2019 Baltimore Orioles season

The 2019 Baltimore Orioles season was the 119th season in Baltimore Orioles franchise history, 66th in Baltimore, and the 28th at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. The Orioles were managed by Brandon Hyde in his first season as Orioles manager.[1] They finished 54–108, 7 games better than their disastrous 47–115 record from their 2018 season, but they missed the playoffs for a third straight season, as they were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention on August 23.[2]

2019 Baltimore Orioles
Major League affiliations
Record54–108 (.333)
Divisional place5th
Other information
Owner(s)Peter Angelos
General manager(s)Mike Elias
Manager(s)Brandon Hyde
Local televisionMASN
(Gary Thorne, Jim Palmer, Mike Bordick, Jim Hunter)
Local radioWJZ-FM
Baltimore Orioles Radio Network
(Jim Hunter, Ben McDonald, Mike Bordick, Kevin Brown)
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The season set several statistical records and quirks. The Orioles finished last in the AL East for a third consecutive season. The Orioles set a franchise record of a combined 101–223 over the previous two seasons, the worst two-season span in franchise history. The 2019 Orioles became the first team in history to yield 300+ home runs in a season, a new MLB record. The pitching staff also allowed 981 runs throughout the season - an abysmal mark that led all of MLB and was the worst in MLB history since the 1999 Colorado Rockies allowed 1028 runs. They were also the first team since the 1979 Blue Jays to lose 107 or more games and not earn the first overall pick in the subsequent year's draft,[3] as the Detroit Tigers finished 47-114, 6 1/2 games worse than Baltimore.

Between July 17 and 27, the Orioles hit multiple home runs in each of 10 consecutive games, an MLB record since 1901.[4]

Regular season

American League East

AL East W L Pct. GB Home Road
New York Yankees 10359 0.636 57–24 46–35
Tampa Bay Rays 9666 0.593 7 48–33 48–33
Boston Red Sox 8478 0.519 19 38–43 46–35
Toronto Blue Jays 6795 0.414 36 35–46 32–49
Baltimore Orioles 54108 0.333 49 25–56 29–52

American League Wild Card

Division Leaders W L Pct.
Houston Astros 10755 0.660
New York Yankees 10359 0.636
Minnesota Twins 10161 0.623

Wild Card teams
(Top 2 teams qualify for postseason)
W L Pct. GB
Oakland Athletics 9765 0.599 +1
Tampa Bay Rays 9666 0.593
Cleveland Indians 9369 0.574 3
Boston Red Sox 8478 0.519 12
Texas Rangers 7884 0.481 18
Chicago White Sox 7289 0.447 23½
Los Angeles Angels 7290 0.444 24
Seattle Mariners 6894 0.420 28
Toronto Blue Jays 6795 0.414 29
Kansas City Royals 59103 0.364 37
Baltimore Orioles 54108 0.333 42
Detroit Tigers 47114 0.292 48½

Record vs. Opponents

Source: AL Standings Head-to-head
Baltimore 7–123–33–43–42–43–34–30–62–171–63–47–121–68–117–13
Boston 12–75–23–35–22–45–14–33–35–144–34–37–124–311–810–10
Chicago 3–32–511–812–64–39–102–56–134–31–52–42–44–34–36–14
Cleveland 4–33–38–1118–13–412–76–010–94–31–55–11–64–36–18–12
Detroit 4–32–56–121–181–610–93–35–143–31–61–62–40–63–45–15
Houston 4–24–23–44–36–15–114–53–44–311–818–13–413–64–211–9
Kansas City 3–31–510–97–129–101–52–45–142–52–52–53–42–51–69–11
Los Angeles 3–43–45–20–63–35–144–21–52–56–1310–93–49–106–112–8
Minnesota 6–03–313–69–1014–54–314–55–12–43–45–25–26–14–38–12
New York 17–214–53–43–43–33–45–25–24–22–46–112–73–311–812–8
Oakland 6–13–45–15–16–18–115–213–64–34–210–94–313–60–611–9
Seattle 4–33–44–21–56–11–185–29–102–51–69–102–48–114–29–11
Tampa Bay 12–712–74–26–14–24–34–34–32–57–123–44–23–313–614–6
Texas 6–13–43–43–46–06–135–210–91–63–36–1311–83–33–39–11
Toronto 11–88–113–41–64–32–46–11–63–48–116–02–46–133–33–17

Game log

2019 Game Log: 54–108 (.333) (Home: 25–56; Away: 29–52)
March/April: 10–20 (Home: 3–10 ; Away: 7–10)
1March 28@ Yankees2–7Tanaka (1–0)Cashner (0–1)46,9290–1L1
2March 30@ Yankees5–3Yacabonis (1–0)Paxton (0–1)Wright (1)42,2031–1W1
3March 31@ Yankees7–5Means (1–0)Happ (0–1)Fry (1)38,4192–1W2
4 April 1@ Blue Jays6–5Hess (1–0)Reid-Foley (0–1)Bleier (1)10,4603–1W3
5April 2@ Blue Jays2–1Cashner (1–1)Stroman (0–1)Castro (1)12,1104–1W4
6April 3@ Blue Jays3–5Shoemaker (2–0)Karns (0–1)Giles (2)11,4364–2L1
7April 4Yankees4–8Paxton (1-1)Wright (0-1)44,1824–3L2
8April 6Yankees4–6Ottavino (1-0)Castro (0-1)Chapman (2)27,5044–4L3
9April 7Yankees3–15Germán (2-0)Hess (1-1)33,1024–5L4
10April 8A's12–4Cashner (2-1)Estrada (0-1)6,5855–5W1
11April 9A's2–13Anderson (3-0)Means (0-1)7,7385–6L1
12 April 10A's3–10Montas (2-1)Straily (0-1)7,9745–7L2
13April 11A's5–8Brooks (2-1)Bundy (0-1)Treinen (4)8,3745–8L3
14April 12@ Red Sox4–6Rodríguez (1-2)Hess (1-2)Brasier (3)33,6645–9L4
15April 13@ Red Sox9–5Cashner (3-1)Porcello (0-3)35,8236–9W1
16April 14@ Red Sox0–4Price (1-1)Means (1-2)36,0236–10L1
17April 15@ Red Sox8–1Straily (1-1)Velázquez (0-1)35,8607–10W1
18April 16@ Rays2–4Glasnow (4-0)Bundy (0-2)Castillo (2)9,8427–11L1
19April 17@ Rays1–8Chirinos (3-0)Hess (1-3)9,0287–12L2
20April 18@ Rays6–5 (11)Means (2-2)Castillo (0-1)9,0818–12W1
21April 20Twins5–6Berríos (3-1)Yacabonis (1-1)Rogers (2)28,4098–13L1
22April 20Twins7–16Pérez (2-0)Cobb (0-1)28,4098–14L2
23April 21Twins3–4Gibson (1-0)Bundy (0-3)Rogers (3)11,0188–15L3
24April 22White Sox2–12Fry (1-0)Hess (1-4)8,5558–16L4
25April 23White Sox9–1Cashner (4-1)Nova (0-3)8,9539–16W1
26April 24White Sox4–3Means (3-2)Santana (0-2)Givens (1)10,55010–16W2
27April 26@ Twins1–6Pérez (3–0)Cobb (0–2)23,65810–17L1
28April 27@ Twins2–9Berríos (4–1)Fry (0–1)18,87810–18L2
29April 28@ Twins1–4Gibson (2–0)Bundy (0–4)Parker (5)20,03410–19L3
30April 29 @ White Sox3–5Bañuelos (2–0)Means (3–3)Colomé (6)14,71710–20L4
--April 30@ White SoxPostponed (rain); Makeup: May 1
May: 8–19 (Home: 5–11 ; Away: 3–8)
31May 1 @ White Sox5–4Kline (1–0)Herrera (0–1)Givens (2)N/A11–20W1
32May 1@ White Sox6–7Vieira (1–0)Phillips (0–1)14,78111–21L1
33May 3Rays0–7Glasnow (6–0)Straily (1–2)10,03411–22L2
34May 4Rays3–0Bundy (1–4)Chirinos (4–1)Givens (3)15,24112–22W1
--May 5RaysPostponed (rain); Makeup: July 13
35May 6Red Sox4–1Means (4-3)Smith (0-1)Givens (4)11,04213–22W2
36May 7Red Sox5–8Walden (5–0)Kline (1–1)Barnes (3)10,70313–23L1
37May 8Red Sox1–2 (12)Brasier (2–1)Ramírez (0–1)Hembree (1)12,45113–24L2
38 May 10Angels3–8Cahill (2-3)Straily (1-3)14,49513–25L3
39May 11Angels2–7Bard (1-1)Bundy (1-5)21,10613–26L4
40May 12Angels5–1Means (5-3)Canning (1-1)16,38714–26W1
May 13@ YankeesPostponed (rain); Makeup: May 15
May 14@ YankeesPostponed (rain); Makeup: August 12
41May 15@ Yankees3–5Happ (3-3)Hess (1-5)Chapman (10)41,13814–27L1
42May 15@ Yankees1–3Germán (8-1)Cashner (4-2)Chapman (11)41,13814–28L2
43May 16@ Indians7–14Cole (1-1)Ynoa (0-1)16,32414–29L3
44May 17@ Indians5–1Bundy (2-5)Rodríguez (1-3)22,99915–29W1
45May 18@ Indians1–4Plutko (1-0)Means (5-4)Hand (12)25,56215–30L1
46May 19@ Indians0–10Bieber (3-2)Ramírez (0-2)21,37715–31L2
47May 20Yankees7–10Britton (2-0)Givens (0-1)Chapman (12)16,45715–32L3
48May 21Yankees4–11Germán (9-1)Hess (1-6)Hale (1)17,38915–33L4
49May 22Yankees5–7Sabathia (3-1)Straily (1-4)Chapman (13)17,84915–34L5
50May 23Yankees5–6Kahnle (2-0)Givens (0-2)Britton (2)30,62415–35L6
51May 24@ Rockies6–8Oberg (2–0)Givens (0–3)32,39715–36L7
52May 25@ Rockies9–6 Cashner (5–2)Freeland (2–6)Lucas (1)41,23916–36W1
53May 26@ Rockies7–8Oberg (3–0)Fry (0–2)46,81516–37L1
54May 27Tigers5–3Straily (2–4)Norris (2–3)Armstrong (1)18,00417–37W1
55May 28Tigers0–3Boyd (5–4)Bundy (2–6)Greene (17)8,10617–38L1
56May 29Tigers2–4Ramirez (1–0)Kline (1–2)Greene (18)10,61417–39L2
57May 31Giants9–6Cashner (6–2)Pomeranz (1–6)Bleier (2)17,54518–39W1
June: 6–20 (Home: 3–10 ; Away: 3–10)
58June 1Giants2–8Anderson (1–1)Hess (1–7)19,35218–40L1
59June 2Giants1–8Samardzija (3–4)Ynoa (0–2)16,99118–41L2
60June 4 @ Rangers12–11Bundy (3–6)Smyly (1–4)Givens (5)21,90319–41W1
61June 5@ Rangers1–2 (12)Springs (3–1)Fry (0–3)21,16319–42L1
62June 6@ Rangers3–4Jurado (3–2)Hess (1–8)Kelley (7)20,46219–43L2
63June 7@ Astros3–4 (11)Pérez (1–0)Kline (1–3)35,41419–44L3
64June 8@ Astros4–1Fry (1–3)Harris (1–1)Castro (2)38,42520–44W1
65June 9@ Astros0–4Miley (6–3)Bundy (3–7)Osuna (17)35,62120–45L1
66June 11Blue Jays4–2Means (6–4)Thornton (1–5)Givens (6)12,52421–45W1
67June 12Blue Jays6–8Jackson (1–4)Hess (1–9)Hudson (1)11,15321–46L1
68June 13Blue Jays3–12Stroman (4–8)Ynoa (0–3)14,91021–47L2
69June 14Red Sox2–13Rodríguez (7–4)Ortiz (0–1)19,38321–48L3
70June 15Red Sox2–7Sale (3–7)Bundy (3–8)30,05021–49L4
71June 16Red Sox6–8Workman (5–1)Givens (0–4)27,96421–50L5
72June 17@ A's2–3Fiers (7–3)Cashner (6–3)Treinen (16)12,34521–51L6
73June 18@ A's2–16Anderson (7–4)Ynoa (0–4)14,31021–52L7
74June 19@ A's3–8Bassitt (4–3)Rogers (0–1)15,34121–53L8
75June 20@ Mariners2–5LeBlanc (4–2)Bundy (3–9)Elías (8)15,21721–54L9
76June 21@ Mariners9–10Leake (7–6)Gilmartin (0–1)Elías (9)23,28121–55L10
77June 22@ Mariners8–4Cashner (7–3)Milone (1–2)27,54522–55W1
78June 23@ Mariners3–13Kikuchi (4–5)Ynoa (0–5)23,92022–56L1
79June 25Padres3–8Allen (2–0)Yacabonis (1–2)21,64422–57L2
80June 26Padres5–10Strahm (3–6)Bundy (3–10)Stammen (4)13,40822–58L3
81June 28Indians13–0Means (7–4)Clevinger (1–2)21,24823–58W1
82June 29Indians13–0Cashner (8–3)Plesac (3–3)26,99824–58W2
83June 30Indians0–2Bieber (7–3)Ynoa (0–6)Hand (23)20,04824–59L1
July: 12–12 (Home: 4–5 ; Away: 8–7)
84July 1@ Rays3–6Kolarek (3–2)Kline (1–4)Alvarado (7)20,44124–60L2
85July 2@ Rays3–6Morton (9–2) Wojciechowski (0–1)20,92524–61L3
86July 3@ Rays9–6Givens (1–4)Alvarado (0–5) Armstrong (2)21,54525–61W1
87July 5@ Blue Jays4–1Bundy (4–10)Sanchez (3–12)Fry (3)20,53026–61W2
88July 6@ Blue Jays8–1Cashner (9–3)Richard (1–5)22,40527–61W3
89July 7@ Blue Jays1–6Thornton (3–6)Wojciechowski (0–2)22,48727–62L1
--July 990th All-Star Game in Cleveland, OH
90 July 12Rays4–16Chirinos (8–4)Bundy (4–11)22,42227–63L2
91July 13Rays2–1Bleier (1–0)Poche (2–2)Givens (7)22,59628–63W1
92July 13Rays4–12Morton (11–2)Means (7–5)24,81028–64L1
93July 14Rays1–4 Yarbrough (8–3)Eshelman (0–1)Pagán (6)14,08228–65L2
94July 16Nationals1–8Voth (1–0)Wojciechowski (0–3)23,36228–66L3
95July 17Nationals9–2Ynoa (1–6)Suero (2–5)Givens (8)20,78629–66W1
96July 19Red Sox11–2Means (8–5)Price (7–3)18,24330–66W2
97July 20Red Sox6–17Porcello (8–7)Eshelman (0–2)21,33930–67L1
98July 21Red Sox5–0 Wojciechowski (1–3)Cashner (9–5)18,17331–67W1
99July 22 @ Diamondbacks3–6Ray (9–6)Brooks (2–4)Holland (16)19,19231–68L1
100July 23@ Diamondbacks7–2Bundy (5–11)Kelly (7–10)20,25332–68W1
101July 24@ Diamondbacks2–5Clarke (3–3)Means (8–6)López (1)20,45232–69L1
102July 25@ Angels10–8 (16)Scott (1–0)Canning (3–6)Wilkerson (1)36,21433–69W1
103July 26@ Angels9–3Wojciechowski (2–3)Tropeano (0–1)38,85234–69W2
104July 27@ Angels8–7Bleier (2–0)Buttrey (6–5)Givens (9)42,28935–69W3
105July 28@ Angels4–5Cole (1–1)Givens (1–5)35,44735–70L1
106July 29@ Padres1–8Paddack (7–5)Hess (1–10)34,29035–71L2
107July 30@ Padres8–5Castro (1–1)Strahm (4–8)Armstrong (3)30,28636–71W1
August: 9–19 (Home: 7–10 ; Away: 2–9)
108August 1Blue Jays2–11Thornton (4–7)Wojciechowski (2–4)9,71636–72L1
109August 2Blue Jays2–5Kingham (4–2)Brooks (2–5)Law (1)16,33136–73L2
110August 3Blue Jays6–4Givens (2–5)Boshers (0–1)Fry (3)12,95137–73W1
111August 4Blue Jays6–5Eshelman (1–2)Reid-Foley (1–2)Armstrong (4)18,83738–73W2
112August 5Yankees6–9Ottavino (5–3)Fry (1–4)Chapman (30)20,15138–74L1
113August 6Yankees4–9Cortes Jr. (5–0)Wojciechowski (2–5)Ottavino (1)17,20138–75L2
114August 7Yankees2–14Paxton (7–6)Means (8–7)16,29938–76L3
115August 9Astros2–3Miley (11–4)Bundy (5–12)Osuna (26)19,40738–77L4
116August 10Astros2–23Sanchez (5–14)Brooks (2–6)21,90338–78L5
117August 11Astros8–7Bleier (3–0)Osuna (3–3)17,97939–78W1
118August 12@ Yankees5–8Paxton (8–6)Ynoa (1–7)Chapman (32)42,84339–79L1
119August 12@ Yankees8–11Mantiply (1–0)Blach (0–1)Ottavino (2)40,35439–80L2
120August 13@ Yankees3–8Germán (16–2)Means (8–8)41,28439–81L3
121August 14@ Yankees5–6Happ (10–7)Bundy (5–13)Chapman (33)43,90939–82L4
122August 16@ Red Sox1–9Porcello (11–9)Brooks (2–7)37,21339–83L5
123August 17@ Red Sox0–4Rodríguez (11–9)Wojciechowski (2–6)36,74439–84L6
124August 18@ Red Sox7–13Walden (8–2)Fry (1–5)36,35039–85L7
125August 19Royals4–5López (2–7)Means (8–9)Kennedy (22)11,65939–86L8
126August 20Royals4–1Harvey (1–0)Barnes (1–2)Givens (10)11,82640–86W1
127August 21Royals8–1Brooks (3–7)Montgomery (3–6)9,87241–86W2
128August 22Rays2–5Drake (2–1)Castro (1–2)Pagán (14)8,15341–87L1
129August 23Rays1–7Richards (4–12)Blach (0–2)Slegers (1)14,76241–88L2
130August 24Rays7–1Means (9–9)Alvarado (1–6)11,40942–88W1
131August 25Rays8–3Bundy (6–13)Castillo (2–7)13,28743–88W2
132August 27@ Nationals2–0Brooks (4–7)Corbin (10–6)Givens (11)24,94644–88W3
133August 28@ Nationals4–8Suero (5–7)Wojciechowski (2–7)25,17444–89L1
134August 30@ Royals14–2Means (10–9)Skoglund (0–1)16,28745–89W1
135August 31@ Royals5–7Barlow (3–3)Fry (1–6)Kennedy (24)18,38545–90L1
September: 9–18 (Home: 3–10 ; Away: 6–8)
136September 1@ Royals4–6McCarthy (3–2)Fry (1–7)Kennedy (25)18,20845–91L2
137September 2@ Rays4–5 (10)Poche (4–4)Tate (0–1)10,56645–92L3
138September 3@ Rays4–2Blach (1–2)Drake (3–2)Bleier (3)N/A46–92W1
139September 3@ Rays0–2Castillo (3–8)Ynoa (1–8)Pagán (17)6,84446–93L1
140September 5Rangers1–3Allard (4–0)Means (10–10)Leclerc (10)8,20946–94L2
141September 6Rangers6–7Martin (2–3)Fry (1–8)Leclerc (11)10,59646–95L3
142September 7Rangers4–9Méndez (1–0)Brooks (4–8)11,79646–96L4
143September 8Rangers4–10Minor (13–8)Wojciechowski (2–8)16,14246–97L5
144September 10Dodgers3–7Buehler (13–3)Blach (1–3)12,35646–98L6
145September 11Dodgers7–3Armstrong (1–1)Ferguson (1–2)11,43847–98W1
146September 12Dodgers2–4Gonsolin (3–2)Bundy (6–14)Jansen (29)12,74647–99L1
147September 13@ Tigers6–2Brooks (5–8)Zimmermann (1–11)14,72248–99W1
148September 14@ Tigers4–8 (12)Schreiber (2–0)Fry (1–9)17,76048–100L1
149September 15@ Tigers8–2Wojciechowski (3–8)Jackson (3–10)15,68849–100W1
150September 16@ Tigers2–5Alexander (1–3)Means (10–11)Jiménez (7)14,14249–101L1
151September 17Blue Jays5–8Law (1–2)Givens (2–6)9,28049–102L2
152September 18Blue Jays10–11Stewart (4–0)Castro (1–3)Law (5)9,06649–103L3
153September 19Blue Jays4–8Kay (1–0)Ynoa (1–9)10,14849–104L4
154September 20Mariners5–3Brooks (6–8)Hernández (1–7)11,71450–104W1
155September 21Mariners6–7 (13)Altavilla (2–1)Scott (1–1)Swanson (2)22,55650–105L1
156September 22Mariners2–1Means (11–11)Gonzales (16–10)Bleier (4)17,54051–105W1
157September 23@ Blue Jays10–11 (15)Adam (3–0)Eades (0–1)13,19351–106L1
158September 24@ Blue Jays11–4Bundy (7–14)Pannone (3–6)12,62552–106W1
159September 25@ Blue Jays2–3Waguespack (5–5)Ynoa (1–10)Giles (22)13,85352–107L1
160September 27@ Red Sox4–1Wojciechowski (4–8)Eovaldi (2–1)34,53353–107W1
161September 28@ Red Sox9–4Means (12–11)Chacín (3–12)36,41454–107W2
162September 29@ Red Sox4–5Workman (10–1)Tate (0–2)35,42754–108L1
Legend:        = Win        = Loss        = Postponement
Bold = Orioles team member


2019 Baltimore Orioles
Pitchers Catchers
  • 28 Pedro Severino
  • 15 Chance Sisco
  • 40 Jesús Sucre
  • 61 Austin Wynns



Other batters



  • 13 Arnie Beyeler (first base)
  • 26 Doug Brocail (pitching)
  • 88 Howie Clark (assistant hitting)
  • 34 Tim Cossins (field coordinator/catching)
  • 11 Jose Flores (third base)
  • 27 José Hernández (coach)
  • 86 Dustin Hughes (bullpen catcher)
  • 30 Don Long (hitting)
  • 47 John Wasdin (bullpen)

Farm System

Level Team League Manager
AAA Norfolk Tides International League Gary Kendall
AA Bowie Baysox Eastern League Buck Britton
A-Advanced Frederick Keys Carolina League Ryan Minor
A Delmarva Shorebirds South Atlantic League Kyle Moore
Short-Season A Aberdeen IronBirds New York–Penn League Kevin Bradshaw
Rookie GCL Orioles Gulf Coast League Alan Mills
Rookie DSL Orioles Dominican Summer League Elvis Morel


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