Three Angels Broadcasting Network

The Three Angels Broadcasting Network, or 3ABN, is a Christian media television and radio network which broadcasts Seventh-day Adventist religious and health-oriented programming, based in West Frankfort, Illinois, United States. Although it is not formally tied to any particular church or denomination, much of its programming focuses on Seventh-day Adventist theology and Adventist doctrine.[1]

Three Angels Broadcasting Network
FoundedNovember 15, 1984 (1984-11-15)
FounderDanny and Linda Shelton
HeadquartersWest Frankfort, IL
  • United States
Area served
United States, Canada, Caribbean, Cuba, Philippines, Russia, Kenya, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Papua New Guinea, India, Martinique, Australia, United Kingdom
ProductsTelevision, Radio, Christian music recording, OTT video streaming platform, Video on Demand
Greg Morikone
Vice President
Jill Morikone


Three Angels Broadcasting Network is located in West Frankfort, Illinois. In July 2017, 3ABN announced the sale of 60 low-powered television (LPTV) stations and 10 LPTV construction permits to Edge Spectrum.[2] In October 2017, 3ABN announced the sale of 14 LPTV stations to HC2 Holdings.[3]


The stated goal of 3ABN's programming is a blend of family and social programs, health and lifestyle, gospel music, and a wide variety of Bible-based presentations.

3ABN maintains several distinct subchannels, separated by language and format.

  • 3ABN (the flagship service with a mixture of programs from the other subchannels)
  • 3ABN Proclaim! (all-televangelism)
  • 3ABN Latino Network (Spanish language)
  • 3ABN Latino Radio Network (Spanish language)
  • 3ABN Radio Network
  • 3ABN Radio Music Channel
  • 3ABN Russia (Russian language)
  • 3ABN Russia Radio Network (Russian language)
  • 3ABN Français Network (French language)
  • 3ABN International Network (partial simulcast of the main 3ABN with some foreign programming)
  • 3ABN Dare to Dream Network ("urban Christian lifestyle")
  • 3ABN Kids Network (children's programming, also covers the network's E/I liabilities)
  • 3ABN Praise Him Music Network (worship music)
  • 3ABN Australia Radio Network
  • 3ABN Plus (3ABN+) live streaming broadcasts of all 3ABN television and radio networks with videos on demand, and so much more, and the subscription is free

As of early 2009, 3ABN's main TV channel had 69% original programming; 3ABN Latino had 67% original programming; and 3ABN Russia had 100% original programming.[4]

The 3ABN International network has the same/similar lineup of programs as 3ABN's flagship network. 3ABN International carries "3ABN Now", the flagship program and some other programming produced by 3ABN Australia.

Not only 3ABN produced their programming at their World Headquarters in West Frankfort, Illinois, 3ABN also produces and carries their programming in their world branches at Three Angels Russian Evangelism Centre in Nizhny Novgorod in Russia and 3ABN Australia Production Centre in Morisset, New South Wales in Australia.


3ABN television networks are available viewing worldwide through various ways and platforms like international satellites including DISH Network (United States), local downlink stations, and over-the-air stations (United States), cable television, Internet, YouTube, Facebook, 3ABN+ app with Apple and Android mobile devices, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Smart TVs, Android TV, Apple TV (4th and 5th Generation and future), 3ABN networks are available via FaithStream (Australia), MySDATV, Interless Box by MySDATV, Verizon FiOS, Skitter TV, Truli, Transvision NetWork (France, Antilles-Guyana and Reunion), VAST Satellite (Australia), Sky Cable (Philippines), and Cignal (Philippines), and MyTVToGo (worldwide). 3ABN radio networks are available listening through local radio stations, international satellites, 3ABN+ app with Apple and Android mobile devices, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Smart TVs, Android TV. 3ABN radio networks are available on MySDATV, Interless Box by MySDATV, FaithStream (Australia) FaithStream and the Internet.

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