Dave (TV channel)

Dave is a British free-to-air television channel owned by UKTV, a subsidiary of BBC Studios. It broadcasts mainly comedy, with some factual programming. The channel took the name Dave on 15 October 2007, but it had been on air under various identities and formats since October 1998.

Logo used since 2022
Broadcast areaUnited Kingdom
Isle of Man
Channel Islands
Picture format1080i HDTV
(SDTV feed downscaled to 16:9 576i)
Timeshift serviceDave ja vu (formerly Dave +1)
OwnerBBC Studios
Sister channelsAlibi
Launched2 October 1998 (1998-10-02)
ReplacedUKTV Bright Ideas (Freeview)
Former namesUK Gold Classics (1998–1999)
UK Gold 2 (1999–2003)
UK G² (2003–2004)
UKTV G2 (2004-2007)
FreeviewChannel 19
Channel 57 (ja vu)
Streaming media
Sky GoWatch live (UK and Ireland only)


UK Gold Classics and UK Gold 2 (1998–2003)

UK Gold Classics, UKTV's first digital-only channel, was launched on 2 October 1998 and was only broadcast from Friday to Sunday on Sky Digital from 6.00 pm to 2.00 am. Around this time, UK Gold began to move towards newer programmes instead of older ones; the 'classics' line-up included a number of early shows, including some black-and-white programmes, which had been acquired in the early years of the UK Gold service. They also showed some recent shows from the main channel, but the main purpose of the channel was older shows from the early years of UK Gold. On weekdays, the channel was off air, showing a still caption of all the UKTV channels and start-up times.

The 'Classics' format lasted just six months; the channel ended on 28 March 1999, and from 2 April 1999, the channel was renamed to UK Gold 2, and screened morning programmes from UK Gold time-shifted to the evening of the same day instead of classic shows.

UK G² and UKTV G2 (2003–2007)

The channel was relaunched with a completely new programme line-up and renamed UK G² on 12 November 2003. It was promoted as being an edgier alternative to UK Gold; like that channel, the output was mainly comedy series from the BBC with some shows produced in-house. A fair amount was similar to the comedy output of UK Play/Play UK before that channel's closure; however, unlike Play, the channel did not include music videos.

Along with the rest of the UKTV network, the "UK" prefix was changed to "UKTV" on 8 March 2004 and therefore, the channel name changed to UKTV G2.

Initially, the channel broadcast in the evenings only, but during the 'G2' era, the decision was made to expand hours into the daytime; to expand the programming line-up, comedy was joined by popular-factual and magazine shows which were already running on UKTV People (then Blighty, now Drama) such as Top Gear and Airport.

G2 programming

On 7 October 2005, it was announced that they would show sports programming. This new line-up was called UKTV Sport and included a new show by the same name. UKTV Sport also had its own logo and DOG. There was talk that this could lead to a channel but it never happened.[1]

In February 2006, they obtained the rights to show highlights of the RBS Six Nations rugby union championship, with a highlights show broadcast on the evening of the games previously shown live on the BBC. On 16 March 2006, they announced a deal to air extensive coverage of the 2006 FIFA World Cup as a sub-licensing of the BBC's rights to the tournament.[2] UKTV G2 simulcast the BBC's live matches, including the opening match between Germany and Costa Rica, England's game with Paraguay and the final. The channel also showed highlights of every match in the tournament.

In April 2006, the channel acquired the rights to the quarter-finals of Euroleague Basketball[3] and in August, UKTV G2 also picked up rights to the 2006 FIBA World Championship,[4] forming the programme 'UKTV Slam'.

Dave and Freeview launch (2007–present)

Logo used from 2007 to 2022

In September 2007, UKTV announced that they would relaunch and rename UKTV G2 as Dave on 15 October.[5] UKTV said the name of the channel was chosen because "everyone knows a bloke called Dave".[6] The concept and branding was the work of Red Bee Media.[7] The rebrand included the channel being available free-to-air on digital terrestrial platform, Freeview, replacing UKTV Bright Ideas which only averaged 0.1% of the audience share.[8] The move to Freeview saw Dave launch in the bandwidth previously used by UKTV History which was moved to the time limited (7.00 am to 6.00 pm) bandwidth once occupied by UKTV Bright Ideas. Dave is available daily, from 7.00 am to 4.00 am, on all platforms. It uses the tagline "the home of witty banter" and uses Ralph Ineson as an announcer, along with David Flynn, Phill Jupitus, Iain Lee and BBC Radio 1 DJ Greg James.

To ensure that all Freeview viewers received Dave on channel number 19, UKTV briefly placed a re-tuning notice on the programme's information. In September 2012, it changed to channel number 12.

From 31 January 2008, the channel began broadcasting in widescreen, along with the other UKTV channels.[9]

In April 2009, they aired three new instalments of Red Dwarf, entitled Back to Earth. This marked the channel's first foray into scripted original programming. During the airing of the Red Dwarf mini-series, the Dave DOG in the top left corner of the screen had the word 'Lister' added after it in the same font, after the show's lead character; during the special it is even suggested that the station is named after him. Back to Earth brought record breaking viewing figures, not just in the context of the channel's past, but for digital television in general.[10] Subsequently, three full series of Red Dwarf have been produced for Dave which aired in 2012, 2016 and 2017, along with a feature-length special in 2020.

In June 2009, the logo was updated to incorporate the 'circle' logo branding of all the new UKTV channels (for example Home, G.O.L.D., Really). At the same time, the voice of Dave became Nigel Grover, aka Scott Saunders, who had previously worked at a number of local radio stations. On 29 April 2014, the 'circle' logo was removed and the original 2007 logo was restored.

In June 2019, Dave moved to channel 19 on Freeview, a space previously occupied by Yesterday, due to its owner BBC Studios (which currently assumes full control of UKTV), breaking up its joint venture with Discovery, Inc., with Discovery acquiring Good Food, Home and Really from the network.

On 9 November 2022, the logo was once again modified to include a tilted rectangle/box behind it. With the logo alteration came a rebrand for the channel, including new presentation and new idents. A new slogan asks viewers to "Add a bit of Dave" to their lives.[11]

Subsidiary channels

Dave ja vu

The current logo of the timeshift channel

Alongside the main channel, a timeshift channel is also operated: Dave Ja Vu. Corresponding to the name on the main channel, it shows all programming from the channel one hour later. The channel originally launched on 1 November 2004 as UKTV G2 +1 on Sky[12] and Telewest.[13]

As UKTV G2 at the time was a primetime service, the timeshift also operated in the evenings only, using the satellite and cable capacity which, during daytime, was used by the now-defunct UKTV Bright Ideas. The sharing arrangement meant that when UKTV G2's hours extended into daytime, the timeshift remained evenings-only.

At the time of the Dave relaunch, UKTV Bright Ideas closed, freeing up the space to allow UKTV G2 +1 to expand its hours to follow those of the parent channel fully; due to the main channel's relaunch as Dave, UKTV G2 +1 became Dave +1. From 22 January 2009, following UKTV's acquisition of a further Freeview broadcast slot, Dave +1 was made available on the digital terrestrial platform.

On 24 February 2009, Dave +1 was renamed Dave ja vu (a play on the phrase déjà vu) on all platforms; this was carried out to "strengthen the brand's positioning as the home of witty banter"[14] according to UKTV bosses.

On 14 June 2011, UKTV announced that Really would launch on Freeview on 2 August 2011,[15] to facilitate this Dave ja vu's broadcast hours on the platform were reduced from 8.00 am-4.00 am to 2.00 am-4.00 am. On 22 November 2012, UKTV confirmed that it had secured a deal for another 24-hour DTT slot and would use it for Dave ja vu until it firmed up permanent plans for the slot.[16] Dave ja vu began to broadcast its full schedule on the platform again from 3 January 2013. Drama permanently took the slot from 8 July 2013,[17] however Dave ja vu continued to broadcast between 2.00 am-5.00 am.[18]

On 20 November 2014, Dave ja vu returned to 24-hour broadcasting.[19]

After UKTV bought CCXTV, they swapped the channel numbers around on Freeview, so Dave ja vu ended up on channel 23, whilst CCXTV ended up on Freeview 73.[20] After the relaunch of BBC Three (and with BBC Four in Scotland taking the next slot) Dave ja vu moved down to channel 25, until March 2022, when UKTV revealed that it would be going back to the 70s section on the Freeview EPG as the channel number was used by UKTV for their female skewing W channel.[21][22][23][24][25] From 28 March 2022, Dave Ja Vu took Drama+1's slot on Freeview 74, with that one-hour timeshift of Drama moving up to channel 60.[26]

Dave HD

On 29 July 2011, UKTV announced that it had secured a deal with BSkyB to launch three more high-definition channels on Sky.[27] As part of Virgin Media's deal to sell its share of UKTV, all five of UKTV's HD channels would also be added to Virgin's cable television service by 2012.[28] Dave HD launched on 10 October 2011 on Sky and Virgin Media,[29] two days before Watch HD, while Alibi HD launched in July 2012. All three channels are HD simulcasts of the standard-definition channel. Dave HD along with Good Food HD and Eden HD launched on BT TV on 3 October 2016.


Within just one month of its launch, Dave had become the tenth largest television channel in the UK. The broadcaster puts daily averages at around 3 million viewers, although, much of the growth may be attributed to its presence on Freeview; nonetheless, it is performing significantly better in pay TV homes than UKTV G2 ever did. Over the month since its launch, Dave averaged a 1.32% share in multichannel homes and a 3.2% share in the 16–34 male demographic.[30]

Dave's positive reception is proven by an attraction of 4 million viewers throughout 18 November 2007 for its coverage of "Car of the Year", pushing it to second place in multichannel behind ITV2.[30]

The first episode of Red Dwarf: Back to Earth attracted 2,060,000 viewers on the first viewing,[31] though over 4 million viewed the episode at some point over its debut weekend.[10] The highest rating original commission before this had been Red Bull X-Fighters (about 185,000).


Current 'Made for Dave' UKTV Originals

Name of showOriginal run
Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled2014–present
Big Zuu's Big Eats2020–present
British As Folk2021–present
Comedians Giving Lectures2019–present
Cop Car Workshop2018–present
Dead Canny2022
Holier Than Thou2022
The Hurting2017–present
The Island2022–present
Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier2018–2019
The Joy of Techs2017–present
Judge Romesh2018–2019
Late Night MashBBC Two 2017–2020 (as The Mash Report)
Dave 2021–present
Live At The Moth Club2022
Meet the Richardsons2020–present
Mel Giedroyc: Unforgivable2021–present
Question Team 2021–present
Red Bull Soapbox Race2013–present
Red DwarfBBC Two 1988–1999
Dave 2009–present
Red Dwarf: The First Three Million Years2020
Used Car Wars2017–present
We Are Not Alone2022

Previous 'Made for Dave' UKTV Originals

Name of showOriginal run
24 Hours to Go Broke2014
Beat the Internet with John Robins2018
Comedy Against Living Miserably2020
Dave's Advent Calendar2018
Dave Gorman: Terms and Conditions Apply2019
Expedition with Steve Backshall2019–2022
Hoff the Record2015–2016
Ronnie's Redneck Road Trip2017[32]
Ross Noble: Freewheeling2013–2015
Storage Hunters UK2014–2016
TaskmasterDave 2015–2019
Channel 4 2020–present
Unspun with Matt Forde2016–2018

Current reruns and imports

Name of showOriginal channel(s)Original run
8 Out of 10 CatsChannel 4
American PickersHistory (United States)2010–present
Beverly Hills PawnReelz (United States)2013
Cops UK: Bodycam SquadReally2016–2017
David Beckham: For the Love of the GameBBC One2015
Deadly 60BBC One
Deadly 60 on a Mission2011–2013
Extreme Fishing with Robson GreenChannel 52008–2011
FamalamBBC Three
Flip MenSpike (United States)2011–2012
Have I Got News for YouBBC One
Ice Road TruckersHistory (United States)2007–2017
Impossible EngineeringYesterday2015–present
The IndestructiblesBBC Three2006
Insert Name HereBBC Two2016–2019
Into The FireReally2018–present
Jay Leno's GarageCNBC (United States)2015–present
JoshBBC Three
The Last Man on EarthFox (United States)2015–2018
Live at the ApolloBBC One
Lizard Lick TowingtruTV (United States)2011–2017
MegaTruckersA&E (Australia)2012–2013
Mock the WeekBBC Two2005–2022
Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone FishingBBC Two2018–present
Not Going OutBBC One2006–2023
Only ConnectBBC Four
Parks and Recreation (Season 4–7)NBC (United States)2009–2015
Richard Osman's House of GamesBBC Two2017–present
Rick Stein's CornwallBBC Two2021–2022
Rocket City RednecksNational Geographic Channel (United States)2011–2013
Room 101BBC Two
1994–2007, 2012–2018
Russell Howard's Good NewsBBC Three
ScrappersBBC One2014
Stephen Fry's 100 Greatest GadgetsChannel 42011
Steve Austin's Broken Skull ChallengeCMT (United States)2014–2017
Storage HuntersTruTV (United States)2011–2013
This CountryBBC Three2017–2020
Top GearBBC One (2020–present)
BBC Two (2002-2020)
Traffic CopsBBC One
BBC Three
Channel 5
2003–2015, 2016–present
Travel ManChannel 42015–present
TrawlermenBBC One2006–2010
Whose Line Is It Anyway?ABC
ABC Family
The CW
World's Most Dangerous RoadsBBC Two2011–2013
Would I Lie To You?BBC One2007–present
You Gotta Eat Here!Food Network (Canada)2012–2016


From 2008 to 2010, Dave showed highlights of the World Rally Championship.

On 6 January 2016, UKTV announced that Dave would show its first-ever live sporting event with a boxing match between David Haye and Mark de Mori at the O2 Arena on 16 January 2016 produced by Salter Brothers Entertainment.[33]

In late May 2016, Dave broadcast full live coverage of the 2016 BDO World Trophy darts tournament.

In July 2016, Dave covered cricket's Caribbean Premier League. It broadcast five matches live, including the final and showed the other games in full on a delayed basis.

In 2017, Dave started broadcasting live MMA with promotion BAMMA.


In early 2016, Dave aired western films during the daytime. Dave mostly show films on Friday and Saturday nights, with Friday being a repeat of the film that was shown on a Saturday. In 2019, Dave showed a season of Quentin Tarantino movies. As of 2021, most of the films that are shown on Dave are sourced from the Columbia Pictures archive.


Name of showOriginal channel(s)Original run
2point4 ChildrenBBC One1991–1999
10 Things You Don't Know AboutH2 (United States)2012–2014
30 Years of Comic StripGold2012
Abandoned EngineeringYesterday2016–2017
Absolutely FabulousBBC Two
Absolute PowerBBC Two2003–2005
The Accidental Angler2006
Ace of CakesFood Network (Canada)2006–2011
AirportBBC Two
Al Murray's Barrel of Fun: LiveDave2011
Al Murray's Compete for the Meat
Al Murray: A Glass Of White Wine For The Lady2010
Al Murray: Giving It Both Barrels
Al Murray: My Gaff, My Rules
Al Murray The Pub Landlord: Beautiful British Tour Live At The O2
Al Murray The Pub Landlord: Live At The Palladium
Alan Davies: Life is Pain2014
Alan Davies' Teenage RevolutionChannel 42010
Alexander Armstrong's Big AskDave2011–2013
Amazing Adventures of a NobodySky Real Lives2006
And Then You DieDave2007–2008
The ApprenticeBBC Two
The Armstrong & Miller ShowBBC One2007–2010
Arnie’s Greatest Ever StuntsDave2016
Asian ProvocateurBBC Three2015–2016
Bad TeacherCBS (United States)2014
Extreme Sports Channel
Channel 5
AMC Networks (United States)
Spike (UK)
Channel 5
Bang Goes the TheoryBBC One2009–2014
Batteries Not IncludedDave2008
BaywatchNBC (United States)1989–2001
Big TrainBBC Two1998–2002
The BillITV1984–2010
Billy Connolly's World Tour of ScotlandBBC One1994
Billy Connolly's World Tour of Australia1995
Billy Connolly's World Tour of England, Ireland and Wales2002
Billy Connolly's World Tour of New Zealand2004
A Bit of Fry & LaurieBBC One
BlackadderBBC One1983–1989
Blackadder Exclusive: The Whole Rotten Saga
Blackadder's Most Cunning Moments
Black BooksChannel 42000–2004
Blue PeterBBC One
BottomBBC Two1991–1995
Bottom LiveDave2008
Bottom Live: The Big Number Two Tour
Bottom Live 3: Hooligan's Island
Bottom Live 2001: An Arse Oddity
Bottom Live 2003: Weapons Grade Y-Fronts Tour
Boxing: David Haye V Mark De Mori2016
Breaking InFox (United States)2011–2012
Brojects: In the House2016–2017
Bruce Parry's AmazonBBC Two2008
The Bruvs Dave2017
The BubbleBBC Two2010
Bush PilotsDave2011
Car DuelsUKTV G22006
Car of the YearUKTV G2/Dave2004–2008
CarpoolDave/Online Series2010–2011
The Catherine Tate ShowBBC Two
Chandon PicturesMovie Extra (Australia)2007–2009
Charlie Brooker's GameswipeBBC Four2009
Charlie Brooker's Newswipe2009–2010
Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe2006–2008
Chewin' the FatBBC One1999–2005
Clarkson's Car YearsBBC Two2000
Clocking OffBBC One2000-2003
Clive Anderson All TalkBBC One1996–1999
Comedy Connections2003–2008
Comedy ExchangeDave2010
The Comic Strip Presents...Channel 4
Cooking in the Danger ZoneBBC Two2008
The Cops1998–2001
CouplingBBC Two
BBC Three
Crash AddictsOLN (United States)2006–2007
Cutting ItBBC One2002–2005
DallasCBS (United States)1978–1991
DangerfieldBBC Two1995–1999
Danny Bhoy LiveDave2013
Danny MacAskill's Imaginate
Dara Ó Briain: School of Hard Sums2012–2014
Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit2016–2018
Dave's One Night Stand2010–2012
Dave Gorman: Goodish Hits2016
Dave Gorman: Modern Life is Goodish2013–2017
David Haye vs. Arnold Gjergjaj: The Countdown2016
The Day TodayBBC Two1994
Dead Ringers2002–2007
Deadliest Pests Down UnderDave2016
Disaster HouseDIY Network (United States)2009–present
Doctor WhoBBC One1963–1989
DoctorsBBC One2000–present
Don't Say It... Bring It!Dave2017
DoubletakeBBC Two2001–2005
Dragons’ Den2005–present
Dragons’ Den CanadaCBC Television (United States)2006–present
Dragons’ Den IrelandRTÉ One2009–present
Driving WarsDave2011
Dynamo: Magician ImpossibleW2011–2014
EastEndersBBC One1985–present
Eat Your Heart Out with Nick HelmDave2017
Eddie Izzard: Force Majeure2015
EldoradoBBC One1992–1993
Everest ERBBC One2009
ExtrasBBC Two
FactorySpike (United States)2008
The Fast ShowBBC Two1994–2000
Fawlty Towers1975–1979
Fawlty Towers: Re-Opened
Fawlty Towers: Basil's Best Bits
FC DaveDave2008
Fifth GearChannel 5
Discovery (United States)
History (United States)
Filthy Rich & CatflapBBC Two1987
The Flying DoctorsNine Network (Australia)1986–1993
Football's 47 Best Worst SongsDave2018
Frank Skinner - Stand-Up! Live from Birmingham's National Indoor Arena2008
Frank Skinner's OpinionatedBBC Two2010–2011
Friday Night with Jonathan RossBBC One2001–2010
Full Circle with Michael Palin1997
Full Metal ChallengeChannel 42004–2007
The Gadget ShowChannel 52004–present
Game of ArmsAMC (United States)2014
Game OnBBC Two1995–1998
Gavin & StaceyBBC Three
Gears and TearsBBC One2010
GeniusBBC Two2009–2010
Greg Davies Live – Firing Cheeseballs at a DogDave2011
The Graham Norton ShowBBC Two
Grange HillBBC One
GT RacerTreasure HD (United States)2008–2009
Harbour LightsBBC One1999–2000
HardlinersFox8 (Australia)2010–2011
Harry Enfield's Television Programme
Harry Enfield and Chums
Harry Hill's TV BurpITV2001–2012
Haye V De Mori: The CountdownDave2016
HeadJamBBC Three2004
Helicopter HeroesBBC One2007–2015
High AltitudeBBC Two2009
Him & HerBBC Three2010–2013
Holby CityBBC One1999–2022
Hole in the WallBBC One2008–2009
The Horne Section Television ProgrammeDave2018
HyperdriveBBC Two2006–2007
IdealBBC Three2005–2011
Idris Elba: King of SpeedDave2014
I'm Alan PartridgeBBC Two1997–2002
Impossible RailwaysYesterday2018–present
The Impressions Show with Culshaw and StephensonBBC One2009–2011
Improvisation My Dear Mark Watson (Pilot)Dave2011
India with Sanjeev BhaskarBBC Two
Is It Bill Bailey?BBC Two1998
It's Only TV...but I Like ItBBC One1999–2002
James May's 20th CenturyBBC Two2007
James May's Big Ideas2008
James May's Cars of the People2014–2016
James May on the Moon2009
James May's Toy Stories2009–2011
James May's Top Toys2005
Jeremy Clarkson: Meets the Neighbours2002
Jeremy Clarkson's Extreme Machines1998
Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld1995–1996
Jo Brand's Big SplashDave2011
Jo Brand's Great Wall of ComedyGold2013
John Bishop: In Conversation With...W2016–2019
Juliet BravoBBC One1980–1985
The Keith Barret ShowBBC Two2004–2005
Knots LandingCBS (United States)1979–1993
Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan PartridgeBBC Two1994–1995
Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire2009
The Kumars at No. 42BBC Two
Sky 1
2001–2006, 2014
The LakesBBC One1997–1999
Last Man StandingBBC Three2007–2008
Later... with Jools HollandBBC Two1992–present
Lead BalloonBBC Four
The League of GentlemenBBC Two1999–2002, 2017
Lenny Henry's Race Through ComedyGold2019
Lee Mack LiveDave2007
A Life of GrimeBBC One1999–2004
Little BritainBBC Three
Live Boxing: David Haye v Arnold GjergjajDave2016
Live Boxing: Hayemaker Ringstar Fight Night 2017
Live Boxing: Hayemaker Ringstar Fight Night 2
Live Darts: BDO World Trophy2016
Lizard Lick Touring2017
Louis Theroux's Weird WeekendsBBC Two1998–2000
LovejoyBBC One1986–1994
Meat MenFood Network (Canada)2012
Man Stroke WomanBBC Three2005–2007
Man v. FoodTravel Channel (United States)2008–2011
MechannibalsBBC Two2005
Men Behaving BadlyITV
The Mighty BooshBBC Three2004–2007
Milton Jones - Lion Whisperer Tour - Part One: EarthDave2011
Mitch and Matt's Big FishGood Food2008
Moby DickEncore (United States)2011
Money PitDave2015–present
MongrelsBBC Three2010–2011
Monkey Dust2003–2005
Mr. SunshineABC (United States)2011
The Mrs Merton ShowBBC Two
My FamilyBBC One2000–2011
Navelgazing Presents...Dave2011
NeighboursSeven Network (Australia)
Network Ten (Australia)
10 Peach (Australia)
Amazon Studios
Never Mind the BuzzcocksBBC Two1996–2015
Nighty NightBBC Three
The OfficeBBC Two
On Thin IceBBC Two2009
Operation Good Guys1997–2000
Oz and James's Big Wine Adventure2006–2007
ParkinsonBBC One
Peep ShowChannel 42003–2015
Phil's IllDave2010
ProblemsABC (United States)2012
PsychovilleBBC Two2009–2011
The Pub Landlord v Nigel Farage: The Battle For South ThanetDave2015
PullingBBC Three2007–2009
Quantum LeapNBC (United States)1989–1993
A Question of SportBBC One1970–present
Race Car DriverSyndication (United States)2005–2007
Radical HighsBBC Two1998–2000
Ray Mears' Bushcraft2004–2005
Ray Mears' Extreme Survival1999–2002
Ray Mears Goes Walkabout2008
Ray Mears' Northern Wilderness2009
Ray Mears' Wild Food2007
Ray Mears' World of Survival1997–1998
Red Bull Cliff Diving World SeriesDave2012–present
Red Bull Rampage2008–present
Red Bull X-Fighters
Rich Hall's Fishing ShowBBC Four2003
Right to the Edge: Sydney to Tokyo by Any MeansBBC Two2009
Road CopsChannel 52010
Road to RioDave2014
Rob Brydon's Annually RetentiveBBC Three2006–2007
Rob Brydon's Identity CrisisBBC Four2008
The Rob Brydon ShowBBC Two2010–2012
Robot WarsBBC Two
BBC Choice
Channel 5
1998–2004, 2016–2018
Rock ProfilePlay UK
Funny or Die UK
Ross Noble: Off RoadDave2017
Ruddy Hell! It's Harry & Paul
Harry & Paul
Russell Howard - DingledodiesDave2009
Russell Howard Live: Right Here Right Now2011
Russell Kane: Smokescreens & Castles Live
School's OutBBC One2006–2007
Scrapheap ChallengeChannel 41998–2010
Seaside RescueBBC One2004–2009
Shark TankABC (United States)2009–present
ShamelessChannel 42004–2013
Shooting StarsBBC Two
BBC Choice
Should I Worry About...?BBC One2004–2005
Sin City MotorsDave2014-2017
Smack the PonyChannel 41999–2003
The Smell of Reeves and MortimerBBC Two1993–1995
The Smoking RoomBBC Three2004–2005
SpacedChannel 41999–2001
Special Forces: Ultimate Hell WeekBBC Two2015–2017
SpeedBBC One2001
SpeederstruTV (United States)2007–2009
SpooksBBC One
BBC Three
Star StoriesChannel 42006–2008
Stars in Fast CarsBBC Three2005–2006
Stephen Fry in AmericaBBC One2008
Steve Backshall's Extreme Mountain ChallengeBBC Two2016
Steve Coogan: The Inside Story2009
Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle2009–2016
Street-Cred SudokuUKTV G22005–2007
Strongman Champions LeagueDave2015–2016
SuitsUSA Network (United States)2011–2019
That Mitchell and Webb LookBBC Two2006–2010
The Thick of ItBBC Four
They Think It's All OverBBC One1995–2006
This LifeBBC Two1996–1997
Three Men in a Boat2006–2011
Tim Vine: The Joke-amotive LiveDave2011
Timber KingsHGTV (United States)2014–present
Total Wipeout USAABC (United States)2008–2014
Totally ViralUKTV G22006–2007
TOTP2BBC Two1994–2017
TribeBBC Two2005–2007
Turn Back TimeBBC One2006
Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of CrispsBBC Two
BBC Choice
BBC Three
Two Posh Old MenUKTV G22005–2006
UncleBBC Three
Whose Line Is It Anyway?Channel 41988–1999
Wild Britain with Ray MearsITV
World's Most Stupid CriminalsFive2003
Yianni: Supercar CustomiserDave2018
The Young OnesBBC Two1982–1984
Zimbani (pilot)Dave2010

Dave Weekly podcast

In August 2011, Dave launched a regular comedy podcast called The Dave Weekly hosted on joindave.co.uk and accessible via iTunes.[34] Presented by Ben Shires, the podcast comprises interviews with comedians such as Russell Kane, Jo Brand, Adam Buxton, Paul Foot and Alex Horne along with occasional features.


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