2019 Milwaukee Brewers season

The 2019 Milwaukee Brewers season was the 50th season for the Brewers in Milwaukee, the 22nd in the National League, and 51st overall. On September 25, the Brewers clinched a playoff spot in back-to-back seasons for the first time since 1982. They were defeated by the eventual World Series champions Washington Nationals in the Wild Card Game.

2019 Milwaukee Brewers
National League Wild Card
Major League affiliations
Record89–73 (.549)
Divisional place2nd
Other information
Owner(s)Mark Attanasio
General manager(s)David Stearns
Manager(s)Craig Counsell
Local televisionFox Sports Wisconsin
(Brian Anderson, Bill Schroeder, Craig Coshun, Matt Lepay)
Telemundo Wisconsin
(Spanish-language coverage, Sunday home games; Hector Molina, Kevin Holden)
Local radio620 WTMJ
(Bob Uecker, Jeff Levering, Lane Grindle)
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Season standings

National League Central

NL Central W L Pct. GB Home Road
St. Louis Cardinals 9171 0.562 50–31 41–40
Milwaukee Brewers 8973 0.549 2 49–32 40–41
Chicago Cubs 8478 0.519 7 51–30 33–48
Cincinnati Reds 7587 0.463 16 41–40 34–47
Pittsburgh Pirates 6993 0.426 22 35–46 34–47

National League Wild Card

Division Leaders W L Pct.
Los Angeles Dodgers 10656 0.654
Atlanta Braves 9765 0.599
St. Louis Cardinals 9171 0.562

Wild Card teams
(Top 2 teams qualify for postseason)
W L Pct. GB
Washington Nationals 9369 0.574 +4
Milwaukee Brewers 8973 0.549
New York Mets 8676 0.531 3
Arizona Diamondbacks 8577 0.525 4
Chicago Cubs 8478 0.519 5
Philadelphia Phillies 8181 0.500 8
San Francisco Giants 7785 0.475 12
Cincinnati Reds 7587 0.463 14
Colorado Rockies 7191 0.438 18
San Diego Padres 7092 0.432 19
Pittsburgh Pirates 6993 0.426 20
Miami Marlins 57105 0.352 32

Record vs. opponents

Source: NL Standings Head-to-Head
Arizona 4–32–43–39–108–113–42–52–54–26–111-810–93–34–314–6
Atlanta 3–45–23–43–32–415–43–311-89–105–25–25–24–211–813–7
Chicago 4–22–58–113–33–46–19–105–22–511–84–34–29–102–412–8
Cincinnati 3–34–311–83–31–56–18–113–43–47–125–24–37–121–59–11
Colorado 10–93–33–33–34–155–25–22–43–42–511–87–122–53–48–12
Los Angeles 11–84–24–35–115–45–14–35–25–26–013–612–73–44–310–10
Miami 4–34–151–61–62–51–52–56–1310–93–34–23–33–44–159–11
Milwaukee 5–23–310–911–82–53–45–25–14–315–43–42–49–104–28–12
New York 5–28–112–54–34–22–513–61–57–125–13–33–42–512–715–5
Philadelphia 2–410–95–24–34–32–59–103–412–74–23–33–44–25–1411–9
Pittsburgh 1–62–58–1112–75–20–63–34–151–52–46–15–25–143–412–8
San Diego 8–112–53–42–58–116–132–44–33–33–31–69–104–24–311–9
San Francisco 9–102–52–43–412–77–123–34–24–34–32–510–93–41–511–9
St. Louis 3–32–410–912–75–24–34–310–95–22–414–52–44–35–29–11
Washington 3–48–114–25–14–33–415–42–47–1214–54–33–45–12–514–6


2019 Milwaukee Brewers
Pitchers Catchers



Other batters

  • 20 David Freitas


  • 63 Robinzon Díaz (bullpen catcher)
  • 49 Andy Haines (hitting)
  • 55 Marcus Hanel (bullpen catcher)
  • 48 Chris Hook (pitching)
  • 33 Steve Karsay (bullpen)
  • 40 Jason Lane (assistant hitting)
  • 59 Pat Murphy (bench/catching)
  •  0 Ed Sedar (third base/outfield)
  • 31 Carlos Subero (first base/infield)

Game log

Regular season

2019 regular season game log: 89–73 (Home: 49–32; Away: 40–41)
March: 3–1 (Home: 3–1; Away: 0–0)
1March 28Cardinals5–4Chacín (1–0)Mikolas (0–1)Hader (1)45,3041–0W1
2March 29Cardinals5–9Gant (1–0)Williams (0–1)30,1571–1L1
3March 30Cardinals4–2Woodruff (1–0)Hudson (0–1)Hader (2) 36,6552–1W1
4March 31Cardinals5–4Barnes (1–0)Hicks (0–1)35,0423–1W2
April: 14–13 (Home: 7–5; Away: 7–8)
5April 1@ Reds4–3Wilson (1–0)Iglesias (0–1)Hader (3)7,7994–1W3
6April 2@ Reds4–3Chacín (2–0)Duke (1–1)Hader (4)10,1955–1W4
7April 3@ Reds1–0Peralta (1–0)Castillo (0–1)Wilson (1)13,4396–1W5
8April 5Cubs13–10Anderson (1–0)Quintana (0–1)34,9267–1W6
9April 6Cubs8–14Hamels (1–0)Burnes (0–1)42,7907–2L1
10April 7Cubs4–2Davies (1–0)Hendricks (0–2)Hader (5)40,3228–2W1
11April 8@ Angels2–5Cahill (1–1)Chacín (2–1)Allen (2)28,5718–3L1
12April 9@ Angels8–11Bedrosian (1–0)Claudio (0–1)Allen (3)28,7938–4L2
13April 10@ Angels2–4Barría (1–0)Woodruff (1–1)Robles (1)34,4468–5L3
14April 12@ Dodgers8–5Albers (1–0)Urías (0–1)43,6439–5W1
15April 13@ Dodgers4–1Davies (2–0)Ferguson (0–1)Guerra (1)53,92210–5W2
16April 14@ Dodgers1–7Stripling (1–1)Chacín (2–2)45,23510–6L1
17April 15Cardinals10–7Guerra (1–0)Mayers (0–1)28,19911–6W1
18April 16Cardinals8–4Woodruff (2–1)Flaherty (1–1)30,26012–6W1
19April 17Cardinals3–6Wacha (1–0)Burnes (0–2)Hicks (4)29,81712–7L1
20April 18Dodgers1–3Urías (1–1)Albers (1–1)Jansen (6)33,28112–8L2
21April 19Dodgers3–5Báez (1–1)Hader (0–1)Jansen (7)36,77612–9L3
22April 20Dodgers5–0Anderson (2–0)Ryu (2–1)40,40213–9W1
23April 21Dodgers5–6Jansen (2–0)Hader (0–2)32,05413–10L1
24April 22@ Cardinals5–13Flaherty (2–1)Houser (0–1)35,81913–11L2
25April 23@ Cardinals3–4Miller (1–1)Wilson (1–1)Hicks (6)38,47413–12L3
26April 24@ Cardinals2–5Wainwright (2–2)Chacín (2–3)Hicks (7)36,87813–13L4
27April 26@ Mets10–2Albers (2–1)deGrom (2–3)28,13114–13W1
28April 27@ Mets8–6Woodruff (3–1)Syndergaard (1–3)Hader (6)40,61015–13W2
29April 28@ Mets2–5Matz (3–1)Barnes (1–1)Díaz (8)25,75615–14L1
30April 29Rockies5–1Davies (3–0)Freeland (2–4)25,35616–14W1
31April 30Rockies4–3Chacín (3–3)Márquez (3–2)Hader (7)25,67317–14W2
May: 15–12 (Home: 8–5; Away: 7–7)
32May 1Rockies4–11Estévez (1–0)Burnes (0–3)28,78017–15L1
33May 2Rockies6–11Gray (3–3)Peralta (1–1)21,31917–16L2
34May 3Mets3–1Woodruff (4–1)Matz (3–2)Hader (8)32,55018–16W1
35May 4Mets4–3 (18)Williams (1–1)Flexen (0–2)39,56519–16W2
36May 5Mets3–2Davies (4–0)Vargas (1–2)Hader (9)36,01620–16W3
37May 6Nationals5–3Claudio (1–1)Jennings (0–2)Guerra (2)29,29921–16W4
38May 7Nationals6–0Peralta (2–1)Strasburg (3–2)31,02322–16W5
39May 8Nationals7–3Woodruff (5–1)Hellickson (2–1)Hader (10)30,33323–16W6
40May 10@ Cubs7–0González (1–0)Quintana (4–2)37,87024–16W7
41May 11@ Cubs1–2 (15)Chatwood (2–0)Smith (0–1)39,59824–17L1
42May 12@ Cubs1–4Lester (3–1)Chacín (3–4)Cishek (2)37,26724–18L2
43May 13@ Phillies4–7Morgan (2–1)Albers (2–2)Neshek (2)26,16924–19L3
44May 14@ Phillies6–1Woodruff (6–1)Eickhoff (2–2)31,53325–19W1
45May 15@ Phillies5–2González (2–0)Arrieta (4–4)Hader (11)28,12926–19W2
46May 16@ Phillies11–3Davies (5–0)Eflin (5–4)38,34627–19W3
47May 17@ Braves8–12Fried (6–2)Chacín (3–5)Jackson (6)36,22227–20L1
48May 18@ Braves3–4 (10)Webb (2–0)Hader (0–3)39,12127–21L2
49May 19@ Braves3–2 (10)Hader (1–3)Parsons (1–2)36,54828–21W1
50May 21Reds0–3Gray (1–4)González (2–1)Iglesias (10)36,82928–22L1
51May 22Reds11–9Guerra (2–0)Peralta (0–1)Hader (12)35,33029–22W1
52May 24Phillies4–6Velasquez (2–2)Peralta (2–2)Neris (9)40,25429–23L1
53May 25Phillies2–7Arrieta (5–4)Chacín (3–6)42,47529–24L2
54May 26Phillies9–1Woodruff (7–1)Eflin (5–5)44,17430–24W1
55May 27@ Twins5–4Burnes (1–3)Rogers (1–1)Hader (13)29,16731–24W2
56May 28@ Twins3–5Magill (1–0)Claudio (1–2)Harper (1)27,12031–25L1
57May 30@ Pirates11–5Anderson (3–0)Musgrove (3–6)13,05932–25W1
58May 31@ Pirates4–9Archer (2–5)Chacín (3–7)28,46532–26L1
June: 13–13 (Home: 9–7; Away: 4–6)
59June 1@ Pirates12–10 (13)Houser (1–1)McRae (0–1)28,77033–26W1
60June 2@ Pirates4–2Davies (6–0)Lyles (5–3)Burnes (1)19,44234–26W2
61June 4Marlins0–16López (4–5)Anderson (3–1)25,36434–27L1
62June 5Marlins3–8Alcántara (3–5)Nelson (0–1)26,61534–28L2
63June 6Marlins5–1Peralta (3–2)Smith (3–4)Hader (14)25,40935–28W1
64June 7Pirates10–4Woodruff (8–1)Davis (0–1)30,29636–28W2
65June 8Pirates5–3Davies (7–0)Feliz (2–2)Hader (15)40,70437–28W3
66June 9Pirates5–2Jeffress (1–0)Liriano (1–1)Hader (16)45,37538–28W4
67June 11@ Astros8–10Peacock (6–3)Peralta (3–3)35,92838–29L1
68June 12@ Astros6–3 (14)Houser (2–1)Pérez (1–1)40,03239–29W1
69June 14@ Giants3–5Pomeranz (2–6)Davies (7–1)Smith (17)35,10639–30L1
70June 15@ Giants7–8Gott (3–0)Guerra (2–1)Smith (18)34,56039–31L2
71June 16@ Giants5–3Albers (3–2)Samardzija (3–6)Hader (17)34,60340–31W1
72June 17@ Padres0–2Lucchesi (6–4)Chacín (3–8)Yates (25)24,91440–32L1
73June 18@ Padres1–4Allen (1–0)Woodruff (8–2)Yates (26)29,11240–33L2
74June 19@ Padres7–8Reyes (4–0)Jeffress (1–1)Stammen (3)28,14440–34L3
75June 20Reds1–7Roark (5–6)Nelson (0–2)28,89840–35L4
76June 21Reds7–11Hernandez (2–3)Anderson (3–2)38,28940–36L5
77June 22Reds6–5Albers (4–2)Castillo (7–2)Hader (18)43,97141–36W1
78June 23Reds7–5Woodruff (9–2)DeSclafani (4–4)41,23742–36W2
79June 25Mariners3–8Gonzales (9–6)Davies (7–2)28,46842–37L1
80June 26Mariners2–4LeBlanc (5–2)Houser (2–2)Elías (10)30,07442–38L2
81June 27Mariners4–2Anderson (4–2)Leake (7–7)Hader (19)36,58743–38W1
82June 28Pirates2–3Vázquez (2–0)Jeffress (1–2)33,93143–39L1
83June 29Pirates3–1Woodruff (10–2)Lyles (5–4)Hader (20)37,82144–39W1
84June 30Pirates2–1Jeffress (2–2)Crick (3–4)Albers (1)41,25745–39W2
July: 12–13 (Home: 6–6; Away: 6–7)
85July 1@ Reds8–6Claudio (2–2)Hernandez (2–4)Jeffress (1)16,18646–39W3
86July 2@ Reds4–5 (11)Iglesias (2–7)Burnes (1–4)15,10546–40L1
87July 3@ Reds0–3Gray (5–5)Chacín (3–9)Iglesias (15)22,68546–41L2
88July 4@ Reds0–1Castillo (8–3)Woodruff (10–3)Iglesias (16)20,88546–42L3
89July 5@ Pirates7–6 (10)Guerra (3–1)Vázquez (2–1)23,22947–42W1
90July 6@ Pirates2–12Agrazal (2–0)Houser (2–3)28,03847–43L1
91July 7@ Pirates5–6Liriano (3–1)Guerra (3–2)Vázquez (20)17,62447–44L2
ASGJuly 9NL @ AL3–4Tanaka (1–0)Kershaw (0–1)Chapman (1)36,747N/A
92July 12Giants7–10 (10)Smith (2–0)Albers (4–3)40,18647–45L3
93July 13Giants5–4Jeffress (3–2)Moronta (3–5)42,32448–45W1
94July 14Giants3–8Beede (3–3)Burnes (1–5)43,25848–46L1
95July 15Braves2–4Fried (10–4)Houser (2–4)Jackson (17)31,85048–47L2
96July 16Braves13–1Woodruff (11–3)Wilson (1–1)31,59949–47W1
97July 17Braves5–4Anderson (5–2)Keuchel (3–3)Hader (21)36,92850–47W2
98July 18@ Diamondbacks5–1Davies (8–2)López (1–3)23,98551–47W3
99July 19@ Diamondbacks7–10Bradley (3–4)Chacín (3–10)Holland (16)28,50551–48L1
100July 20@ Diamondbacks8–3Houser (3–4)Chafin (0–2)38,56752–48W1
101July 21@ Diamondbacks7–4Peralta (4–3)López (1–4)Hader (22)33,11153–48W2
102July 22Reds5–6Peralta (1–1)Jeffress (3–3)Hughes (1)26,23553–49L1
103July 23Reds6–14Roark (6–6)Davies (8–3)Romano (1)33,51253–50L2
104July 24Reds5–4Albers (5–3)Sims (1–1)Peralta (1)39,68254–50W1
105July 26Cubs3–2Houser (4–4)Kintzler (2–1)Hader (23)40,56655–50W2
106July 27Cubs5–3 (10)Peralta (5–3)Kimbrel (0–2)43,93156–50W3
107July 28Cubs4–11Brach (4–3)Davies (8–4)43,54456–51L1
108July 30@ Athletics2–3 (10)Treinen (5–3)Hader (1–4)17,29156–52L2
109July 31@ Athletics4–2Lyles (6–7)Anderson (9–7)Hader (24)14,86457–52W1
August: 12–14 (Home: 6–5; Away: 6–9)
110August 1@ Athletics3–5Treinen (6–3)Hader (1–5)Hendriks (10)17,02957–53L1
111August 2@ Cubs2–6Quintana (9–7)Davies (8–5)41,42457–54L2
112August 3@ Cubs1–4Wick (1–0)Guerra (3–3)Kimbrel (9)41,18657–55L3
113August 4@ Cubs2–7Darvish (4–5)Houser (4–5)Chatwood (2)40,46657–56L4
114August 5@ Pirates9–7Lyles (7–7)Agrazal (2-3)Hader (25)11,20858–56W1
115August 6@ Pirates4–3Guerra (4–3)Liriano (4–3)Albers (2)13,96959–56W2
116August 7@ Pirates8–3Guerra (5–3)Williams (4–5)12,88560–56W3
117August 9Rangers6–5Hader (2–5)Clase (0–1)35,29461–56W4
118August 10Rangers3–2Houser (5–5)Payano (1–1)Albers (3)41,90362–56W5
119August 11Rangers0–1Minor (11–6)Lyles (7–8)Leclerc (8)44,41162–57L1
120August 13Twins5–7Duffey (2–1)Pomeranz (2–10)Romo (19)44,33162–58L2
121August 14Twins6–5Guerra (6–3)Romo (2–1)Albers (4)41,07763–58W1
122August 16@ Nationals1–2Strickland (1–1)Guerra (6–4)Doolittle (28)30,09163–59L1
123August 17@ Nationals15–14 (14)Guerra (7–4)Guerra (1–1)36,95364–59W1
124August 18@ Nationals8–16Fedde (4–2)Anderson (5–3)30,57164–60L1
125August 19@ Cardinals0–3Hudson (12–6)Davies (8–6)Miller (5)44,84364–61L2
126August 20@ Cardinals4–9Webb (1–1)Jeffress (3–4)37,82364–62L3
127August 21@ Cardinals5–3 (8)Houser (6–5)Wainwright (9–9)Guerra (3)40,25065–62W1
128August 23Diamondbacks6–1Lyles (8–8)Kelly (9–13)42,20966–62W2
129August 24Diamondbacks4–0Anderson (6–3)Gallen (2–4)41,73767–62W3
130August 25Diamondbacks2–5Ray (11–7)Davies (8–7)Bradley (7)38,92067–63L1
131August 26Cardinals2–12Gant (9–0)González (2–2)29,47567–64L2
132August 27Cardinals3–6Mikolas (8–13)Albers (5–4)Martínez (16)36,69067–65L3
133August 28Cardinals4–1Lyles (9–8)Flaherty (8–7)Hader (26)33,04568–65W1
134August 30@ Cubs1–7Quintana (12–8)Anderson (6–4)40,27668–66L1
135August 31@ Cubs2–0Guerra (8–4)Hamels (7–5)Hader (27)40,17869–66W1
September: 20–7 (Home: 10–3; Away: 10–4)
136September 1@ Cubs4–0Jackson (1–0)Chatwood (5–3)40,91270–66W2
137September 2Astros2–3 (10)Osuna (4–3)Guerra (8–5)James (1)39,04670–67L1
138September 3Astros4–2Lyles (10–8)Greinke (14–5)Hader (28)29,33571–67W1
139September 5Cubs5–10Quintana (13–8)Albers (5–5)31,00771–68L1
140September 6Cubs7–1Davies (9–7)Hamels (7–6)38,13972–68W1
141September 7Cubs3–2Hader (3–5)Kintzler (3–3)44,32373–68W2
142September 8Cubs8–5Suter (1–0)Lester (12–10)Hader (29)44,21774–68W3
143September 9@ Marlins8–3Albers (6–5)Dugger (0–2)6,67275–68W4
144September 10@ Marlins4–3Guerra (9–5)Conley (2–9)Pomeranz (1)7,21576–68W5
145September 11@ Marlins7–5Suter (2–0)Ureña (4–9)Hader (30)7,81577–68W6
146September 12@ Marlins3–2Peralta (6–3)Smith (8–10)Hader (31)7,37578–68W7
147September 13@ Cardinals0–10Wainwright (12–9)Houser (6–6)47,07578–69L1
148September 14@ Cardinals5–2Lyles (11–8)Flaherty (10–8)Hader (32)46,66579–69W1
149September 15@ Cardinals7–6Albers (7–5)Gant (10–1)Hader (33)46,72280–69W2
150September 16Padres5–1Davies (10–7)Richards (0–1)33,21581–69W3
151September 17Padres3–1Albers (8–5)Strahm (5–9)Pomeranz (2)34,56582–69W4
152September 18Padres1–2Lamet (3–5)Houser (6–7)Yates (41)38,23582–70L1
153September 19Padres5–1Peralta (7–3)Lucchesi (10–9)Hader (34)31,68783–70W1
154September 20Pirates10–1Anderson (7–4)Brault (4–6)43,39084–70W2
155September 21Pirates10–1Suter (3–0)Marvel (0–3)42,88885–70W3
156September 22Pirates4–3González (3–2)Williams (7–8)Hader (35)43,32186–70W4
157September 24@ Reds4–2Suter (4–0)Gray (11–8)Hader (36)14,77887–70W5
158September 25@ Reds9–2Lyles (12–8)Mahle (2–12)16,53088–70W6
159September 26@ Reds5–3Anderson (8–4)Castillo (15–8)Hader (37)27,77489–70W7
160September 27@ Rockies7–11Senzatela (11–11)Black (0–1)44,08789–71L1
161September 28@ Rockies2–3 (10)Díaz (6–4)Albers (8–6)47,38189–72L2
162September 29@ Rockies3–4 (13)Shaw (3–2)Faria (0–1)36,77189–73L3
Legend:        = Win        = Loss        = Postponement
Bold = Brewers team member

Postseason Game Log

2019 postseason game log: 0–1 (Home: 0–0; Away: 0–1)
1October 1@ Nationals3–4Strasburg (1–0)Hader (0–1)Hudson (1)42,9930–1L1

Postseason rosters

Playoff rosters
National League Wild Card Game

Detailed records

Farm system

The Brewers' farm system consisted of nine minor league affiliates in 2019.[1] They operated a Dominican Summer League team as a co-op with the Cleveland Indians.[1]

Level Team League Manager
Triple-A San Antonio Missions Pacific Coast League Rick Sweet
Double-A Biloxi Shuckers Southern League Mike Guerrero
Class A-Advanced Carolina Mudcats Carolina League Joe Ayrault
Class A Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Midwest League Matt Erickson
Rookie Rocky Mountain Vibes Pioneer League Nestor Corredor
Rookie AZL Brewers Blue Arizona League Rafael Neda
Rookie AZL Brewers Gold Arizona League
Rookie DSL Brewers Dominican Summer League Victor Estevez
Rookie DSL Indians/Brewers Dominican Summer League


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