banks (1–0)Lawrence (7–4)Urbina (20)Qualcomm Stadium30,21244–23W2
68June 19@ Padres2–3Tomko (4–5)Castillo (5–7)Hoffman (19)Qualcomm Stadium32,97444–24L1
69June 20@ Padres5–0Martínez (8–2)Pickford (0–2)Qualcomm Stadium35,34645–24W1
70June 21@ Dodgers2–3Nomo (7–5)Burkett (7–3)Gagné (26)Dodger Stadium46,71945–25L1
71June 22@ Dodgers4–5Daal (5–3)Lowe (11–3)Gagné (27)Dodger Stadium43,83345–26L2
72June 23@ Dodgers6–9Ashby (7–6)Arrojo (4–2)Dodger Stadium45,96045–27L3
73June 25Indians2–4Báez (6–5)Castillo (5–8)Wickman (18)Fenway Park34,06445–28L4
74June 26Indians7–4Martínez (9–2)Drese (7–6)Urbina (21)Fenway Park32,25546–28W1
June 27IndiansPostponed (rain). Makeup date September 26.
75June 28Braves2–4Remlinger (4–0)Wakefield (2–3)Smoltz (26)Fenway Park33,13746–29L1
76June 29Braves1–2Millwood (5–5)Lowe (11–4)Smoltz (27)Fenway Park32,65146–30L2
77June 30Braves3–7 (10)Remlinger (5–0)Urbina (0–3)Fenway Park32,34846–31L3
July: 17–12
78July 1Blue Jays4–0Martínez (10–2)Parris (0–2)Fenway Park33,00547–31W1
79July 2 (1)Blue Jays2–1Banks (2–0)Eyre (2–4)Embree (1)Fenway Park32,99348–31W2
80July 2 (2)Blue Jays6–4Kim (2–0)Smith (0–2)Embree (2)Fenway Park32,90249–31W3
81July 3Blue Jays5–2Gomes (1–0)Politte (3–2)Urbina (22)Fenway Park31,77750–31W4
82July 4Blue Jays9–5Lowe (12–4)Heredia (0–2)Fenway Park32,08651–31W5
83July 5Tigers5–9Redman (4–8)Castillo (5–9)Fenway Park33,57151–32L1
84July 6Tigers8–0Martínez (11–2)Maroth (1–3)Fenway Park32,48552–32W1
85July 7Tigers8–9Farnsworth (2–1)Garcés (0–1)Acedevo (14)Fenway Park33,29752–33L1
86July 11@ Blue Jays10–3Burkett (8–3)Walker (3–1)SkyDome19,49453–33W1
87July 12@ Blue Jays0–5Halladay (10–4)Lowe (12–5)SkyDome20,18553–34L1
88July 13@ Blue Jays1–4Carpenter (2–1)Castillo (5–10)SkyDome28,11253–35L2
89July 14@ Blue Jays5–6Escobar (5–4)Urbina (0–4)SkyDome24,14053–36L3
90July 15@ Tigers3–4 (11)Henríquez (1–0)Gomes (1–1) Comerica Park21,68753–37L4
91July 16@ Tigers9–4Burkett (9–3)Farnsworth (2–2)Comerica Park21,65454–37W1
92July 17@ Devil Rays6–1Lowe (13–5)Wilson (2–7)Tropicana Field15,67255–37W2
93July 18@ Devil Rays4–3Wakefield (3–3)Yan (5–5)Urbina (23)Tropicana Field22,01256–37W3
94July 19@ Yankees4–2Martínez (12–2)Mussina (12–4)Urbina (24)Yankee Stadium55,51057–37W4
95July 20@ Yankees8–9 (11)Karsay (5–4)Gomes (1–2)Yankee Stadium55,52657–38L1
96July 21@ Yankees8–9Stanton (4–1)Urbina (0–5)Yankee Stadium55,58157–39L2
97July 23 (1)Devil Rays22–4Wakefield (4–3)Sturtze (1–10)Banks (1)Fenway Park33,19058–39W1
98July 23 (2)Devil Rays4–5Zambrano (4–4)Urbina (0–6)Yan (13)Fenway Park32,72958–40L1
99July 24Devil Rays5–9Colomé (2–5)Castillo (5–11)Zambrano (1)Fenway Park32,96958–41L2
100July 25Devil Rays6–0Martínez (13–2)de los Santos (0–2)Fenway Park33,43959–41W1
101July 26Orioles2–9López (11–3)Arrojo (4–3)Fenway Park33,84059–42L1
102July 27Orioles4–0Burkett (10–3)Ponson (4–5)Fenway Park33,47460–42W1
103July 28Orioles12–3Lowe (14–5)Erickson (4–10)Fenway Park33,37161–42W2
104July 29@ Angels4–5Schoenweis (8–7)Embree (3–5)Percival (24)Edison Field27,92961–43L1
105July 30@ Angels6–0Martínez (14–2)Ortiz (9–8)Edison Field32,81262–43W1
106July 31@ Angels2–1Wakefield (5–3)Lackey (2–2)Urbina (25)Edison Field28,22763–43W2
August: 12–15
107August 1@ Rangers7–19Park (4–5)Burkett (10–4)The Ballpark at Arlington24,83463–44L1
108August 2@ Rangers13–0Lowe (15–5)Valdéz (5–8)The Ballpark at Arlington32,36664–44W1
109August 3@ Rangers6–8Kolb (2–0)Howry (2–3)The Ballpark at Arlington44,29164–45L1
110August 4@ Rangers11–3Martínez (15–2)Myette (0–4)The Ballpark at Arlington29,35965–45W1
111August 6Athletics1–9Mulder (13–6)Wakefield (5–4)Fenway Park34,05965–46L1
112August 7Athletics2–3Harang (4–2)Burkett (10–5)Koch (28)Fenway Park33,32565–47L2
113August 8Athletics4–2Lowe (16–5)Zito (15–5)Urbina (26)Fenway Park33,85566–47W1
114August 9Twins4–5Romero (8–1)Castillo (5–12)Guardado (34)Fenway Park33,97366–48L1
115August 10Twins2–0Martínez (16–2)Mays (1–4)Urbina (27)Fenway Park32,01867–48W1
116August 11Twins3–1Wakefield (6–4)Santana (6–4)Urbina (28)Fenway Park33,47068–48W2
117August 13@ Mariners3–10Piñeiro (12–4)Burkett (10–6)Safeco Field45,70368–49L1
118August 14@ Mariners12–5Lowe (17–5)Moyer (12–5)Safeco Field45,23369–49W1
119August 15@ Mariners3–4García (13–8)Fossum (2–2)Sasaki (30)Safeco Field45,64569–50L1
120August 16@ Twins0–5Mays (2–4)Martínez (16–3)Metrodome35,82469–51L2
121August 17@ Twins5–2Wakefield (7–4)Santana (6–5)Metrodome43,34570–51W1
122August 18@ Twins2–6Reed (11–6)Burkett (10–7)Metrodome37,19670–52L1
123August 20Rangers2–3 (10)Rodriguez (2–1)Banks (2–1)Cordero (5)Fenway Park33,74270–53L2
124August 21Rangers5–3Howry (3–3)Kolb (3–2)Urbina (29)Fenway Park32,74671–53W1
125August 22Rangers12–3Hermanson (1–0)Reyes (1–2)Castillo (1)Fenway Park33,10472–53W2
126August 23Angels4–1Martínez (17–3)Washburn (15–5)Urbina (30)Fenway Park33,22173–53W3
127August 24Angels0–2Appier (12–9)Wakfield (7–5)Percival (31)Fenway Park32,51073–54L1
128August 25Angels3–8Schoeneweis (9–7)Lowe (17–6)Fenway Park32,05973–55L2
129August 26Angels10–9 (10)Urbina (1–6)Shields (3–3)Fenway Park32,86974–55W1
130August 27Yankees0–6Wells (15–6)Fossum (2–3)Fenway Park33,81074–56L1
131August 28Yankees0–7Mussina (16–7)Martínez (17–4)Fenway Park33,79374–57L2
132August 30@ Indians15–5Lowe (18–6)Wright (0–3)Jacobs Field31,98675–57W1
133August 31@ Indians7–8Báez (10–10)Howry (3–4)Jacobs Field37,90875–58L1
September: 18–11
134September 1@ Indians7–1Wakefield (8–5)Nagy (1–4)Jacobs Field34,79976–58W1
135September 2@ Yankees8–4Fossum (3–3)Mussina (16–8)Yankee Stadium55,16977–58W2
136September 3@ Yankees2–4Clemens (12–5)Castillo (5–13)Stanton (3)Yankee Stadium47,31877–59L1
137September 4@ Yankees1–3Pettitte (9–5)Lowe (18–7)Karsay (9)Yankee Stadium50,00677–60L2
138September 5Blue Jays4–5Miller (7–4)Hermanson (1–1)Escobar (29)Fenway Park30,02177–61L3
139September 6Blue Jays7–2Wakefield (9–5)Halladay (15–7)Fenway Park31,84778–61W1
140September 7Blue Jays4–1Fossum (4–3)Bowles (0–1)Urbina (31)Fenway Park31,59179–61W2
141September 8Blue Jays4–9Loaiza (8–8)Castillo (5–14)Fenway Park31,34479–62L1
142September 9Devil Rays6–3Lowe (19–7)Sturtze (3–16)Urbina (32)Tropicana Field10,57780–62W1
143September 10Devil Rays12–1Burkett (11–7)Kennedy (7–11)Tropicana Field10,89181–62W2
144September 11Devil Rays6–3Martínez (18–4)Wilson (6–10)Urbina (33)Fenway Park12,41582–62W3
145September 12Devil Rays6–3Wakefield (10–5)Yan (6–8)Urbina (34)Fenway Park10,14983–62W4
146September 13Orioles3–8López (15–7)Fossum (4–4)Fenway Park32,16683–63L1
147September 14Orioles6–4Lowe (20–7)Hentgen (0–2)Urbina (35)Fenway Park33,12384–63W1
148September 15Orioles3–8Johnson (5–13)Burkett (11–8)Fenway Park31,00784–64L1
149September 16 (1)Indians6–1Martínez (19–4)Rodríguez (2–2)Fenway Park30,02385–64W1
150September 16 (2)Indians1–7Tallet (1–0)Castillo (5–15)Fenway Park31,20385–65L1
151September 17Indians4–2Wakefield (11–5)Sabathia (11–11)Urbina (36)Fenway Park31,76086–65W1
152September 18Indians4–6Riske (2–2)Embree (3–6)Báez (4)Fenway Park31,82986–66L1
153September 20@ Orioles4–2Lowe (21–7)Hentgen (0–3)Urbina (37)Camden Yards32,64887–66W1
154September 21@ Orioles3–0Burkett (12–8)Johnson (5–14)Urbina (38)Camden Yards43,61388–66W2
155September 22@ Orioles13–2Martínez (20–4)Ponson (7–8)Camden Yards30,57389–66W3
156September 23@ Orioles5–4Embree (4–6)Roberts (5–4)Gomes (1)Camden Yards24,66490–66W4
157September 24@ White Sox4–2Fossum (5–4)Garland (12–12)Urbina (39)Comiskey Park14,16891–66W5
158September 25@ White Sox2–7Biddle (3–4)Lowe (21–8)Comiskey Park13,10291–67L1
159September 26@ White Sox2–3Wright (14–12)Hancock (0–1)Foulke (11)Comiskey Park12,30491–68L2
160September 27Devil Rays6–1Burkett (13–8)Wilson (6–12)Fenway Park32,42392–68W1
161September 28Devil Rays6–9Zambrano (8–8)Howry (3–5)Carter (2)Fenway Park32,62392–69L1
162September 29Devil Rays11–8Castillo (6–15)Álvarez (2–3)Urbina (40)Fenway Park32,19493–69W1

Awards and honors

All-Star Game

Farm system

Level Team League Manager
AAA Pawtucket Red Sox International League Buddy Bailey
AA Trenton Thunder Eastern League Ron Johnson
A-Advanced Sarasota Red Sox Florida State League Billy Gardner Jr.
A Augusta GreenJackets South Atlantic League Arnie Beyeler
A-Short Season Lowell Spinners New York–Penn League Mike Boulanger
Rookie GCL Red Sox Gulf Coast League John Sanders
Rookie DSL Red Sox Dominican Summer League Nelson Norman
Rookie VSL Red Sox (cooperative) Venezuelan Summer League Josman Robles

VSL cooperative was with the Milwaukee Brewers.


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