2019 St. Louis Cardinals season

The 2019 St. Louis Cardinals season was the 138th for the St. Louis Cardinals of Major League Baseball (MLB), a franchise in St. Louis, Missouri. It was the 128th season for the Cardinals in the National League (NL), and their 14th at Busch Stadium III. On September 22, 2019, the Cardinals defeated the Chicago Cubs 3-2 to clinch their first playoff berth since 2015.[1] On September 29, the Cardinals clinched the National League Central for the first time since 2015,[2] and defeated the Atlanta Braves in the Division Series on October 9.[3] They went on to play the Washington Nationals in the NLCS, but were swept in four games.

2019 St. Louis Cardinals
National League Central Champions
Major League affiliations
Record91–71 (.562)
Divisional place1st
Other information
Owner(s)William O. DeWitt Jr
General manager(s)Mike Girsch
Manager(s)Mike Shildt
Local televisionFox Sports Midwest
(Dan McLaughlin, Rick Horton, Tim McCarver, Jim Edmonds, Brad Thompson)
Local radioKMOX NewsRadio 1120
St. Louis Cardinals Radio Network
(Mike Shannon, John Rooney, Rick Horton, Mike Claiborne)
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Season standings

National League Central

NL Central W L Pct. GB Home Road
St. Louis Cardinals 9171 0.562 50–31 41–40
Milwaukee Brewers 8973 0.549 2 49–32 40–41
Chicago Cubs 8478 0.519 7 51–30 33–48
Cincinnati Reds 7587 0.463 16 41–40 34–47
Pittsburgh Pirates 6993 0.426 22 35–46 34–47

National League playoff standings

Division Leaders W L Pct.
Los Angeles Dodgers 10656 0.654
Atlanta Braves 9765 0.599
St. Louis Cardinals 9171 0.562

Wild Card teams
(Top 2 teams qualify for postseason)
W L Pct. GB
Washington Nationals 9369 0.574 +4
Milwaukee Brewers 8973 0.549
New York Mets 8676 0.531 3
Arizona Diamondbacks 8577 0.525 4
Chicago Cubs 8478 0.519 5
Philadelphia Phillies 8181 0.500 8
San Francisco Giants 7785 0.475 12
Cincinnati Reds 7587 0.463 14
Colorado Rockies 7191 0.438 18
San Diego Padres 7092 0.432 19
Pittsburgh Pirates 6993 0.426 20
Miami Marlins 57105 0.352 32

Record vs. opponents

Source: NL Standings Head-to-Head
Arizona 4–32–43–39–108–113–42–52–54–26–111-810–93–34–314–6
Atlanta 3–45–23–43–32–415–43–311-89–105–25–25–24–211–813–7
Chicago 4–22–58–113–33–46–19–105–22–511–84–34–29–102–412–8
Cincinnati 3–34–311–83–31–56–18–113–43–47–125–24–37–121–59–11
Colorado 10–93–33–33–34–155–25–22–43–42–511–87–122–53–48–12
Los Angeles 11–84–24–35–115–45–14–35–25–26–013–612–73–44–310–10
Miami 4–34–151–61–62–51–52–56–1310–93–34–23–33–44–159–11
Milwaukee 5–23–310–911–82–53–45–25–14–315–43–42–49–104–28–12
New York 5–28–112–54–34–22–513–61–57–125–13–33–42–512–715–5
Philadelphia 2–410–95–24–34–32–59–103–412–74–23–33–44–25–1411–9
Pittsburgh 1–62–58–1112–75–20–63–34–151–52–46–15–25–143–412–8
San Diego 8–112–53–42–58–116–132–44–33–33–31–69–104–24–311–9
San Francisco 9–102–52–43–412–77–123–34–24–34–32–510–93–41–511–9
St. Louis 3–32–410–912–75–24–34–310–95–22–414–52–44–35–29–11
Washington 3–48–114–25–14–33–415–42–47–1214–54–33–45–12–514–6

Season summary

On Opening Day, versus the Milwaukee Brewers, catcher Yadier Molina extended his team-record for Opening Day starts with 15.[4] However, the Cardinals would lose the game 5-4.[5] The following game, newly-acquired first baseman Paul Goldschmidt homered three times in a 9−5 win over the Brewers, making him the fastest player to hit a three-home run game with a new team. He also drove in five runs.[6] This would be the only game the Cardinals would win in the 4 game series.

April would start out strong for the Cardinals with them winning 7 out of their 9 first games of the month, including a sweep of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The following series would be more rough, with them splitting a 2 game series against the Cincinnati Reds and going 1-2 in a series against the Milwaukee Brewers[7] (where right fielder Tyler O'Neil and pitcher Mike Mikolas would both be injured)[8] and causing them to lose their first place position and fall to third. After another loss against the New York Mets on April 19, they would go back on a winning streak winning 9 of their last 10 games. However, center fielder Harrison Bader would be injured on April 17 and just 2 days later pitcher Michael Wacha would be injured, but he would be reactivated 10 days later.[8] At the end of the month the Cardinals would have a 19-10 record with a .655 winning percentage, the best in the league.[7][9]

The first two games of May were finishing up a 4-game series against the Washington Nationals, which the Cardinals took 3 of the 4 games. The Cardinals were 3 games ahead of the second place team the Chicago Cubs (their arch rival) which they would be playing against next. But things would turn southward for the Cardinals as they would be swept by them. This would be followed by a 3-game series against the Philadelphia Phillies, the leader of the NL East division, which they would only win one game out of. Now having fallen back to third, they would have to play a 4-game series against the Pittsburgh Pirates, the 4th place team in their division. Despite a 17-4 win to kick off the series, they would lose the next 3 games and fall to fourth place. For the following 5 series against the Atlanta Braves (twice), Texas Rangers, Kansas City Royals, and Philadelphia Phillies, they would only win 1 game of each and lose the rest leading to a 5-9 record. With a win against the Chicago Cubs to close the month, they would end it 9-18 for a record of 28-28 as they struggled to keep their record above .500. Also on the last day, catcher Yadier Molina was injured and would be out for 10 days.[7][10][9]

The first two games of June were against the Chicago Cubs which the Cardinals would sweep. But after splitting a two game series against the Reds, the Cardinals would face the Cubs once again, but this time they were swept. During this series on June 8, rookie shortstop Tommy Edman would be called up from the Memphis Cardinals. The following 2 series against the Miami Marlins and New York Mets seemed to be a return back to normal. Although pitcher Adam Wainwright was injured in the first game against the Marlins, the Cardinals would be able to beat them. They would also win the second game when Yadier Molina returned, but would lose the third 9-0 and be limited to just 2 hits. With this being against the worst team in the NL, it was particularly hard. They would win the series against the New York Mets 3-1 and play against the Marlins again and split the series 2-2 with Tommy Edman hitting his first home in the MLB in the final game on June 20, though they would still lose 7-6.[11] They had been 10-8 so far in the month and had advanced backup to third place and were 3 games out of first with 8 games left in the month. They won their next 2 games against the Los Angeles Dodgers and were now one game out of first. But, they would go on a 5 game losing streak after this and be outscored 30-10 playing one last game against the Dodgers and two against the Oakland Athletics and San Diego Padres. The final game of the season was against the Padres which they would win ending the month 13-13 making their record 41-41, again at .500. During this time left fielder Marcell Ozuna would be injured leading to Tyler O'Neill to be recalled from the minors.[12][7][9]

Before the All-Star Game, the Cardinals would go 2-1 against the Seattle Mariners and 1-2 against the San Francisco Giants leading to have a record of 44-44 going into the break. The Cardinals were still in third, but now just two games out of first place. On July 11, a day before the first game back, Yadier Molina would be put back on the DL while 3rd baseman Matt Carpenter would be taken off. Coming back from the break the Cardinals would be red hot through the rest of the month. They would win their first series 2-1 against the Arizona Diamondbacks followed by a 2-1 series against the Pittsburgh Pirates (when they would briefly jump into third). But after this, they would go 8-1 going 3-1 against the Cincinnati Reds and sweeping the Pirate's (along with one win against the Houston Astros). With this they had propelled themselves back into first, but only by one game. After losing the final two matches against the Astros and going 1-1 against the Cubs, they would be tied for first. They went 16-9 in the month making their record 57-50 with two months to go in the season. This all with a strong of injuries causing Matt Carpenter, Marcell Ozuna, and Harrison Bader to be sent down to the minors.[13][7][9]

After a win against the Cubs to close out the series, the Cardinals would go on another 5 game losing streak, being swept by the Oakland Athletics and Los Angeles Dodgers and as a result fell back to third. However, the Cardinals would make up for this and go on a 5 game winning streak sweeping the Pittsburgh Pirates and Kansas City Royals. They were helped by the fact that Matt Carpenter, Yadier Molina and Harrison Bader were all added back to the roster. After splitting a 4-game series with the Reds and going 2-1 against the Milwaukee Brewers, The cardinals would go on another 6 game winning streak, sweeping the Colorado Rockies and winning 2 more against the Brewers. After another loss against the Brewers, the Cardinals would win both games of a double-header against the Cincinnati Reds. With an 18-9 record (and only losing 4 games from August 9-31), they now had a 73-58 record and were 3 games in front of the second place team Chicago Cubs.[14][7][9]

The Cardinals continued their winning streak, winning a series against the San Francisco Giants 3-1 and Pittsburgh Pirates 2-1, moving themselves to 4 games ahead in first. However, their next two series wouldn't be as good, with them losing 1-2 against the Colorado Rockies and Milwaukee Brewers. Meanwhile, the Cubs went on a 4 game winning streak meaning the Cardinals were now just 2 games ahead in first. The next series against the Washington Nationals the Cardinals would win 2-1 while the Cubs win streak would snap and they would fall back one game. Meanwhile, the Brewers went on their own 4-game winning streak meaning they were now tied with the Chicago Cubs and in running for the Wild Card spot. With 10 games left in the season, the team the Cardinals would playing against in the series would be the Chicago Cubs. If the Cardinals swept the Cubs, then they would clinch into the playoffs. If the Cubs swept the Cardinals, they would be pushed back to second.[7][9]

In the first game, the Cardinals took a 4-1 lead in the 6th inning. after two scoreless inning, pitcher Carlos Martinez was brought in to close the match in the bottom of the 9th. He would give up 1 walk and 3 hits allowing the Cubs to come back to 4-3 with one out and a man on third. A pitching change would allow Andrew Miller to come in and get the final two outs, but still allow the tying run to come in making it 4-4 with extra innings. In the 10th inning, Matt Carpenter would hit a home run and make it 5-4 Cardinals bringing them back to the same situation. Pitcher Giovanny Gallegos would be brought in to close the game. He would get 3 consecutive outs leading to a Cardinal victory.[15] The Brewers would also win pushing the Cubs down to third. In the second game, the Cubs would take the early 1-0 lead in the second inning. In the 6th inning with the bases loaded by walks, Yadier Molina would come up and hit a single leading to Marcell Ozuna and Matt Carpenter to score making it 2-1 Cardinals. After 3 scoreless innings, the Cardinals would win.[16]

The third game would be more indecisive. After a groundout by Paul Goldschmidt allowed Tommy Edman to score, Cardinals pitcher Dakota Hudson would give up a single and four walks. After a sacrifice fly, the Cubs would be up 3-1. The game would swing back and forth with by the 4th inning the Cardinals being up 5-3 before a two-run homer by Ian Happ would make it 5-5. By the 7th inning the Cardinals retook the lead 7-6 with a two-run homer off of Marcell Ozuna, but the Cubs would retake it in the bottom of the same inning making it 8-7. With no runs in the 8th inning, Craig Kimbrel would come up to pitch for the Cubs. Yadier Molina was the first hitter and the first pitch thrown to him was hammered to left-center tying the game 8-8. Paul DeJong was up next, and the first pitch thrown at him (the second of the inning) was hit also to left-center putting the Cardinals on top 9-8. Following a scoreless bottom of the 9th, the Cardinals would win and be one game away from clinching into the playoffs.[17] The Cubs once again took the lead in the 6th inning at 2-1, but in the 9th inning they once again came back and won it 3-2,[18] clinching the playoff spot. It was the first time the Cardinals swept the Cubs in a 4-game series at Wrigley since the 1930's.

After another win against the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Cardinals would close out a 6 game winning streak and end up losing the next two games of the series. Meanwhile, the Milwaukee Brewers were on a 6 game winning streak and had clinched a playoff berth. Going into the final 3-game series of the season against the Chicago Cubs again, the Brewers were one game behind first place. The Cardinals would lose the first game, but the Brewers would as well. The second game the Cardinals would lose as well extending their losing streak to 4, but the Brewers also lost theirs. In the final game of the season, the Cardinals would beat the Cubs 9-0 with Jack Flaherty pitching 7 innings and only allowing 2 hits.[19] The Brewers would lose their game, but it didn't matter as the Cardinals clinched the division and would go to the postseason. They ended the month 15-12 for a final record of 91-71, which was the lowest amount of wins out of any first place team.[7][9]

Game log

Regular season

Legend:        = Win        = Loss        = Postponement
Bold = Cardinals player

2019 St. Louis Cardinals Game Log, 91–71 (.562) [20]
March: 1–3 (.250) (Home: 0–0 ; Away: 1–3)
#DateOpponentScoreWinLossSaveAttendanceRecordBox / L10
1March 28@Brewers4–5Chacín (1–0)Mikolas (0–1)Hader (1)45,3040–1L1
2March 29@Brewers9–5Gant (1–0)Williams (0–1)30,1571–1W1
3March 30@Brewers2–4Woodruff (1–0)Hudson (0–1)Hader (2)36,6551–2L1
4March 31@Brewers4–5Barnes (1–0)Hicks (0–1)35,0421–3L2
April: 18–7 (.720) (Home: 12–4 ; Away: 6–3)
#DateOpponentScoreWinLossSaveAttendanceRecordBox / L10
5April 1@Pirates6–5 (12)Hicks (1–1)Brault (0–1)Gant (1)37,3362–3W1
6April 3@Pirates5–4 (10)Gant (2–0)Burdi (0–1)Hudson (1)23,9543–3W2
April 4PadresPostponed (inclement weather) (Makeup date: April 5th)
7April 5Padres3–5Stock (1–0)Reyes (0–1)Yates (4)46,6153–4L1
8April 6Padres4–6Wisler (1–0)Miller (0–1)Yates (5)44,4923–5L2
9April 7Padres4–1Wainwright (1–0)Strahm (0–2)Hicks (1)44,3404–5W1
10April 8Dodgers4–3Mikolas (1–1)Kelly (1–2)Hicks (2)35,8585–5W2
11April 9Dodgers4–0Brebbia (1–0)Stripling (0–1)36,3536–5W3
12April 10Dodgers7–2Flaherty (1–0)Maeda (2–1)36,2447–5W4
13April 11Dodgers11–7Gallegos (1–0)Báez (0–1)38,2008–5W5
14April 13@Reds*2–5Hughes (1–0)Wainwright (1–1)Iglesias (2)16,4968–6L1
15April 14@Reds*9–5Gant (3–0)Garrett (1–1)Hicks (3)16,7939–6W1
16April 15@Brewers7–10Guerra (1–0)Mayers (0–1)28,1999–7L1
17April 16@Brewers4–8Woodruff (2–1)Flaherty (1–1)30,2609–8L2
18April 17@Brewers6–3Wacha (1–0)Burnes (0–2)Hicks (4)29,81710–8W1
19April 19Mets5–4Lugo (1–0)Wainwright (1–2) Díaz (7) 40,41310–9L1
20April 20Mets10–2Mikolas (2–1) Flexen (0–1) 47,05911–9W1
21April 21Mets6–4Hudson (1-1) Syndergaard (1–2) Hicks (5) 42,76512–9W2
22April 22Brewers13–5Flaherty (2–1) Houser (0–1) 35,81913–9W3
23April 23Brewers4–3Miller (1–1) Wilson (1–1) Hicks (6) 38,47414–9W4
24April 24Brewers5–2Wainwright (2–2) Chacín (2–3) Hicks (7) 36,87815–9W5
25April 26Reds1–12DeSclafani (1–1)Mikolas (2–2)45,08715–10L1
26April 27Reds6–3Hudson (2–1)Mahle (0–3)Hicks (8)44,19716–10W1
27April 28Reds5–2Flaherty (3–1)Gray (0–4)Gant (2)45,70117–10W2
28April 29@Nationals6–3Wacha (2–0)Corbin (2–1)Hicks (9)17,89018–10W3
29April 30@Nationals3–2Wainwright (3–2)Sánchez (0–4)Miller (1)19,75319–10W4
*April 13 and 14 games played in Monterrey, Mexico
May: 9–18 (.333) (Home: 4–7 ; Away: 5–11)
#DateOpponentScoreWinLossSaveAttendanceRecordBox / L10
30May 1@Nationals5–1Mikolas (3–2)Scherzer (1–4)22,15720–10W5
31May 2@Nationals1–2Strasburg (3–1)Hudson (2–2)Doolittle (4)24,33820–11L1
32May 3@Cubs0–4Hendricks (2–4)Flaherty (3–2)34,97820–12L2
33May 4@Cubs5–6Kintzler (1– 0)Brebbia (1–1)Strop (4)39,60120–13L3
34May 5@Cubs5–13Quintana (4–1)Wainwright (3–3)36,49920–14L4
35May 6Phillies6–0Mikolas (4–2)Velasquez (1–2)38,41921–14W1
36May 7Phillies1–11Nola (3–0)Hudson (2– 3)38,56221–15L1
37May 8Phillies0–5Eickhoff (2–1)Flaherty (3–3)42,30921–16L2
38May 9Pirates17–4Wacha (3–0)Musgrove (1–4)38,92522–16W1
39May 10Pirates1–2Williams (2–1)Miller (1–2)Vázquez (11)45,06022–17L1
40May 11Pirates1–2Lyles (3–1)Mikolas (4–3)Vázquez (12)43,01122–18L2
41May 12Pirates6–10Stratton (1–2)Brebbia (1–2)48,55522–19L3
42May 14@Braves14–3Flaherty (4–3)Foltynewicz (0–3)23,71823–19W1
43May 15@Braves0–4Soroka (4–1)Wacha (3– 1)Jackson (5)23,36723–20L1
44May 16@Braves2–10Teherán (3–4)Wainwright (3–4)28,78323–21L2
45May 17@Rangers3–7Sampson (1–3)Mikolas (4–4)34,39823–22L3
46May 18@Rangers8–2Hudson (3– 3)Jurado (1– 2)30,96724–22W1
47May 19@Rangers4–5 (10)Gómez (1–0)Hicks (1–2)32,11224–23L1
May 21RoyalsPostponed (rain) Makeup: May 22
48May 22Royals2–8Keller (3–5)Wacha (3– 2)42,72524–24L2
49May 22Royals10–3Wainwright (4–4)Bailey (4–5)42,52925–24W1
50May 24Braves2–5Foltynewicz (1–3)Mikolas (4–5)44,63025–25L1
51May 25Braves6–3Miller (2–2)Winkler (1–1)Hicks (10)45,76026–25W1
52May 26Braves3–4Webb (3–0)Webb (0–1)Jackson (7)45,15226–26L1
53May 28@Phillies3–4Pivetta (3–1)Wainwright (4–5)Neris (10)29,08426–27L2
54May 29@Phillies4–11Nola (6–0)Cabrera (0–1)30,48626–28L3
55May 30@Phillies5–3Hudson (4–3)Eickhoff (2–3)Hicks (11)31,20627–28W1
56May 31Cubs2–1 (10)Hicks (2–2)Montgomery (1–1)45,32128–28W2
June: 13–13 (.500) (Home: 7–6 ; Away: 6–7)
#DateOpponentScoreWinLossSaveAttendanceRecordBox / L10
57June 1Cubs7–4Gant (4–0)Chatwood (3–1)Martínez (1)46,29729–28W3
58June 2Cubs2–1Wainwright (5–5)Hamels (4–2)Gant (3)46,05330–28W4
59June 4Reds1–4Castillo (6–1)Cabrera (0–2)Iglesias (12)40,64930–29L1
June 5RedsPostponed (rain) Makeup: August 31
60June 6Reds3–1Gant (5–0)Lorenzen (0–1)Hicks (12)44,65431–29W1
61June 7@Cubs1–3Hamels (5–2)Mikolas (4–6)Strop (6)40,67131–30L1
62June 8@Cubs4–9Lester (5–4)Brebbia (1–3)41,00531–31L2
63June 9@Cubs1–5Hendricks (7–4)Wainwright (5–6)Strop (7)39,54531–32L3
64June 10@Marlins4–1Wacha (4–2)Alcántara (3–6)Hicks (13)6,58532–32W1
65June 11@Marlins7–1Hudson (5–3)Hernández (0–1)6,30833–32W2
66June 12@Marlins0–9Yamamoto (1–0)Mikolas (4–7)7,00133–33L1
June 13@MetsSuspended (rain) Continuation: June 14
67June 14@Mets5–4 (10)Martínez (1–0)Díaz (1–4)Hicks (14)31,86234–33W1
68June 14@Mets9–5Gant (6–0)Familia (2–1)28,56035–33W2
69June 15@Mets7–8Syndergaard (5–4)Wacha (4–3)Díaz (15)32,58935–34L1
70June 16@Mets4–3Miller (3–2)Flexen (0–3)Martínez (2)37,05436–34W1
71June 17Marlins5–0Mikolas (5–7)Hernández (0–2)41,27437–34W2
72June 18Marlins0–6Yamamoto (2–0)Flaherty (4–4)41,46737–35L1
73June 19Marlins2–1 (11)Gant (7–0)Conley (1–7)40,12638–35W1
74June 20Marlins6–7 (11)García (1–0)Miller (3–3)Romo (13)42,44638–36L1
75June 21Angels5–1Wacha (5–3)Canning (2–4)48,42339–36W1
76June 22Angels4–2Hudson (6–3)Peña (5–2)Webb (1)46,71140–36W2
77June 23Angels4–6Skaggs (7–6)Mikolas (5–8)47,11440–37L1
78June 25Athletics3–7Wendelken (1–1)Flaherty (4–5)40,55640–38L2
79June 26Athletics0–2Mengden (2–1)Wainwright (5–7)Hendriks (2)44,87140–39L3
80June 28@Padres1–3Quantrill (2–2)Wacha (5–4)Yates (27)33,32940–40L4
81June 29@Padres2–12Paddack (5–4)Hudson (6–4)44,40740–41L5
82June 30@Padres5–3Martínez (2–0)Wieck (0–1)Leone (1)32,37541–41W1
July: 16–9 (.640) (Home: 6–5 ; Away: 10–4)
#DateOpponentScoreWinLossSaveAttendanceRecordBox / L10
83July 2@Mariners4–5Adams (1–0)Gallegos (1–1)Elías (11)20,17341–42L1
84July 3@Mariners5–2Brebbia (2–3)Adams (1–1)31,87842–42W1
85July 4@Mariners5–4Ponce de Leon (1–0)Milone (1–3)Martínez (3)26,65643–42W2
86July 5@Giants9–4Hudson (7–4)Pomeranz (2–9)37,60344–42W3
87July 6@Giants4–8Dyson (3–1)Mikolas (5–9)32,48744–43L1
88July 7@Giants0–1Samardzija (6–7)Flaherty (4–6)Smith (23)33,48144–44L2
90th All-Star Game in Cleveland, OH
89July 12Diamondbacks2–4Ray (7–6)Miller (3–4)Holland (15)44,96044–45L3
90July 13Diamondbacks4–2Hudson (8–4)Kelly (7–9)Martínez (4)46,15245–45W1
91July 14Diamondbacks5–2Wainwright (6–7)Greinke (10–4)Martínez (5)43,43946–45W2
92July 15Pirates7–0Mikolas (6–9)Musgrove (6–8)41,96547–45W3
93July 16Pirates1–3Liriano (4–1)Martínez (2–1)Vázquez (21)43,77747–46L1
94July 17Pirates6–5Brebbia (3–3)Liriano (4–2)Martínez (6)43,18648–46W1
95July 18@Reds7–4Hudson (9–4)Stephenson (2–2)Miller (2)32,35949–46W2
96July 19@Reds12–11Wacha (6–4)Hughes (3–3)Martínez (7)37,65250–46W3
97July 20@Reds2–3Garrett (4–1)Mikolas (6–10)Lorenzen (6)38,42750–47L1
98July 21@Reds3–1Gallegos (2–1)DeSclafani (5–5)Martínez (8)28,76351–47W1
99July 22@Pirates6–5 (10)Shreve (1–0)Holmes (1–1)Martínez (9)13,09652–47W2
100July 23@Pirates4–3Hudson (10–4)Archer (3–7)Miller (3)15,77853–47W3
101July 24@Pirates14–8Wainwright (7–7)Lyles (5–7)18,67554–47W4
102July 25@Pirates6–3Mikolas (7–10)Musgrove (7–9)24,53455–47W5
103July 26Astros5–3Miller (4–4)Pressly (2–2)Martínez (10)44,72456–47W6
104July 27Astros2–8Cole (12–5)Ponce de Leon (1–1)46,51856–48L1
105July 28Astros2–6Miley (9–4)Hudson (10–5)46,71456–49L2
106July 30Cubs2–1Gallegos (3–1)Darvish (3–5)Martínez (11)46,12357–49W1
107July 31Cubs0–2Hendricks (8–8)Mikolas (7–11)Kimbrel (8)43,75057–50L1
August: 18–9 (.667) (Home: 12–1 ; Away: 6–8)
#DateOpponentScoreWinLossSaveAttendanceRecordBox / L10
108August 1Cubs8–0Flaherty (5–6)Lester (9–7)46,81158–50W1
109August 3@Athletics3–8Fiers (10–3)Hudson (10–6)24,85158–51L1
110August 4@Athletics2–4Roark (7–7)Wainwright (7–8)Hendriks (11)24,60358–52L2
111August 5@Dodgers0–8Gonsolin (1–1)Wacha (6–5)45,25458–53L3
112August 6@Dodgers1–3Kershaw (11–2)Mikolas (7–12)Jansen (26)53,07058–54L4
113August 7@Dodgers1–2Sadler (2–0)Martínez (2–2)48,99458–55L5
114August 9Pirates6–2Martínez (3–2)Rodríguez (3–5)42,75759–55W1
115August 10Pirates3–1Wainwright (8–8)Musgrove (8–11)Martínez (12)45,02660–55W2
116August 11Pirates11–9Gant (8–0)Crick (3–7)Miller (4)43,91261–55W3
117August 13@Royals2–0Flaherty (6–6)Sparkman (3–8)Martínez (13)23,56362–55W4
118August 14@Royals6–0Hudson (11–6)Keller (7–13)22,49463–55W5
119August 15@Reds1–2Gray (8–6)Wacha (6–6)Iglesias (24)14,89163–56L1
120August 16@Reds13–4Wainwright (9–8)Castillo (11–5)24,11864–56W1
121August 17@Reds1–6DeSclafani (8–7)Mikolas (7–13)37,69864–57L1
122August 18@Reds5–4Flaherty (7–6)Wood (1–2)Martínez (14)21,52565–57W1
123August 19Brewers3–0Hudson (12–6)Davies (8–6)Miller (5)44,84366–57W2
124August 20Brewers9–4Webb (1–1)Jeffress (3-4)37,82367-57W3
125August 21Brewers3–5 (8)Houser (6–5)Wainwright (9–9)Guerra (3)40,25067–58L1
126August 22Rockies6–5Leone (1–0)Almonte (0–1)Martínez (15)36,46568–58W1
127August 23Rockies8–3Flaherty (8–6)Lambert (2–4)40,82969–58W2
128August 24Rockies6–0Hudson (13–6)Gonzalez (0–5)42,10270–58W3
129August 25Rockies11–4Helsley (1–0)Senzatela (8–8)45,55171–58W4
130August 26@Brewers12–2Gant (9–0)González (2–2)29,47572–58W5
131August 27@Brewers6–3Mikolas (8–13)Albers (5–4)Martínez (16)36,69073–58W6
132August 28@Brewers1–4Lyles (9–8)Flaherty (8–7)Hader (26)33,04573–59L1
August 30RedsPostponed (rain) Makeup: September 1
133August 31Reds10–6Hudson (14–6)Bauer (10–12)44,73874–59W1
134August 31Reds3–2Gant (10–0)Iglesias (2–11)42,07475–59W2
September: 16–12 (.571) (Home: 8–7 ; Away: 8–5)
#DateOpponentScoreWinLossSaveAttendanceRecordBox / L10
135September 1Reds4–3Martínez (4–2)Lorenzen (0–4)43,69276–59W3
136September 1Reds3–5Castillo (14–5)Ponce de Leon (1–2)Iglesias (28)38,66576–60L1
137September 2Giants3–1Wainwright (10–9)Beede (3–9)Martínez (17)40,73277–60W1
138September 3Giants1–0Flaherty (9–7)Rodríguez (5–8)Martínez (18)38,25978–60W2
139September 4Giants8–9Rogers (1–0)Gallegos (3–2)Smith (31)41,94578–61L1
140September 5Giants10–0Hudson (15–6)Webb (1–1)Cabrera (1)36,80079–61W1
141September 6@Pirates4–9Wang (3–0)Miller (4–5)Vázquez (25)19,09079–62L1
142September 7@Pirates10–1Wainwright (11–9)Brault (4–4)23,99680–62W1
143September 8@Pirates2–0Flaherty (10–7)Marvel (0–1)Martínez (19)18,36381–62W2
144September 10@Rockies1–2Gonzalez (1–6)Wacha (6–7)Díaz (2)31,51481–63L1
145September 11@Rockies1–2Senzatela (9–10)Hudson (15–7)Díaz (3)31,93181–64L2
146September 12@Rockies10–3Mikolas (9–13)Melville (2–2)27,61882–64W1
147September 13Brewers10–0Wainwright (12–9)Houser (6–6)47,07583–64W2
148September 14Brewers2–5Lyles (11–8)Flaherty (10–8)Hader (32)46,66583–65L1
149September 15Brewers6–7Albers (7–5)Gant (10–1)Hader (33)46,72283–66L2
150September 16Nationals4–2Hudson (16–7)Doolittle (6–5)Martínez (20)42,81284–66W1
151September 17Nationals2–6Corbin (13–7)Mikolas (9–14)Hudson (4)44,06184–67L1
152September 18Nationals5–1Wainwright (13–9)Scherzer (10–7)Martínez (21)37,66985–67W1
153September 19@Cubs5–4 (10)Miller (5–5)Kimbrel (0–3)Gallegos (1)39,52486–67W2
154September 20@Cubs2–1Helsley (2–0)Phelps (2–1)Martínez (22)39,10687–67W3
155September 21@Cubs9–8Gant (11–1)Kimbrel (0–4)Martínez (23)40,07188–67W4
156September 22@Cubs3–2Webb (2–1)Darvish (6–8)Miller (6)38,60689–67W5
157September 23@Diamondbacks9–7Wainwright (14–9)Young (7–5)Martínez (24)24,82690–67W6
158September 24@Diamondbacks2–3 (19)Ginkel (3–0)Brebbia (3–4)26,09790–68L1
159September 25@Diamondbacks7–9Kelly (13–14)Fernández (0–1)Bradley (17)21,42090–69L2
160September 27Cubs2–8Wieck (2–2)Miller (5–6)46,53090–70L3
161September 28Cubs6–8Cishek (4–6)Wainwright (14–10)Kintzler (1)46,97190–71L4
162September 29Cubs9–0Flaherty (11–8)Holland (2–5)47,20091–71W1
Legend:        = Win        = Loss        = Postponement
Bold = Cardinals team member


2019 Postseason (3–6)
National League Division Series (3–2)
1October 3@ Braves7–6Martínez (1–0)Melancon (0–1)42,6311–0
2October 4@ Braves0–3Foltynewicz (1–0)Flaherty (0–1)Melancon (1)42,9111–1
3October 6Braves1–3Newcomb (1–0)Martínez (1–1)Melancon (2)46,7011–2
4October 7Braves5–4 (10)Mikolas (1–0)Teherán (0–1)42,2032–2
5October 9@ Braves13–1Flaherty (1–1)Foltynewicz (1–1)43,1223–2
National League Championship Series (0–4)
1October 11Nationals0–2Sánchez (1–0)Mikolas (0–1)Doolittle (1)45,0750–1
2October 12Nationals1–3Scherzer (1–0)Wainwright (0–1)Hudson (1)46,4580–2
3October 14@ Nationals1–8Strasburg (1–0)Flaherty (0–1)43,6750–3
4October 15@ Nationals4–7Corbin (1–0)Hudson (0–1)Hudson (2)43,9760–4
Legend:        = Win        = Loss        = Postponement
Bold = Cardinals team member

Postseason rosters

Playoff rosters
National League Division Series
National League Championship Series

Opening Day lineup

13Matt Carpenter3B
46Paul Goldschmidt1B
12Paul DeJongSS
23Marcell OzunaLF
  4Yadier MolinaC
25Dexter FowlerRF
16Kolten Wong2B
48Harrison BaderCF
39Miles MikolasP


2019 St. Louis Cardinals
Pitchers Catchers



Other batters

  • 68 Joe Hudson


  • 54 Jeff Albert (hitting)
  • 58 Mark Budaska (assistant hitting)
  • 11 Stubby Clapp (first base)
  • 72 Bryan Eversgerd (bullpen)
  • 58 Jobel Jiménez (assistant hitting)
  • 31 Mike Maddux (pitching)
  • 37 Oliver Marmol (bench)
  • 51 Willie McGee (assistant coach)
  • 94 Jamie Pogue (bullpen catcher)
  • 76 Kleininger Teran (bullpen catcher)
  • 75 Ron 'Pop' Warner (third base)

Minor league system and first-year player draft


Level Team League Division Manager W–L/Stats Standing Refs
AAA Memphis Redbirds Pacific Coast American–South Ben Johnson
AA Springfield Cardinals Texas North Joe Kruzel
A+ Palm Beach Cardinals Florida State South Dann Bilardello
A Peoria Chiefs Midwest Western Chris Swauger
A (SS) State College Spikes New York–Penn Pinckney Jose Leon
Rookie Johnson City Cardinals Appalachian West Roberto Espinoza
GCL Cardinals Gulf Coast East Steve Turco
DSL Cardinals Dominican Summer Boca Chica North Frey Peniche

Major League Baseball draft

The 2019 Major League Baseball (MLB) First-Year Player Draft began on Monday, June 3, 2019, and ended June 5. The draft will assign amateur baseball players to MLB teams.

2019 Draft Order

2019 Draft Tracker (StL Cardinals)

2019 St. Louis Cardinals complete draft list
Round Pick Name, Age Pos / Bats School (State) Date sgnd. Refs
1 19 Zack Thompson, 21 LHP / L University of Kentucky (KY)[21] June 11 [22]
2 58 Trejyn Fletcher, 18 CF / R Deering HS (ME) June 13 [23]
3 96 Tony Locey, 20 RHP / R University of Georgia (GA)[24] June 12 [25]
4 125 Andre Pallante, 20 RHP / R University of California, Irvine (CA)[26] June 19 [25]
5 155 Connor Thomas, 21 LHP / L Georgia Tech (GA)[27] June 11 [25]
6 185 Pedro Pages, 20 C / R Florida Atlantic University (FL) [28] June 13 [25]
7 215 Jack Ralston, 21 LHP / R University of California, Los Angeles (CA)[29] June 19 [25]
8 245 Logan Gragg, 20 RHP / R Oklahoma State University (OK)[30] June 14 [25]
9 275 Todd Lott, 21 OF / R University of Louisiana at Lafayette (LA)[31] June 11 [25]
10 305 Jake Sommers, 22 LHP / R University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (WI)[32] June 10[33] [25]
11 335 Connor Lunn, 20 RHP / R University of Southern California (CA)[34] June 19 [25]
12 365 Patrick Romeri, 17 RF / R IMG Academy (FL)[35] June 10 [25]
13 395 Tommy Jew, 21 CF / R University of California, Santa Barbara (CA)[36] July 9 [25]
14 425 Tyler Statler, 17 RHP / R Hononegah HS (IL)[37] June 14 [25]
15 455 David Vinsky, 20 OF / R Northwood University (MI)[38] June 11 [25]
16 485 Thomas Hart, 18 RHP / R Wakeland HS (TX)[39] June 16 [25]
17 515 Michael YaSenka, 21 RHP / R Eastern Illinois University (IL)[40] June 14 [25]
18 545 Aaron Antonini, 20 C / L Middle Tennessee State University (TN)[41] N/A [25]
19 575 Zarion Sharpe, 20 LHP / R University of North Carolina at Wilmington (NC)[42] TBA [25]
20 605 Adrian Mardueno, 21 RHP / R San Diego State University (CA)[43] June 12 [25]
21 635 Jack Owen, 21 LHP / L Auburn University (AL)[44] TBA [25]
22 665 Zade Richardson, 19 C / R Wabash Valley College (IL)[45] June 16 [25]
23 695 Brylie Ware, 22 3B / R University of Oklahoma (OK)[46] June 10 [25]
24 725 Will Guay, 23 RHP / R Concord University (WV)[47] June 10[33] [25]
25 755 Alexander McFarlane, 17 RHP / R Habersham Central School (GA)[48] Did not sign [25]
26 785 Jeremy Randolph, 23 RHP / R University of Alabama (AL)[49] June 14 [25]
27 815 Eric Lex, 23 RHP / R Santa Clara University (CA)[50] June 16 [25]
28 845 Tyler Peck, 21 RHP / R Chapman University (CA)[51] N/A [25]
29 875 Scott Politz, 22 RHP / R Yale University (CT)[52] June 11 [25]
30 905 Cameron Dulle, 23 RHP / R University of Missouri (CA)[53] June 10 [25]
31 935 Dylan Pearce, 22 RHP / L Oregon State University (OR)[54] June 16 [25]
32 965 Chandler Redmond, 22 2B / L Gardner-Webb University (NC)[55] June 10 [25]
33 995 Anthony Green, 21 RHP / R Jefferson College (MO)[56] June 11 [25]
34 1,025 Ben Baird, 21 SS / R University of Washington (WA)[57] June 11 [25]
35 1,055 Logan Hofmann, 19 RHP / L Colby Community College (KS)[58] TBA [25]
36 1,085 Kyle Skeels, 22 C / R Coastal Carolina University (SC)[59] June 11 [25]
37 1,115 Chris Newell, 18 OF / L Malvern Preparatory School (PA)[60] Did not sign [25]
38 1,145 Kurtis Byrne, 18 C / R Christian Brothers College HS (MO) Did not sign [25]
39 1,175 T.J. McKenzie, 18 SS / R The Benjamin School (FL)[61] Did not sign [25]
40 1,205 Cash Rugely, 19 SS / R Navarro College (TX)[62][63] TBA [25]


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